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Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • cokeraj
    09-01 02:53 PM
    I got the magic email...after 10+ years. This forum has kept me sane for the longest time, thanks to you guys. I will pay my dues soon.

    Got my FP done in Oct 2007. Could the ADIT processing be for the FP? Or have people got "card production ordered" after this initial email?

    EB2I, PD June 2004, Received Date: 07/27/07, Notice Date: 08/27/2007


    Current Status: Notice mailed welcoming the new permanent resident.

    On September 1, 2009, we mailed you a notice that we had registered this customer's new permanent resident status. Please follow any instructions on the notice. Your new permanent resident card should be mailed within 60 days following this registration or after you complete any ADIT processing referred to in the welcome notice, whichever is later. If you move before you get your new card call customer service. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register.

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  • srikondoji
    09-21 02:04 PM

    hey...beer today...gone tomorrow
    next time remember that :D

    ok man..next rally you can have one on me!

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  • mjdup
    01-18 09:51 PM
    ...sam2006, you're a star ! I bet there are people in six figure salary and sitting on the fence to see if something will work out without contributing....

    I should watch a game for a while before I loose it here..

    please people step up...the count is stuck at 880 !

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  • akhilmahajan
    08-14 05:57 PM
    I have my infopass scheduled for the 18th August.

    I will let you guys know what happened with my appointment.
    Contacting the senator is the next step for me for sure, but i am going to wait till the 87-88th day to do so. So that i cant get the same answer, that ur 90 days have not been over yet.

    Thanks for updating us and all the best with ur application.


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  • slowwin
    05-01 04:05 PM

    Again, post your field of work. I somehow see reluctance here on the part of posters. 2 to 3 have done so, but the rest have not. If it is only IT for the major part, we have to analyse and see why IT is being targeted for audits... ?

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  • ChainReaction
    04-23 08:21 PM
    I just got my wife's h4 approval letter today but the I-94 does not have any validity period on it, its blank?? Moreover, We received two more i539 approval notices sames as my wifes without any validity period under my wife's name (Applicant)... beneficiary were for two kids age 9,11 totally different last names/Nationality :confused:

    I will call them tomorrow, I was wondering if anyone else also had this experience, do we have to travel outside the country to get I-94 stamped? my H1B approval has not arrived yet but the status online says approved. Our old I-94 on the passport have already expired, will that be problem?


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  • pappu
    01-31 05:58 PM
    r2i ing end of Feb 2011. But, will contribute financially though.

    Any reasons for R2i?

    Is it your EB3 wait?
    With a Jan 03 PD it is sad to see someone giving up after a 7 year wait and coming so close to getting current.

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  • illusions
    04-01 11:03 AM
    Not necessarily. Remember JULY 2nd.
    July 2nd has to be cleared before July 7th!
    gc4me, i had made a mistake, i was looking at the "Application Mailed" date instead of the PD, and got all excited.... i have since edited my response.


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  • anilsal
    10-15 01:16 PM
    when USCIS processing is involved.

    If we get some legislation to pass that will provide relief to retrogression, then things will be predictable to a large extent.

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  • JazzByTheBay
    03-20 07:10 PM
    We need to underscore this point over and over again with a sense of urgency. Having to wait ~5-10 years for permanent residence **just because of country of birth**, a discrimination practiced only against Indians and Chinese (well, I know it's country quotas and each country has one, but it only impacts Indians and Chinese) is nothing but a grave human rights abuse.

    As the President has said many times over, "the time is now". This needs to be fixed.


