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Friday, July 1, 2011

Ipaq Pocket Pc

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  • gsc999
    09-20 11:59 PM
    No PM please

    This has to be discussed in the public forum.

    gsc999 - U will have to let us know - or else u wont be sapred ;)

    Ok, ok . Once upon a time, when we were planning the San Jose rally, Tamsen & me were discussing that we hand out flowers to passerby because that way, we could weave the concept of "flower campaign" into the San Jose rally.

    So, I posted a message with subject line "Flowery campaign"

    On the actual day of the rally, after we were all done. Some laggards including Logiclife, Pratik, myself and a few others went to lunch. There Logiclife mentioned that one strange dude (which was me) had posted such a strange sissy message about "flowery" stuff. It seems that Logiclife must have forgotten my ID. He said it so seriously that I didn't have the heart to tell him that it was me. He went on to say that what was this person thinking.

    Fast forward to Situation room in Hyatt(09/16), someone suggested the idea of handing out flowers to passerby again. The old wounds were reopened ;-). I thought that this is the time for my pound of flesh. Logiclife, as anticipated opposed the "flowery" idea. I then pointed out that the strange guy who posted the earlier "Flowery idea" at San Jose rally was me ;-). I saw Logiclife turn red. Paskal took the cue and started to close in on the kill and wanted Logiclife to support the idea. That is the story. Other gals picked up onto this and that is how Logiclife got cornered by the "flowery" idea.:o

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  • goosetavo
    03-23 03:43 PM
    Looks like we have a 4th member from WA going to the event! WOW!
    Folks from Microsoft and other companies came together and helped sponsor some of our attendees, how are the rest of you doing?

    GO IV!

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  • sheela
    10-06 08:40 AM
    what does visa bulletin 0f nov 07 mean for the rest of the world?i mean not for india and china.
    i am eb2 .current mean what?

    Current mean: You should get documents including your medicals, photos, employment verification letterm etc., ready and file AOS at the earliest oppurtunity in nov. good luck

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  • sroyc
    10-12 06:23 PM
    The FIFO policy applies (i know, i know, there are lots of exceptions) to applications in a particular category. In fact, for those who have PDs before the current cutoff, there is no FIFO. I know that you have been harping on this for a long time that eventually EB2 will be held back in favor of EB3, but there is no logical basis for this argument. Why isn't EB1 for the retrogressed countries backlogged? With your logic, there should be a time when EB1 is held back for EB2 and EB3 to catch up.

    The fact is that most of Pre 2004 EB2 lot is already out of the system. Those who are still in are sufferer of namecheck and BECs.There is no perfect mechanism to determine the ratio but I would guess 80% are out from that group. Second factor what we need to look is Most of EB3 Mid 2002 to Mid 2005 are still in the system. Third factor what we need to understand is that EB3 filing is always more than double of EB2. Fourth fact is that USCIS has to see "FIFO" is followed or not. So end effect would be we will see EB3 India progressing from this December till April 2008 bulletins reasonably. EB2 will be put on hold . End result in summary would be both EB2 and Eb3 will be brought to Middle of 2005 by next June bulletin. Once that happens Eb2-I will moving faster with comparision to EB3-I.


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  • Madhuri
    01-14 06:27 PM
    I will post tomm's plays if anyone is interested ...Lemme Know


    What are your plays tomorow?

    I am thinking of buying BRCM,CSCO and UHG

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  • arnet
    06-14 05:24 PM
    1. I'm happy for those who can file for I-485 now. good luck, file it soon. don't delay.

    2. But for the other applicants who are struck in BEC from 2003/2004, we are with you and we will work with IV to address EB related GC issues. I know BEC set Sept 30, 2007 as final date to process pending labor applications and many cases are approved.

    So wait and fight for few more months and then file I-140/485 concurrently. IV will keep these people in their mind and will work hard during CIR or strive bill discussion so that no restrictions are put on your application while filing I-140/485. our prayers are with you.

    Since the dates are going to retrogress in next few months or so, we need to request USCIS & lawmakers to allow filing I-485 even if visa numbers are not current, exempt spouse & dependents from quota, remove hard country limit, and so on....


