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Friday, July 1, 2011

Scum Of The Earth

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  • indygc
    05-04 08:55 AM
    Congrats!! Which service center and when did you receive the email?
    Finally, after a long wait for over 5 years, I am greened.

    My PD is 14th June 2006

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  • Macaca
    01-18 11:03 AM
    Hello IV:

    I happened to surf upon the NumbersUSA website and the general outlay of the website clearly establishes their objectives and motto. Although IV is fighting for a niche stage in the legal immigration process, a stage which almost all non-immigrants have to pass through, it is my perspective that this is never clearly communicated. The NumbersUSA website is visually more informative.

    Most probably, NumbersUSA has a much larger pool of money. Some persons believe in their cause by making contributions. They may have full-time employees and/or professional support.

    Most persons stuck in EB retrogression want service at NO COST. Most others want service at negligible cost.

    IV appears to be having a hard time getting contributions even they beg for it.

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  • Scum of the Earth senior

  • eeezzz
    04-25 11:47 AM
    somebody got really lucky!!!
    PD 06/20/2005 Nebraska EB3 RD 07/10/2007

    I really doubt that case is real. But that does cheer people up, if the bubble is not busted.

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  • Green_Always
    01-20 05:41 PM
    I also joined that group,

    Still I think we can use Messenger feature / utility available here for our next session,

    Look forward for Chintu's comments for our next discussions, ( I missed last weeks )

    Pappu, site looks great and also good to have new features / utility.

    Thanks and Regards.


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  • forever_waiting
    01-12 06:39 PM
    "Now why would i meet a lawmaker as a representative of IV if i believe what IV articulates impacts EB3 adversly"
    shows your lack of understanding of advocacy. Grass-roots advocacy works from the ground up rather than top-down.

    I am glad that after learning a few facts, your grievance has changed from "no one is doing anything for EB3" to "more should be done for EB3". thats a good start.

    This "discussion" has been entertaining but its time to end it. Good Luck to you. And do try to participate in grass-roots advocacy - the way it is meant to be and not the way you understand it (i.e. others should do all the work while I complain).

    Well what can i say it took less that 24 hours to get shot down again.

    No one in EB3 is questioning IV's sincearity. What is being question is the approach which is impacting EB3

    No one is yelling out a lie. What is being articulated (Not Yelled) is the impact of IV's direction

    I have read IV's provisions and i have already stated in another thread that removal of per-country limits is a pipe dream and will never happen how many number of times it gets introduced in congress because it is there since immigration started and is the corner stone of US immigration policy

    I will let the rest of your statement without comment because we are going back to the start of this discussion and is of no use name calling

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  • njboy
    06-18 08:22 AM
    yeah, shusterman is saying that prospects for the bill are bleak but maybe then work will be done on SKIL Bill or something?


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  • unseenguy
    04-09 04:45 AM

    I have heard lot of pros and cons about EB1. Let me also say that one of my best friends got his GC from Cognizant in EB1 category which was a fraud case for EB1. I am happy for him but not for myself. I agree it left me with jealousy.

    Now what is our problem? Guys getting GCs under EB1C or we not getting GC in EB3 or EB2?
    If we complaint against EB1C cases, are we going to get GC? Let me tell you, with the anti immigrant atmosphere prevailing in the country, they will even choke EB1C category and use it for propaganda. Do you want to get GC or are you saying, I dont have a GC, even my friend should not have it. This is a classic case of divide and conquer strategy.

    By choking up EB1C, nobody, nobody will get GC. We should not fight amongst ourselves like Eb1, 2, 3 etc Or India , China etc.

    This is a forum for everyone impacted by GC backlog. Everyone involved in the process deserves transparency. First of all we do not know where the numbers are going, whether they are being used judiciously or what are the bottlenecks. Just as we blame USCIS, we also blame Cognixant for our woes. I think first we need to get a clear picture of what is happening and we also need to work with DOS , USCIS to get a clear picture.

    Just like financial companies file statements with SEC, we also deserve complete transparency in the process. This way it will be clear to US citizens who blame us for their woes and also for us who blame USCIS or fake EB1s for our woes.

    We can work with USCIS and lobby them rather than pressure them through senators etc. who are are just using us as political pawns in their elections.

    My final message is: DO NOT do something that will divide the community. Let us work towards a common cause.

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  • Saralayar
    04-09 10:16 AM
    Thank you for having the sense to see that thread AND idea is a total waste of every one's time.
    Thats what I told you friend. Don't waste your golden time on this thread. Keep away and think to improve your knowledge in understanding other's thoughts and ideas properly.:p


    Scum Of The Earth. Scum
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  • legaleagle
    06-23 09:15 PM
    Thanks for interest in my post. I reaffirm that members from IV / registered members whatever you interpret as have been a great source of info with whose help I could interpret CSPA rules. As regards the status of my daughter, I would urge you to read my post again.

