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Friday, July 1, 2011

Kickoff Return Formations

images a 80-yard kickoff return Kickoff Return Formations. A kick-off meeting was held in
  • A kick-off meeting was held in

    01-17 04:45 PM
    Hi All,

    I have just signed up for $20 contribution per month. Already contributed about $250 dollars until now.

    I tried to get many of my friends in OHIO to enroll, but they just don't trust these efforts. I tried to convince them a lot but, they think everything will be resolved automatically and especially does not want to contribute even a $ for these kind of efforts. It's a shame on us that we tend to be the same backhome as well as here. Just use and use for free and never contribute anything back.

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  • After a good kickoff return

  • immig4me
    03-01 08:59 AM

    Kickoff Return Formations. 12 yard kickoff return
  • 12 yard kickoff return

  • AirWaterandGC
    05-02 02:45 PM
    Currently I am on H1B visa. My labor petition and I-140 were approved sometime last year. I have been on H1B for many years now and my current H1-B is valid till 2010. My wife is on a H1-B visa too. Her labor petition and I-140 were approved too last year.

    I have been admitted to some of the top ranking business schools full-time MBA program and intend to join one of those. I understand that transfer to F-1 status might be challenging. Hence I was planning to transfer to H4 status. School starts in Sept and I plan to be working till end of August. My question is : When do I need to file the I-539 change of status from H1 to H4 ? There is no date on the form I-539 that I can request my status change to be effective from. Also there is no guideline as to when my H4 status application may be approved. If I file now and it gets approved quickly, I cannot work for my employer and would have to sit at home. However, if I wait till end of August, then resign, how fast do I need to file for the H4 change of status ? Would the school have any issues if the approval is pending and I wanted to start classes. (Note I do have H1 valid till 2010, but once I quit my job I may no longer be in H1 status). Most schools did not have any accurate answer and hence I am throwing it at you gurus.

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  • roseball
    09-01 09:22 PM
    I am in India right now - Can i take the card production ordered page and get back in?

    You should ONLY use AP to re-enter. Do not re-enter on H1. In the secondary inspection, the IO will know that your GC has been approved. Congratulations !!!


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  • Bulloch kickoff return.

  • tuhin
    07-14 11:33 AM
    Been five years waiting , and I do not think we will see any relief anytime soon. So, I am switching jobs. My current employer (a big multinational, won;t just port it for me, and I am not going to haggle). Though my future employer would port my EB3 to EB2, it won;t transfer my H1B, and I will have to use my EAD. Question: Can I port from EB3 to EB2, while on EAD and if I let go my H1B? My apologies, if this is not the right forum.

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  • 71-yard kickoff return

  • sunny1000
    05-19 03:10 PM
    Called all of them early morning 10am eastern time
    which is 7am pacific for me. No hold anywhere. All calls were
    done in ten minutes.

    Response from most of them was "I will pass the message".
    Some took my phone number, name and current location.
    Exceptions were

    From office of 'Hilda Solis', staff said that congressman is already
    supporting those bills.

    Office of "Ciro Rodriguez" said that they respond to issues from
    their constituents and encouraged me to call my representative.

    Office of "Lucille Roybal-Allard" said "pass and message" and asked
    if I have contacted my representative.

    IV members who are the constituents of Congressman Rodriguez, please take a few minutes to call him and impress upon him of how important this is for his constituents.


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  • the Kick Return duties.

  • jayZinDC
    05-16 02:19 PM
    Just spoke to Hinjosa, will be calling the rest in a few. I told her I would like to leave a mesg fr the senator. I told her I live in DC and would like the senator to support Zoe's bills.

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  • a 80-yard kickoff return

  • GCBy3000
    06-26 06:06 PM
    I am not sure how far it is true, but this is the content of the email I got from my attorney when I pressed him to file at the earlierst.

    "As soon as we have these forms back, all of the evidence for filing remaining from you, and I review the completed filing, we will file it. We appreciate your interest in filing on the first day the filing allows. We will endeavor to do that. I should point out that the current bulletin allows for filings throughout July. It is possible that the filings could be discontinued later in July. We are in touch with officials in Washington about this issue and will file your application in a timely fashion for obtaining the benefit when the filing is properly prepared."


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  • Kick Return for TD! NCAA Football 09#39;

  • immuser
    01-25 07:18 PM
    Just one point Slumdog -- You know, I have never seen anyone who rents, writing this kind of a story and justifying his decision. I wonder, why not? Why do YOU have to justify over here? Are you justifying to others or you are justifying to yourself?

    You put too much stress on "quality of life". One can have a good quality of life in a small apartment.