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  • ganguteli
    04-09 11:58 AM
    I sent you a PM with links.

    Sorry. I correct myself. I saw IV ad. I PMed back to you

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  • vikki76
    09-01 04:02 PM
    I am green'ed today and got card production ordered mail. I am soooooooooooooo happy....

    Congrats..can you please update your data? Which service center? NSC or TSC? what your RD/ND date?


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  • Michael chertoff
    05-04 02:24 PM
    Most of the approvals are from Nebraska.

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  • JazzByTheBay
    03-20 07:10 PM
    We need to underscore this point over and over again with a sense of urgency. Having to wait ~5-10 years for permanent residence **just because of country of birth**, a discrimination practiced only against Indians and Chinese (well, I know it's country quotas and each country has one, but it only impacts Indians and Chinese) is nothing but a grave human rights abuse.

    As the President has said many times over, "the time is now". This needs to be fixed.


    Thank you Totoro. People like you keeps the hope alive in our heart that someday justice will be done.
    So far all the arguments and suggestions were really good. But Totoro seems to be looking for compelling stories. There are very depressing cases where people had to restart their GC process for no fault of their own. And some people have been here for more than 10 years still rotting in the queue hoping to get a GC and move on with their dreams to become a Citizen of this country.
    However the collective compelling story is what Eternal Hope has expressed. This is exactly the situation for people from India/China.
    Sure anchor babies is not a great argument for illegals cause it promotes illegal immigration. (In fact I heard in some countries Citizenship by birth only works if the parents are legals. But thats a different story.).
    Let us say because of the reasons listed by Eternal Hope we are forced to go back to our home countries.
    Firstly, How fair will that be for our children who are Legit Citizens of US.
    These innocent kids know only US as their home. Just as much as any other US Citizen. Most of the kids can only speak english. They can barely understand their mother tongue. Point is they are just as American as any American kid.
    If they are forced to go to a foreign country, far from their friends and familiar surroundings. Had the change been for the better, still they would feel they were wronged. My guess is they will hold a grudge against us, their parents, and their own country.
    This to me is compelling reason, specially since I am a Democrat (sorry can't vote yet).
    BTW, my moral support has always with Obama, and with Zoe Loefgren.
    Many of us cried when Obama read his oath. That was the defining moment for all people who have been subjected to injustice, been told that they were not good enough because of their race or country of origin. Think about it... The Chinese and Indians having to wait so many years just to get a GC is injustice being done to a people of certain origin. Oh well!


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  • Michael chertoff
    05-06 09:52 AM
    impressive! What's your field if you don't mind me asking.

    Information Technology

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  • waitforevergc
    03-04 04:09 PM
    Hello Sir,

    Was your passport issued in India?I have applied for my passport renewal and it was issued in Visakhapatnam. I urgently need my new passport to travel to india..


    I have to renew my passport from DC.

    In the documents mentioned, "Proof of residence", I am staying in an apartment.

    We don't have lease agreement, it is month to month. Also, the phone bill is in my spouse's name.

    Please guide me what should I take as Proof of residence ? Is driving license photo copy sufficient?

    Also, my US visa is expired in my current passport but I have my H1b is till 2012.
    Will this be an issue?



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  • pappu
    01-18 10:10 AM
    I think it will take almost a month before there is significant number of members who sign up for recurring payments. So, keep it up and spread the word.

    I was wondering how many of 8400 messages were undelivered?
    We dont really have a month. The work on the bill is happening even now behind the scene. We wish to put in more resources and plan for more resources in the coming months. We are still getting a lot of bounced messages. people have given us email ids like abcd@abcd.com. Well, to such people we say that they will not be hearing any announcements from IV when we send a newsletter with announcements. And sometimes sensitive information will be given by phone or to contributing members only. So all must update their profile with full information and signup for recurring contributions. We may not make sensitive updates public on the forum. This will be an incentive for people to sign up for monthly contributions.

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  • texcan
    01-24 12:25 PM
    Nothing about this behavior is specific to Indians. It is a first generation immigrant behavior. See if you children are going to do it...

