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Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • voicerj
    03-30 04:17 PM
    i wish it should be current or atleast near to current.

    + 1

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  • gc_on_demand
    03-31 12:24 PM
    Visa allocation chief mentioned in AILA comment that USCIS knows visa usage pattern. Which means that they know pending I 140 for EB1 in pipeline and they also know that average time to get approve new I 140 is X months ( 4 months ) so they know if person files in May 2011 chances are rare that he/she can get GC from 2011 quota.I am not saying is that applicant can't get it but when u look at I 485 complexity and add scrutinity on EB1 I 140 its more than 4 months to get GC from start to finish without any RFE.

    That is why they are so confident to release quota now. which may bring date so much forward so that can attract new cases and move back dates to certain point in time. Specially this is how DOS does for all family based CP cases. When they think they have 10k visas coming they move dates to cover 15k out of which 12k may reply on time and they always have control to retrogress dates if they run out of visas.

    Big question is how far they want to go and get new cases. If they don't go upto Mid 2008 in next 1 year , Eb2 will loose some visas to EB3 and dates for EB2 will be "C" , if they go with some calculated guess and usage pattern + buffer they should go well into early 2009 with in next 1 year.

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  • fcres
    08-16 10:21 AM
    Thankx fo rthe response.

    Does this mean i will surly get a RFE, and if it is say 1 year later, will i have to go for the medical exam again?

    Medical report is a valid evidence and if its missing they will surely issue an RFE when they are adjudicating your case, whether its now or 1-2yrs later. Since the medical report is valid only for an year if you get the RFE an year later you might have to do it again.
    One thing you can do is, once you get your receipt notice you can send your current medical report along with the copy of RN and a cover letter saying you are sending a missing document. Your lawyer should be able to assist you in this.

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  • hoolahoous
    08-16 11:50 AM
    You got it right.

    They have thier own of operation. My CPO status was registered on Aug 5th. I got CPO email the next day. Then on August 12 it went back to post decision activity. I got the approval or welcome mail (snail) on August 12th itself. After that there is not change or update. All we can do is to sit back and wait for little bit more.

    this saturday I got the welcome snail mail. but no CPO mail. The status online has been 'Decision' all the time with no change.


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  • chanduv23
    11-04 10:22 AM
    Lets this stay on top

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  • senthil1
    04-25 06:23 PM
    We heard so many stories about violation many Indian bodyshoppers like bench without pay,Low pay ,fake resumes and many more. But when any bill comes to control them we are opposing. Because we fear that we may be one of the persons working in those companies and may be impacted by that.

    Certainly the bill is not a pro immigrant and anti immigrant bill. But some kind of restriction is needed to clean out H1b. I accept as a pro immigrant we have to oppose any anti immigrant bill. So I am sure IV will try to block the bill as they did the restriction in TARP.

    I am not going to get any benefit if they shut the door behind me. I need just one job that I can get any time and whatever compettion and there is no need to shut thousands of people. So my views are not based on any personal ambition.

    I am seeing some positives in the bill. Wages will increase for the H1bs also. Only genuine companies can do the business. Best and bright people will not be impacted by this. Also it can open opportunity to increase H1b Cap and Green card Cap. So there is a good possiblity to reduce or eliminate retrogession.

    Basically there are two options for IV and other pro immigrants if the bill is considered serously. One is just oppose the bill and try to block completely. Or other option is to negotiate to include our agenda to recapture/increase GC and also to modify the portions of bill. Instead of failing with option 1 getting success in option 2 is better.

    I think this bill will not be passed if it is against WTO trade regulations.

    senthil1 is one of those who is "shut the door behind you" kinds folks. He has been consistent on his stand and he wants to side anti immigrants. He is a disgrace and shame to your community. I had a feeling that sometime back he was 'reformed criminal" but does not seem so anymore.


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  • styrum
    07-12 01:01 PM
    Although much older anouncements and news are still there.
    Apparently they want everybody to forget about this ASAP, let alone attract any further interest or god forbid inquiries. I don't know who in the world can still beleive that they are a "service" and we are "customers".

