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Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • matreen
    04-26 12:18 AM

    Friend of mine had a interview today about 20 min, seems like everything looks good.

    The current case for my friend falls under EB3 (2001). But the tricky thing is he filed another case in 2005 in Lulac but he revoked the case.

    After interview officer said she needs calrify the Lulac case and background check.

    I am wondering if anybody is in similar situation if so your advice will be very valuable.



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  • iman.karta
    12-27 04:20 PM

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  • mirage
    02-15 06:07 PM
    Texans & Californians don't you want to sign up ? House judiciary sub-committee for immigration is 80% CA & TX

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  • asdcrajnet
    07-06 06:14 AM
    I am from India...Here are some details.

    The travels in India will help a lot in these matters.

    My parents got from ICICI. I also heard that Reliance is good to.

    The insurance mainly covers the hospital charges in case of hospital admission. Not that great for office visits.

    If the age is more than 60, the insurance is almost doubled..


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  • dilipcpa
    02-13 07:48 PM

    I am a CPA and working for good regional CPA firm in Kentucky state.
    if you need any hel you cam email me at dilipcpa@yahoo.com.
    i can help you setting up corporation.


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  • GCNirvana007
    08-19 06:02 AM
    Those who can afford to go to an USCIS office, if you have proper evidence, they issue AP and give it to you right there.


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  • amitjoey
    02-05 07:40 PM
    Thanks amitjoey .

    I140 is already approved Was just waiting for 180 days to finish . So in this time of recession waiting for employer to find a project(corp to corp) or should i accept the offer and wait till i get the EAD to start work .

    You absolutely have to wait till the EAD IS approved. Who knows, how long it will take for the EAD CARD?. You applied just 2 weeks back, it could be 2-3 months. Could you wait that long? can your new employer wait that long after you accept the offer?. Your new employer could apply H1 for you. That could be much faster, since you only have to wait for the receipt. (2-3 weeks).

    To be able to work, you need either an H1 or an approved EAD

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  • thesaintmav
    10-15 09:20 PM
    I need some advice.

    I have a PD of November 9th 2001 (EB3).
    My 140 and 485 was filed on August 2003.
    My 140 was approved in Feb 2004.

    I am now retrogressed with the November Visa bulletin showing an April 22nd 2001 PD for EB3.

    As we can all see EB3 is move very very slowly and probably will continue this way (I hope I am wrong), while EB2 is already current for my PD.

    From my information and some threads on this forum. I believe I have the option of filing for an EB2, while maintaining my current PD.

    My Questions:
    1. Does it make sense for me to refile in EB2, given my situation? PD Nov 2001 in EB3.

    2. Can I apply for EB2 through the same company. (my current company)?

    3. What is the process of doing so (EB3 to EB2)? Would I have to refile for labor, 140 and 485, or is their a way I could directly file for I485, since my I140 is approved and I am in the same company.

    4. Would the EB2 case be a new case altogether, i.e. not related to my existing EB3 case again providing the fact that I have NOT changed employers?

    5. Would I be able to use the experience I have gathered in my current job (5.5 years) in the EB2 conversion.

    I will appreciate your help.



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  • sac-r-ten
    03-16 05:03 PM
    h1bjava, why are you so much worried about denial. why are you thinking so -ve to start with.
    I am not sure whether its true/law/rule, but my employer's general counsel informed me that i can do it 3 months ahead of the expiration.
    To answer your red flag, i don't know. You must talk to your employer/lawyer about the possible "6month ahead plan" of applying the h1b ext.

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  • prem_goel
    11-02 10:25 AM
    Here's my situation. I have an approved I-140 (EB2), my I-485 has been pending for more than an year. Due to recent lay-offs, I will have to change my employer through an H-1B transfer. My wife was on H-4. However, just this year she got an H-1B approval with consular processing since when we applied for her H-1b this year, she was not in US.

    Now 2 weeks back, her employer applied for her COS through regular processing. I assume this takes about 3-4 months.

    My question is - now that I am doing my H-1B transfer to another employer, do I have to worry about my wife's H-4 extension as well, or just leave that as it is, as her application for COS to H-1B is pending with USCIS.

    Please advise.


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  • poise2000
    07-30 01:42 PM
    thanks, tabeltpc.

    I think even the local govenment is under the H1b quota. Therefore, I had to apply for the H1B in the next year.
    The DOL online prevailing wage only shows that the salary for that position is for the county. The offer of the town govenment is $5000 lower than the prevailing wage of the county. And they can not increase the salary because the town is not near the rich area in the county. They told me the salary they offer is the highest for this position.


