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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tribal Tattoo Girl

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  • jr4348
    06-25 01:27 AM
    I�m J1 visa holder and I�m planning on a vacation for Alaska cruise
    during my grace period.

    Here�s my trouble. I know J1 visa holder can�t go outside from USA during the grace period. But Alaska is also one of states of USA.
    I also know that cruise visit to Victoria in Canada. But I will stay at my ship instead visiting Victoria. Is it ok to go legally? I mean �. can I go back to USA after Alaska cruise without any problems?

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  • blacktongue
    02-22 09:49 AM
    :) Only if your GC is based on marriage to a US Citizen. Otherwise all Family Based GC's also need 5 years.

    Not only Marriage. Even father, mother close relative has 3 year wait

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  • indyanguy
    07-17 10:59 PM
    Thanks for your reply.

    What are the chances of LC substitution being denied. I've heard it's a little risky. Do I get an outright denial or usually a RFE/NOID? If I get a denial, do I start the entire process all over again?


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  • smartboy75
    08-25 04:51 PM
    Hi all

    I have been trying to use the POJ method to reach an IO but looks like USCIS has shutdown that option. After entering the receipt number it simply reads out the online status message and does not provide any option to reach a CSR.

    Looks like eccessive status calls have caused this.

    Has anyone still been able to use the POJ method today and if yes can u pls post the details ??



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  • franklin
    09-25 02:52 PM
    We should not mention who we are speaking to in a public forum. This will trigger all kinds of opposition flooding to whomever you mention, which will work against us

    Join your state chapter, they will be able to help coordinate and get contacts and visits etc.

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  • synergy
    01-29 11:29 PM
    I am on H1B for the past 8 years. EB3 2003 Jan /140 approved long back. Has a valid EAD but never used. I recently changed my employer and the new employer did H1B transfer rather than using EAD.The company lawyer submitted an AC21 application along with the H1b transfer. Due to some family reasons ,the new job seems to be not going to work for me. Is it possible for me to find another job and work under my EAD ? What will happen my new empoyer cancel my H1B ?How many times I can use AC21? Is there a time difference before using the AC21 ?


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  • GCJinx
    03-24 06:09 PM
    You have to wait untill Oct 1st to work.

    But you can apply for h1 visa 6 months before ie April 1st. So start applying for H1 immediatly as the cap for H1 will be reached very soon (may be in 1 week)

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  • amolraj
    09-20 12:19 AM

    I have changed my employer A last year and received new I-797. However, my employer A did not applied for my wife's extension in 2006.

    Now i have changed my employer to B, one week before Employer B has applied for my I-129 and my wife's I-539 extension, which is in pending state now.

    My I-94 has been already extended to Sept-2009 with employer A. However my wife's I-94 is going to expire on Oct 5 2007.

    Que. My wife has to travel to India on 1st Oct 2007 (before her I-94 expiry date). Can she travel to India as her I-539 (extension to I-94) is in pending state.

    Appreciate your replies. Thanks so much.



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  • EB3_SEP04
    08-18 10:29 PM
    how we applied for expedite advance parole thru the phone - VisaJourney.com (http://www.visajourney.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=177190)

    I used these instructions to expedite my wife's AP based on "medical emergency". USCIS did not send me letter asking for evidence of emergency, instead just approved the case the next day. I had taken infopass appt but cancelled it when i saw approval email. some people who went to infopass have been told that AP cannot be expedited at local office and must be done by phone.

    File at : Texas Service Center
    Method: Paper based
    Filed on : 7/24/09
    Received by USCIS : 7/27/09
    Receipt notice date: 7/28/09
    Called USCIS to expedite: 8/10/09
    Approval email : 8/11/09
    Received approved AP by mail : 8/14/09

    -Basically have all info ready (ap receipt notice #, A#, 485 receipt notice #, SSN, date of birth, email address etc).

    - If this is your wife's case, have her in the conference as USCIS will not talk to you without her permission.

    -Call the ph # on the receipt notice and follow the prompts

    -Let the CS rep complete his/her script, and politely answer his/her questions.

    -Rep will enter service request in the system and give you a conf # (which i don't know how to use, status is checked by receipt #).

    -Rep will say you will receive letter from USCIS within 5 business days, asking to fax/mail the evidence of emergency. be prepared to fax the evidence as soon as you receive letter OR EMAIL. yes they may send you email the second day which is actually better/faster.

    *** You may or may not receive the letter from USCIS asking for evidence, in case you don't get one, you may simply receive approval.

    Hope this helps anyone looking to expedite AP.

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  • Anders �stberg
    May 19th, 2004, 12:49 PM
    What do you think? Is this anything?