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  • gc28262
    08-20 06:43 PM
    Lingo was a good service till vonage announced this deal.
    Lingo has 3 cents to India on World plan $21.95/Month.

    Lingo has a 2 year contract. If you leave them before 2 years, need to pay $100 penalty.


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  • xyz2009
    08-18 02:16 PM
    Hi All
    I got greened today. Same here for me and my wife. I voted on the poll for me. Let me know if you want me to add one more for my wife too.

    Here are my details for your reference:

    1. EB2 India
    2. PD: Dec 21 2005
    3. NSC
    4. I-485 Receipt Date: July 2 2007
    5. I-485 Notice Date: July 30 2007
    6. What I did: SR on 2/8 (File pending and awaiting assigning to officer) wife SR 2/8 (Actively working and need additional review)...wife is a dependent
    7. Went for infopass on 2/8 afternoon (First day when I was current)...guy told me your cases are pre-adjudicated and files are with officer and same for me. Was happy
    8. Called second level IOs from 3/8 till 3/14 everyday.
    9. Some were knowledgeable and some were not but more or less good people I met
    10. One good person on 3/10 told me Mr Sharma your file is in transit...may be in some crate or some bin and might be on the move to an officer...I said Infopass guy told me they are with officers then he said clearly NO...your status is in transit and your files are NOT assigned to officer and your paralegals July 23 referral is still open and I cannot expedite it. So write to NSC follow up and mention my name and tell to expedite your case and see if they oblige you and help you. Thats your only hope. I cannot override your outstanding July 23 2010 referral.
    11. I did that and surprisingly nobody replied to that and few days earlier I had written to same email id and I got standard response for me and my wife
    12. I wrote to Ombudsman last Wed and yesterday after a follow somebody acknowledged and said we will take action
    13. I contacted senator office in mid July 2010 and after full one month I was in their system and congressional staffer was assigned to me and he called me and said on Monday evening I am writing to NSC Liasion and told me to wait for 2 weeks
    14. To my surprise he forwarded me NSC update which said files are with adjudicating officer and it did say that they are processing 4000 cases in a month.
    15. Congressional aide called me and said per his experience this is a + email and you can be approved anytime now.
    16. At 6.02 am there were 2 SMS and I checked online status changed to decision and then emails which said welcome new permanent residents
    17. I have been in US for 10 yrs now. Did full time MBA (F1) and then switched 2 jobs, it was a second GC as I left a March 2005 labor and started new Perm labor with the second company on H1B
    18. Was able to file through July 2007 VB fiasco
    19. Left the company after 250 days and switch on H1B transfer and ported my GC
    20. My current employer attorney did file for AC21
    21. Was waiting for this current window of opportunity

    Honestly I did everything I could do and did NOT leave any table unturned. I dont know what worked or not but yes I tried each and everything.

    IV is a fantastic platform indeed. I respect each and every member and I will help in every possible way indeed.

    Now few questions and clarifications:

    1. My wife is in India returning on sat evening. She was on H4.
    2. When she left I gave her advance paroles original
    3. I also gave her print out of I-485 receipt
    4. I told her to print out USCIS GC approval email that came today

    Now questions:
    1. She should go to which queue at POE, Visa or the ones for citizens/permanent residents?
    2. What she should tell the IO? When she left she was on H4 and on Aug 17th my 485 was approved and here is the proof (approval email print out) and ask the IO to respond?
    3. What will happen then? She will be taken somewhere and they will put D-155 stamp on her passport OR she would be allowed to enter on her Advance Parole or She will be admitted on H4 with I-94?

    Anybody has the same experience, kindly explain me so that I can inform my wife immediately.

    If anybody wants any help with any step please send me private message please. Would be glad to help.

    Best Regards,

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  • justin150377
    07-09 09:37 PM
    Do you think the director just decided to forward the flowers? I am sure he must have called a Monday meeting to counter this. A suggestion during the meeting must have been to forward the flowers to the veterans.

