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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Map Of Britain And France

images Index of Economic Freedom Map Map Of Britain And France. France, Britain, Ottoman Empir
  • France, Britain, Ottoman Empir

  • hibworker
    11-24 02:14 PM
    H1B for 2009-10 can be applied at any time with immediate or deferred start date.
    H1B for 2010-11 can only be applied on or after April 1, 2010 with start date of Oct 1, 2010 or later.

    wallpaper France, Britain, Ottoman Empir Map Of Britain And France. France and Great Britain
  • France and Great Britain

  • uma001
    10-30 05:17 PM
    How can they ask W2 for all years. Nobody keep W2 for more than 3 years. That what they recomments usually. They used to askf or only 3 years of W2. I never heard anything like this. If they start asking for all W2s, then 90% won't get green cards. They are making life miserable for grene card aspirants

    Map Of Britain And France. Britain and France, 1185
  • Britain and France, 1185

  • http404
    07-18 12:03 AM
    And what if filed a concurrent I-140 and I-485.
    Though this is my second I-140 and I am trying to capture an old priority date (and I do have the receipt from the old I-140).

    2011 France and Great Britain Map Of Britain And France. between Britain and France
  • between Britain and France

  • Curious_Techie
    10-17 10:36 AM
    Friends I have a relative who is willing to get his GC via EB-5 Category.
    Anybody who can share there knowledge on this? Recommend a good attorney who is kinda master in this category?

    Appreicate it


    Map Of Britain And France. Distribution Map
  • Distribution Map

  • f1USvisaholder
    08-08 06:02 PM
    Dear Madam,

    My wife is also in the same situation, I am not sure if you have found the response from anyone, but i would really appreciate if you can share your findings about the same question..


    Hi Ashu...

    We have not done anything to my passport yet. We initially thought of getting my name changed but for now we have kept it in the "to do list".. Not sure when will be able to get to it...

    Map Of Britain And France. Map
  • Map

  • kmuralidhar
    08-22 12:12 PM
    I am on the same boat. My case was transfered to NSC and my receipt number starts with WAC.

    I am a July 2nd 2007 filer. When i spoke with an IO few days back, he told me that they will process according to the NSC processing dates even through the receipt # starts with WAC. The IO has also confirmed that even though the case has got two receipt dates (one with CSC RD and another with NSC RD), they will consider the first one (July 2nd) to process the case.


    Map Of Britain And France. Britain and France Planned to
  • Britain and France Planned to

  • franklin
    09-25 02:52 PM
    We should not mention who we are speaking to in a public forum. This will trigger all kinds of opposition flooding to whomever you mention, which will work against us

    Join your state chapter, they will be able to help coordinate and get contacts and visits etc.

    2010 Britain and France, 1185 Map Of Britain And France. Index of Economic Freedom Map
  • Index of Economic Freedom Map

  • GotGC??
    01-03 12:09 PM
    For those worried about not being able to live in the UK, I say "Don't worry, you are not missing a great deal".

    I have lived & worked in UK for a couple of years many years back. Like most of my acquaintances at that time I didn't (want to) live there long. Most of my friends left for US, I returned to India. And then to US.

    Life is US has its problems, the immigration backlog is one of them. But it is really a walk in the park compared to that in Britain. UK is one of the most racist society I have ever seen. There is racism in all countries (even in India, we call it Casteism) but no where as overt as in UK. In UK, the work culture isn't all that great, life is boring and the weather sucks. No wonder a recent investigation by BBC reported that 7 out of 10 Britons now prefer to live outside UK mainly because it's high cost of living, lack of livable space and for little more sunshine. And that number is growing every year. In % terms, that's the highest number and in absolute terms it is the 3rd highest expat population of any country, only India & China ranks higher. Britons now prefer the sunny & more livable places such as Spain (culture), Australia (language) and Florida (proximity).

    When I left UK, it was with relief. Now when I visit UK on work or enroute to other countries, I feel sorry for the folks back there. I would any day prefer living in India - if not in US - than living in UK.

    http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Good_or_bad_Britain_tears_itself_to_pieces_on_immi gration_issue/articleshow/1040632.cms


    Map Of Britain And France. Map: OS Landranger 154
  • Map: OS Landranger 154

  • pranju
    07-31 12:44 PM
    Hi ,

    As many of you know that some have filed on their own and not through lawyer , pls update here if any of the self filers have received a RN or check got cashed .

    also what is the alternative if we don't receive RN before 17th august , self filer are you planning to refile ?

    CC = check cashed
    RN = Receipt Notice


    hair between Britain and France Map Of Britain And France. Colorful map showing coastline
  • Colorful map showing coastline

  • prapro
    06-05 10:56 PM
    I am talking about I 485 only. In my 485, preparer name, Phone number, E mail address and company address printed but there is no signature and date.


    Map Of Britain And France. Environments Map
  • Environments Map

  • mailtobalu
    06-30 03:46 PM

    I am working for "Company A" on L1B from Nov 2006. In 2008 April "Company B" filed H1B and it got approved and received approval letter with I-94 effective from Oct 1st 2008.

    After getting H1B I did not move to Company B and continued work with "Company A" on L1B Visa. To void the I-94 received with my H1B Approval I traveled my Home country on Sep 28th 2008 and returned to US on Oct 6th 2008 on L1B visa and continuing my Job with "Company A"

    My H1B Employer (Company B) did not revoke my H1B since I have not started working for him.

