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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Kareem Abdul Jabbar

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  • gbof
    05-15 03:49 PM
    I may be wrong, but I had different impression. If officer felt that GC can be given in one year they issued 1 year EAD, other wise 2 years EAD. When I got 2 years EAD, I was not happy about it.

    But several things go wrong and people might not have got GC despite getting 1 year EAD. I feel that people getting 1 year EAD must have every thing ready, just waiting for their Visa Number.

    Dhundhun, You are right..... it was meant to be like that. But, eventually, it's all at the whim of person handling ---OR how else, we can explain: One spouse getting for 2-yr duration n other for 1- yr. This happened to me.... The fact is we can not question their action.

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  • nsb
    02-02 02:07 AM

    Look for section 1601


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  • stuckinmuck
    06-26 07:00 PM

    Also, let's keep working on opposition to the Menendez amendment.

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  • akhilmahajan
    07-31 09:50 PM
    any updates on anyone's case............


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  • gk_2000
    05-04 02:34 AM
    Some porter gave me red on this post.

    You will understand later my brother. After you get the GC when you look back. You will say to yourself "Wow, I was being so small and petty minded: I was bashing up real people for a piece of plastic". That is the time we can meet and be friends

    Value of a "person" will be known when he is gone. But the worthlessness of material thing gets realized when it actually comes. Character of a person is truly tested during trying times. May you reminisce about it later and wonder why didn't you do better

    Good luck. And BTW I was not the guy who gave you red.

    About this message: It's not just for MC, but many,many more of you. Is it really important that you won the race in life, more than how people remember you? I am not "targeting" anyone in particular, just indulging myself with some philosophy. Peace.

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  • das0
    05-16 02:56 PM
    Thank you rb_!

    I knew ppl in this forum said the same thing as you said that GC is for a future job but unsure what my attorney will say.

    Other folks - any thoughts or insights?


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  • Lasantha
    04-07 01:27 PM
    Finally there's an approval today on . At least USCIS is still breathing. That's good to know!!!! :D

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  • needhelp!
    09-20 07:50 PM
    Yes, Logiclife is a bit touchy about the flower issue. But its all good
    Can you PM me the story behind that. Or else...


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  • yabadaba
    10-05 06:17 PM
    Big movement usually comes in June (last quarter of the fiscal year) because DOS is not good in statistics (they are hiring US citizens...just kidding, no offense meant) and only that time it realizes that there are more visas to give. And then suddenly some big VB movements (i think DOS should hire us instead as statistician....i can make accurate VB...lol).

    But I believe for FY2008, big movement will come on April (DOS doesn't like a repeat of the July VB fiasco).
    i agree with junRN....i think this time around the movement will be accurate because all the 485 cases have been filed (excluding BEC ppl) no labor substitution will occur, hence they will know how many visas are in hand and how many can be allotted. Although I think the movement will start from Dec as they suggested...but it will be conservative..and then get agrressive (if reqd) by april.

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  • sanan
    05-16 01:53 PM
    I would say 90 % in the same boat :p No sweat. They will do an immunization test. You could even get the vaccinations taken
    I am sure some of us do not have vaccination records, but have gone thru vaccinations back in India....The record keeping is a recent phenomenon...any body in the same boat and have gone thru same phase


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  • GCWaiter03
    05-15 11:13 AM
    Hi GCWaiter,

    Why do you suggest going for x-ray instead of skin test?


    For Indians we had vaccination in India at our childhood. Due to this some will get positive results in the skin test. Then doctor is going to recommends for chest x-ray. Some of the doctor's are going to overlook this. Because the medical report is a sealed cover we don�t know what number he written in the medical examination form. You can ask the doctor.

    And one more thing is for skin test we have wait couple of days.

    From my experience I recommend others to go for x-ray. In my case my immigration doctor, he written 5mm as reaction for skin test. USCIS sent RFE on this to go for x-ray.
    I gone for x-ray and answered the RFE immediately.

    A chest x-ray is required only if the reaction to the TB skin test is 5mm or greater.


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  • Macaca
    06-29 04:07 PM
    AILA is trying to establish a precedent by saying that only the VB is the one that should determine the visa availabulity.

    This means that restting VB dates is legal.

    I can not believe AILA and immigration lawyers are so incompetent. What are they fighting? Just amazing! No end to Immigration crap!


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  • texcan
    01-23 11:02 AM
    I believe there are always two camps in any group, different view points, ideas and observations.

    I firmly believe even if words are harsh from some members they donot mean that bad, or they just simply cant see other's view point.

    Over last few year, i have observed something and that bothers me, the point is
    "We (Indians) are interesting people, we want to live as an indian in america";
    save a lot of money, go home(india) for 15 days ....say bad things about india
    and then come here...start saying bad things about america.

    I like some points aobut half hearted work from some fellows. I totally agree.
    Here is my simply take, if we want to live and compete hapilly, we have to really live in america as an american.
    How can an indian who slept all afternoon on weekend, then watched a movie and ate heavy dinnner at night with 5 indian families who all taked about negative things in america; will /can compete with american on monday morning...when this american
    got up early on saturday, ran 10 miles ...full of energy....took his/her kids for camping or went on its own, ran /exercised on sunday may be a long trek in woods...he is fresh, ready to work, creative...
    I donot think anyone who slept all week/watched movie/talked negative about american society /about america can compete with someone who lived for full weekend.

