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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tdc Sensor Renault Megane

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  • pms
    03-16 05:46 PM
    I mailed my passport renewal application to CGI houston on march 3 2009. When i try to find the status of my application the operator says that the old passport no is not registered and i need to check with the mail room. I tried calling the mail room and there is no one to answer the call. Has someone faced a similar problem before ?
    I used ext 122 to call the mail room , is there any other number that i can contact to find the status of my application ? Request the forum to provide some inputs .


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  • ajay
    03-31 06:26 AM

    Tdc Sensor Renault Megane. Front.
  • Front.

  • chaituk
    05-15 01:23 PM
    Can you also post what decision you have made regarding changing employers or if you are waiting till next month for PD availability?

    In the same situation as you are in.

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  • sheela
    08-15 08:59 PM
    I got the card production ordered email today. I dont know if the infopass appointment that I had yesterday made any difference or not. But for the time being Im very relieved and happy.
    Case Details:
    May 23rd eFile TSC
    FP: 6/19/2008
    LUD: 7/22/2008
    CPO: 8/15/2008

    My spouse (EB2i derivative) got CPO this evening
    e-filed: 6/17
    FP: 7/14
    CPO: 8/15

    Primary EAD filed 5/27, still waiting
    EB2i, PD: 10/05
    I-140 approved, LUD 7/13
    I-485 (luds: 8/13, 8/14) still waiting approval


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  • Changing TDC sensor on 1.6 16V

  • GCNirvana007
    09-01 07:23 PM
    Nirvana, Congrats, Did your case go thru TSC-EAC-TSC transfer? When is the exact ND?

    Nope. Just TSC. Second week of Oct.

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  • the old TDC sensor which

  • ilwaiting
    06-29 04:44 PM
    What a way to ruin the weekend :-(


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  • Changing TDC sensor on 1.6 16V

  • mrane1
    01-17 04:46 AM
    I have been a trader for thr last 3 years. I am more of a swing trader than a day trader... But I do a lot of day trading too. I believe trading is the only way to make money in the stock market... Everything that the mainstream media tells about long term investing is baloney... Here is an excellent video about market manipulation by Jim Cramer (For the recrd, I hate the guy and he gives very bad advises... but then he just an entertainer):


    Chintu has started an excellent topic here... It does require tremendous amount of discipline, patience and hard work and its definitely not for the faint hearted... Chintu is covering lots of things here, but the on;y thing I would like to add is learning about macro economics... that will help you spot major trends in the market... Also, apart from regular stocks there are double and triple long and inverse etfs... For eg FAS and FAZ... These are triple long and short etfs for the financial sector. These are leveraged three times, which means these are on full dose of steroids... If market goes up 10% these go up 30% and vice versa... so you can make or lose a lot of money in a very short time... Happy trading!

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  • GCHope2011
    03-26 07:12 AM
    Starsun I would request you to put in another clarification for the benefit of all so that IV Core's stand is well known and published. Predictions & calculations help people to know what the ground reality is and plan their lives. Now we don�t have people on IV whether EB2 or EB3 being sad after every VB because everyone knows when to expect what and predictions and calculations IMHO has gone a long way in correcting that situation.

    I read several posts promoting advocacy which is very good however they take pride in trashing predictions and calculations for no apparent reason it seems to be in fashion / vogue. If advocacy has to be promoted it has to be done in a positive way there is no need to trash predictions and calculations at every available opportunity. Some of these immature comments are very disrespectful to the effort that is being put in my many of us on the predictions blog. If some people do not like what is being done on that blog they are really free not to visit but unnecessary comments should really stop or be moderated.
    Teddy -

    I have deep personal respect for you and the people who have spent countless hours trying to come up with the predictions framework.

    It provides a way for all of us to make sense of where we stand in the line and what to expect - to a large degree of reasonableness. That way, at least we are not groping in the dark, with false hopes or false hopelessness.

    The point that also needs to be kept in mind is that predictions are dependent on policies and anything that we can "do" to impact policies, will have a positive effect on predictions.

    We do not need to take predictions as a full & final situation for all of us about which nothing can be done. Advocacy is a way to do something about the policies that impact our situation, so that our predicted timelines become better.

    We are in a situation similar to driving from coast to coast on I-80, where everyone except the retrogressed countries are allowed to get on the highway and drive full-speed whenever they want to, whereas we are only allowed to get on to the highway when "rules permit". Based on these rules, we have done a decent job of predicting when we might be able to get on to the highway.

    We now need to also put significant effort on changing the rules, so that we can get on the highway sooner.

    The point that everyone is making (may not be as simply - like everything else, this too gets emotional many times) is lets not get content due to predictions, but also do our part to change the ground rules.

    Hope this helps.