    I keep telling my wife that our apartment looks small only when she goes to department stores and shops like crazy. Our walk-in-closet is the nearest thing to a Black Hole. Mass density is so high in that area that pretty soon even light would not come out of it.

    I strongly believe in "Simple Living, High Thinking". I can not say I implement it all the time, however, I try to keep it in my mind during my decision making process.

    Slumdog, You have great writing skills.

    "One can have a good quality of life in a small apartment...."

    Not true - a small apt is a small apt no matter what. Yes, you can live with peace of mind in a small apt, and yes you can live happily in a small apt. This does not equate to quality of life. The "quality of life" in a 4 bedroom house with back yard is greater than that in a small 650 sq ft single bedroom apt ( if you put the same person who was happy in the small apt into the 4 bedroom house - even if his happiness level remains the same, his quality of life just went up)

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  • Goodwin#39;s kick return TD

  • srikondoji
    09-19 12:06 PM
    I and manish flew monday morning sept 17th on a short notice to attend 11:30AM appointment and then again at 3:30 PM with nagaraj.
    We had 2 more appointments on 18th with NH senators.
    All the meetings were great and one them exceeded 30 minute schedule to 50 minutes.

    It was great to meet all the members like aman, jay, paskal, kanika, meenal, nagaraj, pappu, gopal etc.

    Paskal: Where is my beer?
    Gopal: "Don't shoot the messenger" in the situation room.
    jay: Speech pointing fingure to capitol hill behind him. "We are here on offence".
    Mike: Step1 to step 5 entertainment

    These are some, but not all, of the memorable things in DC.

    I really had to mention pappu seperately.
    He is a dedicated person to this cause and needs special mention. I really enjoyed his company in the bus on our return journey to NH. We shooted all possible questions and got convincing answers.

    Thanks again for the wonderful experience.
    It was a true vacation.:eek::eek:


    Kickoff Return Formations. (TD 95 Yards Kick Return
  • (TD 95 Yards Kick Return

  • amitjoey
    01-18 11:50 AM
    Guys, this is the time to show the core group that we are a bunch of people thankful that there is IV to help us fight this fight.
    We need to stand united and raise awareness and sign up for the $20minimum a month recurring contribution.

    I understand that some of you do intend to contribute and have contributed generously in the past,
    But here are some mindsets, All of us fall in these 4 mindsets.

    1) you probably think "why should I sign up for a monthly recurring contribution program". I am a generous contributor and I contribute almost monthly anyways.
    2) I have contributed enough.
    3) I will contribute if I feel like, when I see something comming out of this effort.
    4) I do not have to contribute.

    If you are in category 1).I can tell you, I understand because I have been a generous contributer in the past. But guys, the reason I signed up for a monthly recurring contribution is that it helps IV know that 'X' amount of funds are guaranted every month, this way they can better plan.

    Category 2) Contributed enough - Okay why dont just sign up for a minimum amount of $20/month once more. What is enough is not enough.

    Category 3) This has been discussed, I do not want to talk about this category of members.

    Category 4) Again - No Comments-

    Lets show the core team that all of us fall in the first 2 categories.

    The last thing we want the core to do is bite their fingers over funds. We want do not want the core to get stressed out over funds. They have enough real work to do already.

    Inspite of being a serious team player, and a generous contributor it took me two days to sign up for the recurring monthly contribution program, so I give all of the ones that have not set up a monthly recurring contribution benefit of doubt. But this is our last chance, I urge you to be one of the 2000 people we need for this effort. Need 898 members

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  • during a kick return and

  • amsgc
    03-29 07:44 PM

    I am wondering if someone could please clarfiy whether the beneficiary can pay the fee for the H1 B petition and the fee for the lawyer involved in filing the petition.

    It will be very helpful if you could please cite an official USCIS document.

    Thank you.


    house a cut on a kickoff return. Kickoff Return Formations. on the ensuing kick return
  • on the ensuing kick return

  • insearch
    05-07 10:20 AM

    I don't know if this thread is the right place to ask this question .

