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Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • tonyHK12
    10-26 01:36 PM
    well I would like to add, I do know details of how a Bill gets created, is reviewed, gets to the Floor of the house, Senate and becomes law.
    I do know that once a member of either house presents a Bill, it has to be sponsored, supported by others and go to a sub-committee first. sometimes gets added to other bills.
    lets assume by luck or other means it somehow makes it to the floor.

    I would really want to see which lawmaker would possibly vote against a Bill that aims to reduce wait time for a Green Card from the existing 10-15 years for legal workers to an average 2-3 years.
    That would send a very strong negative message to all legal immigrants, and especially India, China, including hundreds of thousands of university students, engineers, doctors and other professionals. It also sends a message to millions of future students, professionals.

    Don't you think that they risk their reputation by voting against this Bill? Not to mention shaking the foundation of capitalism.
    This vote will stick with them for the rest of their career.

    if they are voting on party lines or other lines, It would give us a good picture and make our job easier in the future.

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  • sanju
    04-08 08:18 AM
    Check the above link too...

    "The numbers speak for themselves. Accenture expects to reach 35,000 by the end of this financial year, a 52 per cent increase over last year. IBM already has 53,000 people in India, a 23 per cent increase over the previous year. By the end of the current financial year, Tata Consultancy Services plans to add 30,000 employees, taking its total headcount to 113,500. US-based Capgemini plans to employ 40,000 professionals by 2010."

    Thanks gc_check,

    Let�s ask the same group of members if IBM, Accenture and Cap Gemini could be labeled as "Indian Companies"? May be Ron Hira will have an answer to this question.

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  • gumpena
    10-21 05:24 PM
    Base Assumptions:
    EB2 ratio (Pre PERM) 30% Before PERM came, PD was almost current and nobody cared for EB3 or EB2
    EB3 ratio (Pre PERM) 70%
    EB2 ratio (Post PERM) 50% After PERM, retrogression, people jumped on take advantage on EB2
    EB3 ratio (Post PERM) 50%

    Dependant 2.1
    Indian National Ratio 60%

    Total Labor Calculations

    Approval Rate Total Comments Source
    Backlog 363000 60% 217800 Before Mar 2005 http://www.murthy.com/news/n_relper.html
    PERM 171000 75% 128250 Mar 2005- Mar 07 http://www.immigration.com/newsletter1/dolstatperm.pdf

    Total Labor (Approved) 217800 Pre PERM only
    Indian National 130680
    Total EB3 91476
    Total Eb2 39204

    Yearly allocation in % EB3 (total 485 applications) EB2 (total 485 Appl.) Total 485 Pending for Indian National
    2001 10 19210 8233 27443
    2002 20 38420 16466 54886
    2003 30 57630 24699 82328
    2004 35 67235 28815 96050
    2005 (Before march) 5 9605 4116 13721
    Mar 2005- Mar 2007 100% 80798 80798 161595
    Total EB pending for Indian 436023

    Total EB applications filed is only 300K(jul-aug 2007) does not fit in the above logic...

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  • gsc999
    09-20 07:12 PM
    I am actually very dissappointed with myself. In the post rally MC fluster, I had made a mental note to introduce Logiclife and then give him a flower. But I hear he strongly opposes measures such as this :)

    I had also promised to get Macaca on the stage and write with colorful Sharpies on his forehead.

    Its probably best I forgot both...

    Yes, Logiclife is a bit touchy about the flower issue. But its all good


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  • vagish
    04-09 04:07 PM
    who said master's people do not need desi consulting, I very well know the facts, people did masters in computer science and ended up taking QA testing jobs, for that even 10th standard in an enough qualification.
    Very few big companies hire direct MS out of the college people, In fact most of the master's people have to prepare there resumes in the same manar as those who do not have.

    I am not saying that MS is conputer science is not worth, it may be but if you look at the % of people who landede up in big companies right out of the college it won't be more than marginal 10 to 15%, I know this very well, I know people drop there last seter jumesst to get H1B's .

    it may be worth , but at the end it comes down to getting a job, wether it needs assembly language or Engilsh language.

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  • zerozerozeven
    03-19 04:19 PM
    dont expect any replies...nobody is going to pick up your call...even if u get someone, they wont be able to provide with any useful information...the emails/fax will be unanswered...and the voice mail box will be full...only option is to look upwards to the sky and pray for ur passport...i got my passport after 7 weeks.


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  • ilwaiting
    06-18 06:59 AM
    There is something called fraud protection fee that companies pay for initial H1's. So USCIS has the funds to protect the fraud, the question lies if they are really implementing it.

    The GOVT should state that those who apply for H1 should make it mandatory for the employees to be in US within 30 - 45 days of obtaining US Visas and be present in US on employment in continous increments of 1 year. And they need to show pay stubs continously.

    - Then we can easily filter out WIPRO, Infosys, Consulting company from misusing. For example Wipro will apply 5000 H1s and then send people when they eventually get a project, out of 5000, may be 1000 may show up in 6 months. So In this case 4000 H1s can get invalid. Indian companies find it sending people overseas is expensive business and would enjoy offshoring projects. If the govt makes this rule, consulting companues will be forced to start paying H1 folks from Day 1, no bench period, plus "Candidates need to show up in person immdlty in US". We kill 2 birds with 1 stone. 1, dummy H1s will not be applied, 2, if they approve H1s then they have to send engineers immdlty for which they may not be really ready, since they only anticipate projects and may not need so many H1s right away !...

    THis will be a sure shot solution.

