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Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • silverstone
    01-14 09:22 PM
    Here is the response I got from my Senator in TX. Looks like atleast this senator is aware of what's going on. Is there anyway the leaders at immigrationvoice.org could arrange a meeting with him in Washington to see if he can influence our cause.

    Dear Dr. XXXXX:

    I regret that my reply to your letter has been delayed. I strive to respond to each constituent in a timely fashion, but a technical error in an e-mail system used by the Senate prevented my reply from reaching you before today. The input that you and other Texans provide is valuable to me, and I appreciate the opportunity to respond without further delay.

    Thank you for contacting me about delays in securing immigration visas. I appreciate having the benefit of your comments on this matter.

    In the wake of customer complaints and concerns voiced by elected officials, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has informed my office that it is committed to ensuring six-month processing times for all applications and petitions by the close of 2006. Though the USCIS security check process is time consuming, USCIS reforms will not compromise national security in any way. USCIS officials reported recently that streamlining efforts, together with additional resources from Congress, have enabled it to reduce the backlog for many applications. Officials are confident they will achieve their goal for all applications. I applaud this commitment to customer service and look forward to a time when all who seek to visit or immigrate to America receive a prompt decision.

    It has also come to my attention that once USCIS approves a petition, many individuals must wait lengthy periods of time because of visa shortages. I recently voted to support a measure that would recapture unused visas from prior years a move which would reduce the overall waiting period for visas. I will also continue to advocate for additional opportunities for legal immigration. Our immigration laws must not favor illegal immigration, but must instead reward those who comply with the rule of law.

    I appreciate having the opportunity to represent Texans in the United States Senate. Thank you for taking the time to contact me.


    United States Senator

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  • jonty_11
    01-09 05:53 PM
    Letters sent...
    Guys please do your part...dont sit and watch...we have done that a lot already...we need to keep picking away at them so we can get some stability in life...

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  • Michael chertoff
    03-29 12:35 PM
    Lets treat good news for EB2 as good news for EB3 also.
    If not today, some of us EB3 folks may want to port. So it will help more people to port and also to compensate to some extent the #s coming into EB2 pool from EB3.
    Overall its a good news, and looks to be possible we see this on Murthy site also. Lets be happy.

    What are you talking about? this is not a good news, we will decide that after May Visa Bulletin. For now just read that as a publicity stunt from lawyers and forget about it.


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  • pani_6
    08-21 03:48 PM
    I believe they already answered the question: they claimed the previous allocation scheme was wrong and the current is correct. There is nothing more you can possibly get by questioning on this issue. Even if there is anything behind the curtain, that explanation covers everything perfectly and there is nothing you can do about it.

    I saw that Ron told one "so depressed" in his Forum..that we can launch a law suit..against this new interpretation..however..I dont know its worth the time and effort..although uscis learns only by law suits..

    Lets see next months Visa allocation for the new year and see where it starts from..I am hoping from Mid of 03..lets see..besides..only quick solution so far is the Visa capture ..dont know where it stands...

    we got 20 more days to influence people about EB-3 numbers..what is the most effective thing to do collectively before he new Visa bull comes out..

    Any idea Pappu..??.


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  • anotherone
    01-29 06:47 PM
    OK, unless you never initiated the EAD conversation, technically they are supposed to ask ONLY if you are legally authorized to work in the US or you need sponsership.

    OTOH I really dont like the idea of having to be quiet and hide my status. Its not something that I should be ashamed of. I have paid my dues dammit and lived here all these years. The immigraton folks should clarify this once and for all, so whoever is waiting for their GCs can think clear and hard if this shit worth it.
    After spending half my life working for this, they turn around and say its not valid for employment ? not fair.

    I was gungho with my EAD, very pleased that I could work for whoever. Seriously, I think sometimes that its better to go back. Its not like this great country is making it easy for people to contribute their skills.

