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Friday, July 1, 2011

Wallpaper For Htc Desire Hd

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  • anilsal
    10-16 06:17 PM
    320k make majority sitting and hatching.
    800k will make majority jumping and fighting.
    what is real number again??

    I am sure you have not updated your profile. Ha Ha!!!

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  • Blog Feeds
    09-28 12:50 PM
    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has launched its newly re-designed Web site (http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis). Although the Web site update was scheduled to be introduced September 22, 2009, attorney Eugenia Ponce visited the site Monday and has this report:

    The updated Web site is organized according to categories.The categories are displayed as Topics, Forms, Resources, Laws, News, and About Us. The topics are categorized as follows: Adoption, Permanent Residence, Humanitarian, Citizenship, Members of the Military and Their Family, Family, Visit the U.S., Working in the U.S, and Genealogy. After clicking on a specific topic, I was provided helpful information and even more additional information was available through the links on the left of the screen.The advantage of categorizing the information by topic is that individuals are now able to familiarize themselves with the process from start to finish. There are other helpful links and tools within each specific topic.

    Another key feature to the Web site is that there is a “where to start” link. Before, individuals could navigate throughout the Web site not knowing where to even begin their search on a narrow issue. Now, the “where to start link” will allow individuals to begin their immigration search by narrowing it down to their specific issue. For instance, there is a scroll-down available for individuals under the “where to start” link. It states “I Am,” and one can select from the various choices available and get specific information relating to any issue.

    Given the new era with text messaging (even various airline companies provide flight and gate status information through text messaging), USCIS has upgraded its site by adding a link that allows individuals to receive case status updates via text messages. The newly designed site has provided a one-stop resource center for individuals with specific queries and I am excited in navigating throughout their links. Visit the newly re-designed USCIS Web site (http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis) and see the improvements for yourself.

    More... (http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Immigration-law-answers-blog/~3/m6kvujwmnC8/)

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  • indigo10
    04-05 06:15 PM
    I never entered the US in the first place.

    I believe you can enter as long as the visa does not expire. But make sure to check with your company lawyer.
    Also make sure you have a real job/work when you enter.

    MurthyDotCom : Immigration Rumor : New Visas NOT Required for H1B Employer Change (http://www.murthy.com/news/n_immrum.html)

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  • delhirocks
    06-23 12:22 PM
    If dates stay current (expected for maybe July), I-485 processing is FIFO based on receipt date of I-485.
    If dates retrogress, I-485 processing is FIFO based on PD.


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  • chandrajp
    07-20 02:18 PM
    Can I take up a managerial position even though I am an analyst on the LC/I-140 etc.....??????????
    You cannot take a completely different responsibility job. I used AC21. The job has to have same responsiblities and designation can change. Salary can be little higher. I got 485 approved based on this AC21

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  • pbojja
    11-17 06:22 PM
    My wife and I are currently working on EAD and have used the AP to entry the US. We will be going to the Canadian consulate to apply for Canadian Visa (want to go on vacation). I had the following questions:-

    1) What all papers are required?
    2) How long will they issue the canadian visa for? I am planning on obtaining a multiple entry visa. When I was on H1 they issued me a visa which was till the end of my H1 expiration date.


    Sorry to be sarcastic but , does your question requires a thread ? simple search in google and canada embassy will answer all your questions .

    Vacation trip requires answers from IV ....


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  • gc_bulgaria
    10-02 02:10 PM
    Hey guyz...

    Lets start our thread...oh! Ya...we are stuck in immigration hurricane season as well:)

    I am from NOLA

    I am from Baton Rouge:D

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  • I_need_GC
    07-24 10:58 AM
    My personal experience. If money is not an issue and you want your GC process to ride on smooth sail. Hire your own immigration attorney and pay them yourself this way they present your interests not the companies. Ask the company to pay the USCIS fees. Company attorney will always put companies interests before yours.

    My two cent.

    I'm working with an MNC and I'm abt to start my GC processing.I did go through the forum on threads on Fragomen.My employer's preferred attorney is Fragomen.

    How good are they ?Else if not is there any other way I could avoid getting the GC processed by them?


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  • h1bee
    09-17 08:58 AM
    My H1B was cancelled at the US consulate under 221g and I 797 not returned to me. I work for a consulting company at a major client. I guess the cancellation occurred because of Neufield memo, as in my case the client supervises my work. The reason given in the white letter to me says:

    "your petitioner does not appear to be either willing or able to provide qualifying employment in the United States in accordance with appropriate laws and regulations"........"action on your case has been suspended and the I129 application will be returned to USCIS with the facts of your case presented at the time of interview".

    What are my options now? I work through a vendor (i.e mycompany->vendor->client). My vendor has agreed to file for H1B on my behalf. Can they file for a new H1 or does this cancellation mean that I cannot apply anymore?