    No they had to pass it through the senate first, the house debated on it and the President Veto'd it and as history shows the USCIS took things into their own hands and decided to forward the flowers anyway (with immigrant notes) to the hospital.


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  • chanduv23
    11-17 11:44 AM
    To all those lazy folks out there - economy is constantly deflating and you must understand that you may not be spared. This action item is simple and it takes just 10 minutes. If you can't even do this to help yourself - then you face the consequences

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  • gc28262
    09-24 11:10 AM
    Something is screwed up.....

    Mexico has over 2000 cases in April 2001 yet its PD is May 1st 2001
    India has less 500 cases in April 2001 yet its PD is Apr 15 2001
    This along with CIS giving "bad/incorrect" data to IV is indication of someone's malicious intentions.

    I appreciate IV's effort in getting FOIA executed and now working on aftermath of it.

    For people who are angered with whats been going on in last couple of days. All I can say is to try volunteering for IV even for a month.

    The missing link is Consular Processing cases pending under DOS.


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  • RDB
    11-25 12:16 PM
    You can put any clauses in the contract as long as they are legal and the renter accepts it. But as 'albertpinto' said, beware of the people with bad credit and bankruptcy or people going through divorces - you may not want to rent them your property as it is very difficult to remove somebody (yes, even from your own house); it can take anywhere between 3 to 6 months and in the meantime, you are still liable to pay the mortgage if your renter defaults.

    IMO, Only rent to people with good credit history.

    Cant we put all these conditions in the contract? No modification to the house..only one family allowed..unless you want to rent it to bachelors and then charge whatever amount from each person and limit their number in the house..
    Contracting agencies do not assure if they will put the house on rent. they say they will find someone.. and how long it takes, they are not sure..

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  • va_dude
    11-10 11:12 PM
    sorry to hear about the problem with your app.

    I think at this point it's best you hired a good attorney to help you through this RFE and work with him/her on the best way to present your case.

    good luck.


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  • Saralayar
    01-07 11:14 PM
    Been here since 1998. Filed labor in 01 but was revoked due to tech downturn. Filed again in 05. Fortunately my GC was approved last Aug.

    I think the final goal for most folks is citizenship.. including some of those who dont want to stay here permanently. Waiting 15 - 20 years for citizenship makes no sense.. if they are thinking of giving it to illegals in 10 years, whats wrong in asking?
    Good. Welcome to the good school of thoughts..

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  • Saralayar
    01-08 01:08 AM
    I am surprised to see this thread active this long. Earlier I have with help of Saralayar and other members have bring this point to attention. But at that time no one was supporting Idea.

    I see increasing support for the Idea as GC journey become longer and longer.

    Earlier I have pointed following points that I want to bring to remind if we want to get real support for this idea of early CITIZENSHIP AFTER GREEN CARD

    (1) I-140 and I-485 must be approved.

    (@) Time should be considered only after getting GC

    (3) For getting closer for political support our proposal should be close to Existing laws for FAMILY BASED and MARRIAGE BASED CITIZENSHIPS

    So we should argur that if YOU HAVE MASTER AND ABOVE IN STEM FILEDS YOu can get CITIZEN SHIP 5 yrs from date of Approval of I-140 ( which make it closer to fmaily based) and THREE YEARS from Date of Approval of I-485 (closer to marriage based citizens). You can get earlier of two . But when you get Citizenship your I-485 must be approved for ATLEAST 1 year.

    The above requirements can get closer to Marriage and family based and also help 90% of IV members.

    Adding the clause for the EDUCATIONAL THING might be able to get more political support also

    Core IV can consolidate the valueable points like this for the argument.


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  • dilipcr
    06-12 04:15 PM
    I support you L1Fraud.

    Guys: This has become a major problem at every place. If we do not take any action, every one of us will be replaced by these BIG outsource companies with L1 and B1.

