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Saturday, July 2, 2011

White Pride Tattoos

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  • BharatPremi
    04-14 01:48 PM
    two reasons

    one, to vote, exercise a democratic principle, you can't complain about the government unless you actively participated.

    two, I have 3 kids, and it's likely they'll stay here, my 12 year olds were 3 when we first arrived. My lawyer highly recommended we consider citizenship after another client had challenges. Despite good parenting this guy's kids got into trouble with the law, to the extent that they had their green cards revoked and they were in deportation process. However had they been US citizens whilst there were consequences they wouldn't have their citizenship revoked.

    Not great reasons for some...

    Q 1: What if one's native country is also a democracy?
    Q 2: If one is already a citizen of democratic country other than US and same scenario will happen then one's kids will not have revoked citizenship (That other country's) as well if one decides to maintain his/her original citizenship ...

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  • chintu25
    01-23 09:50 PM
    A very informative article from Chicago mercantile exchange about Options trading ...

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  • yabadaba
    09-20 11:14 AM
    man after reading all these stories I am completely bummed out that I couldn't make it. Kudos to all of you who were there and thanks.

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  • snathan
    02-08 12:56 AM
    >> ... I would definitely say ..stay away from day trading !!!
    Depends on lot of factors. I have been trading for last 10 years. I don't trade stocks. I trade index futures sp500 and Nasdaq mini. It is short term - couple of hours to maximum couple of days. Day Trading requires good analytical skills for technical charts and lot of discipline to follow enter and exit rules.

    Taxes are computed differently for futures trading. You will need this IRS form (6781 Gains and Losses From Section 1256 Contracts and Straddles) to file your taxes for trading futures.

    >> ... STAY AWAY from all day trading software !!!
    I agree. They are mostly snake oil. I suggest - do some reading and follow some indicators and come up with Trading Strategy. It is recommended to do paper trading before starting trading with real money.

    >> ... if you cannot take losses (or are happy with normal returns) ...stay away from stocks (except for a small portfolio/ 401 etc) completely
    Trading, of course, involves risks. I pick funds for my 401(k). So far it has been good. I was up last year 4.2%. Never had any losing year in 401(k).

    DO you mind to share what are all the funds or shares you are owning in your 401K

    There are many tools for technical charting. I use Ninja Trader since it allow to me define new indicators using c# (.net) language.

    If anyone is interested, I put my daily charts here. Sorry, I can not disclose my indicators and I don't have anything to sell either.

    I can share some trading books, if you are interested.

    Disclaimer: Information use only and should not be constructed as an offer to buy or sell any securities. Trading is very risky and is not for everyone.

    DO you mind to share what are all the funds or shares you are owning in your 401K


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  • perm2gc
    12-13 04:27 PM
    Just posted in our alumni group...hope to see some memberships.

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  • nyte_crawler
    09-26 07:26 PM
    It is quite childish to create a new id every time you want to say something negative. Your message may be simple and straight forward, but it lacks the integrity or any trust worthiness.

    This thread has gone anywhere. It could be simply because of the lack of EB3 I members participation. There is a definite lack of support from the vested parties and a few are discrediting this solution from getting traction and to top it all, I don't see any rational explanation against this. All I see is uncivilized personal attacks, self gloating and people who love to have fun at the misery of others.

    As I said before, I will go ahead and do research on what we can do about it and use my years of invested social capital to see if I can do something about it. Once I get some thing substantially done, I will come here for support.

    For the "skillz" person, I personally enjoyed your rants. I have/had chances to know personally and professionally many Stanford graduates, I believe they are not as much as fun as you are. :)


    I believe in talking simple and straight. Well, EB3 friends have every right to work for their benefit. Nothing wrong with that. EB2 people should therefore unite and protect their interests too. EB2 group should unite and lobby hard to ensure that the current equation EB1 > EB2 > EB3 is not disturbed. After all, everyone is selfish when the pins are down. EB2 friends, can we be proactive and protect our interests before it is too late? Nothing to get emotional about