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  • girijas
    04-13 12:20 AM
    I have been swimming and strength training for quite some time now and have started kettle bells and Taek Won Do this year. I do see a lot of women working out. All I am saying is that these forums have a lower proportion of females.......pure statistics.
    And yes; there are a lot of females working out and the ones who do take up martial arts are more serious than the guys. However the most common excuse cited by the ones who hesitate to take up running/walking, is security. I am trying to get the ones who are not working out to get out; the ones who are; have a lot of tenacity.

    .............BTW, be nice to me. By the time you come to DC to run the race, I might have my brown belt :)


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  • naidu2543
    05-01 04:08 PM

    Again, post your field of work. I somehow see reluctance here on the part of posters. 2 to 3 have done so, but the rest have not. If it is only IT for the major part, we have to analyse and see why IT is being targeted for audits... ?

    I think all the fields are getting targeted. I am not from IT. As per my attorney, current situation is that PERMS for EB2's are getting 100% audited.

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  • abhijitp
    03-11 04:49 PM
    If you believe that dreams can come true... help make the Advocacy Day a success!

    If you would rather dream on... go here: http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/forum14-members-forum/1944033-eb2-eb3-predictions-rather-calculations-ii-16.html


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  • princenj
    05-02 01:13 PM
    Center: Atlanta
    PERM Filed: July 2007
    PERM Audit: Nov 2007
    PERM Audit Replied: Nov 2007
    Category : EB2
    Field of work : Software Engineer
    Qualification: MS + 1 year
    Reason for Audit: Masters Requirement

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  • andy garcia
    05-08 08:53 AM
    How long does it take for a decision under EB2? I know the usual is 90 days but from your experiances is there a chance of an approval earlier?

    Thank you.

    Mine only took 9 days on 2005


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  • senthilvs
    10-31 12:06 PM
    I have sent my Passport for renewal to CGI Houston, TX. I have shipped it via FEDEX on Oct 19 and it reached CGI Houston on Oct 21. It was signed by some one by name Kohli.

    In the Site its mentioned, the renewal will take 7 business days. Based on this thread, I see that it might take around 3 weeks time

    Can anyone tell me, Whether CGI houston communicates to us once the passport is dispatched? Will they give FEDEX / USPS tracking number to track? I want to make sure that some one will be at home to collect it.

    Thanks in advance
    You can either call them or go in person. Customer service can give you information on the status. But its hard to get them on the phone, keep trying, don't hang up the phone, but keep pressing 0.
    I called 713-626-2148 and pressed 1 then 9 and when it asked for voice mail or operator I pressed 0 for operator.
    But nothing to worry...you will get it soon. Its took about a month for me, because of the Hurricane Ike. But you should be ok.

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  • needhelp!
    04-09 05:47 PM
    Now I am thinking I should sign up for the family and all three of us would be able to do the 5K for sure.

    Alright. I will sign - up for the Houston Half Marathon and if you decide to upgrade to a half I will swap my Half marathon Decal with your 5K decal. Sound Good? :p


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  • javadeveloper
    07-14 03:59 PM
    if IV is going to show some interest on EB3.

    Not possible explicitly for EB3.IV is for EB community to support generic issues like CIR etc...Which may help EB2 and EB3.

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  • voicerj
    05-03 09:40 PM
    Feeling good to see so many people getting approved emails. We can hope for some good movement in coming months.

    What do you say @teddy @vdlrao and other experts ?

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  • zbd
    05-15 04:24 PM
    I'm trying to make decision to pick consular or Adj. status.
    Please, can somebody tell me the flow on Adj. status here.
    1-File 485.
    2. Finger Print notice (you said around 30 days)
    3.?? (medical??)
    4.?? (FBI??)

    and total approximate time for same center for all family.

    I really apreciate if you can also write your experience to compare Consular and Adj. status.


    06-14 03:13 PM
    GC is moving target, looks like some drunkard wakes up one fine morning and randomly moves the priority date value/importance. I know those in such situation may be relatively less in number but I know many who are and repurcussions for this look horrible for people who have not made past this luck test. I was one of the unlucky ones :(. good luck to guys who have moved forward hope you still help rest of us still stuck.

    I don't think it's an end of fight for IV or for that matter for us. Ability to file for I485 is just like getting out from one queue and standing in another big one. Once the folks who are stuck in backlog gets their labor will be in front of this big line as you know the priority date counts. Only advantage for the people filing 485 is an EAD, which I know is a big one. With thousands of people filing I485 in July, I believe EAD itself is going to be retrogressed.

    So, we should continue to fight for increasing the Visa number and removing the country quota or similar provisions. Now, we might need to re-state our goals as asking to remove retrogression cannot be the one. I know IV core might be thinking in the same line but currently just busy collecting their 485 documents ;) . So hold tight and we should see some plan once this excitement dies down.

    FYI, i'm one of those who will be filing 485 in July but really apprehensive about getting EAD in next few months.

    So, lets get united and re-organize our priorities and fight for the same cause.

    07-11 05:50 PM
    Yes, that is and was the case, but after this fiasco, approving 18k cases in a single day, I dont think they can play that game any more.

    Visas are getting wasted, because they sit on their "chairs" not working on the cases. Not because there are not many applications.

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