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Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • Libra
    01-12 02:00 PM
    Please cast vote on the tracker thread.

    Just mailed letter to President and a copy to Immivoice.

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  • anilsal
    07-09 08:57 PM
    Hello all
    I am a silent visitor of this website.
    Just my 2 cents... Don't think USA is like India where you can do something forcefully. Why don't you guys understand the real problem of USCIS.
    Do you think that by sending flower to USCIS will force them to make EB2/EB3 current for 2005/2006/2007 guys??

    Please try to understand their problem.
    Also India is the great. Why don't you guys just think that India is your home country where you are born and brought up. Why you people can't just wait and watch?? If nothing happens to the so called GC, then why don't you think to pack up and go back to India???????

    My sincere request, please don't do rally, you might be arrested......you never know what they can do..... Don't you think that, it is better to go back to India rather than being embarrassed here in US???

    Isn't it a shame on us to go for Rally to get GC?????:D

    Just think that you will get it when time comes, otherwise pack up.

    Please don't take much tension as life is very short. I am assuring you all, nothing will happen with law suit and flower campaign.Don't irritate USCIS by doing all this please.

    EB2 India
    I140 approved-Sept 2006

    I would suggest getting involved with IV work more. Then you will understand how things work in this country. You have to raise your voices (not in defiance but as a way to appraise or educate someone about issues).

    When you meet legislators' and their staff, you are treated with respect, irrespective of their stand on immigration. Why fear when there is nothing to lose?

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  • sgsg
    01-17 05:37 AM
    worst case

    I might be the worst case so far in PIMS verification delay. I attended the interview on Dec 17th at Chennai and still have not received my passport. They asked to send the original I-797 on Jan 03. I sent it on Jan 04 and after that there is no response. It is very very aggravating.

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  • Nil
    03-10 06:51 AM
    Absolutely - let us start this. IV top brass what say you?


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  • thomachan72
    06-29 07:05 PM
    I dont know why everybody started to spit on ohio law firm. They just pointed out some news that they got from AILA, right? Lets hope its just a rumor and USCIS doesn't proceed with this revised thing. I am pretty sure that wont happen. Dont worry guys, but dont blame everything on ohio firm. I saw this on several other law firms too.

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  • desi3933
    06-18 12:06 PM
    .... If they can't find a guy, most companies now a days are putting off projects and wait. So your campaign on this scale will not help H1Bs at all. ...

    >> If they can't find a guy ....
    Total BS. Do you know how the market is. We have 2 open positions (dot net developers) that I am trying to fill up. We have got over 200 resumes in less than a week.

    So many consulting companies are offering H1-B resources at 40 to 50 dollars per hour.

    Wake up and smell the coffee.


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  • gg10004
    07-09 06:35 PM
    Here is the link. Read the news section


    We should not worry about the flowers, they are going to the right place, we should be rather happy that atleast the message reached USCIS.

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  • optimystic
    03-26 02:10 PM
    Just a silly question popped up in my mind...

    Doesn't DOL have a directive telling employers, they have to try to recruit US Citizens first, and only if they do not find properly qualified US Citizens they can go on to search for people having 'other work authorizations' . Isn't that the whole basis for the approval of our Labor certifications in the first place???

    So can the employers not use that directive as a legal loophole and try to prescreen the candidates and ask them whether they are US Citizens or GC or EAD or H1 and so on... as a hidden ploy to figure out whether you are GC or EAD while externally they can still put on a facade that they are just strictly following the legal directives that DOL has laid out?

    Doesn't this 'Try to hire US Citizens first' policy of DOL in total contradiction with the I9 statement of 'no discrimination based on work authorization' ???? I am a bit confused here :confused:

    If this indeed is a legal loophole that employers/recruiters can use in their favor, then admins please delete this post so that the yet unaware recruiter/employer perusing our forums may not get wind of this deadly legal weapon !! :)


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  • sammyb
    02-25 03:49 PM
    And called the DOS customer help line to check if my H1B info is there in the PIMS system... what the lady told me is unless I submit my application at the US consulate abroad they can�t check the status .. Let me know if others have different experience...

    This whole PIMS thing becoming a pain for people like us :mad: ... wish they did import all the petition info first before releasing this system to all the US missions abroad...

    What number did you call DOS at? I am also going to India and want to make sure my info is there in PIMS database.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • factoryman
    06-18 06:23 PM
    Biographic Information. Please read the form and the instructions in the www.uscis.gov (http://www.uscis.gov)web site. Good night.

    Why do we need 325A?- i thought this was for people in illegal status. Our son entered the US on valid H4 visa. Also do we need to request in application to attach the file to mother or anything like that. I will give the USCIS a call and share that information here if I find anything more.



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  • easygoer
    10-16 01:08 PM
    As I had mentioned earlier in this thread - I had received 3 referral credits through IV. (actually I had sent out more invitations - but not everybody accepted/used my invitations).

