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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Teamster Airline Division

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  • 485_se_dukhi
    09-20 10:58 PM
    I'd love that...:) Great, I did see you. Lets catch up at the next rally ;)

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  • IL_Guy
    09-03 03:07 PM
    My Wife and I got the CPO email today. I was able to capture an earlier PD of Sept 04 from my previous company.

    I had saved a Glenfiddich (30 Yr) bottle for some time now, time has come to crack open the baby!!

    Best of luck all my fellowmen.

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  • pappu
    02-01 10:04 PM
    Admins or mods must change the title of the thread. This is going to disappoint a lot of our friends in this forum.

    Well this thread has a good begining and then some suspence and then a dose of harsh reality.

    Isnt that the story of some of us who came to US with a rosy picture in our mind and worked hard and the immigration system in the country gave us heartaches and headaches!!

    It also tells our members how difficult getting a law passed is. We all need to work harder and harder to get anything done. We need everyone's full support in order to achieve our goals.

    Good night!!

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  • Macaca
    01-17 04:24 PM

    Please arrange to send your front page post of this thread to all 8400 members again. I am sure most of the member will respond. Some members may not see this webside more often as we do. For me this a defaulted web site now a days. But may not be for everybody!


    I got the email today. It is too long. Come to the point quickly.

    I don't see any problem in sending such email frequently to persons who have paid less then $200. I get a lot of shameless spams. This is a good cause for the recipient.


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  • shocker
    05-06 01:54 PM

    I am considering transferring my visa from H1B to H4. If in future I need to transfer my visa back to H1B, would I be in the 65000 quota even if I travel to India or outside US after transferring to H4?

    Your thoughts and replies will be greatly appreciated.


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  • ilikekilo
    04-09 02:00 PM
    there was a rencent drive undertaken by IV which involved getting a list from USCIS (or some other authority) about where the visa #s are being used, right ?

    Perhaps something to do with collecting money from the requstor..
    Basically, USCIS sent letters to a few folks asking them to pay 5000$ or so to get the list as it involved some programming ?

    Where is that ? does anyone know ?

    the visa bulletin is just ...what do you say....

    Please join hte donor forum , you will be assured frequent updates...and also does it for our cause..thank you..


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  • lutherpraveen
    01-18 12:44 PM
    Well I am one of those guys who visits immigrationvoice almost on a daily basis and benefit a lot, but never bothered to even think about making a contribution.
    The reason behind this is not so much a matter of not wanting to contribute, but just a preconceived notion of "What difference can my contribution make".
    Your post is certainly an eye opener.
    We complain so much about the lack of a quick turnaround for our issues, yet expect someone else to work to resolve the problem, while shamelessly hoping to benefit from the resolution with zero participation in the efforts.
    Sorry IV, for my past indifference. I have started my monthly $20 contribution and hope to increase it in the near future.

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  • GotGC??
    06-14 02:16 PM
    Oh Yeah??

    So why didn't we accept the current retrogression as "injustice and screwed up process of USCIS" and just sat tight? Why did IV get started? Why threadful of messages moaning in agony over the retrogression? What warranted those threads, and for that matter, IV then?

    There are no 2 ways to this.. it is injustice and screwed up process of DOL and USCIS.....but the situation (DOL) is no different than 1 day ago. it should not warrant you to start this thread.


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  • coopheal
    10-22 03:56 PM
    There are chances of a slowdown in the Dec visa bulletin due to Holiday season and internal audits.

    Does IV work on getting PDs moving on visa bulletin. EB3 India has been stuck around for Apr 2001 for more than a year. Has IV taken any steps in this regards.
    I would also like to thank you for doing a lot for IV.

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  • roseball
    04-20 09:40 AM
    If the petition is filed as a COS H1, then USCIS should approve it with an attached I-94 unless there are any doubts in which case, it still approves it but without an I-94 and sends a cable to your home country visa consulate where you would have to go and get the visa stamped before Oct 1st and come back to start working...