    These are just small observations.
    In short, most of us are still living an indian life in america. This will not take us far,
    If we want to be happy we got to live as an american in america.
    Money is not everything,a big bankbalance will do no good to anyone at age of 65 when you cant move your leg let apart run or play.

    I also believe, we (indians) donot give time to ourselves. Ex. husband, wife, kids all together all the time. No good, give time to yourself, do somtihngs togehter and some things seperately, This will give time to observe life as an individual too.

    how many indian go out for just all boys groupings, not many. Why??? how bad it can be, when you just go out kick some dust drink beer if you please, atleast releax.
    When i started doing it, it was lot of fun.

    Same should be with girls, wives, you all should go out and do things with your friends for a change.

    same for kids, if your kids want to go camping with school friends, let them go. Let kids live their life. Imaging what your kids talks about weekend, when rest of american kids talk about running in wood, fishing, hunting, mud racing.....????

    Just my thoughts and i believe in living life to fullest; and try to live it to fullest too.

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  • tonyHK12
    09-28 08:55 PM
    This won't fly because the simplistic model for immigration bills is -

    D(hispanic) + D(labor) + D(neutral) + R(business) + R(nativist) + R(neutral) < Enough votes to pass Congress

    I agree, this is the way politics works most of the time. lobby for votes, etc.

    But isn't it also their job to do what is in the best interest of the Nation. Everything isn't decided by lobbies.

    Maybe we're approaching this the wrong way, in trying to build competing lobby. it needs a new approach. Congress should be convinced in a different way.

    Lobby is for optional, nice to have things, which will not be generally missed if they fail.
    Legal immigration is none of these and is almost mandatory. Imagine losing for eg. 200K EB3s. another 50K doctors.


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  • chintainfogc
    08-05 03:19 PM
    I opened an SR on 08/03/2010 and i see a Soft LUD on my case today but no status change.
    Is this something normal or i am about to be greened?

    Please share your experience.


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  • saileshdude
    04-08 06:23 PM
    If you think any fraud is going on or there is a law being misused you must complain to USCIS and Ombudsman. Unless it is reported nobody in a position of power will know about it and nothing will be done to stop it.

    And this should be done sooner than later. If we keep quiet about this like everyone did for labor substitution, we are the only ones who are going to suffer. I came here in 1998 and did my MS and have been working like dog all these years. Have faced layoffs, exploiting by DCC, had to refile my GC and now these fake EB1 guys come along and get GC in 6 months.

    Trust me, I will be reporting the company that I have heard of the case to ombudsman and USCIS. And I think everyone who has heard of this should verify and then report it also.

    Lets start this campaign also because in the long run, it will benefit both EB2 and EB3.

    And genuine EB1 guys dont have to worry about this because if they really do have extra-ordinary capabilities they should not have hard time proving it (so called Multinational executives)


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  • RajForGC
    02-19 07:06 PM
    Yeah, if this is True, DOL Audit for new PERM for same Employee, then there is no benefit of filing new PERM! :mad:

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  • santb1975
    05-15 10:47 PM
    Thankyou for your kind words. Please make calling the rep's a priority. Let us not derail this campaign.

    Mirage, I disagree with you. Let us focus on reaching out as requested by this campaign activity. This is NOT the time to debate or get distracted.

    Each and every call counts. It all adds up. This is a democracy. The more calls that these offices get, we have a better chance that they would take a balanced view towards these bills.

    So, please do NOT get distracted or get into long drawn debates. the admins have done a lot of the groundwork, given a script and are asking people to call. Let us not second guess them or try to play 'smart alec'.


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  • snathan
    05-16 01:10 PM
    I had discussion with Mr.Gotcher about this issue. He said, AILA is collecting information on this matter and they are pursuing with Altanta center. But he does not believe or expect any positive outcome. As said earlier he insist to send a formal complaint with OIG and offered his time/help. As its affecting large group of people he refused to accept any fee. I offered we are ready to cover any expense which he might incurr, but seems like it would be very less and he offered free service. Mr.Gotcher will draft a letter in a week time. What we need now - lot support and signature. We do not need to provide any case number. so I dont believe there would be any consequence. So guys please come forward. Spread this news as much as possible and get enough support. Help yourself and get out of this mess.


    01-18 04:30 PM
    I gurantee monthly contributions. But, sorry, don't trust the automated & recurring transfers. I can sense there maybe other people with the same thought.

    Instead of a target number of recurring contributors, can you publish target monthly contributions (e.g. $XK target for Jan & $YK target for Feb and so on). It will be easier for us to gauge the shortage.

    Any insight into the distribution of spend (bet. lobbyists, admin etc) would be very useful too.

    Please PM core

    05-17 02:37 PM
    My i485 app was received by uscis (NSC) on 04/25, notice date 04/27. I got fingerprinting notice on may 14th to have it done on may 23 (me) and may 24(my spouse).

    Thanks for posting your dates gc_aspirant! Is your case concurrent filing?

    I am worried now, my application receipt date is 04/19 one week before you, i still didn't get the FP notice. Hope I will get this week :o

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