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Friday, July 1, 2011

Naruto Shippuden Games Pc

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  • Ultimate Ninja 4 Naruto

  • Dalai Lama
    01-11 10:16 AM
    Did you contributed to IV.

    wallpaper Ultimate Ninja 4 Naruto Naruto Shippuden Games Pc. Naruto Shippuden Gekitou
  • Naruto Shippuden Gekitou

  • ssksubash
    02-16 11:54 AM

    I recently booked an appointment for visiting visa for my parents through vfs, during the process , I first entered my Dad's details and then his ds 156, then It asked if I wanted to add additional family members, then I entered my Mom's details and her ds 156 . After that it asked for my Mom's ds 157 and never showed my Dad's ds 157.

    So the final list of documents it generated was :

    Dad's ds 156, Mom's ds 156,157 , interview letter.

    Is this correct, does my dad need ds 157 and interview letter or is 1 ds 157 and interview letter enough ?

    Thank you for your time.

    Naruto Shippuden Games Pc. Platform: PC Naruto Shippuden:
  • Platform: PC Naruto Shippuden:

  • bharat2008
    08-25 07:22 PM
    Is this NEW employer or same employer .

    If NEW employer ,then u can apply for new H1B petition but cannot ask for extension of stay .
    Extension of stay is for someone who is already in USA on H1B status .

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  • 1:Naruto Shippuden 182

  • gonecrazyonh4
    05-18 03:30 PM
    I am looking for someone in San Jose, Fremont, Milpitas, ..nearby areas. Sorry for not being specific last time.


    Naruto Shippuden Games Pc. The games themselves have been
  • The games themselves have been

  • dale
    04-17 04:23 PM
    i know the character as being chinese (but it's probably definately a japanese one as well). and it means to "paint/draw" so it has huge relevance to kirupa.com. as far as the stamp goes - it could be a little more interesting. it's kind of too white and plain-jane. (and what stamp costs $0.00?) the text is a little blurry as well


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  • Manga, Anime, Video Games,

    09-23 04:02 PM
    I have an approved H1B for teaching Maths, but I got an offer for teaching ESL (I am certified in both the subject). Am I allowed to teach ESL also? Is the visa subject specific?

    What title they used in your labor certification? Did they explicitly mentioned as MATHS in LCA?

    Unless and until you are working in the same professional, as the one filed in your LCA, you should be good. Suppose if they filed for a teacher and you are working as a programmer, then it becomes the technical violation of your LCA.

    Though you want to teach ESL, as you are still teaching some thing, it should be good.


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  • Naruto Shippuden:

  • beautifulMind
    04-20 04:10 PM
    You can use your eb3 EAD.

    But first to get into EB2 category, you have to first file another separate labor with a different employer (w/same employer it will most likely rejected) and then file 140 separately agian and then once your 140 is approved get it interfiled and then port from eb3 to eb2.

    Thanks. I understand the chances are slim but I am willing to take the risk since My company has already gone through the recruitment process...Worst I still going to be on eb3...

    Another question...By moving to a diferentt positon I am invoking AC21 even though it is in the same company...but at the same time I am filing for eb2 where job duties has to be atleast 50% different. This then violates ac21 rules so how come this is allowed. Most people convert from eb3 to eb2 using h1b but I am not sure if it is possible using ead

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  • godbless
    05-01 09:08 AM
    If Illiegals can protest and can have large rallies across the nation then whats the problem with the legals? Why can't we put our point forward through these kind of peaceful but strong measures.:confused:


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  • nixstor
    07-12 12:11 PM
    3 bumps in 9 minutes. Boy. you need an answer. Some are reading it as USCIS is considering their decision to reject. Please do not open new threads. there is already another thread with the same topic

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  • Lukus
    04-08 05:43 PM
    Nah you are right, that is all I did, but I honestly doubt anyone would make a fuss :) I mainly made them for the sake of it, the only ones I'd definately want to see on there are the first 2 anyway so you can take the others off if ya don't want them :)

    Cheers Kirupa :)


    Naruto Shippuden Games Pc. Naruto Shippuden: Gekitou
  • Naruto Shippuden: Gekitou

  • vin13
    01-30 10:35 AM
    There is not anything like withdrawing AC 21. It was to show that you worked in a different company with similar job description.

    The question is, did you send a letter to say you are changing jobs using AC 21?

    If you did not send the letter, then you really do not need to do anything. Just join your original sponsor. If there is an RFE, you can always prove that you worked in a similar job category.

    hot The games themselves have been Naruto Shippuden Games Pc. The story begin from Naruto#39;s
  • The story begin from Naruto#39;s

  • raysaikat
    10-04 11:13 AM
    I entered this country (US) on a F1 visa. I've completed my masters and during my post-completion OPT I was offered a job by a company who filed my H1. It was approved in Nov 09 and was valid until Nov 2012. But in Apr 2010 I was laid off and since H1 doesn't have any grace period and I couldn't find an employer ready for a transfer, so I changed my status back to F1. I'm currently working for an IT consulting company (full time) at their client location. The client would like to hire me full time. But since I'm working on my CPT, and do not have a valid H1 visa is it possible that the Client can simply transfer my existing H1 or do they have to file a new H1 as my status has changed. Please suggest as I'm very Confused how to deal with this situation as I do not want to lose an opportunity. Also please do throw some light on any grey areas if present.



