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Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • Saralayar
    03-16 09:01 PM
    Let all the members who are here in USA for more than 9 years without a green card unite and make this as an ACTION ITEM for IV Core to consider this. Others who like this idea are most welcome to support this.

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  • sri1309
    01-05 11:41 AM
    Hello every one,
    I am starting this thread for all of us not to just think about the GC process. If any one is residing here for 10 years without GC, think about making a law which can lead us to Citizenship. My thoughts on this:
    Many of our colleagues who landed with us during the late 90s (1998, 1999) and early 2000, who got their GC without any issues are now Citizens or waiting to become Citizen soon.
    What is our status?. Just think. Still we are strugling to get the GC. Even by law change, if we are getting the GC this year (by GOD's Grace), then we need to wait for another 5 years from now (approximately 2014). Many persons like me who have come to this Country in their later career will be very much affected due to this delay (we have lot of other issues like the dependents reaching the age of 21 etc., College, University fees etc.,).
    Core team and every one, please consider this and try to lobby for getting the citizenship without further wait if the persons satisfy the folowing conditions:
    1. If they are legally here for 10 years (With approved I-140 and waiting for Adjustment of Status without current date).
    2. If they have earned full 40 points in Social Security
    3. If they have paid the tax continuously for 10 years
    4. If they own a house and paying Mortgage (adding weightage to the Economy boost)
    5. If they do not have any criminal records in these 10 years.

    Please again do not just concentrate on the GC issues. Consider this and if any one can come with a letter draft with legal openion, we can send it to all Congress members, State Governers etc.,
    Hope the members and the Core team consider this issue. I have one more thread on this, which I started some months back but the response was not that good. If every one of us unite on this and raise this to the Congress, I think the new Government may consider as this is very genuine.


    I would take off the point 4 related to owning the house as most of us are unable to do it just as greencard isnt in hand. I know how one can feel the pain of even owning the house without a GC, but trust me, there are very very few who would have bought a house with GC pending.,.

    I STRONGLY support Citizenship for anyone for 10 years in the US or waiting for 5 years after applying for GC. I have also voiced the same thing even before. Citizenship is what we need to request after this much wait,

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  • drona
    07-10 12:47 PM
    News from the front line by english_august

    Siva tells me that hundreds of flowers have been delivered already. DHL made a big delivery this morning. Another delivery was made by UPS.

    They have Voice of America and CNN-IBN there recording video and taking pictures. Reuters TV might show up soon.

    Kudos to everyone who kept the faith.

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  • jsb
    09-25 03:51 PM
    Thanks. I did sent email and fax last week.

    What action do we expect on our letters/faxes to Congressmen, besides a routine reply USCIS is used to. This is not the first time that somebody is bothering them in their leizurely work. If they have tons of filings all over their offices, how do you expect them to find your case out of them.

    USCIS continue to say that they have loads and loads of filings yet to be entered.


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  • mohican
    01-02 12:29 AM
    Thanks Ram. What is strange that my attorney on record did not even get the letter of denial. I have scheduled infopass for Jan 5th. I have H1B until June 2009 and EAD unitil Sep 2009. My wife and I have been working on EAD and traveled on AP.

    Question to you and other members: Can I work until Sept 2009? I don't think my letter says that EAD was revoked (that is me speculating until I get the letter)


    - H1 is still valid even if your 485 got rejected until you get notice to that regard separately.
    - If you have not shifted to EAD,You can continue working on H1

    I continued working on H1 during my MTR approval process( Sep08 to Dec 08). My 485 got rejected due to earlier employers revocation of I 140.

    Attorney gets the notice. Find out from all your attorneys and their staff if you have access to do so.

    Call USCIS and find out the reason of rejection first or take info pass and find out the reason and act fast. You have already crossed general response time(30 days normally).

    All the best.

    - Ram

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  • sGC
    08-17 10:22 AM
    I got a response to my SR opened on Aug 6th via Mail. They have copy posted the same content which is on the USCIS website. I am not sure what to do now? Sent a letter to Senator as well.