    Now Company B is going to renew my L1B visa for another 2 years.
    If they renewed my L1B Visa, what will happen to my H1B?
    In future if I want to switch to H1B, can i switch to H1B with my current H1B or do I need to file new H1B with fresh quota (Which opens in April)?

    I am really tensed now and I am not understanding whether I should go for L1B extension or do I need to switch to H1B immediately to keep my H1B status alive? What I want to now is for some time i want to continue my job with Company A on L1B by going for L1B renewal and later once the recession is over I want to change my status to H1B? can I do this?

    Please advice me what steps I should take to continue in USA?

    hot Distribution Map Map Of Britain And France. map-coverage
  • map-coverage

  • tabletpc
    12-22 02:06 PM
    Thanks vikram for the speedy response.

    Anyone out there with similiar expereince...????



    house Map of Great Britain (in red) Map Of Britain And France. Old Map Great Britain From The
  • Old Map Great Britain From The

  • good idea
    04-20 04:02 PM
    You are perfectly OK.

    Until USCIS takes a "decision" which is "approved / denied", you keep the legal status.

    Premium? If $1300 is not a matter for you yes.

    RFE response & Premimum are two different chanels now in your case, they will be updated separately.

    Remember the Premium process begins the moment USCIS enters data into the system. Not the day your check is received.

    But it is worth. You will get a decision (with RFE response on its way) within a month.


    tattoo Map Map Of Britain And France. 1910 MAP GREAT BRITAIN PLAN

  • aristotle
    06-24 12:53 AM
    Whats your point? This is not a medical forum :)

    BTW, its PPD test and I know quite a few people of Indian origin who had to go for the X-ray. Follow some of the other threads on this forum as well.

    I hear a lot about Indian's getting positive PDP (TB Skin Test)result. But when I talked to many of my Indian friends, they say they got negative result. Met only one who got positive skin test result.

    Hope this poll sheds some light on what is the percentage of people that got positive reaction to PDP tests. Please participate.


    pictures Britain and France Planned to Map Of Britain And France. Map showing the main UK rivers
  • Map showing the main UK rivers

  • sargon
    09-22 10:22 AM
    Soft LUD on pending I-485 on 9/19/08.

    The Audacity of hope...

    dresses map-coverage Map Of Britain And France. of Britain and France,
  • of Britain and France,

  • salvador marley
    04-25 12:48 PM
    thanks guys


    makeup Map: OS Landranger 154 Map Of Britain And France. Map of Great Britain (in red)
  • Map of Great Britain (in red)

  • japs19
    07-17 08:13 PM
    I have a unique situation and I would really appreciate if someone can answer.

    My LC and 140 was approved (March 2006) for Company A when I was working there on H1. After retrogration I changed jobs (November 2006) and went to work for Company B. My lawyer said we can apply for AOS using the approved 140 from company A. I did send the application which reached there on July 2nd. Now, do I have to go and work for Company A (which actually is not an option any more)? Or I can keep working for Company B and if 180 days are passed since the filing/receipt date I will be safe to obtain the GC? Company B is ready to start a new process for GC but if I can use the previously approved 140 and get AOS/GC approved, I really would like to do that.

    Please help...

    girlfriend 1910 MAP GREAT BRITAIN PLAN Map Of Britain And France. Great Britain and France.
  • Great Britain and France.

  • sidpri
    08-13 03:25 PM
    My wife has recently converted her H4 to F1 by applying for COS through I-539. We are yet to receive the approval notice by mail, but we have confirmed online through USCIS that its been approved.
    The question is - at what date would she be deemed to be on F1, is it from the date of the F1 approval notice or is it the start date mentioned on I-20.

    What is normally seen as the start date? Can some one who is on F1 respond ?

    Thanks for your responses

    hairstyles Environments Map Map Of Britain And France. Political Map of Libya
  • Political Map of Libya

  • desi3933
    07-13 07:43 AM
    Would going to Canada and re-entering without going for visa stamping count as lawful entry??

    Or one has to go and get the visa stamped to qualify as lawful entry??

    Also when you go to Canada and come back Without VISA stamping, he gets the same I-94 or different I-94??


    You can re-enter from Canada with same I-94 and status as long as trip < 30 days.

    Yes, it resets out of status clock.

    Not a legal advice.

    03-26 01:30 PM
    Hello Mates & Buddies,

    I am currently holding Indian Citizenship and planning to file my H1 on Indian passport.
    But at this year end I am also planning to take my Australian Citizenship.

    So could anyone please suggest or share his experience whether transferring H1 on totally new citizenship is possible or not ? if yes then what's the way ?

    And does anyone has any experience or knowledge of E3 (Australian Work visa to USA).

    Thank in advance !!!


    Are you planning to shift the H1 to a different citizenship for retrogression based issues ?? if so, i dont think there would be any advantage as Green Card Quota's are based on "Country of Birth" and not citizenship..

    03-20 12:04 AM
    Well a company can be sued for any reason. I do not control the day to day activity apart from IT stuff.

    My question specifically, if the company is sued, since I am a minority owner will I have to do rounds in the court appear before a judge etc..will I be summoned! Or only the executives majority shareholders are summoned.

    (No I am not talking about a body shop and this is a small financial firm)

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