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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Star Wars Episode 4

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  • neoneo
    04-14 02:10 AM
    One more day gone. A few more to go. Really what more can you do ? You can't do beyond a point. The best suggestion would be to get more PEOPLE knowledgeable about this issue.
    The other day I came across one of my acquaintences who is doing pretty good in his area, who came to the US in the mid 70's.We were discussing about things happening in our community, I casually mentoned to him about the Legal immigration issue and he was surprised to hear the EXISTENCE of these issues. That surprises me that so many Indians, who have migrated to the US over past 30 years are either unaware of these issues or just want nothing to do with it. But I'm sure there is a sizeable number who would want to chip in the cause.

    Get in touch with people you know and tell them to send faxes to respective senators, call or just support the cause.

    MODERATORS: Can u make the WebFax area non-user area, many dont want to register, but are willing to send Faxes etc.NumbersUSA dosent need u to register.

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  • Rune
    June 20th, 2004, 10:27 AM
    Hmm... I'm not good at comments, so I'll do the obvious one and let the others handle the rest... :)

    In your third shot (the colour shot of a guy sitting), the hand is sharp and in focus, but the face is washed out, almost as if someone had used PS to severly soften it? What's that about? Is the hand really that much in front of the face, or is something else going on? (It looks like he is leaning forward, but I guess not enough)

    Inquiring minds want to know. :)

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  • leoindiano
    07-23 11:17 AM
    If someone dont get an LUD, he may still get GC. LUD does guarantee that someone touched your case. From , it appears most guys got GC without LUD's.

    So, please dont panic if you dont get an LUD.

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  • vat
    11-06 09:59 AM
    Hello folks !
    Let me present my case before you all.
    I came to US on H1B visa in 2004 and then my previous visa expired in 2006 and I have extended that visa but do not have it stamped on my passport as because I have not left USA during this period.
    Now, I have changed a job 3 montsh back and my new employer is doing the H1B transfer which is in process. I have received the "receipt number" but yet to get the documents back from USCIS.
    At this time, is it possible for me to switch to another job without having the papers from USCIS on the basis of the receipt number alone ? Or do I wait for the papers to come back from USCIS before I can think of switching another job ?
    An early response is appreciated...


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  • Blog Feeds
    04-20 10:20 AM
    Sad for a guy who used to be the voice of reason on immigration.

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/04/mccain-praises-arizona-bill.html)

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  • bitzbytz
    10-27 04:32 PM
    For AC21, is it an issue if we accept a job in another state than the one where you filed for Perm


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  • pa_arora
    01-23 04:42 PM
    I work with a consulting company on client side. The client is planning a shutdown for 2 days a month - 2nd and 4th friday.

    Do you guys think its gonna imapct 485 application. I am asking this question cause the labor was approved for 40/hrs per week and the salary slip shows the number of hrs worked per month which will be lesser than 160 (incase the month has 4 weeks).

    BTW, I am on EAD and 140 approved couple of years back.


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  • acecupid
    06-26 09:42 AM
    Today I found out there was a soft LUD on my I485 application. I am not sure what it is. How can I find what is going on with my I-485 application. Befre that there was a soft LUD on my travel document which I file in 2007 after that I did not file that. I just want to know what is going on with my application. Please let suggest.

    Maybe you are about to get your GC ;) Dude, chill out and relax... dont be so anxious over a soft LUD. It will only affect your health adversely being overly stressed out over LUDs and GC.


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  • go_guy123
    12-16 07:24 PM
    Here is my h1b status:

    1. We have applied for H1B visa extension in premium on March 23rd, 2010.(for 15 months, as I have this period remained on H1 6 years and I-140 not approved yet).
    2. I have joined new client on March5th new project, new location.
    3. USCIS raised RFE on March 9th, 2010 but not received the RFE document.
    4. My employer sent H1B Amendment documents on March 15th, 2010 with new LCA.
    5. Received RFE document on March 30th, 2010 from USCIS and replied on March 31st to USCIS.
    6. USCIS approved case on April 10th, 2010 with 1 year duration, which is May 2011.
    7. USCIS approved amendment on Dec 5th, 2010 which is valid until Aug 20th, 2011 which the max of 6 years period.

    Now question, it means my H1B visa valid until Aug 2011?

    Means your H1B petition is approved till Aug 2011. Visa is needed to reenter US once you leave.

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  • gc_lover
    07-02 08:55 AM
    Where did you hear?


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    09-16 04:53 PM
    Would appreciate guidance from attorneys and anybody gone through such an experience or having knowledge about it. Below is my scenerio:

    My I-140 in EB-3 was denied and was appealed. As a response for my appeal, I received a notice of Derogatory Information and RFE.