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  • GCWaiter03
    05-25 06:22 PM
    Hi Gurus,
    I need some help with my situation:
    After 5 years of waiting, my Labor got finally aproved thru Dallas BEC(EB3, RIR, PD: Oct'02). But my wife is in India on vacation and as per original plan will return middle of August.
    1. What are my options so I can take advantage of the PD being current for me?
    2. can I apply for I-140 and I-485 and then apply her I-485 when she returns?


    As per my knowledge, ask your wife to come back from India and file I-485 along with your petition by before Jun 30, 2007.

    If you want to wait till she comes back from India you can, but at that time (in Aug ) Cutt-off dates should be current to your PD date, If not you CANNOT file I-485 to your wife.

    Best of luck.

    -- Remeber I am not lawyer. check with your attroney immideatly for the best option.


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  • pappu
    08-04 07:46 PM
    I am researching this topic and will post more as I find answers



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  • lotsofspace
    01-24 03:21 PM
    Looks like they forgot to ask to attach the following :):):):)

    1) Copies of all your certificates
    2) Your latest offer letter
    3) Pay stubs for last six months
    4) Tax returns
    5) Letter of introduction from the employer
    6) Latest Resume
    7) 3 Recommendation letters
    8) Family photo with Mother, Father, spouse, kids , siblings. While background, taken less than 6 months ago. Frontal view :)

    Avoid them at all costs....


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  • yabadaba
    01-08 03:37 PM
    I will participate in this wholeheartedly. One suggestion to the admin: perhaps we can post this in other websites also like ? I know a lot of people use that site for posting problems etc and whoever is not in IV might also get to know about it.
    gtg-Georgia Tech alumni?

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  • rogerdepena
    07-18 02:27 PM
    Can we all take a month from his list of trancscripts and read through his transcripts and see which one has the H1B mistatement. I think he said this sometime in 2005 or 2006 we only need 24 participants.

    ill take december 2006. lets create a list of people willing to tackle this challenge. "Taskforce Lou Dobb's Lies", it sounds great.


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  • ivar
    09-03 11:09 PM
    All these (and many more) are Betamax companies. Here is a wiki article about Betamax. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betamax_(VoIP_company)).

    I personally use ActionVOIP (another Betamax company). No real big complaints so far - except for the weird feeling something that they are occasionally stealing minutes from me. It's still cheaper than trio of Teliance/Trueroots/Airtel (as evidenced by my consistently lower spending per month). Even after getting vonage - I intend to keep my account in ActionVOIP with a small amount in it just for emergencies or when away from home.

    However, in case you are planning to use any of these Betamax outfits - please keep in mind that Betamax is borderline shady. There are complaints galore about them misusing credit cards and using shady fly-by-night companies to evade responsibilities. So never ever give them your credit card number - always use paypal.

    Vonage has already an approval from app store for iphone app which is in beta version and would be available very soon to public. I am not sure what features it will have, we need to wait for release.

    Vonage Obtains Application Approval for iTunes App Store (http://news.prnewswire.com/DisplayReleaseContent.aspx?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/09-01-2009/0005086657&EDATE=)

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  • lost_in_gc_land
    01-31 04:27 AM
    We had our interview on January 17th in chennai Consulate. Interview was smooth - which company.. how long you were working for the company and what do you do there.. these were the questions. We were told at the end that we will receive passports within a week.

    So far We ( H1B extension -- 3rd time and my wife - H4( 2nd Time), have not received the passports. I already postponed our date of travel to Feb 5th. Looks like I have to postpone again.

    Calling VFS daily to hear the same news.. Passports not been handed over VFS. The VISA is still under process.

    Called Consulate Twice ... they say they are doing security checks..

    for how long???


    Hello SVKrishna, Vamsi...all stuck in PIMS,
    Did you get a yellow paper for 221(g) saying that when administrative processing is completed on your case we will get back to you? This is what I received and I have been waiting for over 75 days!!! :mad:


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  • puddonhead
    10-09 03:22 PM
    Yeah, am using a cordless phone. I dont remember but even with corded phone I guess I had this issue. And the cordless phone is DECT 6 phone which shouldn't interfere with the wireless connection that is at a different frequency.

    And what alternatives do you feel could solve this problem?