    Can anyone tell if it is possible to file for PERM by the new employer without transferring the H1B to them ?
    My new employer is offering me this and I wanted to more about this ,if it would affect my H1 status .Still 4 yrs of H! is remaining .


    tattoo 71-yard kickoff return Kickoff Return Formations. on the kickoff return,
  • on the kickoff return,

  • ashkam
    04-09 11:18 AM
    gc4me : Pardon me, but how is citizenship not a relevant issue to legal immigrants? If you're not worried about citizenship issues, then why are you even infesting this thread? Many people, including me, might be interested. And I have indeed contributed, although I don't see how that is any of your business and as long as this website isn't being hosted on your home computer, I don't see what gives you the right to ask it of anyone in a patronizing tone. It's simple really, if you're not interested in any issue, just stay away. No one needs your BS sarcasm or disapproval.

    supplychainwallah : you seem to have pretty deep-rooted issues. I recommend you get some anger management counselling.


    pictures the Kick Return duties. Kickoff Return Formations. kickoff return specialist
  • kickoff return specialist

  • Imigrait
    09-02 07:09 PM
    It is very hard to pass 28 sleepless night....:):) Hard to make it thru even one...

    I know, especially since last year I sat around for 2 months(Aug and Sept '08) when I was current, hoping my file would be touched. What did Obama say "HOPE" ? I guess that's what we're living on. It could be a "MIRAGE" too :rolleyes:.

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  • syzygy
    07-11 05:29 PM
    I think once couple of senators start rocking our issue others will start supporting too.

    We need to acknowledge her support and do something to convey our happiness/gratitude over her reaction to this mess.


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  • ramaonline
    07-17 12:54 PM
    You can just take the 5-10 lines from the report which shows wasted visa numbers from the past years and send it to all lawmakers from all states asking for visa number recapture legislation

    I think its just one small paragraph the lawmakers have to insert - They can attach it to any major upcoming bill - This does not create additional numbers or change the existing laws in a big way.

    girlfriend on the kickoff return, Kickoff Return Formations. 92 yd Kickoff Return by Rodney
  • 92 yd Kickoff Return by Rodney

  • akhilmahajan
    07-30 11:28 AM
    Even i got it from MSC.

    TSC or MSC.

    hairstyles (TD 95 Yards Kick Return Kickoff Return Formations. Winning kickoff return over
  • Winning kickoff return over

  • santb1975
    04-12 09:38 PM
    I have been taking several fitness classes in Tristate area and So.Cal over the past 7 years and in every class I have taken so far the number of female participants have always outnumbered the number of male participants. Be it Kickboxing or Strength and Endurance Training. One of my co-worker has started taking Strength Training classes a couple of weeks ago only to tell me that he has new found respect for all the ladies who take those classes religiously every week. I cracked up when he told me ... he was dying to complete the class and kept lowering the weights he picked up while the ladies were going like drill sergeants

    I know that females are disproportionately represented in these forums - even so.........I would like to see more women participate. Going forward, I will give $10 towards even female who signs up (upto 10 memberships). If you cannot find company, exercise with a cell phone and pepper spray on you.

    10-18 02:46 PM
    My dauther is 22 years and 8 month old.
    We have not received an official notification from CIS yet, but she is aged-out according to the way the formula is applied.
    I started my case (EB-3) with DOL in Sep.08,05 when she was 20 and a half years old; My I-140 was approved on Aug.02,05. I had to wait almost 1 year for a visa. On Jul.2,07 I sent I-485s and I-765s. We have received the Work Permits and the apointment notices for the biometrics for each member of my family, including my daughter.
    I live in Falls Church, Virginia, so I went to Jim Moran's office (my House representative) to explain my case, how the CSPA fails and ask him to request CIS to apply the law in a different way (I would say in the right way). I talked to one of his staffers but he said that the law is very clear about the time the case is considered in process (only considers the time the I-140 was in process). As you know, CSPA does not consider the time in DOL nor the time waintg for a visa (retrogression).
    Also my daughter has talked to Senator Webb and he wanted to know how many cases are beeing affected, particularly in Virginia, to see if there are several cases, then something can be done.
    I was wondering if any one has heard about any change on CSPA and if someone know where can I find how many cases are being affected by this nightmare or if someone has started something to have this law be doing the right thing: to protect children and families.
    Thanks for your help

    I have no idea how we can find out how many people are in this situation. From this site alone I think there are probably 'several' of us who would love to share our stories with Jim Moran's office. Surely where we live should make no difference since immigration law is fixed at the federal level.

    I had to wait three and a half years for my labor cert. My son was 18 when it was applied for. I never imagined he would age out. Shows how naive I was with regard to the long labor backlog caused by the 245i mini amnesty of 2001.

    I would be happy to share my case, for certain. It is refreshing to have a legislative office that seem interested and not just give their standard useless replies.

    05-16 01:24 PM
    Thanks for the responses. Should we submit the original medical report or copy is fine?

    The doctor will give you two reports. One open envelope for your records and Another sealed envelope for USCIS.

    You should not open the Sealed envelope and this sealed envelope should be submitted as is when you are applying for your 485.

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