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Sunday, July 3, 2011

patti labelle oprah farewell

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  • BharatPremi
    09-24 06:15 PM
    This link is not working
    http://www.uscis.gov/USCIS/New%20Str...%20Reports.pdf. I get a Page Not found error.

    Is there a different link.


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  • like_watching_paint_dry
    06-18 09:50 PM
    Well, I am just stating facts. Just because you dont like them, I cant help it. You got to learn to move on. There is a saying in my native tongue " A smart man should never climb the stairs of a court." My grandfather was a prosecutor and and used to tell this to me many times. But thats just me. If you have a big penis, go ahead and file a lawsuit and let me know what happens.

    And, btw, never did I mention about reference, so check on your reading comprehension skills next time you respond.

    My friend, even exxon valdez guys have not collected money from lawsuits yet. So I stand by my advise. By the time you actually collect something, you will be in no position to sip either mai tai nor travel to hawaii.

    Here is your post on 6/15/2009 @ 4.49pm

    See the words in RED BOLD font. They highlight you mentioning the word "REFERENCE". Kapish?!

    Maybe you should check on your eyesight. And while you're at it, get your head examined as well... memory loss is an early sign of onset of senility.

    Agreed on your point. But there are other discriminations at workplace such as , age, race, sex and sexual harrassment. Those who complain about it effectively terminate their careers. If you want to go , complain against this L1 misuse fine, but you are not going to get mileage, maybe some bad breath and bad publicity and eventual loss of reference & job. If your company / client has decided they do not want to persist with you, there are 101 ways they can get rid of you, legal or illegal, my suggestion is, if you were exposed,

    can L1fraud hold his head high in front of his client and still ask for reference with no sense of guilt in future? If not, he has lost half the game but now wants to lose the other half in a self destructive manner.

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  • needhelp!
    01-14 02:36 PM
    Those letters need to be going out..

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  • nk2006
    01-15 11:13 AM
    Hi RajuSeattle--

    You nailed it man. As i said in my post yesterday what you described so well is exactly what happened and so my explanation of just 140 substitution was not accurate.

    Please note the response I got from the attorney of my previous employer (the one who revoked)

    This is exactly what I previously explained and what XX verified for you. The I-140 was revoked/withdrawn and the labor certification was substituted. If only the I-140 had been revoked/withdrawn then you would still be portable. However, as XX confirmed, the company used the case to substitute another employee.

    Clearly the ex-employer and USCIS are at fault. I have the approved I140 and to date on my uscis portfolio it states that my I140 was approved in Feb 2005. I changed jobs in June 2006.

    I am so &^^%$#@ tired, that if this does not work....I am going back. Enough is enough.

    Your frustration is understandable but talk to a good lawyer and open an MTR immediately. From your description yours is a good example of how USCIS is confused about AC21 cases - work with your lawyer on MTR it seems MTR's are successful in most cases. Also please take time and contact Ombudsman to file DHS Form 7001 as suggested at: http://www.dhs.gov/xabout/structure/gc_1221837986181.shtm.

    (look back in this thread a few other members had similar issue - I485 denial upon withdrawal of I140 by previous employer - contact them directly to get specific lawyer info).


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  • Ramba
    09-26 06:33 PM
    This is complete non-sense. See the fact of capitalistic approch. Reckless free market approch brought the country to (wall) street. If no regulation and control by the government, the CEOs/Captialist screw you and me. see Enron. See WAMU. The CEO of WAMU walks away with millions of $ after screwing the bank. Where did you studied socialist goverment do not create high tech job? Captalistic form of government is good only if, the CEOs/capitalists are Gandi/Budda.

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  • drona
    07-11 01:30 AM
    Posted on Khabrein.info and NewsPost India

    'Gandhigiri' by Indian green card seekers in US by Arun Kumar

    Washington, July 11 (IANS) In an eloquent display of 'Gandhigiri', unhappy Indian green card seekers sent hundreds of flowers to the US immigration agency to protest a last minute reversal in policy that would impede their way to permanent residency.

    Inspired by the hit Hindi movie "Lage Raho Munnabhai" that extolled Gandhian ways of non-violent protest, the green card applicants plan to send around a thousand flower deliveries to US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Director Emilio Gonzalez in a three-day campaign that started Tuesday.

    The protest followed the abrupt reversal last week of a June announcement offering expedited processing of green card petitions for thousands of skilled foreign professionals working under H1-B visas - reserved for skilled workers in computing, engineering and other special professions.

