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Friday, July 1, 2011

Raytown South Football

images Football » Raytown South Cardettes Raytown South Football. Raytown South is a talented team of individuals - Worldnews.com
  • Raytown South is a talented team of individuals - Worldnews.com

  • mjdup
    01-18 05:27 PM
    Thanks mjdup. the count is 883.

    that's awesome, 83 more to go..I know there are some of you are just hitting the right buttons on paypal..

    wallpaper Raytown South is a talented team of individuals - Worldnews.com Raytown South Football. 2010 Lutheran South High
  • 2010 Lutheran South High

  • wing114yi
    05-03 08:52 PM

    1) Applied Date - Feb 08
    2) Audit Date - April 3th, 08
    3) Audit Reply Date - April 17th, 08
    4) Category - EB3
    5) Center - Atlanta

    Pending.....and my non-immigrate visa is expiring at the end of June...please help!

    Raytown South Football. Grandview High School Bulldogs Football Vs Raytown South-Page 6 of 9
  • Grandview High School Bulldogs Football Vs Raytown South-Page 6 of 9

  • singhsa3
    05-16 04:43 PM
    Sponsors for 5882
    Rep Abercrombie, Neil [HI-1] - 5/13/2008 Rep Capuano, Michael E. [MA-8] - 5/13/2008
    Rep Carter, John R. [TX-31] - 5/13/2008 Rep Cuellar, Henry [TX-28] - 5/15/2008
    Rep Davis, Tom [VA-11] - 4/24/2008 Rep Gilchrest, Wayne T. [MD-1] - 5/13/2008
    Rep Honda, Michael M. [CA-15] - 5/13/2008 Rep Jackson-Lee, Sheila [TX-18] - 5/13/2008
    Rep Sensenbrenner, F. James, Jr. [WI-5] - 4/23/2008 Rep Shadegg, John B. [AZ-3] - 5/13/2008

    2011 2010 Lutheran South High Raytown South Football. Football » Raytown South vs Nixa
  • Football » Raytown South vs Nixa

  • starving_dog
    06-19 11:31 AM
    In my humble opinion, it would be damaging to IV's goals to participate or otherwise support a lawsuit that would anger the very people that they are lobbying.

    I'm not saying that the idea is not without merit, it just wouldn't be appropriate for IV to participate.


    Raytown South Football. Labels: Football, Varsity
  • Labels: Football, Varsity

  • BharatPremi
    04-14 01:57 PM
    I guess we have enough people convinced and for those short sighted ones will have an option whether they want to get naturalized or live on their dear GCs so by that time if they educate themselves they will be convinced too.

    Now what are the next steps in chanelling this effort through IV Core?

    One's life time is too short to determine whether changing citizenship to US citizenship is worth or not. And hence to define it as a "wisdom" or "short sightedness" is also almost impossible. Two school of thoughts can just pop up 1) What would be the gain vis a vis loss changing citizenship 2) why one should get rid of the citizenship where one was born. And both of them are more realted with philosophical and moral issues rather than short term material gain...

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  • Tags: Blue Springs South,

  • chanukya
    02-01 10:32 PM
    They retracted number of times in the past.

    Good intentions, but have to re-check what they post before posting.

    Cannot believe a Law firm would do such mistakes....but it's a fact.

    But I really pray, they are right this time (Though our in-depth analysis says otherwise)

    i also doubt this. Has this website posted wrong information before?


    Raytown South Football. Blue Springs South running
  • Blue Springs South running

  • ndbhatt
    10-07 12:00 AM
    I sent a week before Ike and we are still waiting for our passports.

    2010 Grandview High School Bulldogs Football Vs Raytown South-Page 6 of 9 Raytown South Football. Football » Raytown South Cardettes
  • Football » Raytown South Cardettes

  • Macaca
    06-14 11:29 AM
    I am appalled at the insensitivity and selfishness of some of the posters here.

    Those of you who have just had good news yesterday that YOU are ok should be ASHAMED of yourselves by telling people in a much more depressing situation to lighten up.:confused:
    I am much more appalled at LC applicants who can not summarize their problems in Employment Based (EB) Skilled Immigration Applicants (http://boards.msn.com/MSNBCboards/thread.aspx?threadid=314286&boardsparam=Page%3D2)


    Raytown South Football. Grandview High School Bulldogs Football Vs Raytown South-Page 6 of 9
  • Grandview High School Bulldogs Football Vs Raytown South-Page 6 of 9

  • dummgelauft
    05-04 07:12 PM
    Please share some steps people are taking to get approval. like contacting senator or anything.

