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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Wallpapers Of Birds And Animals

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  • roseball
    03-31 11:11 PM
    Hi please can anyone kindly help? My husband would like to transfer to another company, but his current company is paying him lower than the prevailing wage. They said that the base salary plus overtime were meeting the prevailing wage requirement, but according to DOL regulations, the prevailing wage shouldn't include overtime pay. If the H-1B transfer petition is filed by the new company and we submit the current pay stubs which show a lower pay, will that be a problem? What are the possible solutions without making the current company pay more to make up the #s (they are not willing to do so)? Just don't want to get into trouble and get investigation involved.
    We're so worried. Thank you so much in advance! Any suggestions/information would be helpful!

    I don't think the beneficiary will be punished for employer not being able to pay the prevailing wage. Your H1 COE should go through fine even though current pay stubs show lower salary. Key for getting COE approved is to be employed and maintain legal status. Ex-employer could face some issues in future with H1 extensions/new applications.

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  • mk26
    12-05 03:27 PM
    Can my current company continue my GC even if I transfer my h1 and join another company?

    Priority date - May 2007
    I-140 Approved - Jun 2008

    Waiting for date to be current to file I485 and my current company is ready to continue the GC process even if I transfer my H1 to another company.

    Your expert advise will really be a help for me to take decision on this , is it wise to change h1 now?

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  • gc_in_30_yrs
    07-27 04:20 PM
    Hi, I know this question is being asked by many people. I am sorry, but still confused. My situation is:

    EB3 - Labor filed - Aug, 2004 - BackLogged - Philadelphia - 45 day letter - Replied
    EB2 - Labor filed - Nov, 2005, Approved, I-140 filed - Mar 2006 - Approved.

    Can I continue using EB3, once Labor Approved anbd I-140 Approved, can I use that PD to my EB2? The job description is definately different on EB3 and EB2. Still can I use the EB3 PD on to EB2?

    Gurus, Please advise.


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  • baburob2
    02-13 05:35 PM
    Can someone provide me a good CPA who assists in the formation of the corporation in Southern CA , Orange county and also assists in preparation of the business tax?


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  • gc2
    01-11 02:02 PM
    you dont have to withdraw 485 for dependents as it will automatically expire. In some rare cases USCIS may allow applicants who have stayed out of US beyond AP expiry date to reinstate AOS application but that is at the discretion of the officer. it could be humanitarian grounds.

    if you can get 2 yr multiple entry AP, that could probably reduce your renewal frequency.

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  • mpadapa
    10-26 09:36 AM


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  • apahilaj
    09-12 02:08 PM
    What does this mean?
    On September 10, 2007, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I765 APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT AUTHORIZATION. Please follow any instructions on the notice. If you move before you receive the notice, call customer service.

    Does it mean that they mailed the letter that it is approved or did they mail the card?

    If your current status says approval notice sent that means your EAD card is on it's way. Wait for approx a week to receive it in your mailbox.

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  • ddd27
    10-26 10:14 AM
    Hi all, My passport is going to expire next month (November 28th). I can drive easily upto DC consulate .. wanted to know if there is anything specific I need to do. The website (Embassy of India - Washington DC (official website) United States of America - Application for a New Passport or Reissue of Passport (10) years (http://www.indianembassy.org/index.php?option=com_content&id=167)) does not mention anything about "walk in to consulate" information.
    1. Do I need to call and book appointment ? If yes, is there a minimum waiting time to get an appointment, like how many days before ...
    2. Will I get the renewed passport the same day ?

    Any other points/instructions that you think are important please let me know.

    Thanks in advance for your help. :)


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  • rp0lol
    08-09 12:26 PM
    My advise is to buy insurance from some local (means american company). The main reason is when you buy insurance from overseas company (even UK based) hospitals here don't honor them and you may be in big trouble. Also I per my first hand experience, Its very hard to get any reimbursments from Indian Insurance company, it takes months to get your money back.

    Try www..com and you will get different options. But again do your own research and take your chances.

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  • looivy
    04-25 09:06 AM
    That is pretty much his strategy for almost every thing. Just talk talk talk talk..

    Obama has not done sh#$ for immigration or unemployment while in office.
    Romney will probably win 2012 unless Trump plays Ross Perot.


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  • pappu
    03-02 04:37 PM
    nope. Its not useful.

    focus on meeting the lawmakers in person at this time.

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  • inderman
    09-23 09:28 PM
    Hello All,

    My priority date becomes current as of 1'st Oct 2009... I had created an Service Request 2 weeks back to check with NSC if it has been preadjudicated or not...