    Thank you


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  • little_willy
    08-20 10:46 PM
    With the earlier method or the current method, EB3-I will always end up last. Vertically EB3-ROW gets the excess visas (old method), horizontally EB2-I gets the excess visas (new method). So, either way EB3-I won't benefit, the only solace being that with the current system atleast our EB2-I friends are getting their freedom faster.

    For us, visa recapture or other legislative changes are the only relief.

    BTW, my PD is June 2003, EB3-I

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  • vikki76
    10-21 02:37 PM
    My labor was filed in July 04 on EB2, but approved under EB3 category only. My attorney contacted uscis to with the amendment saying that my LC should have been approved under EB2 category. Finally, got a letter from uscis in Feb 2007 that my LC was approved under EB2. Could that be the reason that I did not get GC yet even my PD is current.
    Please contact IO using POJ method or send a follow up email to your service center asking about your PD and categorisation. Once you know what is in their system (EB2 or EB3 ?) , then you can follow up with them to rectify it.
    AFAIK, in inter-filling,applicant has to do lot of followups to get correct PD on their file.


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  • sri1309
    03-10 03:32 PM
    I have been a reader on this site for years and have contributed to many of the fund raising campaigns. I agree with many of the comments on this thread. Brothers and sisters we need to team up and clamour for fair treatment; let us all contribute with dollars and sweat. I assume most of us on this site can afford to contribute a lot more than we have in the past and the potential rewards (fair opportunity to Immigration) are immense.

    I have personally been in the US for ten years and believe I have contributed to the society a lot - while being a law abiding tax payer (I wish I could use the word citizen). And my story is not any different from any of yours. Why then we haven't gotten what we deserve at this point, afterall we have earned it by our sweat. The reason is we haven't realized our strength: in numbers, in dollars and in our contribution to the American society. No one is going to listen until we make our plight known to the public at large and to the law makers.

    Some thoughts on how to go about doing it. We need a detailed plan with names of volunteers who can contribute their time. The plan should also include a list of key law-makers we are going to contact and how. All of this will cost money - so the first thing to do is support the fund-raising efforts. I also think we need to increase the fund-raising target by a lot; because the stakes are so high.

    I apologize if I have wasted anyone's time with a long post. And I thank all of you for caring for one another and by sharing so much info with all the silent readers of this site. I have learned more about immigration from this site than my employer or immigration attroneys could ever share with me.

    I will now put my money where my mouth is by making a contribution to Immigration Voice.

    Contributing is not a problem to many, as I understand. We need an agenda. Unless that comes from the core group, I'd atleast not just day dream, blog but will also Do somehting by writing to whatever sources I know. I write every 3 days to change.gov, and to various news papers. Did the editors who recently published about us or CNBC dream about our issue and bring forth. NO,. people like you and me write to them and they get the ideas to publish.. No one is stopping us from doing our part. Keep writing , we all have very good writing skills.. keep doing it while we wait on other things...Do it non-stop.. atleast twice a week. spread it to friends..

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  • srgadi
    09-17 01:11 PM
    Not many approvals in the last couple of days :(


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  • pbojja
    10-12 03:15 PM
    This is the note I send them when I m in the call and Prakash noticed this and read this on the call . I m happy that major issue got noticed because there are lot of questions which are not related to receipt delays

    Just to answer your question . Most callers are July 2nd applications who have not received the receipts ..where as others who filed in August are receving EAD's . This is why we are here . We can send n examples regarding this

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  • grupak
    03-24 09:04 AM
    This is the email I just received from CapitalOne:

    "Sorry for the delay in responding. I've been out of the office unexpectedly and am now just getting a chance to catch up on past messages. Unfortunately we can't pursue candidates with EAD cards either."

    There was a thread related to similar issues which I could not find. Apologies for opening a new one.

