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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Southwick Beach State Park

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  • eb2_mumbai
    09-25 11:22 AM
    This is what I call "tailoring message to our own needs". Lets take your example and I will do the same for you.
    USCIS certainly has a report by RD and lets say they are providing that report to the congress or the Senate. What would you see in the report ? There will be applications backlogged for years especially EB3 I. Just in my case, the 485 has been pending for more than 6 years. Anyone who wants to look in to the performance of an organization would want to know how well they are doing and USCIS has to show that they have applications backlogged for more than 6 years and cannot process them because of the unavailability of the visa numbers. Would that look good on them ?

    All big companies use both EB2 and EB3. We cannot justify one over the other with-out understanding the data. Again as far my understanding goes, I believe Bill Gates is a big proponent of H1Bs than getting his employees permanent residency.

    I beleive you are selectively highlighting facts. Forgive me if I am wrong but there are two issues here

    1) Applications Pending by PD
    2) Applications Pending by Category (EB 2 & EB3)

    Now yes I agree a congress man can ask like how come I see Eb3 app from 2001 pending with you since 2001. Which means 8+ years. With Spillover to Eb3 the dates max go to 2002 so the question would be app pending for 7+ years

    With moving EB2 they can least claim that they have moved an entire category to current. Is that right or wrong is entirely a personal question but it is a valid argument from their side. Also look at it this way Eb1 I & Eb2 I currently have a gap of 4 years. and EB2 & Eb3 have a gap of 4 years as well.

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  • gcformeornot
    04-12 01:43 PM

    I forgot to attach the G-1145 for electronic notification of acceptance of the EAD applications. However I have sent checks. Is there any way to send the G-1145.. or it does not make any difference whether you send those forms?


    you can send separately. On other forums I read that somebody receiving emails... but it emails doesn't arrive in 24hrs.... as the form mentions...
    I guess you can just wait for checks to cash and then get RN from back of it.....

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  • bitu72
    02-25 10:09 AM
    those who use Ninja is it good for backtesting, how much does it cost.

    i had stockfetcher , i want to discontinue it as not much time.

    tradestation you need minimum transaction .

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  • tonyHK12
    11-08 01:58 PM
    reminder, please call your local Senators, Congress men/women and inform them about your problems with the EB backlog. Also request them to support/sponsor legislative change for our cause in lame duck that lasts until end of 2010. Note who the outgoing law makers are:

    1. Increase in annual Visa numbers for EB2, EB3 and removal of per-country limit
    2. recapture of unused Visas from previous years
    3. Reduction in EB I-485 wait time from the current 5-10+ years with legislative changes

    relevant Bills currently in sub-commitee pending queue S.1085 for Visa recapture


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  • snathan
    05-16 01:10 PM
    I had discussion with Mr.Gotcher about this issue. He said, AILA is collecting information on this matter and they are pursuing with Altanta center. But he does not believe or expect any positive outcome. As said earlier he insist to send a formal complaint with OIG and offered his time/help. As its affecting large group of people he refused to accept any fee. I offered we are ready to cover any expense which he might incurr, but seems like it would be very less and he offered free service. Mr.Gotcher will draft a letter in a week time. What we need now - lot support and signature. We do not need to provide any case number. so I dont believe there would be any consequence. So guys please come forward. Spread this news as much as possible and get enough support. Help yourself and get out of this mess.


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  • needhelp!
    04-11 04:32 PM
    Guys, I had already started raising some funds for IV using craigslist to sell the EXCESS I have accumulated over the years. It won't be THAT much, but I am going to make it count towards my TeamIV efforts.


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  • supplychainwalla
    04-10 01:38 PM
    There is no harm in adding this also as the fifth item along with the existing 4 items. :D

    Yeah, but the 5th item being demanded is the same as a free trip to the moon with out any flight training. In a logical and sensible world it will not work and will make this forum and organization look like one having no motive or direction with every demand being considered viable, just beacuse it "sounds like a great idea" to a few folks.

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  • spatial
    01-19 03:13 PM
    Looks like most of the people online are not seeing this thread at all.

    May be the Title need to be changed.


    People might be thinking that this thread is to discuss Integrity of Core Group.

    Someone from Core group pls Update the Link and see if it works..

    My 2 cents.
    I think it is a good idea to make the title more prominent, like red, big, bold font, hightlighted...

    As a matter of fact, I didn't notice it when I came here two days ago. I was thinking it was something for running the website in a long term. Only when I saw many people were talking in this thread did I know that there are some urgent and serious things going on.


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  • hellomms
    05-01 10:21 PM
    I am glad to see the responses, and am sure that there are more to come. I decided to create a tracker of people who have posted their dates here or confirmed that they are waiting for the audit response.

    If you dont see you name below, please let me know and I will add it, we need MORE...not necessarily to take the action but to make our Voice strong and loud enough for the people to hear.

    http://img32.picoodle.com/img/img32/4/5/1/f_IMG05012008m_78db521.gif (http://www.picoodle.com/view.php?img=/4/5/1/f_IMG05012008m_78db521.gif&srv=img32)

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  • supplychainwalla
    04-11 09:31 AM
    There are some restrictions. After 10 years, if you opt for the one time payment of your SS benefits, then you can never enter US again.

    This is ridiculous, and is not true. Don't float around fact's that are made up!


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  • amitjoey
    01-17 03:58 PM
    I've already signed up for monthly contribution...and sent LogicLife's mail as a wake up call for all the fence sitters and freeloaders.

    I can relate with anurakt's feelings...it's amazing how penny wise pound foolish people can get!