    Really? An active lifestyle, being outdoors, energetic etc. are qualities of an American? A country where 70% of people are supposed to be overweight? Where some say 30% to 40% of schoolchildren are obese? I would agree with your argument for an active lifestyle versus a lazy one. However generalizing to things like getting up early/running/trekking/outdoorsy etc. as typical American traits is pushing it.

    If I want to catch up on my sleep on the weekends, why not? I sleep less than 6 hours a day on average during the week. Sleeping less = poor output and also has been linked to poor cardiac health.

    You dont have to blindly believe that everything that is American is good.
    For example, Americans work the longest hours of any developed country. Does this increase your standard of living. They have the fewest holidays/vacation days.

    Maybe doing things separately is your "American way" of fun. Doing things with my family is my way. What's wrong with that. At least we dont have a 50% divorce rate and dont kick our kids out of our homes when they turn 18.

    I go out and meet friends by myself. Why does it have to be all boys? Why do I have to drink beer (yucky/stinky stuff by the way). My wife does the same with her friends. Kid is too youg for this.

    My point is you are trying to fit into your image of an american. You will never fit in completely. You are hoping your beer buddies are laughing with you and not at you. Be yourself- however Indian or American it may be.

    My friend Achoo,

    thanks for taking time to read my long post.
    I like healthy criticism, good view points.

    I still believe that the points i mentioned in post are true, from my experience;
    but anyone else does'nt have to believe in them at all.
    Most discussion on topics of lifestyle are subjective and contextual, thats why hard to explain ones point of view to anyone else.

    My simple policy is, i donot care how my kids or beer buddies are behaving; i do make sure i do no harm and enjoy my exercise ( marathons) and beer.....

    thanks for reading.


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  • Goodintentions
    02-16 05:08 PM
    Dear All,

    The idea about the oath is good. Most of us do great, creative things at work and earn the appreciation of our peers and seniors. Why not we brainstorm now, come with creative ideas to help ourselves?

    Let us be open all new ideas. No idea is stupid!

    Personally I would think of a mass satyaghraha but not sure now many will like it. It is a peaceful and well tried Gandian method to highlight our plight

    GOD bless the EB community!

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  • s_r_e_e
    08-13 10:14 AM
    Filed - Jul 3
    Mailed Docs : Jul 6
    LUD : Jul 27
    FP : Jul 31
    Expiring : Oct 3


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  • vdlrao
    05-06 07:00 AM
    Just checked USCIS.gov. Both mine and my wife's I-485 were approved.

    "On May 5, 2011, we ordered production of your new card. Please allow 30 days for your card to be mailed to you. If we need something from you we will contact you. If you move before you receive the card, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283."

    Thanks IV for all the support.

    Will continue to support in all it's endeavours.

    CONGRATS My friend. Really feeling happy to see the approvals.

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  • gccovet
    08-01 01:23 PM
    I'm from ATL and the latest i could get an infopass at ATL local office is on August 12th. My EAD expires Aug 22nd. I will have to ask him what to . Does anbody know if there is an interim EAD and if so, will they give it immediately or is there a "process" for that also.

    Could someone please help me? I was trying to schedule an InfoPass appointment, ontheir website,

    I clicked on
    You need Service on a case that has already been filed

    Then next page clicked on

    EAD inquiry appointment - If your I-765 employment authorization application has been pending for more than 90 days.

    Give me following message:

    At this time, there are no information appointments available for the office in your area. Please try back again later.

    Return to USCIS On-Line

    I was wondering how you were able to schedule an appointment? I would appreciate if you could help me in this.



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  • extra_mint
    05-16 09:21 AM
    Seriously Teddy.
    Your's and Q prediction thread has been really helpful.
    So thanks a ton !!

    Many congratulations and thanks for your kind words. Enjoy your green life it's good to know that people find the predictions and calculations blog useful.

    01-18 09:28 AM
    Please keep up the good work
    and a big thank you to all core member

    I'm a member from chinese community. You guys are doing a great job for all the people

    so far contribution $150, will try to make at least $20 each month

    07-11 05:38 PM
    Think we atleast send an email or letter to her with a "Thankyou" note for raising the issue with regards to USCIS/DOS on this VB issue.

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