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Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Trip that Almost WASNT

In most recent news.
The trip that the sportsman and I are supposed to take. You know the one.
The trip to celebrate our
10 year anniversary.
Yeah that ONE.
Well it has been changed like a million fucking times. 
First we were supposed to go to New York, then Chicago, then Dallas, then Colorado, and then Oklahoma. 
 At this point I don’t know that I even want to take a fucking  trip with him,  d o w n   t h e    s t r e e t.
Who knew planning a trip would be so fucking stressful.
There are a lot of things that have come into play about our trip.
The biggest, being MONEY.
AS you all know the sportsman is a tight ass when it comes to spending.
Less is more people. Don’t you fucking know.
So the big irritation is that the sportsman, looked up a bunch of places,  aka cheaper trips and I was supposed to look thru the info he gave me. And choose some place.
(his constant comment was that he didn’t care where we went as long as he was with me, What the fuck? Really? Well hell then lets just go fucking camping)
Here the tone in my voice? No? Well it was there.
Believe it or not, I can be a little bitchy sometimes. I know hard to believe.
SOOOO listen closely. The point behind this trip was to celebrate that we made it 10 freakin years. Even though we have been together 12 years but married for 10.

Big accomplishment for ME. Since I tend to bail early on.
SO I wanted to take a trip someplace neither of us had ever been. Someplace neat and memorable.
Is that soooo damn hard?
SO to say that I wasn’t overly anxious to look thru his “information” on kinda boring more local trips was pretty damn accurate.
Which totally pissed him off. Cause you know he spent hours looking this shit up, and I totally just don’t appreciate him. Blah Blah Blah.
Is what I heard. Stop with all the sensitive crap already.
It got to the point to where I did not even want to discuss the trip at all. Since we would get into an argument everytime.
I even told him that I really did not want to go anymore. What would be the point if we can’t get along at home.
 Why spend money to argue out of town?
Makes sense right?
At the moment we have picked a place. Picked a hotel.
 And will be going to another out doors concert.

So seriously people wish me luck.
That I will have some patience.
And we will have a good time alone together.

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