    Come on guys, I have introduced at least 8 friends to IV and (almost) forced then to contribute :) Let's all get 2-3 members and persuade them to contribute.

    As LogicLife said, if we do not pitch in at this time, we might not as well...

    I signed up for monthly contribution rather late, sorry about that. Was just busy the last few days. I agree with GotGC. I did the same thing last couple of months, persuaded my friends like crazy and sat at their homes and got them registered and also got them to contribute. Looks like now I have to go to their homes again and get them to sign up for Monthly contribution. People just dont get it.

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  • tradahoo
    01-30 06:24 PM
    Hopefully the new people at DOL will stop over-scrutinizing PERM filings and let the processing time go back to normal levels! Let's be optimistic!

    It has take mine for eight months now...since May 2008 (got audited). I really don't know what else can be done to make the point to DOL how frustrated it is to wait for the lengthy PERM process. I am sure many are still waiting and their caes are back to July - Aug 2007.


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  • dhesha
    08-04 12:50 PM
    I went through the same frustration in 2008 when many 2006 got approved even when my date was current.
    Looks like the same thing is going to happen again -- most of the approvals are from 2006 and I am still stuck forever..what the *&%^ing going on....

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  • vikrantp
    01-17 04:17 PM
    Maybe this has been discussed earlier but I was wondering if we can extend our funding champaign beyond the conventional website.
    How about setting up booths/tents/tables(what the heck) at local temples(or any places of worship where we know immigrant community would visit) in the area on the weekends. This way we can educate fellow immigrants about immigrationvoice and try to get contributions.
    It might sound stupid but what I want to ask is , Is it legal for a Nonprofit org to do this ? By this I mean promote IV and collect contributions in the way I described above ?


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  • santb1975
    05-17 03:00 PM

    Hi folks, just as predicted, my email thread to select contacts resulted in one outright racist response. i dont want this group to get distracted or distressed if you too get such responses. take a look at the original note below and my response. remain brave. remain strong. this is a LEGAL immigration process in the US economic interest too.

    hopefully people will begin to realize that anti-legal-immigration is just a facade for deep rooted racism.


    I have to let you know that not only will I not support this bill, but I am vehemently against the legal immigration of workers that are originally brought here to usurp positions that would have otherwise been held by skilled Americans. I agree that this is a racist and exclusionary position, but I also know many people who can no longer get work at the level they deserve due to the displacement they have experienced as a result of this foreign worker influx.

    Please remove me from any future posts regarding this or related issues.

    i know how the native americans must have felt when the pilgrims landed... oh that darned foreign influx.

    i will not dignify your self avowed racism with the erudition of economics, capitalism, innovation, globalization, human rights or the rich history of the united states as a melting pot of cultures ... all of which are underpinning factors that are in the long term US economic interests in high skilled LEGAL immigration. of course, these tend to be conveniently ignored on the altar of superficial sentiment, myopic protectionism and deep-rooted xenophobia.

    it would be best that we not be on each others' personal contacts or have any future interaction at all.

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  • Zil
    10-06 10:03 AM


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  • NolaIndian32
    04-14 11:26 AM
    In order to support other IV projects like admin fix letters, we need your support by joining Team IV. Currently we have reached a potential target of $7,200 in just one week. We need IVians to support Team IV to get this amount up to our goal of $45,000.

    US Citizens are coming forward to support us, we need to take that momentum one step forward with more IVians signing up with Team IV.

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  • gcFiler08
    01-12 01:47 PM
    So are we ready to create a group of 20-30 people who will schedule appts with their lawmakers and discuss overall IV provisions along with support for this specific bill?? Hundreds of such bills are introduced every year in Congress (this specific bill has been introduced several times in the past)..so we need to truly understand whether there is any appetite for lawmakers to vote for it..instead of re-assuring ourselves that this bill will somehow help us.

    My lawmaker appt is on Feb 3rd. We need a structured approach with a proper group whose members follow up with each other and keep updates from lawmaker meetings. Not random posts on this thread, once in a while, that "I sent spam mails to all my senators..(mails that they will never read)". Lawmakers receive hundreds of emails everyday.
    we need to create a grassroots rapport with lawmakers.

    Appepite for lawmakers to vote can only be known when this bill moves forward. This time with Republican in majority I think it has better chances than earlier.

    This bill has been referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary and which will refer it to Immigration subcommittee . I dont know the steps involved after that. However we can contact these committee members (112th congress committee members yet to be selected) and keep this bill in the forefront and not lost with hundreds of ther bills.

    I guess we should be ready to make a Team of 10-15 people and keep our efforts directed.

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  • indigokiwi
    03-08 02:33 PM
    Donated $50 today in addition to $50 in February
    Transaction ID: #6FL96828KG990805B

    Appreciate IV efforts and will do my part in spreading the message!

    Thank you, ivarz! The Advocacy day contributions thread will have the total contributions to date and amount still to be raised...

    06-29 08:05 AM
    Logiclife, Looks like the statement that USCIS have to accpet the 485 applications all month on July inspite of availability of visa might not be true anymore. See below link


    I'm really concerned now, as like many I've also shipped my paper work to the attorney, but have NO control on when they are going to file.

    Anyway, we have to deal with all this.

    That's bad...really really bad. We spend so much time and money on getting documents ready, medical records and all that. In the end, something like this happens and our bad luck continues to grow.

    08-02 03:58 PM
    Just opened a SR this morning. Will now go down through my list:
    1. Will file Ombusman
    2. Will contact Congressman
    3. Will go for Infopass

    Masterji, can you please give the phone number and some advise for how to open SR?

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