    Thank you Totoro. People like you keeps the hope alive in our heart that someday justice will be done.
    So far all the arguments and suggestions were really good. But Totoro seems to be looking for compelling stories. There are very depressing cases where people had to restart their GC process for no fault of their own. And some people have been here for more than 10 years still rotting in the queue hoping to get a GC and move on with their dreams to become a Citizen of this country.
    However the collective compelling story is what Eternal Hope has expressed. This is exactly the situation for people from India/China.
    Sure anchor babies is not a great argument for illegals cause it promotes illegal immigration. (In fact I heard in some countries Citizenship by birth only works if the parents are legals. But thats a different story.).
    Let us say because of the reasons listed by Eternal Hope we are forced to go back to our home countries.
    Firstly, How fair will that be for our children who are Legit Citizens of US.
    These innocent kids know only US as their home. Just as much as any other US Citizen. Most of the kids can only speak english. They can barely understand their mother tongue. Point is they are just as American as any American kid.
    If they are forced to go to a foreign country, far from their friends and familiar surroundings. Had the change been for the better, still they would feel they were wronged. My guess is they will hold a grudge against us, their parents, and their own country.
    This to me is compelling reason, specially since I am a Democrat (sorry can't vote yet).
    BTW, my moral support has always with Obama, and with Zoe Loefgren.
    Many of us cried when Obama read his oath. That was the defining moment for all people who have been subjected to injustice, been told that they were not good enough because of their race or country of origin. Think about it... The Chinese and Indians having to wait so many years just to get a GC is injustice being done to a people of certain origin. Oh well!


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  • shantak
    08-11 02:20 PM
    We had our fp done on June 11th and there was a soft LUD on 07/22.

    efiled on 05/21
    EAD expires on 09/11

    Hope we get our EAD approval soon.
    I think they had a system glitch for some time. All the people who got an LUD on 7/22 essentially means that TSC had received the FP on that date.
    I have an infopass on 14th I will see what information they will provide.
    I will keep you all posted

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  • archu
    05-05 11:32 AM
    my H1 got approved on dec 2006 for 2007 cap.It is 3 years valid.
    Because of some problems between me and my employer,
    i just transfered my h1 to h4 to maintain my case status on jan 2007.
    He didn't give my H1 paper to me and gave me a copy of it.
    Now,Can I reuse my H1 again?
    If it is posible , can transfer the same h1 with other company without paystubs.Please help me out.

    I greatly appreciate for your help,
    thank you.


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  • Legal
    07-11 06:37 PM
    I have mixed opinion about that. Say, hypothetically she attends rally, then everyone is going to think that she is biased towards legal immigrants.
    It would be better if people looks at her as a non biased person, her word is more powerful that way.

    Its just my opinion.

    Projecting her as our champion is a BAD STRATEGY at this point. It's not like she is emotionally very upset about our situation. As a Congresswoman and the chair of Immig subcmt she is investigating irregularities and wrongdoings at the federal govt. She also probably thinks immigrants have been treated unfairly.

    We shouldn't make her the target of anti-immigrationists; could hurt her, and hurt us.

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  • indianajuns
    08-29 12:45 PM
    Same with me!
    My children have grown up and are on the verge of aging out, while I am still fighting to find avenues for a new green card application. Jobs are not permanent in the US. Layoffs are a common thing. The immigration processes take much longer than the life of a job. Many people like me end up with unfinished and abandoned immigration process. At the end of 6 years we are able to obtain H1-B visas one year at a time. Provided there is a pending I-140 process. What happens if a I-140 application is denied because of some faulty representation or your employer decides to lay you off?

    My question to the senate is. Is this fair? Was it foolish off me to have maintained a legal status and spent so much money for nothing? Perhaps if people like me would have remained in the United States illegally without paying taxes, I might have saved a lot of money and would have been able to apply for a non-immigrant status for a very small fee.