    Here is what i received as an email response to the Service Request today-

    The status of this service request is:

    The processing of your case has been delayed. A check of our records establishes that your case is not yet ready for decision, as the required investigation into your background remains open.

    Until the background investigation is completed, we cannot move forward on your case. These background checks are required to be completed on all applicants who apply for the immigration benefit you are seeking. We will make every effort to make a decision on this case as soon as the background checks are complete. If you do not receive a decision or other notice of action from us within 6 months of this letter, please contact us by calling our customer service number provided below.


    1. What am i supposed to do now?

    2. I remember seeing a Memo back in Feb 2008 which stated that 485 can be approved after waiting for 6 months for background check and not more than that.

    Please let me know if anyone else has received a similar reply in Sep 2009... Any thoughts are highly appreciated...

    Thanks for all your help... These forums and community has been a great help all along!


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  • sreeraghu
    07-16 12:25 PM
    Recently I renewed my Advance Parole (AP), USCIS renewed it for 9 months only. Is it possible to check with USCIS to get a 1 year AP.


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  • gsc999
    03-14 11:56 PM
    IV Members from Nebraska,

    I think it is time we started our own chapter in NE and get the action going. Members from Nebraska, please respond.
    Thanks for taking the initiative. I just got your message. This is the right way to go.

    Let me know if you need my support?



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  • ramus
    05-14 08:30 AM
    How much money would anybody able to spend for this kind of law-suit?

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  • gparr
    May 11th, 2005, 05:50 AM
    The image above is a very nice, serene capture. But the one that really stands out for me is the fern (below). First you saw the shot. Most wouldn't. Then you used good DoF, a good composition, and exposure control to capture the fern without blowing it out but give us enough of the shadow to keep the fern in context. Without the shadow detail, the fern would look out of place. Nice work.

    Maybe you didn't get as many keepers as you wanted, but it sounds like you learned some things and you did get a couple of keepers so it was a profitable trip in my estimation. I think we've all been at that "wish I'd used my tripod" spot. It's really irritating if you own one and don't use it and flat out maddening if you take it along with you on a shoot and don't bother to use it. The part that makes you spit nails is there's only one person to blame. . . I'm betting that tripod gets a workout the next time you wander into the woods.



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  • lskreddy
    01-16 11:45 AM
    Just ensure that they will be able to document enough ties back home for officer to feel comfortable that they would return. From your side, provide evidence that you can afford their stay. Barring that, I see no reason why going separately or together would make a difference.

    Perhaps, the only way to tell is yo try it.

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  • nyte_crawler
    04-13 11:25 AM
    I have a valid AP that expires in July and I am going to travel using that at the end of April. But I have also applied for another AP and it is pending. Can I travel or will it create any issues ?

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  • andy garcia
    07-20 04:03 PM

    PD 2001..got labor certfied online on June28 2007

    I have been waiting for the hard copy..so my Hr called Dol and asked whether they have mailed. The Dol officer sent the Cover letter by email (first page of whole approved package) to company HR showing the certification . She also told HR that cover letter was enough for I140 filing.

    Is it true? Please let me know.


    It is not true.

    This is printed in the I-140 instructions(page 3):

    General Evidence.
    Labor certification. Petitions for certain classifications must be filed with a certification from the U.S. Department of Labor.


    If these instructions state that a copy of a document may be filed with this petition and you choose to send us the original, we may keep that original for our records. Copies may be submitted of all documentation with the exception of the Labor Certification which must be submitted in the original.

    02-28 02:33 PM
    On the VFS site it lists the following docs:

    Spouse / Dependent Children
    1. Passport, visa fee receipt issued by HDFC Bank and interview appointment letter.
    2. The original Notice of Action Form I-797 of the Principal Applicant.
    3. Form I-129 (if Form I-797 is a blanket permit, copy of Form I-797 and I-129) of the Principal Applicant, and letter from employer that describes the relationship with the Principal Applicant and the purpose of travel.
    4. Photocopy of the Principal Applicant�s valid visa (if applying separately).
    5. Original Marriage Certificate (for spouse) along with your entire wedding photo album.
    6. Original Birth certificate (for each child).

    The one that stands out is #4.

    Since I am in the US and have NOT gone for Visa Stamping, how can we furnish this..??


    09-06 09:43 AM
    it is fine to have both I-485s filed and pending - generally speaking, if one gets approved, USCIS should deny the other (as a LPR you will no longer be eligible to adjust your status to lpr).

    Thank you very much for your reply. Just wanted to know what is "LPR"?

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