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  • from TDC sensor fitted on

  • trsspk
    05-15 12:13 PM
    I have applied for birth certificate at Indian Consulate, SFO and received from them. They simply attested the information on my Passport on their letter head..will that be sufficient or I should get it from MRO/etc from India?

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  • a_yaja
    04-12 10:54 PM
    I efiled the EAD application and in the confirmation page, I got instructions to mail supporting documents to NSC. I mailed copy of the efiled receipt, copy of current EAD card which expired end of July 2010 and a copy of I-485 receipt.

    My question is - are things different for efiled applications?


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  • This is the sensor seen

  • chinna2003
    06-14 08:07 AM
    My wife is eligible for fling for AOS right now , however she has already accepted a position with different salary and designation with the same employer and asked the employer to file a new H1 b, I dont believe its been filed yet. We never thought the dates would be current in our life time

    We are thinking of refusiong the promotion offer, however the boss is willing to helo keep the new job waiting for her and continue her green card processing in the current designation
    1. I know you can change jobs after 6 months of I-485 filing.at that point can she use the EAD to work at this new job or she can only port the EAD to a similar occupation?
    2. Other scenario is then have to a future job offer for the category that she has applied to green card through either from the same employer or a different one.. and asking for a H-1 B for the job with a higher salary?
    3. If the spouse derivative uses the EAD can the primary applicant stay on H-1 b Status without using her EAD or is it going to be considered as though she used her EAD and hence no longer in H-1B?

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  • the TDC sensor wires.

  • senthil1
    04-08 03:03 PM
    I think those who are eligible to change to Eb2 should start immediately. In any case Eb2 was much better in past and it will be in future also as all the other country quota EB1 and Eb2 will automatically come to EB2 India and China every year. All the Eb3 should wait 10 years or hope for some law change.

    I need to go to some place where I can spit out my frustration. This is just not done. Completely unfair.


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  • Renault should buck up.

  • nozerd
    05-14 06:50 PM
    For filing I 485 I know you need to submit birth certificate and marriage certificate. Do both of these have to be originals or copies are fine ?


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  • gkattalu
    08-06 07:39 AM
    My application was mailed in July, 2007.

    I'm also a Feb 06 applicant.

    Lets have a race and c who gets it first...jus kiddin...:)

    When did u mail ur application?


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  • Crank sensor aka TDC sensor is

  • saggita
    05-27 11:41 AM
    Anyone has update on AILA's class action regarding audit delay cases?

    internet, I also agree with your opinion. What I am concerned is not affecting my case by DOL but any blames from my HR if they come to know. This might be my own problem and I will get over it.

    I will write the letter with or without case number.

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  • Re: Can#39;t find my TDC sensor.

  • Macaca
    06-29 04:07 PM
    AILA is trying to establish a precedent by saying that only the VB is the one that should determine the visa availabulity.

    This means that restting VB dates is legal.

    I can not believe AILA and immigration lawyers are so incompetent. What are they fighting? Just amazing! No end to Immigration crap!


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  • If you are not sure where TDC is you could put a long screwdriver through

  • nullpointergc
    05-30 02:20 PM
    Paper Filed : Sent on Apr 26 to Dallas Lockbox
    Receipt date : May 6
    Received EAD approved email/sms on May 25.
    Have not received the physical card.

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  • This is how the TDC setting

  • gbof
    05-21 06:30 AM
    CPO on 5/10 but no card yet...

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  • roseball
    05-30 12:11 AM
    Well, I would suggest them to hire a very good lawyer to plead their case as an honest mistake and hope that USCIS acknowledges it and approves her H4....

    09-01 11:47 AM
    Congratulations !!!

    Would you mind sharing the RD, ND. My PD is just a week later from your PD so was wondering what is stock for me :)

    Also did you have any RFEs, 2nd FP etc.

    Hi sdrblr,

    Most of my info is updated in my tracker, but i am providing it below for ease of review....
    Case approved at TSC
    RD - 7/2/07
    ND - 8/28/07
    PD - 4/30/04
    FP completed 9/28/07

    Maintained H1b with same employer, same job throughout this time.
    No EAD obtained
    Got AP 1/23/09 but was too scared to use it (lol).
    No RFEs
    No dependents - i married a US Citizen, haven't adopted yet.

    Best of luck to you.

    03-26 01:28 AM
    Various reasons...time...schedule...other obligations etc...lack of readily available information on IV as an organisation or state chapter....too many steps to do simple things like joining the state chapter :)
    ya some of the reasons seem ridiculous...

    like the example of the weekly attorney call
    Many like me don't have the time to search through forums as to what the number is for the call or where is the link for the chat. If its displayed on the main page "Click here to join attorney call" that would be so much easier and encourage a lot more participation.