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  • grupak
    06-11 10:20 AM
    We have 3 bills!

    Thanks IV.

    We need to make the call and make it a success.

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  • solraj
    05-26 01:44 PM
    I am in the same situation.Posted May 7 to Arizona lock box. Received May 10 @ 11:12AM in Arizona. Check not encashed nor receipt notice received. I am going to wait for a week to 10 days before I call the Service center. Could be stacked up because of the New EAD format that is being issued.


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  • smisachu
    08-03 10:01 AM
    Thanks a bunch...

    Congrads. What was your notice date. My case is similar to yours. Dec 2005 PD with Sep 4th notice date. Hope my case is in the same pile as yours :)

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  • hellomms
    05-04 11:12 PM
    Here is the most up-to-date list of people who have reported their issues with the audit delays:


    I think its about time that we start brain storming the plan of action, I did like the idea of rally but that had its own Pros and Cons. We need more ideas coming from the people...

    I was thinking that we could draft a letter of request to DoL and have all the members sign on it to reflect the massiveness of the issue that Management needs to know - this is becoming a major issue in the EB immigration process. We could then write up a follow-up article for newspaper or even provide a copy of that signed letter to them. Any input to this?

    I have requested IV Admins to provide some input as well, but if you have any ideas please speak up!

    Here is what one of the IV administrators communicated to me:

    "In order for anything to be successful, it is important that we get as many people affected involved. Based on the number of people who wish to take part in solving the issue we can initiate a campaign.

    Pls let everyone know that IV can help them. We need everyone affected willing to help themselves by coming out and actively participating in a campaign."

    So please, dont disperse or lose hope, we need to gather more people to support the campaign, once started.

    Admins: I am unable to add the files as an attachment, even after making sure that the file size is under the limit. Am I missing something?


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  • jainnidhi26
    03-06 10:47 AM
    We are also part of this seemingly unending wait to file the I-485. We missed the July '07 window.
    It is frustrating in many ways....
    My husband cannot switch job, even though better opportunities come his way!
    There are travel probs to India as these days there r all sorts of cases happenning when u go for 'stamping' in India.
    Also, I am a qualified & experienced professional (worked in a respectable MNC in India)....but cannot work. I did MBA from a university in PA thinking that it will help me launch myself in the job market when the EAD/GC comes.........but the 485 dates never came out of the spiralling mess.
    U might think that I can go the H1B way.......but that itself is going in a bigger mess & employers r not willing to do in any more

    So, when I saw this "Advocacy Day".....I thought its the time to get up & do something for ourselves as there might not be a second chance!!

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  • hellomms
    05-09 04:31 PM

    Good job in reporting your cases, it is definitely going to help us all. Although these numbers are scary but I am glad that we have an increasing number of people gathering here.

    Here is the updated cases:


    Let me know if I missed your case.


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  • Totoro
    03-20 11:38 AM
    I have received messages from people who have been here around 10 years without a GC. I wonder how common this is. What do you think about proposing a "fast track" for people who have been here legally for more than a certain amount of time?

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  • santb1975
    04-08 04:01 PM
    We should..

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  • vasa
    09-20 02:43 PM
    i had pleasuer to meet with aman/logic life/paskal/pappu. it made some good sense to put a face with the IV handle and it does helps a lot.
    over all my experience was that all members (core and non core) worked earnestly to make anything and everything possible. i know it as i was outside the room where all the action was... and could see honesty in every action.

    this will go down as long lasting memories with me...


    09-01 08:00 PM
    I will accompany you on the waiting game

    I am with you guys...still waiting..

    01-16 01:13 PM
    Hi Ramki,

    I think this question is better answered in a discussion environment ....

    Let us all fix a time to meet on Immigration voice chat some time this week night or weekend to discuss ideas.

    We can meet tomm at 9.30 EST for an hour or so ?

    Please confirm availability those who can

    Great Idea. Thanks

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