    For this, as I had promised earlier in this thread - I will contribute $75 to IV once I start using these referral credits (which will happen from next month once my own sign up referral bonus runs out).

    Two of the three referrals who used my invitation also promised they will contribute $25 to IV for the referral.

    To me, this appears to be an acceptable use of the IV message board. Anybody benefitting from IV by getting referrals may want to do the same.

    OTOH, I think it is unfair to abuse the IV platform for personal gain. No other respectable message board allows that. Try these referral spam or other trolling activities in fatwallet of SD, and see how fast you get banned for it even though they are explicitly for deal hunting. Online anonymity is a great thing since it masks a trolls true identity. But think again - your identity is not really as secure behind online anonymity as you think unless you are a professional troll and have taken elaborate measures to obfuscate things. Trolling may come back to bite you.

    Now, a question for mods - I went in to sign up for another recurring contribution for 3 months for $25 today (in addition to my normal subscription). However, I cant find any option for $25 recurring contribution now.

    puddonhead, I salute your sincerity and morale. We all have to learn from you. Thanks for sending this message to all.

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  • deepakjain
    10-20 12:18 PM
    Vow!!!..u got ur GC within 5 yrs of landing in US..congratulations. That was the fastest GC i ever heard.

    I know many who have got GC within 1 year of landing in US, same skill sets but are "Program Managers" in Indian IT firms or are with MNC's based out in Hyd, Blore who are site under H1B for projects but filed their GC's under EB1. I know 11 guys now, 4 more have got since I last updated IV with this bogus GC filing under EB1 category.....almost all are either "Working" as developers or Analyst but have special designation and skill sets 'SPECIFIED while filing GC....


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  • looivy
    09-23 11:18 PM
    If USCIS recaptures lost visas (estimated to be in the range 300k-600k), all of us will be current. IV should start a drive to push for the recapture ....even if it is partial, it would help everybody in a big way.

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  • eb_retrogession
    01-22 04:55 PM
    01/21/2006: Republican National Committee Resolution: Support Legal Immigration & Guest Worker Program, Oppose Legalization

    Report indicates that the Republican National Committee voted on 01/20/2006 to back the Bush's call for a guest-worker program, and adopted a resolution that calls for continued "legal immigration," criticizes illegal immigration and endorses a "new work program for foreign workers," but states there should be "no amnesty for those persons presently in the United States illegally." Read on.
    There are several Comprehensive Immigration Reform bills pending in the Senate. The Senate is expected to return to the Hill next month and the specific agenda for the debate of these conflicting bills have yet to be announced by Sen. Bill Frist. He previously announced that these bills would be tabled for the debate in February. Please stay tuned to this website for the upcoming comprehensive immigration reform debates in the Hill. These bills are expected to bring a reform in the employment-based immigration increasing the employment-based immigrant visa numbers substantially. There are no strong opposition to this part of the comprehensive immigration reform.


    Just wait to see a clear language about EB reforms, and you'll get a taste for the intense opposition. There are several groups very actively working to reduce immigration in general, if not EB in specific.

    We will certainly have a chance to be heard in the coming weeks, but we'll need to be as loud as possible. Join hands and help out now!


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  • whitecollarslave
    09-10 11:24 AM
    Isn't it too late to call today? For all the calls today, would the congressman/congresswoman get the message before the markup of HR5882 begins (sometime this afternoon)? Just curious.

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  • indianabacklog
    06-15 01:13 PM
    Having filed mine and spouse's AOS in May, honestly everyone these are not hard to file yourselves. If your employer is paying for the lawyer then great, but why not devote a couple hours and do it yourself, cut the lawyer out of the loop. I am sure we have all had bad experiences with lawyers, and heard about many others the chances are you will do a far better job since this really matters to you, you are just another number to the law office.


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  • alterego
    10-26 09:15 PM
    I finally get the chance to share our wonderful news with you all. We (me and my wife) received our "Welcome new resident" e-mails this morning.

    11 yrs for me and 12 yrs for my wife since coming to the USA. Between the two of us, Three J1s and Two F1 stamps, Six H1b stamps, Four 140s, 10 EAD/AP (5 each), 3 finger print notices apiece, Four RFEs between us and a total of $68KUSD in total USCIS fees/Lawyer fees and countless gray hair later and after many an emotional roller coaster over the years, it was our turn today.
    For those of you unclear about the admittedly weird above numbers, take a look at my RD. It is not a typo! I often wondered if I was a lone Dinosaur that survived the meteorite. I never saw anyone with a 4 plus year 485 recently.
    Our 485s were 2 yrs old and approvable when the visa bulletin fiasco happened in summer 2007. Ironically I heard that even my FPs/Background check were cleared by then (which in those days was the main cause of delays).

    I made many approaches over the years to the USCIS via phone, email, and fax, My Congressman contacted them on multiple occasions (atleast 3 times when he forwarded their response to me), and our Senator contacted them once. My lawyer as well as my employer contacted them also. I finally also wrote the ombudsman 2 weeks ago. I was pretty scathing in that letter as well (about their mockery of their stated FIFO policy etc). I am not sure exactly what worked, or if anything at all did, and it was just my time. After a while dealing with the injustice, you just get numb. Today finally I breathe a deep sigh of relief. The loooooong wait is over.

