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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants Effie

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  • __JaYMaSTeR__
    05-14 06:50 PM
    I sent my passport with all the documents and $40 FEE + $20 EXPRESS MAIL to houston, TX

    but they sent me my passport back to me, after 1 month but it wasnt renewed. They said that I have filled the wrong application but I can't find any other application that relates to my passport on their website.

    MY passport was issued in INDIA for 5 yrs validity and I didn't know it was expired a year back so they also asked me notarise my application. they also said that you have not sent correct fee.

    Please anyone can help me out here about which application should I send to renew my 5 yrs passport and how much is the FEE and all other necessary documents......

    THANKS YOU PLZ REPLY :confused:

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  • chanduv23
    04-08 10:49 AM
    I actually agree with logiclife. Your worth = how you perform. I have a Ph.D. and I am a post-doc in a lab, but my salary depends on how I perform. If someone with 6 months of NIIT can do what the job needs great. But, and this is a big but, whether you like it or not, US immigration policy is going to favor those who got degrees from the US . So Ron Hiras will have their way, and something will be worked out for those with US degrees. IEEE has tons of "well-respected" studies which prove that graduate studies improve the person's worth for an organization. Brb2 is also perfectly correct in that they fit in better in the US work culture, and hence have what the US industry needs. It is also true that if the need arises, those with US degrees can find employment with non-consulting firms; most non-US educated people however need these desi consultants.

    It is false. US employers need good skilled workers. The only way they used to get people in earlier days was through students who come and graduate. But after the body shopping infracture was built, they started getting people through body shops.

    Body shops are like feeder agents that feed foreign skilled workers in the system.

    As per super specialization in US degrees, and Phds etc...It is true that some jobs need these skills and these kind of jobs are always available to people with those skills.

    But most IT jobs at an entry level or a junior or a mid level programmer does not require that you have a US degree or a Masters or a Phd, and these are the kind of jobs that get filled by H1bs without US Master's.

    In fact if a job requires a Phd and if they did not find a qualified US worker for that job, the job will be open for a PhD as long as the degree from a foreign univ gets evaluated and candidate is good.

    In the days where there was no body shopping infrastructure was not there, businesses were forced to take MS grads from US univs just because they were accessible and tghere was no concept of outsourcing.

    But these days, every company is having a outsourcing or offshoring model so these jobs that can be outsourced will always be outsourced. If the outsourcable jobs are to be kept in US, then skills must be insourced.

    So, if you think US educated or MS people have more advantage - you are just fooling yourself.

    The issue here is the distribution of visas and quota restrictions and not US educated or non US educated.

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  • Michael chertoff
    05-11 11:42 AM
    You will donate 25 dollars 4 years member or will calculate like 25x12x4 :)

    You Idiot EB1. dont mess with me.you dont know the pain of waiting. stay out of my way.

    If you like to start some nonsence, contact me directly, i can easily handle your attitude.


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  • Nabeel
    03-14 11:33 PM
    please answer this poll if you are EB3 ROW only. Thanks

    Good job Hassan.


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  • vkrishn
    08-02 01:03 PM
    Problem being that last page of that thread keeps refreshing itself and everytime i scroll down to the bottom of the page it keeps going back to the top. Sounds like some script is running in the background.

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  • just_wait_for_gc
    02-01 07:08 PM
    you can search "employ" with filters senator "john kerry"


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  • Effie Fernandes (138 posts)

  • gupta432
    05-10 11:18 AM
    No email or case update online.

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  • dohko
    04-09 11:45 AM
    If you're really bright Microsoft, Oracle will still hire you.
    I can tell you that if you have good communication skills getting hired here it's not a problem, in fact they won't even ask you if you're not a US citizen until the end.
    I'm from a country in the Americas and I can say that most of the time there are limit for foreigners working in a company.
    So its not unreasonable to put some limits.


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  • WeldonSprings
    05-15 10:40 AM
    I am feeling very envious of people having their applications processed at the TSC. TSC as seen by the examples above are renewing EAD in 2 weeks.

    However, NSC is taking 2 months to process these EADs. There is a big difference between processing logic at NSC v/s TSC

    I think the employee diversity at TSC is big compared to NSC. Therefore, people add their heart to work and processing is faster. In other words, Intent is pure. If you pay a higher fee for a service you get the return.

    Contrast that with NSC. The employee diversity is poor. Employees are working just because it is a government job and their intentions are questionable, therefore a big lag in processing.

    Hope the courts teach NSC a lesson, that nobody is above the law and they should be processing cases quickly as compared to their TSC counterparts. Hope somebody is listening.

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  • illinois_alum
    08-05 11:37 AM
    Naa.. Lots of people including me never received CPO email. For such instances, CPO email will take a while (may be an issue with expired Biometrics..etc). The wait continues for some more time to see the actual cards in the mail. There is a dedicated thread on this issue on .

    There is no consistency with USCIS' process (or at least none that we can infer). For me and my wife, we only received the CPO emails. We haven't received any emails or updates that they have sent us a notice about registering us an Perm Residents...


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  • usdreams
    05-24 01:42 PM
    Is there anyone whose case was transferred to Local Office and got approval ? My PD is May 24, 2006 EB2 and still no change in status.

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  • GCWaiter03
    05-15 11:21 AM
    Hello friends,
    My birth certificate has the following information
    date of birth, Mothers name, fathers name, place of birth. It does not have my name and i am from India. Is it ok.. or should i get one with name.

