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Friday, July 1, 2011

lady gaga 2011 cfda fashion awards

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  • akhilmahajan
    05-16 11:55 AM

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  • rajuram
    05-27 11:12 AM
    hello, anyone with this info pls reply

    What is non immigrant visa number (page 2 of 485 form)?

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  • 2011 CFDA Fashion Awards

  • ganguteli
    06-09 11:51 PM

    Please refer this document and it will answer your doubt. To be specific L1B resources cannot be deployed in client premises on projects managed and controlled by client (known consulting assignments in technology world). This is just part of the violation. Second... L1B resources cannot be used for general technical skills (java/.net/oracle/production support etc) BUT can only be used for their speciality skills (while processing the L1 visa outsourcing companies shows some internal tools to prove this point). Hope this cleared your doubt, I am pretty sure that now you will be able to find a lot of violations in using L1B resources. L1B resource usage is so common that most of us who are aware of immigrations statuses even doesnt know about this .. forget others including our clients and their managers.

    Thank you losers guild member.

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  • pd052009
    03-31 03:50 PM
    Do you mean 8K from EB5?

    Very well said.
    Based on 12K/half year, or 12K/year from EB1, say 20K be safe this year from EB1. 7K from EB2 ROW as last year, 8K from EB3, 0 from FB (EB2 get only 10k/4 last year as 10K FB is divided by Eb1/2/3/4), and normal 2.8K for EB2 I/C each (6K total), there are total 41K possibly for EB2 I/C.


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  • gvenkat
    09-23 08:08 PM
    All we need is just 233,816(page 2) visas(forget about country limit, EB category etc). In that case in 2 years we will have 280,000(140,000 * 2) visas. So should we all get GC in two years with that logic.

    If only USCIS can think along those lines. :confused:

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  • WaldenPond
    01-01 09:02 AM
    Any idea when the new proposals will be implemented if they become law :confused: Do we have to wait until Oct for these new proposals to take effect.

    Good question. The bill is expected to be on the floor of the Senate and House for debate in Feb-06. Learning from S1932, it is my guess that the soonest bill could be law is 2-3 months. So we may be looking at something like April/May-06. But nothing is for sure at this time. It is possible that the debate may be dragged on till third quarter of 2006. We should start the activity to communicate with the law makers right now and continue to convey the right message if we want anything good to come out of the new bill.


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  • 2011 CFDA Fashion Awards

  • gcphul
    01-27 10:51 AM
    I Do

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  • CADude
    10-03 12:11 PM
    The Director
    USCIS - Nebraska Service Center
    Linclon, NE
    Fax# 402-219-6171

    Sub: Inquiry for I-485 AOS application sent to Nebraska Service Center on July 2nd 2007 [USPS Tracking No. XXXXXX]

    Dear Director,

    My Adjustment Application [type, e.g. I-485] was delivered to INS Express, Nebraska Service Center, Lincoln, NE on July 2nd 2007 @ 11:11 AM. It’s more than 90 days but I didn’t even get the Receipt Notice for said application. How I can get the EAD in 90 days per law when i didn't even get the Receipt Number from USCIS?

    USCIS website update says NSC are working with August 13th 2007 received AOS applications. USCIS is not following the First in First out (FIFO) process for sure. Why August received application are getting Receipt Notice and subsequent benefits (EAD, AP, etc) at the expense of July 2nd filed application? It’s unfair to applicant like me.

    I need help of your good office to track my AOS application delivered to NSC on July 2nd 2007. Please feel free to contact me for additional information.

    Details as provided below:
    Name of Applicant:
    “A” Number of Applicant:
    USPS Tracking No:

    Sincerely yours,

    1) Copy of USPS Express delivery receipt for I-485 application(Tracking No. XXXXXX)

    We filed 485/765 on July 3rd. No RN till today. Checks not cashed. What can be done???


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  • vshar
    01-08 05:26 PM
    I found this forum after my I 485 denied as I applied for AOS under AC21 at texas center on 12/31/2008. The first thing I did after joining IV is sent the four letters.