    Thousands of such visa holders scrambled and spent money on lawyers and medical exams to beat the July 1 deadline for green card applications. The abrupt change sent them back to the queue for 2008.

    Besides India, skilled workers from China, Poland and many other countries will now have to spend more time and money to get the coveted green cards - a halfway house to US citizenship.

    "The idea is to push them to honour their earlier notification," said Aman Kapoor, founder of Immigration Voice, a forum that inspired the unusual protest.

    Indians are the worst hit by country quota caps for immigration visas, which treat a billion strong India, boasting a highly skilled workforce, on par with a country like Trinidad and Tobago of one million souls, he said.

    On its part, the USCIS response was equally pacific. It plans to forward the flowers to Walter Reed Army Medical Centre and Bethesda Naval Hospital in Washington, the main facilities treating US soldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan, said Gonzales in a statement on the agency website.




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  • factoryman
    06-18 06:09 PM
    in my opinion:
    sealed medical cover
    his passport copies - all pages
    his/her birth certificate
    your receipt
    employers letter, again

    ( am I missing anything)

    Hi all

    I request some help on how to proceed and what is required for self filing 485 for child born in India. We have already filed 485 3 yrs ago and awaiting Approval( delayed due to retrogression). Now since the dates have become current we would like to add our child who was born in India and currently living with us here ( we are still maintaining H1 and H4 status valid). I wanted to find out what documents and letter( to build the case) is required for adding our child to the application. Also would like to find out if we need to attach our child to existing application(mother or father) or file is seperately. Anybody please advise


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  • willwin
    09-16 10:15 AM


    patti labelle oprah farewell. Oprah Winfrey speaks as she is
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  • mrsr
    06-27 04:00 PM
    yes enter till 2010 , if u can see on the left of yr 797 the i94 number might be same as yr white card ( provided u have not gone out of country ) .... that will mean that yr white card validity have been increased till 2010

    Can somebody answer this....

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  • prinive
    07-09 06:57 PM
    Guys, IV is monitored closely.


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  • pranju
    06-15 01:30 PM
    i want to confim abt the G28 ( i guess it is not needed if we are filing on our own ) i see it is there in the checklist you have provided on the firstpage


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  • gc_maine2
    08-07 04:22 PM
    LOL :D:D:D:D


    Yes you can port it using AC21. IV will need to issue a new memo for it though. But your designation should be same. If you are a junior member, you need to post only as a junior member on IV forums.

    Its your choice.


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  • Skolli9886
    04-06 04:23 PM
    Unfortunately the Timing of IV Advocacy day, and also May 2011 VB schedule at a wrong date. If the Govt Shutdown due to the budget deadlock, I'm not sure how both of these days will play out. Any Idea guys. :confused:

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  • Saralayar
    01-07 11:14 PM
    Been here since 1998. Filed labor in 01 but was revoked due to tech downturn. Filed again in 05. Fortunately my GC was approved last Aug.

    I think the final goal for most folks is citizenship.. including some of those who dont want to stay here permanently. Waiting 15 - 20 years for citizenship makes no sense.. if they are thinking of giving it to illegals in 10 years, whats wrong in asking?
    Good. Welcome to the good school of thoughts..


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  • hariswaminathan
    06-29 06:25 PM
    At the cost of being bombarded by every one in this forum,
    if the VB bulletin is indeed "retrogressed" to Pre madness - back to what was supposed to be the next jump from June 2003 (perhaps 6 months or more for EB3 and 2005 for EB2), this would actually be a good thing in my opinion.

    What they did by making the VB current is going to have serious consequences a few months down the line. People who have been waiting for years may still not get their turn in line, while others simply jump ahead and take away the visa numbers. People are excited at the short term benefits of EAD/AP but we must look at the long term effects also.

    I believe (and im entitled to my own beliefs ) that if anything, USCIS/DOS have actually finally figured out their mistake of making everything current and are now back tracking to what would be a decent situation instead of the floodgates being opened. I dont believe it has anything to do with conspiracy theories or CIR or any such thing.

    And btw - i would be one of those people who spent money to get ready for the floodgates and i would also be one of those that gets stuck!

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  • jsb
    09-20 02:55 PM
    Question is that there are so many July 2 filers (including me) who have not got any response yet. Therefore, it is not an isolated case. I don't know if emailing to the Director does any good, as long as USCIS keeps admitting that they have not yet sent all receipts (inspite of weekly bulletins). Until 90 days are over, I guess, USCIS will be unresponsive to individual inquiries.