    It will help people like me who are current and pending.


    MC, I enjoy reading your posts, which, very often, are terse one-liners.
    IMHO, you should have your CPO email before end of May. once you get it, don't go away, stay with us, here, on IV.

    hair Football » Raytown South vs Nixa Raytown South Football. Hose Football 2005 SAC
  • Hose Football 2005 SAC

  • tamil12
    07-14 03:49 PM
    Comments like this is only going to embolden the anti and support their false arugments.

    Now you have two options.... help out antis by putting comments like this
    help yourself by helping IV in terms of money, time and efforts.

    Sure ,, I am totally fed up I am in this country from 2000.
    "...so far.I haven't contributed....I am ready to contribute...if IV is going to show some interest on EB3.


    Raytown South Football. Last 5 stories in Football
  • Last 5 stories in Football

  • X-Wing
    08-03 03:43 PM
    Got the emails of "card production ordered" for both me and my wife today. A wait of 11 years came to an end.
    Another one rides the bus......

    Day 3 and counting. How does anyone here sleep at all!

    hot Labels: Football, Varsity Raytown South Football. Football » Raytown South - Final Play from Nixa
  • Football » Raytown South - Final Play from Nixa

  • anu_t
    07-16 01:54 PM
    Can we move back to the calculations guys. Please don't waste your valuable time.


    house Blue Springs South quarterback Raytown South Football. Raytown Road on the East,
  • Raytown Road on the East,

  • skv
    06-14 11:03 AM
    My earlier case was a horrible story, Non-RIR PD Apr 2001, left the firm before it got approved. :-(

    Now I need some luck to get the new one through. :-)

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  • win over Raytown South in

  • Saralayar
    04-08 04:50 PM
    Great Idea. Since this is Saralayar brain child, let us all nominate him/her to lead this venture , while us IV followers pursue more servile task's like trying to recapture visa numbers, get multi year EAD's and basically save our B*^$'s.
    If this venture is a success Saralayar will be a citizen in a year (along with a few side kicks that are backing this new citizenship concept) or so and then he/she can push congress to pass the other minor legislation that will bail the rest of us out.
    Can you stop your f*** mouth?. Are you educated and have ethics?. If you do not like this idea get out of this thread. There are people who give good suggestions and welcome this idea. I am seeing all your posts in this forum. You are a bullshit guy by nature. Get lost.
    IV admin, please ban this guy (supplychainwalla) from all the forums. we do not need such perverted broots in the high skilled forum.


    pictures Blue Springs South running Raytown South Football. Grandview High School Bulldogs Football Vs Raytown South-Page 6 of 9
  • Grandview High School Bulldogs Football Vs Raytown South-Page 6 of 9

  • chanduv23
    06-28 07:15 AM
    Lets clear this thread and post anything related to the horrible news in the rumor thread

    dresses Football » Raytown South - Final Play from Nixa Raytown South Football. Football | Raytown South High School Cheerleading Photos | iHigh.com
  • Football | Raytown South High School Cheerleading Photos | iHigh.com

  • logiclife
    04-10 08:18 PM
    Gurus Pls help

    I was with Company A whn I got married which had my visa and I 94 till Nov 08,2006. My wife wnt to consul. and got her visa and I-94 till same date.
    I came back to US alone and changed to company B in July 06 and got my I-94 till 2009. Since my wife came to USA after that she didnt get her xtension.
    i forgot to file for her xtension.
    I had to agn change the company C in Dec 06. Thats whn i realised her I-94 expired in Nov. My lawyer said it shud be Ok since she has not passed 180 days after it has expired. or else she cud be black listed
    Today lawyer got an email from USCIS saying they r waiting on security check on my wife. Wht r the options my wife has becos her 180 days will reach in May 08. Can she stay here till a decision on her is finalised by USCIS?

    Guruls..Pls any help will be appreciated..


    How come no one in your company B asked you whether you are married or not and whether or not you need H4 filed for you spouse. Same thing about company C. Either of these companies' HR or immigration lawyer should have asked you about dependents and spouse?