    No member has to search for the lawyer conference call thread in the forums section at all. They just have to read the threads running on the home page!. Every week that we have the conference call, the thread runs with the red title "Free Conference Call on -date- -Lawyer name- frm -firm name", and it is mostly me who keeps the thread alive from Monday through Thursday! I have even started a thread on the Ask the lawyer section announcing this and I kept the thread on the home page until the third week of this month - when we had the last call for the month of March. I have not kept it up on the home page with all the advocacy activities we are involved in - but I would think that the members who benefited from the calls would want to help by keeping it up on the home page...........but that does not happen either (although wait_for_ever_gc and SGP tried for a few weeks).

    This is exactly what I mean when I say "frustration" - The services are clear on the title and runs on the home page every week. Yet members say, I can't find it!

    I have had people PM me and ask how do I post on IV - I point them to the thread that tells them to do it - we do have it as a sticky, for easy visibility if members take the time of doing a little search. I have had members call me and ask how do I post, I have explained it to them while on the call. There is only one ph# available to reach IV - and I have answered everyone of the calls for which members have needed help.

    ok i managed to find it...but its not easy to find...the average person visiting this site will never know about it. This is a cool benefit...it should be advertised on the site more so people can take advantage. It will certainly generate more interest in IV

    Right here, members should realize, IV is not here to market stuff or make money. IV is about services and working together to bring the relief needed for our immigrant community. Does IV need the money? Absolutely - for advocacy. Not just the 3 day advocacy event but the year round advocacy that needs to happen to get anything done.

    IV has a donor forum, and it has made a policy that to be able to get access to it, members need to donate. It is not a mandatory service but an option of choice for each of the members. Without making any monetary payments mandatory, IV members (some) have issues with it. I cannot imagine the uproar and backlash that will come, if IV decides to impose even a $2 mandatory fees. People will find fault with that too......... And if there is one thing we have realized, we can't please everyone. IV leaves the option of donating as a choice to our members rather than a mandatory imposition of fees.

    I will say this though, Aman is a good friend of mine, and he himself being in EB3, waited for many years to get his GC. Before he got his GC, he too was frustrated with the system and came up with this organization - over a conference call - to find solutions to make this GC process better. This was in end of 2005. He got his GC in the recent past in EB3, and yet here he is fighting for the cause of the people who are still stuck in the backlogs! He has a full time job, a family (who is sacrificing a lot because he is so involved in finishing what he started, a time that he could have spent at home), and he works harder than anyone I know for your Green Card relief. There are very few dedicated people behind IV, and Aman is the very back bone of this organization.

    Members write about IV being for EB2? How? Members write about how IV does not understand the pain of an EB3.. Really? Aman and Pappu and other team members are all in EB3......some still without a GC......waiting just like you! This organization was built on EB3 pain and it continues to exist because of the dedication of few leaders to see this through. A lot of people got greened in 2010 - where are they? Some visit, some even donate regularly, some even participate/volunteer for the advocacy days in DC. But the large majority left. If Aman decided to leave after he got his GC, each of you would have found another online place to go to, but what you may not realize is, had he done that, there would be 1 less dedicated, passionate voice fighting for your speedy Green Card!

    The other day, a member since 2007 - does not know what the goals of this organization is! Even my child knows - that to find out about any organization - just go to the "About Us" section. Four main menus to explore - "Home", "Forums", "Wiki", "Advocacy" - you will find everything you need to know about IV.

    Members don't want to see what is in front of them (Free lawyer conference call on home page)

    Members don't want to explore a little bit about this forums - (Take 10 minutes of your time when you visit IV to look up on Advocacy, on Wiki) - to get the info needed.

    Members don't want to participate in anything - like I said - IV has this action item of meeting with lawmakers - and the response is "I can't, as I have a busy schedule, other commitments......" All I am asking for is an hour off from work to meet with lawmakers in a month. 1 hour in a month!

    Members ask what has IV done for me? I won't even say 'Ask what have you done for IV" - instead I will say, "Ask what have you done about your own green card other than wait."

    A member thought Pappu's post was "arrogance". But does this member know that Pappu is the one who handles these difficult issues - researching what the problem is and then suggesting the next steps or contacting the right officials to get the answers for these needy members. IV does not charge for this time and service. But he hopes that this member will donate. And he has rarely found these very members coming back to donate to IV. And that to me is "frustration".

    You may want to believe what I am saying or not - the choice is yours. But I will ask this of each of you - if you have something negative to say about IV or don't know what IV is working on - just pick up the phone, call and ask. Before you criticize the hard work of people, take the time to get your facts right and then do what you feel is right.

    BTW, all "you" mentioned here is every member and not directed to one person. And check out my signature - finding your state chapter and becoming a member is easy. I have had this for over a year now.

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