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  • rahul2699
    05-19 04:43 PM

    I got a dream job offer and I have not yet applied for OPT. I have not graduated from school and that's why I applied for CPT.
    I just want to know can I work on CPT till my OPT arrives? Also would it be of concern to my employer that I am working on CPT as long as I am eligible to work legally full time? Is that something I should intimate my employer about before joining?
    I would appreciate if someone can reply really soon.

    Thanks a lot.

    You should not have any problem working on CPT as long as the job is related to your field of study. Your employer will know this by looking at your CPT card since it has an expiration date. Be aware that when you apply for OPT you have to get your OPT effective date as CPT expiration date if you want to continue working.


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  • wandmaker
    01-01 07:07 PM
    H1B LUDs may be due to PIMS data collection, I heard most of the H1Bs approved after Jan 2004 had LUDs and the status did not change; and 140 could be a regular system touch.

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  • Since1997
    08-21 05:02 PM
    Today TSC processed only 863 cases:
    src0725250000 - src0725250863


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  • jthomas
    05-15 01:20 AM
    If you are in Eb1 you should get your GC soon.

    If your profile is incorrect please correct it.

    If you have a EAD and AP, AP is allowed for emergency. With a GC you an file a form for extended vacation

    J Thomas

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  • Pagal
    07-25 07:39 AM

    As H1-B visa is tied to an employer, you should get the new H1-B stamp with your new employer as the sponsor.

    At PoE, the IO may ask you to show the current employment letter, especially as you are coming to US after a long absence.


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  • Seb Hughes
    04-17 09:21 AM
    Yeah what is wrong with Macs

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  • number30
    07-26 04:47 PM
    Hello Friends

    My EB2 petition was filed in TSC in June 2009 and on July 20 2009 I received an email saying that " my approval notice was sent".Today the status changed to " Document mailed ON juLY 24 2009 " and also my previous eb1a denial in Feb 2009 got a soft LUD.

    I am totally confused by this . Can some one offer their opinion on this strange development ?

    Appreciate your help in advance

    MurthyDotCom : TSC Erroneously Issues I-140 Approval eMails on Premium Processing Cases (http://murthy.com/news/n_erriss.html)


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  • akizdetz
    08-10 04:03 PM
    I have just received the following email:


    The last processing action taken on your case

    Receipt Number: SRCxxxxxxxxxx


    Your Case Status: Card/ Document Production

    On August 9, 2010 we mailed the document to the address we have on file. You should receive the new document within 30 days. If you do not, or if you move before you get it, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.

    Does this mean that I-140 was also approved? I'm looking online and it's says "Initial Review"... Actually this is the only one that have changed, all other documents for both me and my wife are still at the previous LUD!

    P. S. This looks and sounds weird for me, especially that I have the biometrics appointment on 09/02/2010. I think it's a mistake... Please advise!

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  • ksrk
    04-10 05:50 PM
    Hi There,
    My 485 application is pending at TSC on EB3 category, country of chargebility is Inida. Yesterday my PERM labor approved on EB2 category and need to apply 140 to recapture my own EB3 PD.

    My employer will come under NSC. if the PD recaptured, I will be hardly one month away from my priority date to be current, as per the current visa bulletin dates.

    So can you please provide some suggestion to which Service Center will be opt for filing EB2 140 now, in order for getting an optimal process for 140 and eventually 485?
    Or does the service center really matters as it will take a very long time for me to get greened?


    AFAIK, you are required to file these applications with the NSC. How and why cases get transferred to TSC is not known - mostly speculation.

    This isn't legal advice - just based on information I have read up a while back - not sure if anything has changed in the last couple of years...

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  • Pagal
    07-05 03:28 AM

    There are many approved evaluation services that would provide you with certification of your MSc as compared to US programs like World Education Services - International Education Intelligence (http://www.wes.org)

    Please be aware about rip-offs on the web who may not be the approved agents...good luck!

    03-28 05:29 PM
    COme on people, someone answer. :confused:

    02-20 08:55 AM
    a) Can he hold on to his EB3 priority date..though the new petition would be filed under EB-2 ?
    Yes, I know a lot of ppl have asked this question in the wake of the retrogession that we are all sufferning through ?

    Yes, you can hold on to the priority date if you have copy of approved I-140 and you old company doesn't revoke the I-140.

    b) If this Company B were to file for H1-B , as I understand it would count towards the 2007-2008 quota which opens on April 1st '07...does this scenario also force you to not start working till Oct'07 (which is when ppl who file in the 2007-08 quota are supposed to start working).

    If you are already on a H1 and are only doing a H1B transfer, it will not not count towards quota (unless your current H1B is for non-profit org and new H1B is for a for-profit org). You can start working as soon as you get the receipt. But, if you are applying for a fresh H1B, it will count towards quota and you will have to wait till Oct 07 before starting to work.

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