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  • thomachan72
    04-07 01:12 PM
    Why do I get a feeling you are incapable of digesting the concept of "Law of the land". There are certain rules that govern PR & Citizenship statuses ( of all countries)and only land mark & ground breaking edicts can alter such law�s , and that too very slightly. To put it were tersely "this is a bullshit suggestion" and is really wasting the purpose of this forum. The only reason so many people have responded is that it is "THAT RIDICULOUS"
    Hallo Sir, with all due respects, if you read carefully what the original post was, you would understand that its just another frustration arising from an individual who has / would spend around 40-50% of the avg productive life to achieve identification with the country he/she has contributed tremendously. Here nor the degree matters nor the salary matters, what matters is as he mentioned how many years you have been legally permitted to remain in this country. Regarding law of land, remember that the US is very close to permitting aprox 11 million undocumented people the road to permanent residency and citizenship. For which I believe a 10 year waiting period has been prescribed with fine payment. If such a rule can be thought of, why not count the number of years you/me are in this country working to enrich the economy + maintaining the inflow of cash into the social security/medicare etc. Please dont mininterpret me to be against the policy of granting legal status to undomented workers, definetely not. Now whether what the initial post suggests is ever going to happen is questionable, but his/her request for more respect is very much justified. Nobody (doesn't matter whether you are a junior/senior/moderator) has the right to ridicule another persons opinion unless that post is deliberately aimed at ciritisizing the IV agenda. Please honor each others freedom of thought and expression, OK. Thanks.

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  • Lasantha
    03-26 01:28 PM

    Does any of you know if we get called for an inteview before the approval of the I-485? I have seen some posts where people were called for interviews but is this standard or do they call you only if they need to verify something?


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  • shantak
    08-04 07:40 PM
    I received EAD card today. I e-filed on May 8th. Somehow i got 2 years validity eventhough my PD is current. But no worries i have atleast EAD to work on. All the best who are still waiting!!!
    I know it might have been a big relief for you. Hope rest of us get our EADs approved too soon
    good luck for you GC

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  • shantak
    08-14 05:49 PM
    I had an infopass appointment today and that was big waste of time and i had to drive 4 hours(2 hrs each way) for this.
    They did not offer me any more information than the regular customer service.
    She told me that they have received my FP on 7/22 (although I have given mine on 6/19) and it is not unusual that my application is pending. She asked me wait for another 30 days and come back if I dont receive until then.
    I asked her if she could send an email or open an SR to the service center, and she said no saying that she will do that only after 30 days have passed beyond 90 day period.
    I asked her about the interim EAD and she did not understand what I was talking about. When I provided her about USCIS memo, she said "yeah that is what im saying, we will contact the service center for that 30days after the stipualated 90 days have passed". Basically she did not know what she was talking about.
    Im planning to contact the senator next week (this time I want to make sure that 90days have passed before I approach them)

    Interestingly she told me that many people are coming to her everyday regarding the same (EAD renewal) and that Service Centers are aware of this (although this does not make any difference to us).

    When I asked her if the case was assigned to an "officer", she told me that EADs are not assigned to officers (unlike 485) they are just reviewed and approved.

    Hopefully they will approve our eads soon so that I can atleast drive a car.

    EAD eFiled May 23rd
    FP on June 19th


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  • sanju_dba
    01-26 11:07 PM
    above post has lot of spelling mistakes and is misleading too ..texas is bit better but owning is cheaper only if prices are increasing at inflation plus 1 or 2 percent minimum. (and this may not happen for 4-5 years ..once prices start to increase..your calculation becomes applicable)
    if your mortgage is 6% and the forecast is that home prices will fall 10%, then your interest rate effectively becomes 16% plus. the only advantage (or disadvantage) in a home is the extra space.
    and in current economic situation, the extra space, payments, headache, immobility is more of a headache than quality

    Sorry, its fixed now.

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  • indian111
    05-22 12:08 PM
    CPO on 5/14
    Card not yet received.


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  • gc_chahiye
    10-05 04:59 PM
    For that one of these two should happen. Eb3 should move forward and Eb2 should retrogress.

    Or EB2 stays and EB3 alone moves forward.

    Or EB3 stays and EB2 has to retrogress so much (to 2001)!

    I guess chance for 1st and 2nd option are high. And, this would answer Ramba's question how EB3 for India would get approval for PD 2003. There are very few 2001 PDs left (per me). Relatively more 2002 and most of 2001 and 2002 are pending due to name check else they would have got their GC during July and USCIS would not have returned VISA numbers back to DOS nor some numbers would have finally got wasted (FY2007).

    So next PD would be 2003 (and there are very few 2003 filings that were filed before June 2007).

    why would EB2 retrogress to before 2003? It was at 2003 for a long time (8 months?). The only people still with PD of EB2 2002 are the ones just getting out of BEC, there cant be too many of them...