    My PD is not current but i am getting ready with all the documents, just in case it gets current.

    Get affidavits from your parents or relatives who aware of your birth and attach these affidavits along with your original DOB certificate.


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  • chintu25
    01-16 11:14 AM
    I'll join if its 9:30 PM EST.

    Chintu, I have sent you a PM.


    Yes ,
    We will meet at 9.30 PM EST ..I hope all can join in

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  • susie
    06-22 10:41 PM
    by monday there will be a total of 3 federal lawsuits filed on CSPA Section 203(h)(3).

    * Baughman & Wang on May 21, 2008
    United States District Court
    Northern District of California

    * Reeves & Associates on June 20, 2008
    United States District Court
    Central District of California

    * Law Offices of Shusterman on Monday (June 23, 2008)
    United States District Court
    Central District of California


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  • seekerofpeace
    09-01 11:57 AM
    Many congratulations!!!!!!!You must be on the 7th heavan. Enjoy this day and celebrate it every year henceforth.

    So the 15 month FP validity is also a bogus. Yours seem to be a straightforward and non-transferred case....it is good to see choronological approvals than random.


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  • FinalGC
    08-02 10:27 AM
    can u add a POLL too


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  • princenj
    05-02 01:13 PM
    Center: Atlanta
    PERM Filed: July 2007
    PERM Audit: Nov 2007
    PERM Audit Replied: Nov 2007
    Category : EB2
    Field of work : Software Engineer
    Qualification: MS + 1 year
    Reason for Audit: Masters Requirement

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  • forever_waiting
    01-12 06:07 PM
    You are laying your own immaturity out there by rambling on and on about vague facts and statements only to make the same point again and again - that you think IV does not represent EB3. Why dont you state that one line and save us the trouble of reading your meaningless drivel??
    yes, this rant is oft repeated by around 5-6 members who do NOT represent the thousands of EB folks (EB2 AND EB3) who are affected by this mess.
    So before you start one of your long drawn essays again, step back and THINK (which you do not seem to be doing at all..or are not capable of doing) about whether you are contributing even one bit to solving the problem or trying to add to the problem. we can do a lot more if we spend less time trying to drill sense into wayward people like you.
    Think about -
    1) how many lawmakers you have met till date to resolve the EB3 problem (which you accuse IV of not solving). Have you asked a lawmaker while per country limits cannot be removed....an act which will remove all EB3 backlog??
    2) how many IV advocacy events have you attended?

    Yes forever_waiting it is surprising and shocking to see how a discussion on an EB Bill which will never see the light of the day has degenerated into an oft-repeated rant

    By using the keyword
    oft-repeated (i will ignore the word rant because only an immature mind will call the other side of a discussion as rant) it
    would imply that many EB3 members have raised the same concern in this forum before and i am not the first and believe me when i say this i will not be the last also. So that would mean a whole bunch of people (remember eb3 are 50 k and eb2 are 12k) have the same concern and they have raised the same concern in this same forum so that would mean IV is aware of the concern.

    Now what has
    IV done about it ??

    Meeting a lawmaker with the support of IV behind you is not a reflection of a big effort on your side. The power behind that is IV. Now for me or any other EB3 to meet a law maker is not something i would consider an effort since EB3 are willing to put the same effort which you are putting only if they believein what they are doing. To believe a person needs to feel that they are working for a cause that will impact their situation. Sadly this is missing and that is why EB3 people are cool about the whole meet the law maker process

    Regarding the statement I repeat the IV provisions which are for ALL EB and not any specific category/country. THe problem with EB3 is the with the way the EB system/inventory is set-up. What specific steps has IV articulated to resolve the specific issue of EB3

    By your own definition this is a chronic issue and what we are taught is that any issue which is chronic needs to be redressed and when it is not it becomes a big issue which cannot be handled

    As always, there is the name calling stating that EB3 people aarmchair critics and winers but you are part of a community and you have issues you will air your greviences in the same community not to some one who has no idea or does notcare about it

    What is really suprising and shocking is that in EB community itself EB2 does not care to listen and provide and open discussion about EB3 issues. Now according to me that is shocking

    BTW i commend your effort of meeting the law maker but if you introspect the only reason you are making an effort is because you believe your efforts will bear fruit in the form of a GC soon (I believe you are EB2 with a priority date of Apr 08)

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  • billu
    03-09 10:44 PM
    I have to mail my application to cgi houston for my passport renewal. can anyone answer the following:

    are they strict regarding the photo size of 3.5cm by 3.5cm?I have few old passport size photos of 2 by 2 inches and am thinking of using them.

    Which address (India or US) should I mention in the application form?

    Do I have to notarize my H1B approval notice and other documents that I mail to them?
    thanks in advance.

    05-16 08:51 PM

    I came to know from my company's attorney that this is my company policy NOT a USCIS policy that i must go back to IL (where Labor was originally opened) and then only my company will file I-485 for me

    Oh well!

    01-10 04:05 PM
    Bill Text - 112th Congress (2011-2012) - THOMAS (Library of Congress) (http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/z?c112:H.R.43:)

    That link has the complete text. Relatively simple text. Includes those who have completed degree in last 5 years or those who have resided in the US since obtaining a degree.
    Only one constrain. Requires that "will substantially benefit prospectively the national economy of the United States". The second part is something which is fuzzy and not sure how USCIS will interpret it. They might apply the logic of EB2-NIW. However, in either case, it is adding numbers of EB categories and hopefully rest of the bill is allowing for these numbers to fall across and down.

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