    I dont know but even the smallest of consulting companies dont make this kind of mistake and they would remind you if you forget. My company's lawyer is quite lazy and slow but even his paralegal asked all the right questions and got all documents needed and didnt forget stuff when filing for various things.


    makeup Grandview High School Bulldogs Football Vs Raytown South-Page 6 of 9 Raytown South Football. Blue Springs South quarterback
  • Blue Springs South quarterback

  • marlon2006
    06-08 03:07 PM
    I don�t know what is so hard about this deadlock. Don�t they know that if:
    1. Illegals are given temporary visas for them to return after a number of years, no-body would come forward. The illegals would see this as shooting themselves in the foot. They would prefer to remain in the dark and live here permanently. Purpose defeated.

    >>>> If you enforce common laws which require a certain documentation, most people would not get a job here. Many would go home. There are lots of people here who does have a job back home. Between having a very bad condition here and an low paying job back home, many people with a choice would pick the latter, because at least back home you have freedom.

    2. A tough enforcement only bill is passed, with the hope that there would be attrition after a while: How long would it take for all 12 million illegals to finally leave? 1 million per year? 500K per year? 24 years? Yeah right! Ok assuming they leave at a rate of 500K per year (which I know wouldn�t happen) what would be the rate of inflow of more illegals?? What would be the balance of illegals after say 10 years? Think about it.
    >>> It is known that the illegal alien population is reduced naturally at 400K/year. If you add random deportations to this, yes, it is safe to assume that you can reduce the illegal population at 800K/year. That's not bad.

    3. Give them a path to citizenship. Well they are here anyways but this idea might jeopardize the bill.

    So my proposal is: Since �a path to citizenship� is the major road block to this bill, make a law that gives the Illegals an opportunity for GC but include in the law that �Anybody that ever comes into the country illegally CAN NOT become a citizen�. i.e they can get a green card but they can never be eligible for citizenship. I am sure this is a reasonable middle ground�. a path to PR but not citizenship. I am sure those illegals don�t care about citizenship anyways. They just want to be free and be mobile.
    >> Well, that is problem. That will send the message to the world that as usual, the US is rewarding those who come here illegally. People will quadruple the efforts to get in illegally. Physical barriers become very inefficient when policies encourage people to come here.

    Just my thots.

    girlfriend win over Raytown South in Raytown South Football. 1906 Stations Raytown Vale
  • 1906 Stations Raytown Vale

  • atlfp
    04-08 11:14 AM
    The H1B1 was started in 'GOOD FAITH ' by United States to help people from "all over the world" to come in and work in the US

    'GOOD FAITH ' ....to help people from "all over the world"????

    What an idiot! Stand up and face the competition man!

    hairstyles Last 5 stories in Football Raytown South Football. 2010 Football Roster
  • 2010 Football Roster

  • paskal
    01-18 10:08 PM
    i signed up
    sorry for the delay
    thanks guys for keeping this up.

    mjdup, anurakt, amitjoey please check your pm, thanks!

    04-08 05:00 PM
    i met a guy like this last weekend. came to US 2/3 yrs back. has masters in India and has 5 yrs total experience. not doing any research. He is actually a contractor at a client. the employer, applied his GC under EB1. he got GC under 1yr. I was amazed.
    he says, his employer applied for few of his other colleagues too, but rejected. most amazingly, for one of his boss (1 or 2 levels above him) also they applied under EB1 but his app was rejected. unbelievable stuff. i guess the EB1 verification is random.

    EB1 spillover may never come for some time in the future. The Indian IT companies are applying under EB1 for their PMs and Senior PMs (req: BS in any discipline + 6-7 yrs exp), labeling them as multi-national executives. They are also making the employee pay for the 140 and 485 so that the financial impact is reduced a lot by a potential rejection of the 140.

    This is as much BS as labor sub. I think everybody here knows how tough it is to get EB1 classification for researchers. But what scrutiny is there for these "multi-national executives" ? All they have to do is spend some time in India or any other country as a PM or SPM, come to the US on H1B and promptly apply under EB1. :mad:

    05-16 01:10 PM
    Thanks sravani,

    So will the doctor still give me a report even if I don't complete all medical exams?

    Also on a side note, Do you know how long does it take to get the report once the tests are done?


    Yup. The doctor will give you a report with a note in a sealed envelope and you can submit that document when you apply for your 485.

    For me, the physician took 3 days for the report. It depends on the physician I guess, but usually it will not take more than a week to get the report.

    Good luck to you!

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