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  • lostcause2007
    04-11 05:11 PM
    Thanks for the efforts


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  • idreamofgc
    05-02 11:02 AM
    Any Chicago victims around ? I am stuck since 9 months now at Chicago.

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  • GCard_Dream
    02-01 10:18 PM
    I am not really not sure if this is true. Logiclife and other core team members have already mentioned that nothing happened so you might see a correction on immigration-law.com tomorrow, like we have seen before. We all wish it was true, however. :(

    02/01/2007 21/30 p.m.: Senate Passed Immigration Reform Bill Today

    The Senate passed today Fair Minimum Wage Act, H.R. 2 today. The House passed this bill, H.R. 2 and the Senate debated the bill for the past several days. In the process, hundreds of amendments had been introduced on the Senate floor. The Senate floor then agreed to a lot of these amendments. One of these amendments which the Senate had agreed to and passed as Division B of the H.R. 2 is the Immigration Reform bill.
    The immigration reform bill was introduced by Senator John Kerry and agreed to by the floor unanimously. The immigration reform bill that the Senate passed today covers a lot of the provisions which were part of the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006 which the Senate passed last year and failed in the House.
    We will analyze the bill and report it step by step for the next several days. Please stay tuned to this website.


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  • gccovet
    08-08 10:28 AM
    Updates on anybody's case.........

    GO IV GO.

    You had mentioned in your earlier post that reports EAD approvals are moving. How to check that? also, would you mind checking again whenever you get a chance, no rush.



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  • sachin76
    04-12 09:12 PM
    120 days

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  • IfYouSeekAmy
    07-13 11:55 AM
    In addition to or instead of?? Ithink the current clause should be replaced with the one you suggested.

    Just a suggestion:

    It may be more appealing to tie it with "five years of filing taxes as a "resident alien" including contribution to medicare ans SS taxes".

    In other words, any permanent legal resient (GC holder) who has filed taxes as a "resident alien" for five years while working in US and contributed to medicare and SS taxes should be eligible for citizenship filing.

    This should be added in addition to the current criteria of "five years of continuous stay after getting GC".

    What do you think?

    01-23 01:32 PM
    There is a perception on this board that renting => no quality of life. After going through some of the replies, I see that some are trying to convince themselves of their decision to buy an house.

    If thats a perception, let me tell you its not truth for me. We are very happy in apartment.

    03-21 09:38 PM
    got this response today ...

    Thank you for contacting me about the DREAM Act. I appreciate hearing from you on this important issue.

    Our immigration system is broken and needs to be corrected. I agree with the principles of giving aspiring students the ability to follow their dreams, complete college, and contribute to our society and economy. However, I firmly believe the separate passage of the DREAM Act would hinder our ability to ultimately pass comprehensive immigration reform and voted against it when it came before the House in December. We need comprehensive immigration reform now�for fairness, for families, and for our economy.

    If we focus on only one aspect of immigration reform, we will not solve our problems. Such an approach unfairly excludes many important interests and groups from a solution. Employers need access to the legal immigrant workforce necessary to keep their businesses growing and should not be asked to act as law enforcement or punished for hiring folks with false identification if they made a good faith effort to authenticate it. Given the practicalities of the situation and our current budget constraints, we need to provide a path for legal status to those already in this country, not just for students or those serving in the military.

    American jobs and businesses depend on a comprehensive immigration solution. Oregon�s own Coalition for a Working Oregon has done research showing how bogus impractical deportation schemes would lead to a loss of 76,000 jobs for legal workers in Oregon. This drop in economic activity would cost the State of Oregon as much as $656 million in revenue and lower small business income by 8.5 percent. It is time now for comprehensive immigration reform. It is the right thing to do for those who want to contribute to America, for our economy, and for our country. Half measures no matter how well intended undermine our ability to get to the real solution�comprehensive immigration reform.

    Although the House of Representatives passed the DREAM Act on December 8, 2010, the Senate failed to invoke cloture, the procedural vote that is required to end debate and allow a final vote. As a result, the DREAM Act was not considered by the Senate prior to the end of the 111th Congress and legislative efforts must begin again in the 112th Congress. Please be assured I will keep your opinions in mind as the debate continues.

    It is a privilege to serve you in the United States Congress.

    Kurt Schrader
    Member of Congress

    P.S. Please contact my office with further questions or concerns by calling (202) 225-5711 or (877) 301-KURT. You can also sign up for my e-newsletter by visiting my website at schrader.house.gov

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