    My suggestion to the Senate is:
    1. Pass a legislation that protects Legal immigrants who have lived in the United States beyond 6 years, but have been unable to obtain an immigrant status for one thing or the other. Or an H1-B non-immigrant who have come to the country before �9/11� and have stayed in the country through the recession; paid taxes; but because of constant layoffs and half finished immigration processes should be rewarded in this bill. Proofs that immigration processes had been initiated but abandoned because of job changes.
    2. Children of Legal non-immigrants who have finished 6 years of stay in the US and are aging out, should be protected, because the state has spent tax money on their education and they have adjusted to a life style and system which will benefit the country. They should not be penalized for no fault of theirs.
    3. Children and spouses of H1 Non-immigrants who are educated and can work should be given the opportunity to do so. This way many will legally work and pay taxes. It is a great burden on a single H1-B non-immigrant to be the sole earning member in a family. Currently a dependent of a H1-B is not permitted to work.
    4. An I-485 process of immigration should not be cancelled if a pending I-140 is denied. This should be made available once again to the applicant and his or her family if a I-140 process is re-applied within 6 months. It is unfair to make the family file for a I-1485 process once again with additional fees, medical tests, finger printing, work authorization and so on. If a I-1485 has to be reapplied, it means the family has to wait for endless years ahead to wait for their immigration numbers for their country to be available once again.
    5. H1-B non-immigrants are educated people who are already here because there is a shortage of manpower in that category. I personally do not see the need for a Labor certification once again to see if there is a shortage in that particular area. H1-B employees go through these process initially before their H1-B�s are approved. These people who have been here for more than 6 years already know the system and can contribute to the country. They do not take away jobs of local people.
    6. A Non-immigrant who has purchased a house in the United States has already taken the first step of naturalization. They put their money here. They do not take money out of the country. I believe they should be rewarded with a non-immigrant quota/status. This will bring a phenomenal real estate boom in the country and a welcome change to the economy.


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  • BharatPremi
    09-25 04:38 PM
    I think spillover method has not been changed since years. The only puzzle is that whether it is horizontal or vertical or combination of both that USCIS works with we exactly do not know.

    Do you guys agree ?

    In my opinion equal share of spillover count to oversubscribed EB categories for a particular year would be the final and legitimate solution.

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  • bugsbunny
    05-05 08:29 PM
    Thanks Bitz,

    11 years in USA,

    F1 - H1, never paid a single penny to any attorney in last 11 years, i did all paperwork by myself.

    Joined IV by many names. i am part of IV since beginning, even before Pappu

    KAKA got banned
    Dalai Lama got banned

    Then MC still here.

    IV is a great platform for us, i am willing to help IV in any ways.

    Best of luck to all

    Special Thanks to Teddy for his hardwork.


    Congrats man Enjoy your freedom! :)

    did you really do all the paperwork yourself?
    sorry i can never tell when you are joking or being serious :p


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  • waitingGC
    02-02 01:44 PM
    Do not say that you want to see I-485 filling being applied to some bill.
    I said the same thing and people came after me saying that I should stop asking about I-485 provision fate.

    I never ever asked, I was just eager to see it as IV had mentioned.
    I guess people have mis understood by words.

    I beliebe that IV is pushing this provision. However, no sign of this provision indicates that there is no hope for any immigration reform in the near future.

    Maybe it's really time for us to consider packing and going back home.

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  • sathweb
    07-11 05:55 PM
    Lets do that. Regular letters.
    Print, sign, stamp and mail letters.
    I am all for it.

    Before we ask Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren for any further help/support, don't you guys think it will be appropriate to first thank her in some kind of noble way? Any ideas?

    I personally think (at least to begin with) a letter expressing gratitude for and our faith in her efforts would be a nice gesture.:)

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  • Pineapple
    01-18 11:48 AM
    I would suggest IV to setup a seperate Chinese (or Hispanic) contribution page to diverse the culture background of IV members.

    Hmm.. thats a good idea.. At least have a one opening page in Chinese / Spanish to bring in more people.. I hope IV does that later.. Of course they would need volunteers for the translation..

    03-27 04:59 PM
    So far on this poll 92 applicants are CURRENT, that is about 1/2 of all the polled applicants.

    Can you guys give us an update where things are.... anything happening?

    How many of you have already gotten the GC ?