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  • gg_ny
    08-09 02:30 PM
    Once again the petition protesting against namecheck delays misses the point. It is unreasonable to ask the FBI to "speed up" the process, they should be allowed to take as much time as they want.

    I want to recycle all the negative adjectives you have used in your mail on your statements ;-). Please read about NNCP, FBI and related congressional hearings and statements; about the GC for a muslim known to have Hezbollah connections but missed by FBI background checks and the kind of reactions in evoked in 2002; subsequent modifications in the name check process. Also, try to understand (!) that name checks are done for ALL APPLICANTS including for Soccer Spicegirl and her hubby Bechkam when they would apply under extraordinarily talented category. FBI does not look for visa category the applicant comes under; it is not their job. CIS is mandated to have the "background" check (of which namecheck is just one of the processes) cleared for ALL gc applicants. Then how can this be independent of gc process? What if the uncleared person gets gc and then becomes persona non granta (unavailable) for deportation if the checks fail? how about the benefits (SSN etc) and immi benefits (sponsorship etc.)? what if that person becomes an elected offcier (state governor?) and then the name check fails?

    The request to speed up the name checks is truly ridiculous. Stupidity like this is what harms legal H1-B immigrants the most.

    Do you understand the reasons for the delay? Read Pappu's postings carefully: the delay is not because of namechecks not cleared; delay is mainly because the FBI analysts DO NOT GET TO YOUR FILE for many years! They claim they could not keep up with demand for name checks from gc applicatns, naturalization applicants, sometimes other visa applicants, whitehouse visitors, political appointees to less prominent positions, would-be employees of coast guard and other sensitive defense establishments etc. etc. If that is the case what is wrong in asking FBI (I dont know who is doing it though) to speed up the process for legal immigratns? $100 X 500,000 = $50M; Even if one analyst costs ~100K per year (with benefits), then do the math!

    Stupidity in any form is harmful to H1Bs. Asking for expediting namecheck (even with a fat fee) is not one of them. But putting the mouths first where the minds should have been really harms anyone!


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  • patiently_waiting
    10-01 12:19 PM
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    That is exactly what smsthss is trying to tell you. To call from your mobile phone in US using vonage, you will need to have internet access for a few minutes (say a PC or better if you have an iphone;))

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  • vdlrao
    03-29 06:30 PM
    I am expecting the Dates for EB2 Inidia and China will move to Dec 2006 in May with 12k Spill over.

    So if we get about 30k more for this whole fiscal year, assuming:

    From EB1: 10K more
    From EB4 and EB5: About 10K
    From EB2 ROW: About 10K

    Then EB2 I/C will move about 12 months ahead. That means the cutoff date would be around Jan2008 by Aug/Sep 2011. This is the best case scenario.

    If we get only 20k more for this whole fiscal year,

    Then EB2 I/C will move about 8 to 9 months ahead. That means the cutoff date would be around Jul 2007 by Aug/Sep 2011. This is the worst case scenario.

    This is just my estimation/guestimation.



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  • chintu25
    07-12 12:23 PM
    Here is an email address for emailing letters to USCIS. Please send only approved formats from IV



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  • arihant
    02-24 03:54 PM
    Does anyone understand what is used to calculate the 3 year period for advanced degree olders?

    Is the end of the three year period considered when you applied for LC, or when you apply for 485/140? Since, technically, people who are pending at the BEC as well as those who are affected by retrogression are still on NIV, and have not applied for immigrant Visa yet.

    This point will have an impact on a lot of folks who may have applied for LC less than three years after getting their Degree but would have crossed that limit by the time they can apply for the immigrant Visa.


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  • sumagiri
    09-23 07:25 PM
    I thought each EB category could get upto 28.6% of 140000 = 40000 visas every fiscal year. So if EB1 uses up 5000 and EB2 takes the remaining 35000 and its annual allotment of 40000, EB3 does not get any spillover.


    knacath, I am hoping that EB2 will be current this year and EB3 begins to get spillover though very little this year.