    I've spent so long waiting I even get nostalgic about the early days. I remember very well, blogging one cold December night on Immigrationportal with Wallenpond, Pdakwala, Superman,Khodalmd and many other early IV luminaries in 2005 putting up a rearguard uncoordinated effort, when Rep. Sensenbrenner scuttled our visa recapture chances in conference committee. Following which IV was born with leadership from folks well known to us now. IV is your organisation and platform. It will only be as strong as you let it be.

    I wish each of you all the best of luck and least agony in your wait. Those of you current, have faith, if you are being wronged, Stand up. Write/meet with those in a position to do something. Advocate for yourself. That way, atleast they know, what is going on. Otherwise none can help you.

    I will continue to stick around here and do what I can to help with IVs efforts. I believe with our overall effort, we are helping ourselves yes, but what we are advocating for is correct for this country as well.

    Best wishes all.

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  • roseball
    09-24 08:36 PM
    The following information is asked in the first field of ETA form 9089.

    "1. Are you seeking to utilize the filing date for a previously submitted application for Alien Employemnt Certification (ETA 750)?"
    "1-A. If Yes, enter the previous filing date"
    "2-A. "Indicate the previous SWA or local offiice case number OR, if not available, specify the state where case was originally filed:"

    The reason for that question in the form 9089 was to give an opportunity to convert the old labor applications rotting in the Backlog Elimination Centers to PERM, when PERM was first introduced in Mar '05. AFAIK, this has got nothing to do with porting the PD. PD porting can be requested while filing the second I-140 after the new EB-2 perm labor has been approved. You don't have to disclose anything while in PERM phase.

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  • optimystic
    03-24 03:43 PM
    Based on the criteria above I dont see how it is illegal to ask what type of work authorization one has, and if EAD , how long it is valid. It may be illegal to disqualify a candidate who has EAD with validity for the required amount of time. But I sure can ask about the details within legal limits, can't I?

    It is illegal... On I-9 it clearly says that an employer can not deny employment because of an expiry date on a valid work authorization document. This makes sense, since the employer does not have any authority to check for this candidate's ability to renew the authorization, neither the candidate is obligated to share that information. Per DHS & DOL once you have valid EAD, you are good to go! I am curious though who should be responsible for educating these employers!:confused:

    Good to know. As to who should be responsible to educate the employers....there's no doubt in my mind ! It should be us - prospective employees - applying for job. If we don't raise the issue, then who else will do it for us !!!

    People can follow a polite plan of action for such questions...
    - Be aware of the law
    - Be prepared to respond back politely - giving the bare minimum info that would be sufficient
    - Point politely to the law during interviews if pressed hard to divulge details.
    - If you see the interview going no where, without having to divulge the details, then at that point its a matter of consience....If you had EAD with enough validity, and you think/guess, that the employer is only concerned with people with soon expiring EADs, and if you want the job bad, then may be you can give it a shot and divulge your details. But as much as possible one should shirk the issue politely until you pass the interview process and they are ready to hire... Divulging at that point is beneficial since you know if you get rejected at the point, it was purely because of EAD issue and can take them for a task. If you divulged too early then they could hide behind other reasons for not hiring you.....(unless the employer is CapitolOne, and the HR guy sends out an email blatantly providing proof of discrimination and leaving themselves at your mercy to be sued :) )

    10-05 04:25 PM
    Seems like there might be an internal memo or understanding between USCIS and DOS not to approve many Eb2 India 485 even though there dates are current, this is the only explanation I can come up for the lack for eb2 india approvals in October. Even with the limited number of visas every quarter I was hoping there would be lot of approvals because of Visa spillover occuring every quarter instead of once every year, but looking at the USCIS performance in the first week of october it seems like there wont be any quarterly spillover at all.

    Even if quarterly spillover happens, it will happen in Dec - that's what I think - correct me if I am wrong.

    I anticipated monthly EB2-I to be finished in two business days - more or less it appears to be (200 odds is a small number for India). Now I am waiting for prioirty dates - whether they show +ve movement and next month for approvals.

    01-19 11:21 PM
    Godbless, I am sure you can get your post 6 years H-1B extension based on the Cornin and new Aytes memo of 12-5-2006. Can you ask your lawyer whether it is possible to file your H-1B extension after 01/26/2007 but BEFORE June 2007 or it must be filed before the expiry of your parolee I-94? Also, you said the Immigration Officer at the POE did not let you use your H visa but the AP. Is it because you showed him both of your H-1B visa and AP? If you did not show the AP, he would probably let you enter with the H-1B visa, right?

    Sorry for my knowledge but why would anyone need an AP if he has ample time left on H1 ? Is it a rule that after filing I-485 , you have to have an AP to travel ?

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