    If you are using a cordless phone - use 5.8 GHz. The lower frequencies interfare with other wireless devices.

    TryThis deal starting from Oct 11th (http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/hot-deals/957955), or maybe this one if you are lucky (http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/hot-deals/957963/)...

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  • like_watching_paint_dry
    01-24 09:50 PM
    Lets just do that..cmon guys ..unity is strength.. the Brits should know that! if not lets remind them..

    I concur... I'm not flying BA ever again, my family members have had bad experiences with these folks. My $ is now reserved for more deserving airlines, even if the tickets are a couple of hundred bucks more expensive elsewhere. We can't just let them get away with behaving like Jade Goody all the time.


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  • Caliber
    09-24 02:52 PM
    Since the forecast is EB2-I will be current in a few years. Does that mean that someone with a PD of 2009 (EB2) would get the GC faster than someone with a PD of 2004 (EB3)?

    Unfortunately YES.

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  • amitjoey
    07-11 01:27 PM


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  • nrk
    08-16 01:24 PM
    good to see approvals coming in today.

    I got the CPO email today for both my wife and I.

    Here is my info:

    PD - Oct, 2005
    Sent email to followup address on 8/6 (no response yet), sent again to scopsscata address on 8/13
    Asked my congressman to inquire on 8/12
    Opened SR on 8/13
    Got CPO email on 8/16 (Happy Independence Day!!! Well I am sure they wanted to present this gift on 8/15, but what could they do, it was a Sunday!)

    Hope and pray that the rest of the people waiting get their approvals soon!

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  • anda007
    07-10 08:45 PM
    How about adding more things than just flowers
    Somebody mentioned cookies/pizza
    Lets keep sending stuff with a note of "Get Well soon"

    Let this be a sustained campaign and not just a flash in the pan

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  • santb1975
    01-11 10:35 AM

    11-25 01:36 PM
    Thank you...

    You know every time I hear the so called "highly skilled and educated" complaining about predatory lending, it reminds me of our maid servant in India. She would constantly get into trouble by borrowing money from her neighborhood sharks at high interest rates, and then come to my parents for help when she couldn't pay up. My parents would give her a well meaning scold, and help her out only because they knew she was illiterate.

    Now I wonder how these guys like punjabi7, kumar1 and leo2606 can blame the lender only for what they got themselves into. They even go as far as claiming that moral, ethics, and scruples are all some kind of fairy tale virtues that are hardly ever practiced in real life. They even have the audacity to assume everyone else here shares their definition of what's right and wrong by saying everyone has at one point or another returned used items to stores!

    Punjabi7 still insists on avoiding morals in the discussion and is persistently soliciting for "advice/options" for his so called mess.

    Your posts are enlightening and breath of fresh air in an otherwise non-nonsensical forum discussion. Although people would want to, but talk about ethics and moral is not forbidden, not yet at least.
    The very people tossing aside ethics are the ones who used good faith based credit system. Now suddenly it is all Capitalism, Greed, Bank's and Lender's fault. Whatever happen to personal responsibility ?

    All those suggesting foreclosure are forgetting one thing: The pendulum has shifted and the same capitalism that supported the reckless credit is now going to choke it off. You don't want to be on the wrong side twice !!!! The thing about free markets is they adjust to new realities long before people do.Before you know it the easy walking away (or foreclosure) might become the biggest mistake while buying house might be distant second.

    In the meanwhile please don't shoot the messenger aka sledge_hammer. If you read his posts he has given the best advice with a good dose of much needed reality and sound language. If you are hostile towards him you are simply in denial. The longer you stay there the harder it will be to cope with the new realities.

    Punjabi77, good luck to you buddy. This will pass too, don't ruin everything for $20K. You will earn it back but you can't undo foreclosure and whatever comes with it in terms of personal memory, your credit and things in future that you can't foresee now. Do the right thing it will only make you stronger and someday you will be able to tell your kid that you did the right thing in the face of adversity and eventually not only survived it but thrived out of it.

    10-29 04:54 PM
    This is very very important for the entire community, particularly in this economic environment.

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