    Mr. Brown
    09-29 04:39 PM
    This post should be in a very prominent place (like About Us etc.) on this website.

    The poster has not only made it abundantly clear about the reason for IV's existence but also made it plenty clear about what they have done and more importantly learnt in the past 5 years.

    I have been visiting this site on/off for the past couple years and didn't know half of it.

    We are spinning in circles here and it is like reinventing the wheel. This is THE grassroots org �THAT you want to set-up. already set up to achieve exactly that � YES, YES �We want Congress to introduce a bill to reduce backlogs. The core goal of IV is to have a bill that has our provisions. That is exactly what this organization was set up to achieve. You seem to be a newcomer to this struggle. Have you followed IV from 2005 Dec when a buch of members got together on some other forums and watched helplessly as good provisions (that were meant to allievate our troubles) were taken out at the last minute from a bill during debate.
    Since then we have tried and tried and frankly have matured enough to understand that the politics of the immigration issue is complex and any standalone bill �just for us- has no chance.

    Our provisions have to be clubbed with all the rest of the minor and major groups � that want reform. There is the nurses lobby, the doctors, the illegal lobby, the dream activists, and many other fringe groups, they all want their issues to be addressed. The anti-immigrants are a big opposition to any small relief that comes up in debate. NOW- We have learnt that we need to work with all these groups, form alliances and lobby hard to get a bill that has more support.

    If you go meet with your lawmakers you will understand that our issue is a miniscule little piece of a bigger issue of Immigration. And different varying and sometimes opposing groups have to be accommodated. The politics of immigration is convulted with different factions of the society wanting different things � Our little issue is straightforward and we enjoy a lot more support for our provisions, unfortunately we were clearly told that we have to be clubbed with these other groups when it comes to seeking a bill for reform. We are being held hostage also by the Hispanic lobbyists, that feel that if smaller bills come up and are passed, there will be no apetite for their bigger issue of legalizing a big core of mostly Hispanic illegal immigrants.

    FOR A RECAP- after this administration came into office �Jan 09- We had hopes and were promised that CIR (Comprehensive Immigration Reform) will be taken up, if that fails then smaller bills will be allowed to be taken up. If you have watched the developments carefully �There was never a time and a lot of groups including IV lobbied and lobbied hard to be heard and to get a bill but- the legislative calendar with so much other priorities had no space for any immigration bill this year. After the healthcare bill, Nobody has had any energy for a big controversial bill.

    Long story-short is YES, we want a bill (either clubbed with others) or amendments inserted into a bill- But have not been able to get it done.

    The reason for this failure is us- IV Members. We have not met our lawmakers in the numbers that are important to make an impact. We have to do it every month- building pressure to get a positive sympathetic response. Now some members (including yours truly) have gone and met our respective lawmakers more than 6-8 times in the last year, but that is again not enough, that is just 20-25 odd members compared to total IV Strength of 40,000members. It has to be an ongoing effort, just like the dream activisits have done, they meet with lawmakers regularly, highlight their frustrations and are open to media �giving interviews and keeping their issue alive in the limelight.

    IV has come up with specific recommendations for what we would like to see in a bill/s for our community. IV actively analyses any bill that comes up or has a chance to come up for debate. If you want to get your hands on that document, contact Anu or Pappu and ask for the IV_Advocacy package.

    We do have a paid lobbying firm that represent our interests and educates lawmakers. This is not enough, because during debates lawmakers behave as if they do not have highly skilled immigrants in their constituency and so do not have to pay attention. This is mainly IV members fault, since we have not been able to visit lawmakers offices in the numbers that we should. Our members need to show up at lawmakers offices and educate them. Tell them you live in their constituency and represent IV so that when the lobbying firm does their work, they are paying attention and our voices are not ignored or drowned.

    Individual members need to be open, honest, and courageous enough to talk to their lawmakers and media about issues we face. Just crying and debating on IV's website does not help. Talk about introducing a bill for us to your lawmakers � not here on IV.

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