    There is nothing called "transfer". Every H1-B petition is a new petition. Your employer has to submit a petition on your behalf. Since you have already been counted towards the quota once within the last 6 years, you will not be subject to the quota again.

    �(7) Any alien who has already been counted within the 6 years prior to the approval of a petition described in subsection (c), toward the numerical limitations of paragraph (1)(A) shall not again be counted toward those limitations unless the alien would be eligible for a full 6 years of authorized admission at the time the petition is filed. Where multiple petitions are approved for 1 alien, that alien shall be counted only once.�.


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  • inderman
    10-10 10:50 AM
    Here is some genuine feedback about USCIS customer service:

    1. NCSC is unable to provide any inputs on the actual problem... this becomes a bottleneck.

    2. Once an SR is created, no further SR can be created for 30 or 45 days...If you really got to know of an issue with your case from an SR that was first created, how and why is their this expectation that you need to wait for 30 days before which you can get back to USCIS for resolving that problem.

    3. NO consistency in the answers provided by USCIS... I had an Infopass, call to NCSC and call to NSC within the span of one hour on the same day... The answers i got to the same question was completely different and completely off in some cases... How can candidates continue to wait and work patiently with USCIS if this continues?

    4. Infopass appointment does not seem to help... I go and tell the officer about a problem and the officer says not a problem and just wait... the next time i talk to NSC, they tell me to follow up with an infopass.

    Please highlight these points in the session in a constructive manner as a means to improve cusotmer service.


    tattoo Manga, Anime, Video Games, Naruto Shippuden Games Pc. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate
  • Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate

  • permfiling
    10-23 10:48 PM
    Anybody else whose spouse GC is stalled? Any suggestions?

    I received my 485 approval notice but not spouse. We have a info pass appointment on monday.


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  • waitforgc2009
    09-15 06:01 PM
    I have both EB3 and EB2 labor approved and EB2 I-140 approved for the same job requirement in the same company. Here're some details:

    labor PD : 03/2005 (EB3)
    labor PD : 12/2006 (EB2),
    I-140 approved (EB2)
    I-485 Applied : 07/2007 with approved EB2 I-140

    Is it possible to use my EB3�s PD for my EB2 application? If so, what�s the procedure.

    Thanks a lot!

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  • Anders �stberg
    May 19th, 2004, 12:49 PM
    What do you think? Is this anything?



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  • waitin_toolong
    07-18 07:25 PM
    you are correct .

    You can file AOS for her mention both her current H4 status and also inxclude a copy of H1 notice just in case

    girlfriend Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Naruto Shippuden Games Pc. Naruto Shippuden 3
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  • andy garcia
    07-20 04:03 PM

    PD 2001..got labor certfied online on June28 2007

    I have been waiting for the hard copy..so my Hr called Dol and asked whether they have mailed. The Dol officer sent the Cover letter by email (first page of whole approved package) to company HR showing the certification . She also told HR that cover letter was enough for I140 filing.

    Is it true? Please let me know.


    It is not true.

    This is printed in the I-140 instructions(page 3):

    General Evidence.
    Labor certification. Petitions for certain classifications must be filed with a certification from the U.S. Department of Labor.


    If these instructions state that a copy of a document may be filed with this petition and you choose to send us the original, we may keep that original for our records. Copies may be submitted of all documentation with the exception of the Labor Certification which must be submitted in the original.

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  • Naruto

  • punjabi
    01-07 10:49 AM
    This bill won't get passed.

    This bill will only help their media groups get some sensationalizing material to raise their publicity, but there is absolutely no way it can get passed.

    Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) isn’t wasting any time with his immigration agenda, dropping a bill on the first day of Congress that goes after birthright citizenship.
    Read more: Steve King unveils birthright bill - Simmi Aujla - POLITICO.com (http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0111/47125.html#ixzz1AMXwXFZJ)

    10-04 12:11 PM
    I have been on h1 for 7 yrs in the US and i am leaving back to my home country (India) as it is expiring this month. I plan to come back and start working for my current company next yr.
    Now can they Process my new H1 in April next yr(6 months from now) or they have to wait till OCT 2007 to process my new h1. I am afraid the next yr quota will be over if they have to wait till OCT.

    08-14 11:53 PM
    Thank you for the response dentist1.

    I am not sure on how to interpret LUD, here is the summary

    1. 485 received date Aug/1/2007, notice date Sep/27/2007 - for all three of us.
    2. We applied for a change of address in May/2009 and received acknowledgement from USCIS in June/2009 - for all three of us.
    3. My son's RFE response acknowledgement dated July/2009.

    Please help me to figure out LUD for our applications.


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