    Doesn't the above constitute discrimination and illegal ? What recourse do we have when we are disqualified because of EAD ?

    Is this for a job?
    According to I-9 form, employers can't discriminate based on EAD. There are some exception where they require security clearance for the jobs.

    You might want to remind CapitalOne of this anti-discrimination notice on I-9 or bring it to the notice of USCIS.


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  • nkavjs
    09-20 12:49 PM
    Assistant Chief
    Internal Security and Investigative Operations
    USCIS, 111 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
    Suite 7000
    Washington, DC 20529

    I would appericiate, few more people can send an email.

    What case related info you would add in an email?
    SSN, dob, 140 info, approval date, Alien number?
    Pls. share this detail

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  • Libra
    07-09 08:26 PM
    How did he came to know about this, where as many big media heads are unaware of this........any idea?


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  • punjabi77
    11-20 02:26 PM
    Correct me if I am wrong. If a person has a good paying job and if he decides to foreclose, isn't he responsible for the loss incurred by the bank. It is a different case if you have no income, but just because you lost money because of a wrong decision, how could you walk away free with just a dent in your credit history. Maybe I am missing something here.

    BTW, I am not judging OP in any way, just curious with how foreclosures work as they make headlines everyday now.

    Thanks for the feedback so far from people on this group.
    Answering to the question about making bad decision and having a good job..well it is not my bad decision that has brought down the whole market but the banks and stupid people who took loan and didnt knew the consequences of ARM loans and then started filing for foreclosure.. because of those foreclosures the property rates have went down and i cannot get what i paid for the house.
    if this whole mess was not there then anyone can find a good job and sell his house, if not profit then atleast with no loss..

    i hope u got my point..

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  • mdy_tvr
    05-09 02:18 PM

    I would appreciate if anyone could throw light on this.


    My current situation is that my wife and I applied for 485 separately.
    my wife's PD is 2007 ( 485 applied in Aug 2007 )
    I applied for 485 in Oct 2007, Since my PD is 2003 and is current as of now ( my 140 is pending ), I talked with our companys lawyer on what options do I have with regards to my wife's 485.

    My lawyer suggested 2 options.

    1. File 485 again for my wife as a spouse derivative. As per lawyer, this is very common and has experienced with these kind of situations.

    2. Instead of filing a second 485 for my wife, just write a request letter to move her pending 485 to my 485 as a derivative. If this porting is successful, she cannot move back to her own 485.

    I know some of us have gone with option#(1), but since option(2) involves very less paper work, did any of you have used this option so far?

    I am confused as to which one to choose. My lawyer spelled diplomatic when asked about which option is better/safer:-)



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  • EndlessWait
    01-24 02:46 PM
    It is not good disparaging the countries needing TV by calling them idiotic and asking for boycott etc. Please know that you are living in a country (USA) which is far worse than those "idiotic" countries in this respect since 2003. US needs C1 visa for transiting through its airports even when you have a valid VISA stamp in your passport to a destination country and you need to fill eqaully gruelling application (DS 156). Also you need to carry documents for travel purposes and financial support.

    i'm utterly shocked.. dude ...u like to live in pain..u like injustice.. u should see a doctor asap!

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  • conchshell
    07-11 11:42 PM
    Dainik Bhaskar:

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  • purplehazea
    05-04 06:57 PM
    You can consult another attorney if your attorney is giving you this advice. As far as I know, since you have a valid H1B, you should be fine. I would recommend that you file for all your benefits together (485/EAD/AP)

    - I am not an attorney so use my advice at your own risk.

    06-15 10:30 AM
    Hi , thank you so much for answering my questions , i am really happy to come across with some one who have filed on their own . if u don't mind can u tell me what did u filed with the 485 packet , i do have the i485 list , is there anything special you would like me to guide into ... did u filed the EAD together the 485 or to Chicago address .. how abt AP ? did u get the receipt .. please guide me


    09-14 11:59 AM
    no nothing... our attorneys are absolutely useless in addition to this situation.

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