    Some more specifics

    Annual Quota ------------------------------------------------------------------------> 140,000
    Pending EB1, EB4, EB5----------------------------------------------------------------> 7,653
    Estimate of all categories current applied this year and approved this year -----> 10,000
    Remaining visas -----------------------------------------------------------------------> 122,347
    All pending EB2s (includes retrogressed) -------------------------------------------> 74932
    Remaining visas available to EB3(includes retrogressed) --------------------------> 47415

    The only flaw in above is ignoring CP and assuming all 140K Quota to AOS. The majority of EB1, EB2 and EB3 are AOS. So I am safely ignoring CP. Even if CP is 15% of annual quota as some one put it, EB3 gets its allocated 40K quota and around 65K pending EB2s get out of queue.

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  • gcForV
    07-11 02:09 PM
    What I think is
    (1) Employee is covered.
    (2) Family may not be covered
    (3) Medical Exams, preparing supporting document(Birth certificate,shipping) charges not covered


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  • alterego
    06-15 02:32 PM

    My wife and kid are outside india. Can i file for 485 and include them...Do they have to be in india for that. Also can i file for my wife's ead

    NO They have to be in the US for AOS filing.

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  • jcrajput
    09-25 12:25 PM
    You don't need A# number from I140.
    When you give First name, last name and birth date. They can pull all your immigration applications submitted previously. If you have I140 approved that will show them in database.

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  • singhsa3
    08-20 10:11 PM
    Can you please further explain how the visa flow will work if instead of horizontal flow it is made vertical flow... or you have some other interpretation?
    The idea here is to get USCIS to follow the law

    Yes, the old system will be restored. Please note that this is the only sure fire way of EB3-I going forward. There is some comments that EB3-I can really only benefit if EB2-I goes current with the current horizontal spill over rules. Such statements are clearly misleading. Eb3-I will not directly be impacted by EB2-I being current. It just allows EB3 to get a lot of numbers which will first be used by EB3-ROW before spilling over into EB3-I.

    With this change, we get EB3ROW move ahead faster, it probably would have been C had the rules been followed, and EB3 would have started moving ahead.

    The only way for EB3 to move ahead is for EB3-ROW to become current, nothing else will help EB3 beyond the visa recapture (which is iffy at best). If we get USCIS to follow rules, this happens sooner, and EB3-I starts to move sooner. If not, EB3-I shall wait for a long time.

    04-01 12:54 PM
    I don't disagree with any of the statements.. It is totally personal decision for someone to donate or not.

    I agree that there is no silver bullet in any analysis. It is a number crunching game.. What is important is follow-up after analysis, which is only possible with IV.

    Dems want votes and more Hispanics
    GOP want more temps since it is very good for business
    Lawyers want more money so they are not interested in solutions. They are in it for money
    Individuals want their greencard just in time and not worry about the guy right behind them..
    tracker websites need traffic to get money from adds, so they don't want solution..

    Thanks for your kind words, its people like you who motivate me to analyze the data and create interpretations for all of us. Believe me its all very simple but has been only possible with news, inputs, suggestions and critique from all its really teamwork. Only together we have been able to come to understand how best we can predict what the future holds for us. Nobody claims or guarantees for accuracy however we do try our best to give out the most up to date forecast. Many folks like and appreciate this and it brings traction and new members to IV. Nobody is discounting that advocacy is not important it really is important. However the characterization of freeloader by some is extremely unfortunate I would attribute it simply to their lack of understanding. VBKRIS it�s absolutely yours and IV prerogative to keep information in the Donor forum to respect hose who contribute financially, however in the internet age information travels very fast.

    08-20 06:43 PM
    Lingo was a good service till vonage announced this deal.
    Lingo has 3 cents to India on World plan $21.95/Month.

    Lingo has a 2 year contract. If you leave them before 2 years, need to pay $100 penalty.

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