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  • GCNaseeb
    10-23 09:19 AM
    If your case is a transfer case, sign up here:


    Hello Guys,

    I never received FP notice and got EAD/AP almost three weeks back. Is there a need to worry? or just wait..

    My application reached to texas..they transfered to Cal...cal issued the EAD/AP and senta transfer notice for 485 to nebraska..didn't hear anything from nebraska..

    thank you

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  • miguelajjam
    07-25 12:36 PM
    Have a similar one:

    1)For (c)(9) eligibility status only
    Please indicate whether your pending I-485 is family-based or employment-based.

    ...There are two options Family based and employement based.

    As I am on H1B I selected Employment based. But, What should I select for my wife H4... Is hers Employement based or Family Based?

    Please Advise soon...


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  • prem_goel
    11-02 10:25 AM
    Here's my situation. I have an approved I-140 (EB2), my I-485 has been pending for more than an year. Due to recent lay-offs, I will have to change my employer through an H-1B transfer. My wife was on H-4. However, just this year she got an H-1B approval with consular processing since when we applied for her H-1b this year, she was not in US.

    Now 2 weeks back, her employer applied for her COS through regular processing. I assume this takes about 3-4 months.

    My question is - now that I am doing my H-1B transfer to another employer, do I have to worry about my wife's H-4 extension as well, or just leave that as it is, as her application for COS to H-1B is pending with USCIS.

    Please advise.

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  • amsgc
    06-20 11:25 AM
    Those who are trying to become a member of any state chapters, please post your requests here. Someone will get in touch with you.


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  • maneris
    04-07 03:20 PM
    What abt Medical RFEs ? Are they sent only when your dates are current ?

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  • Sushana
    01-15 11:47 AM
    To the best of my knowledge and what I have heard from our international office and immigration lawyers: Once you are counted (Baptised!!!), you do not need to worry about cap-subject ceiling.

    For making it doubly sure, always check with recruiting firm's lawyers and your non-profit company's lawyers. They will be doing the paper work. If confusions previal, you can give advise, counsel or consult attorney.

    My guess is: this is well known fact and may not need attorney. See what others say.
    Thanks M for your timely reply. It is helpful to know that I don't have to again go through the "H1-B lottery" for 2008-09


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  • martinvisalaw
    11-05 08:17 PM
    I moved to a new company and yet to receive my I-797 approved from INS. My old company visa is valid till May 2010. If they have not revoked it can i still travel out of country and come back?

    You should not return showing just the old visa and approval notice for Company A. That would be misrepresenting to CBP that you were still working for Co. A. You need to show the receipt for Co. B's filing to show that you are working for them using portability (I assume you are)

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  • bigboy007
    10-09 02:37 AM
    Sorry..I have incorrectly named the thread..it suppose to read this way- "Changed Employer (but not informed USCIS), travelling on AP" .
    A couple of points : 485 is your property. Its a grey area whether to inform USCIS or not, some advocate it as its a proof and file AC21 and some have different opinion its a personal choice. Regarding using AP I myself dont see an issue. Rest of all are supporting dox. Nice to have supporting documents.

    Informing USCIS is nothing but officially filing AC21. Since there are no forms its just a letter indicating AC21.

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  • uma001
    04-19 09:14 AM
    Try Microsoft, oracle, Cisco, Sun,Intel,Hp

    You will get shocked by seeing how many H1 s they filed all these years. They are more than h1s filed by WIPRO, TCS,INFOSYS etc.,

    09-07 04:45 PM

    I wanted to select an infopass appointment for my wife her case is still pending, mine was approved on sept 4th (thru CRIS mail) at the Boston office
    While selecting Infopass Appointment, should I select :

    * You need service on a case that has already been filed.
    (This seems logical , but it asks to choose from 4 options...the one that seems appropriate is : Case services follow up appointment...but it asks to bring SR (service request no) and that it should be over 45 days from the day SR was opened. But SR was opened only last friday...can I avail this service.

    *You need information and other services.
    (On this one 4 services are available: one of which is obtain case status....but the question is if I want to obtain case status it must have already been filed...then it should belong to the above one)

    Also anyone having experience in the state of Mass...last time we had an infopass we had to go to Boston USCIS office...now it is showing Lawrence Field office for the appointment I took for my wife using the 2nd option from above.

    I selected No of people as 2 so can I accompany her to the office?



    11-01 10:20 AM
    PD isn't current, but just check i-485 online status, showing "Document production or Oath Ceremony" (i.e., the last cycle).

    There was indeed a soft LUD in June this year. After that nothing much else. Is there sth good coming along my way?

    Appreciate if anyone here can share his/her thoughts/comments.

    Don't rely on online status, take infopass and check it out. BTW, it is most likely a FP notice, not an approval.

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