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  • yagw
    01-29 09:39 PM
    I am going to start as soon as I calm down :)
    however, it is not easy preparing with a whining toddler at my knees ,

    *goes off to find daycare*

    Another thought... they might have been confused with EAD through L1/B1 etc dependent and EAD through pending AOS. The first case is temporary and depends on the primary applicant status. See if thats their concern and clarify...
    Good luck!!!


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  • DannyBoy
    02-21 06:57 PM
    Guys, i have been trying to find some information on this but i can't seem to find any thing relevant.

    I have been in the US since 2001. I came in on a F1 and then moved to a H1 and then my employer filed for my greencard and i now have an EAD and AP that is employment based. My last entry into the US was based on my AP.

    I recently got married and my wife is a US citizen. I was wondering if it makes sense to apply for a family based AOS concurrently since the employment based AOS takes a long time to be processed. If this possible? and if so how do i go about doing this?

    My apologies if this topic has already been covered, i tried searching the forums but could not find any similar topics.

    Appreciate the help.

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  • wc_user
    10-12 06:42 PM
    wow.. I finally got my receipt numbers.. I called USCIS and it seems it was just entered into the system today. It starts with LIN...

    EB3 India
    PD-Dec02, I-140-Nov06 TSC
    July 2, Got the receipt for I-485 and EAD today

    08-20 07:52 PM
    I am guessing that we are on our own on this, it will be an unnecessary headache for them. if they go ahead with any movement on this issue EB 2's will get pissed off, if they dont respond positively then the EB3's will react negatively

    We can try on own by posting your question on the website of different immigration lawyers, who knows, they might have an opinion or can suggest a direction.

    Not excatly. eb3_2004 has posted the link of INA. You will find more interesting things if you read through it.

    Non-descrimination rule is clearly spelled out in Section 202 (a). I assume this rule should be generally applied to all applicants, no matter which categories they are falling, unless other rules specifically provided in paragraph (2) and in sections 101(a)(27) , 201(b)(2)(A)(i) , and 203.

    INA does not say to spillover unused visas first to EB2 then EB3. I assume USCIS and Department of State should treat each EB applicants equally (based on their priority dates, not based on EB categories) in according to INA act.

    It is likely the misinterpretation violates the law. We need some one which more professional knowledge to read through it. Can some core member help?

    03-10 10:51 AM
    Dear Sirs/Madams,

    Good morning!! With reference to your previous e mail talking about "living in US for 5 years, pay taxes and get a green card". Also, " living in US for 10 years get a citizenship". It reminds me that a few days ago, from the other forum, I see someone talking about the bill "HR264", there is several items in this bill. However, there is only one section in this bill mentioned about "granting green card to people who have stayed in US for 5 years or more". I do believe the chance to pass this bill is very very small because right now the economic recession is so deep that no one knows when it will be recovered.

    Also, I know some people who have won the diversity visa lottery and get the immigrant visa to US to be the permanent resident and then stayed in US for another 5 years and get the citizenship.

    But some people (for example like my situation) who have stayed in US and fully paid foreign student tuition fees as a foreign student for 10 years (6 years in several degrees then graduate and then back home and then come back to US to study another advanced degree for 4 years and total 10 years as foreign student) still cannot get the green card. After I finish my doctorate degree, I got a company sponsored me the H-1B visa but the quota is full and I pack all things back to my home country until now. So I just wonder when will "granting green card to people who have stayed in US for 5 years"and whether it will be true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wonder whether this 5 years only for people who have worked here for 5 years in
    H-1B visa or not?????????

    Good luck to all of you and thanks for everyone's attention!!

    Sad to see how much you had to struggle, but I know and I'm one of them who are here for close to 10 years and paid taxes etc.. If 100,000 of us make the right noise, then we may be heard.
    As someone here is saying, following a GC step before Citizenship makes BS to me. You have done whats needed to be a citizen (dont go by the book, doesnt even appear there is one). They have delayed it for no fault of applicants. So this is the way to correct it.
    Lets say I am 10th grade student who invented a cure for cancer. Will you oppose if MIT gives me a hon. Doctorate. That may be an extreme example but what we are asking for is something much smaller and well-deserved. After 10-15 years, the only rule should be to look at the paystubs and criminal record. Not which company you worked for or how much you were **ed by X employer. The case must just be yours independent on any employer. PERIOD.
    Current economic situation.. SHOW how you can contribute. There is something called timing,. so THIS is the timing to ask for Citizenship so that you can BUY HOUSES AND START COMPANIES.. and thats how you help America to come out of this.

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