    Get the DOL report before u take up the job. DOL will give the estimation for salary....!!!Use it and ask u r company attorney to file for the H1b now its self mentioning the start date as future date (when u r opt expires). Since u work for local government ...governments jobs don't come under H1b quota...so u can apply NOW.
    if the DOL report comes out favorable...start the job and can look out for a better opportunity. Trust me u will find one when u have a back up job.
    Good luck

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  • ss1026
    10-03 05:13 PM
    There are websites that the US consulates maintain listing the case numbers with their status. I am currently waiting for my H-1B visa petition decision in hyderabad. Below is the link the website maintained by the US consulate in hydererabad. There are similar websites for other US consulates in India
    221(g) Refusals - U.S. Consulate General Hyderabad, India (http://hyderabad.usconsulate.gov/221g.html)

    221g covers a broad sprectum of pending cases, be it name check or any other administrative processing. I personally was requested additional information that I have submitted about 5 weeks ago. This website is update twice weekly with each case status (pending, awaiting petitioners response, send passport).

    Hi All,

    I am attending my visa interview next week in one of the Indian consulate. Sometime back I came across a website which lists each persons interview date and there visa status - approved/denied. I am not able to re-collect that link

    Does any one has any idea?. Basically that link shows the status of visa interviews conducted.

    Thanks in advance


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  • blacktongue
    02-22 09:49 AM
    :) Only if your GC is based on marriage to a US Citizen. Otherwise all Family Based GC's also need 5 years.

    Not only Marriage. Even father, mother close relative has 3 year wait

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  • drirshad
    09-16 04:53 AM
    Your husband could have answered this question with his 8th year extension in progress. But here it is, once you start working for a company on H1 and they file ur GC starting with LC and if the process is pending for a year then u get automatic extensions going forward. With PERM the LC is getting approved more faster and you should have it within the year. As for H1 to wait until oct 2007 that will be for new H1's if u were already on a h1 before you can convert to one anytime not waiting until oct2007. :)


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  • nousername
    07-10 03:07 PM
    Please update your profile..

    Here are the answers:
    1. No, you can not change the profile and should look for something which is similar to what was stated on your I-140.
    2. You can switch to a new job provided your I-485 is pending for more then 180 days, which seems to be the case and the new job is similar to what is on I-140.

    NOTE: NO, you can not switch from IT to finance. I mean you can but if you receive any RFE then you will have a big issue.

    I am currently working as a Functional Solution Architect in an IT firm.

    Current Status: H1B (6th year)

    GC status as follows:

    Priority Date: April 2007
    EAD received: October 2007
    I-140 is approved.

    Under the AC21 portability I believe I can change my employer without affecting my GC process. However I want to change my field of work from IT to Finance. My question is:

    1. Is that permissible and can I use my EAD to work for a new employer in a different field.
    2. If the above is not permissible and If I change my job in the same field, can my previous employer cancel my GC process, even though my I-140 is approved. If they can, how can I mitigate that possibility.

    Thanks in advance for your response.

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  • smarth
    08-22 01:37 PM
    Does Indian Embassy charge any fee for endorsing new Passport number in the PIO card?

    How much time they take to complete this process?



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  • bindas74
    01-23 11:16 PM
    Hi Gurus,

    I filed my 485 in June 07 ad hd my FP on 7th September, 07. I read on some of the threads that we would be geting notices for additional finger printing after 15 months or so. I havent received any yet. Should I be proactive an request for one? Will my EAD finger printng count towards the requirement? ( I had given my biometrics formy EAD last April i.e 08 April ). Is this the reason why I did not get the FP notice? Any one in my boat?
    Please advise.

    Thanks in advance

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  • BumbleBee
    03-30 03:28 AM
    sorry to hear about your job loss. AP are supposed to be used during emergencies and it seems you are only planning for a week visit, seems perfect for AP use.
    I have used AP many times, never had any problem, most recent visit being in Jan 2009.
    H1B is having lot of problems in getting stamped and at POE, but I haven't heard anything like that for AP travelers. Just remember that if I485 is denied for whatever reason, AP also gets invalidated(Meaning out-of-country AP holders won't be able to return!!!!).

    I would say go ahead travel on AP. How long can one put life on hold for GC. Its ridiculous.

    File AC21 at the soonest to avoid getting denial.

    Also check this thread for 'AOS pending and AP while out of country'. http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showthread.php?p=330716#post330716 (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showthread.php?p=330716)

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  • Krilnon
    03-29 03:29 PM
    No you are not! ;)

    10-23 03:00 PM
    Pls reply

    08-30 02:11 PM
    I applied my 485 as a single on July 17th.
    I got married and then applied my spouse's on Aug 16th.

    Since I am married now, will that cause my application to get rejected as I applied as Single.

    I am not sure how would this be handled at USCIS end ?

    Any idea ?

    Should not have any impact - your spouse will receive a conditional GC if her GC comes within two years of your marriage. You shall (as a primary member) receive a 10 year GC. You will need to file for your wife again to remove the conditions after completing two years of your marriage. No big deal. Just chill and attend the rally. No one can tell you how long will it take it to get your actual GC though.

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