    I already reported this to ICE about violations of CTS which has placed their L1's at client's place for the past 2 years. And still they have several people.

    You may not believe their pay. I do not want to put a number here and it will be a shame on CTS for misusing L1. They replaced 18 American Workers at my client's pace. Whatever you guys might think, this is a FRAUD.

    This is exactly what I have been arguing for in another thread about the Grim visa numbers. I will fully support you in your cause and let me know if you need any help. I am a GC holder but I feel its my duty to report this fraud against all these outsourcing companies.

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  • legal_la
    06-28 10:55 PM
    June 28, 2007

    Late Wednesday, rumors emerged that the USCIS may attempt to retrogress the July immigrant visa numbers early in July and reject I- 485 (adjustment of status) applications filed early in the month. USCIS has taken such action already with respect to the �other worker� visa category involving non-professional workers.

    Visa availability is based on the U.S. Department of State Visa Bulletin, which is published monthly, not on a rolling basis. If USCIS cuts off visa numbers in mid-month, this would be a clear violation of Federal law and agency policy. If the USCIS were to take this arbitrary action, it would cause significant problems for applicants and employers alike.

    If USCIS cuts off applications on a certain date in early July, this will most likely occur without advance warning. In that case, not all applications will be accepted for processing. Be aware that that USCIS will reject an application unless it contains certain minimum supporting documents. For I-485 applications, minimum documents include a completed medical examination and birth certificates (or secondary evidence of birth, which must meet specific USCIS requirements). Applications for dependent spouses must include a marriage certificate. We strongly recommend that I-485 applicants obtain these and other requested documents as soon as possible. Until further notice, please do not plan to travel internationally during the month of July.

    We will work as hard and as diligently as possible to get I-485 applications filed quickly. This will require active cooperation by all applicants to obtain needed documents. Again, please understand that the proposed USCIS action is just rumor at this point, but if the USCIS takes such action, it will likely be without warning. Further, it is possible that there could be retroactive rejections of applications once filed. Unfortunately, this is all we know at this time. We do not know when and if any such actions will occur; we will also not know immediately which, if any, cases are rejected once they have been submitted.

    The attorneys at XXXXX are shocked and disappointed that the government could take such ill-thought and arbitrary steps and we will work to fight any illegal action by the USCIS. We are continuing to monitor the USCIS� actions and will provide updates as they become available

    I heard similar story from my lawyer. I am not trying to scare anyone just posting what I heard, he is also a very reputed lawyer.

    We may not get anything by lawsuit or by taking some action, but we should not just sit there and let them play with us. It is not about anger but it is about self respect.

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  • letstalklc
    08-25 02:19 PM
    Ask that customer service woman to give this to you in writing.

    Yes, They assured me that the plan is for unlimited...also covers all the networks (Initiall y some of them thought that it's only applicable for certain networks)....there is no restrictions at all...any ways I will re confirm with them.....

    The only problem with them are taxes, there are other VOIP phones in the market that they are charging just 3-4 dollars as taxes, whereas vonage is charging more than 8 dollars which is killing part.....

    07-10 12:00 AM
    Don't know if anyone noticed but Mr. Emilio's statement nowhere indicates any acknowledgement of the hardships caused by the fiasco. If he (and USCIS) knows about "flowers", I am sure USCIS knows about the scramble, hardships and frustration caused by the fiasco. A simple acknowledgement through something like " ....while we regret unintended consequences of following our internal procedures, we have made arrangements to forward the flowers to ..." would have demonstrated leadership or honesty of intent which I guess is in short supply

    I think he is trying to say if anybody needs flowers its our men in uniform and not us (USCIS). I hope I am wrong but thats my perspective. Have sent the flowers anyway ;)

    06-18 09:46 AM
    bloody cognizant. I was winking at their L1A EB1 misuse for sometime but now they denied me the job (I have ead) ;) god knows why. Since then I am against that company. lets screw them :p

    Maybe you did not get a reference.

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