    After receiving this notice, we realized that company's old lawyer unintentionally clicked a wrong answer in the labor application that was filed and approved in 2006. There is the clause on Page one of ETA form 9089, Part C, point # 9, where we have statement if there is any familial relationship of the alien with the owners / partners of the sponsoring company. This was done by the old lawyer and he is no more working for the company.

    In the notice, the appeal officer has mentioned "if a familial relationship exists between the beneficiary and the petitioner's owners / partners , and this was not disclosed to the DOL, USCIS may invalidate the labor certification based on this misrepresentation. You are therefore, requested to explain what familial relationship, if any, exists between the beneficiary and the officers of the company."

    The above mistake was done intentionally as the company's present lawyer did mention about the familial ties of the beneficiary with the partner of the company in the H-1 application that was approved in 2009 and in the new labor application EB-2 category that was filed in 2009 and still pending. Also, a separate letter regarding the same was sent to the labor department this year along with the other supporting documents as a answer to audit.

    Looking at the above scenario, can you all please let me know:

    Is there a possibility to explain the appeal Officer that it was an unintentional mistake as it was not meant to hide as in 2009 , that is a year before this notice was sent out, labor department was given the right answer in another labor application and USCIS did approve the H-1 even after they knew that the familial ties did exist.?


    Am are they surely going to revoke my old labor?

    Any help or guidance would be highly appreciated and anybody gone though the same can please let know their experience.

    Thanx in Advance

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  • uma001
    04-21 04:21 PM
    1 . Where is the donor forum? I could not find it
    2. I am a donor (two times). But I do not have access to it.



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  • sendmailtojk
    11-11 09:49 PM
    My son was > 21 years of age when my I-140 was applied (Aug 07). So I guess I can forget it.

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  • h1vegas
    06-30 01:39 AM
    Please reply


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  • aguy
    07-26 08:18 PM
    hey guys,

    i send in my i-140/i485 along with those for my wife. as luck will have it, I forgot to include her sealed i-693. i am planning to send it tomorrow with a cover letter. is that okay? is there anything else I can do?

    I will appreciate any help.



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  • mrE
    07-30 01:49 AM
    my fave of the orange contest. good luck.


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  • ameryki
    06-26 05:19 PM
    Hi All,
    I am planning to paper file my wife's EAD renewal and AP for both me and my wife.
    1. Can anyone who paper filed recently post information on filing EAD/AP
    2. Since my wife filed for I-485 last year and paid $1010 fees,she falls under FEE WAIVER for both EAD and AP-I believe she can renew EAD/AP unlimited till she gets GC?
    3. Can someone post what did they do additional for filing as FEE WAIVER?

    Any detailed steps on paper filing with FEE WAIVER would be great.

    Thanks in advance for your replies.


    mate no offense intended but if you do a search for this you will find all the info ready to be read for ya. So please take the time to do so. Some quick answers no you do not need to pay for EAD/AP renewal if you paid using the new fee structure. Also no additional info needed when you send a copy of your 485 receipt notice it states all the required info to support the no fees.

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  • Steven-T
    April 19th, 2004, 02:01 PM
    How do you find the WB on the D2H? Are you preset or using some other method?

    I have been using a D1 until two months ago, when my friend drop it into the Central Park Lake when powered on. It's now a slam dunk. Currently I am looking for a new DSLR, and seriously considering switching to Canon, . . .


    GA chapter Google group.. [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : GA chapter Google group..

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  • askreddy
    06-19 12:45 AM
    Thanks CoopHeal.

    Others Any suggestions?


    11-03 01:26 PM
    Hi currently I am on H1B which is set to expire at end of November and will not be renewed. I have another position coming up but the visa application may not b e done till late December or January. I would need to transfer to H4 on my spouses status till then.

    Can some one guide me in this process. What steps must be taken to transfer from H1B to H4? Is there any webpage which explains this step?

    Is is better to file for H4 from USA itself or to go to India and do it?

    Once I file for H4, does it have any impact on my filing for H1 from the new employer later in December or January?

    Please assist me.

    Thank you in advance.

    05-01 08:58 PM
    1) As per the law, you and your husband both are supposed to leave the country the next day. But USCIS generally allows upto 30 days to leave. As per the law, he can not stay for a couple of weeks to look for another job. Both of you are supposed to leave the country.

    2) Yes. You both will be out of status but you will not be accuring unlawful presence if your I-94 is valid. You will start accuring unlawful presence once the employer withdraws H1B petition. The unlawful presence is the one which will make your bar from the country for 3 years (after 180 days and under 1 year) or 10 years (more than a year).

    3) No. It may not be a issue with GC processing. Under 245 rules, unlawful presence upto 180 days is allowed.

    4) You have to submit your I-539 petition along with your husband's H1B petition. Your status is tied to your husband's status.

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