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  • JTras
    10-24 11:54 PM
    This is may case:

    1. My Contact Information: (Email: Jtrasmontes@yahoo.com; First & Last Name: Jorge Trasmonte and Phone Number 202-8343844 cell)
    2. State Where You Live: Virginia
    3. Your Employment-Based Category: EB3
    4. Your Country of Origin: OTHER (Peru)
    5. Your Child's Date of Birth: 02/15/1985
    6. Your Case Priority Date: 09/08/2005
    7. Date Visa was available: 07/01/2007
    8. Date DOL approved your Labor Certification: 02/14/2006
    9. Date I-140 was sent: 02/14/2006
    10. Date I-140 was approved: 08/02/2007
    11. Anything Else You may Want to Add:
    Trying to change her visa to a F1. Her I94 expires o Dec.20,2007.


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  • gen_tp
    09-02 12:39 AM
    Actually it was quite easy! Thanks for the compliments though.

    I am also going to open my first thread today!!!

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  • Munna Bhai
    05-08 10:29 AM
    I just confirmed with my attorney, they're filing with the Atlanta office.

    Atlanta is very slow


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  • eb3retro
    04-14 07:55 AM
    Anyone had approved EAD recently and how long it took. Please share info.


    follow this thread..


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  • monkeyman
    08-28 05:12 PM
    Life sucks with the way things are - why make it worse!!! Who cares what they write - they are probably looking for publcity - writing about outsourcing assures them more readers and more hits!!! Why let it bother you? If you are here, focus on making it big - don't let such unworthy views bother your views!!!


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  • we_can
    01-22 05:03 PM
    It took 3 months for my Perm (EB2).


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  • bsbawa10
    03-20 03:55 PM
    Very nice thread. Can somebody summarize/collect all these things ? These things can be used for all purposes..like to write to Zoe 2. To write to USCIS itself 3. To write to Mr. President. and many other places


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  • pmpforgc
    04-09 11:09 PM
    One more idea

    For Those who had spent more than five years in the US paying Federal Taxes, are highly skilled (MS) in STEM fields and has been delayed due to name check or Backlog etc. 5 (or 3 yrs) period should be counted from the date of receipt of I-485. (They definately need to get GC before they can apply for citizenship, counting this period)

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  • rustum
    03-06 02:08 PM
    Application form is asking for address to be printed and other address. I am planning to keep my India address (my place) on my passport. I use my passport as a address proof in Inida. It means i need to fill it in address to be printed coulum.
    What is the other address. Are they going to print this in passport as well. If they are going to print this in passport, can i give my India address here as well? Is it mandatory to give one US address (other address)? Please help me. I am trying to renew the passport and would like to keep my existing India address.


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  • gimme_GC2006
    04-08 09:33 PM
    Enough is enough. I am ready to sign this.

    I have 3 real names. All were working for Cognizant. One had 3 years of exp. Cooked up with 4 years of B.Tech and totalled it as 7 years. Came on L1 as PM and applied in EB1. He got GC in less than 1 year. Other 2 had real 7 years exp and got GC's in 8 months. All were working at Client's place and NOT intra company transfers.

    I am not selfish. But I am sure this guy with 3 years exp may one day become a boss for any of us.

    This misuse will hurt the genuine cases. Shall we we go serious and complaint? I am ready to sign and submit all the proof.

    Actually I have heard of another cognizant case. But that was through a friend's friend chain so I am not sure how reliable it was. But seems like cognizant has been following this practice a lot.

    Thats true..if they are getting GC by wrongly claiming to be qualified for EB1 then they should not be spared..

    Oh..wait..then what about the ppl who cook up their resumes to come here on H1B..who cook up their resumes during Labor process (for GC)..it doesnt matter they end up in EB-2 or EB-3.

    I am not saying everybody who got GC cooked up facts..My point is its bigger than just EB-1.

    If you want to complain then it should be followed for everyone. Lets have a running thread for that, lets make a complaint with all such ppl we know..

    No offense meant to you both.:)

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  • chapper
    07-25 08:43 PM
    1. What was mentioned in the job advertisements - was the alternate Bachelors+2 years mentioned
    2. How long as it been since the last advertisement
    3. Can they file another I-140 concurrently with I-485 using the recently approved labor
    4. I agree with abhijitp you can get a RFE too

    My suggestion would be to apply in EB3 even though the job advertisement reads masters or Bachelors with 2 years and use the option 3

    I request you guys to consult a good attorney immediately and help your selves and also save time.

    Please consult an attorney for your good.

    Disclosure: I'm not an attorney

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  • 12samanta
    05-22 11:34 AM
    I think we can print the letter and sign it and send it. We can have a poll here just to track the numbers. Once we are ready with the letter then we can ask the users from and murthy PERM forum members to help us in increasing the numbers.

    03-18 05:16 PM
    Last month Ron G predicted the April visa bulletin and he did have a very good logical reason for it, he did go into details about it on his forum. He was NOT told by Oppenheimer what the bulletin was going to look like.

    Ron only wrote to Oppenheimer to clarify the April Bulletin�s wording after it came out about visa number flow from EB1 to EB2 Retrogressed countries.

    I have to say Ron is pretty impressive, I learned a ton by visiting his forum, he knows a lot about the inner workings of USCIS.

    For example I was under the impression that USCIS followed strict procedures when it came to PDs and that processing dates schedules were correct all the time. Now I have a totally different opinion.

    it does contradict with what they said in April VB, but Ron said that his source is Oppenheimer. so I would go with what he said. remember, it was Oppenheimer who told him back in Feb or early Mar that India EB2 will have a cutoff date in April.

    05-20 03:13 PM
    I called up all the congress members listed in this thread and was able to talk to the staff and they said they will pass the message.

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