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Friday, July 1, 2011

In Love Coloring Pages

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  • Gorgeous beading in her hair.

  • thomachan72
    05-21 01:33 PM
    Hello All,

    My first I-140 (EB3) got denied and is pending in appeals office for more than 1-1/2 years. Since 140 was denied my 485 was also denied.

    Later we filed new labor (in 2009) and 140 (EB-2) and got approval after 8 months.

    My questions are:

    1. Can I file 'motion to reopen' for 485s based on new 140 approval and use the previous priority date (which is 2004)?

    2. If not, can I file motion to reopen 485 based on old 140 (which is pending in appeals office) and later if they are open, can we link these 485s with new 140?

    Please advise.

    How can you MTR for the 485 which was denied based on a denied 140? What were the grounds for denial? You might have to wait for the approval of the old 140 and then use that PD? You can port the old PD provided the older application is finally approved following the apeals. Just my 2 cents. Check with others/attorney.

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  • GCBy3000
    11-13 02:57 PM
    Thanks for your contribution. But why are you posting this message here? There is no waldenpond in this thread and it is not related to contribution.


    Thanks for all the efforts you have made for us. Just contributed 200$ , please ask others to contribute too. Together we all need to give that one last giant push......

    Friends ,
    I appeal to all of you, this is the best time to start enegizign ourself and contribute for the cause.... I have done my second contrbution ...let's do it..

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  • printable coloring pages

  • nixstor
    12-18 11:06 AM

    Any one recently who applied for F1 visa in Canada/Mexico/India after moving from H4??

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  • glen
    04-17 09:33 AM
    It's time for USCIS to implement the regulation. I suggest we as IV members or individuals, sent fax or mail to USCIS Director. Hopefully things will change and if not we do not loose.


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  • I love the neck line.

  • smisachu
    03-30 03:46 PM
    Can you give details of the Cruise? I am thinking of an Alaskan cruise too.

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  • Yup! we all love the cake.

  • rayoflight
    05-09 09:28 PM
    Thanks all for attending the meetup. It is very important to keep the chapter active.

    Minutes of the Meeting:

    nixtor updated the chapter on:

    (1) State Department's Forecast on the Visa Bulletin for the remainder of the year

    (2) Immigration legislation progress on the hill & WH so far

    (3) Miken Institute Global conference on Housing and Immigration.

    The DC/MD/VA chapter decided to meet every month and one of the agenda is to have more members participate voluntarily and contribute which is very vital for our efforts.



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  • gc_kaavaali
    08-24 10:34 PM
    http://www.uscis.gov/propub/ProPubVAP.jsp?dockey=7285c9faa87df620ad1e57a9c0e43 0d4

    Don't worry..Apply for EAD replacement Card immediately...You can work for 90 days based on EAD replacement Receipt Notice.

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  • axp817
    06-14 08:02 PM
    I believe the maximum time frame for an MTR is close to 6 months, but a lot of times it gets resolved sooner, with intervention from other agencies/groups.

    You should look at this thread, and get in touch with IV (I believe you can do that via that thread), they might (read will) be able to help.


    Good luck.


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  • prem_goel
    11-18 06:11 PM
    ha ha ha....well said...

    ofcourse they have been wasting watching stupid games in TVs / Stadiums instead could use 'that' time to gain some new skills / learn new technologies that are required to survive in the job market

    First of all, is your profile legitimate? It shows your PD as Dec'07 / EB3/India and you are in 485 processing??????

    anyway, as long as some fools doesn't admit the facts and realize the changing world, all those forums / blogs / hatred etc; will be just a waste of their time. ofcourse they have been wasting watching stupid games in TVs / Stadiums instead could use 'that' time to gain some new skills / learn new technologies that are required to survive in the job market.

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  • gcslave
    07-08 05:32 PM
    Apparently, FP and approvals go in parallel. Checked my case status online, and all 3 of our cases got approved today. The status was set to Decision. I guess it won't go to card production until my wife's FP is done, or maybe my daughter and I will get the card before my wife. Waiting for the snail mail to confirm, seems like an anticlimax after waiting for so many years.


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  • kumar4875
    04-08 08:39 AM
    I am in.I am on oncall support next week.(11to17).so any time after that will be good.

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  • yabadaba
    04-22 12:34 PM
    it means your case has a new lud


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  • pt326bc
    09-30 07:19 AM
    With GC process bound to take long, staying at the same place to avoid changing address may be a big challenge.
    Has anybody considered using PO box for address on I-485? My lawyer did not allow me to use PO box during July 2 filing.
    Will it be possible to go online and change to PO box address for I-485?
    Does INS has any issues in sending GC to po box address?

    I don't think that's possible. USCIS wants a physical address where you stay and will not deliver mail to PO box. In fact there is no forwarding of documents sent by USCIS too. They are all returned to USCIS.
    This issue I think originates from the fact that USCIS wants to know where all aliens are physically staying.
    I wanted to have a PO box to avoid any issues with mail theft and my lawyer said its not possible.
    Anything different coming from your lawyer would be welcome.

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  • newyorker123
    06-10 03:12 PM
    How long does FQIA on my I-485 application will take ?
    Please let me know.

    I created similar thread before, just lost in time.

    Contributed $200 towards Advocacy.


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  • humsuplou
    07-02 06:42 PM
    Great! Thanks everyone!

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  • i-love-you-dad-coloring-pages-

  • dilipcpa
    02-13 07:48 PM

    I am a CPA and working for good regional CPA firm in Kentucky state.
    if you need any hel you cam email me at dilipcpa@yahoo.com.
    i can help you setting up corporation.



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  • ras
    04-12 02:44 PM
    Some where I read that there is no fee for renewal of AP. I am a Jul 07 filer and am not sure about this. Further already applied last for Advance parole and travelled till it got expired last month. I am applying for a new one again. So just wanted to know if I need to pay the fees $305.
    So my questions are:

    Does the July 07 filers need to send the cheque for $305
    Should we also include Biometric fee of $80?

    And how much time is it taking these days for AP/

    Thanks in advance

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  • JunRN
    01-26 08:49 AM
    Sorry to hear that...a simple mistake will cause your wait to become longer. I hope your lawyer or company compensated you for all the expenses you incurred during that period. It was truly frustrating.

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  • T-O
    04-17 06:51 PM
    like the blurred japanese letter at the back

    What does that letter mean? soundlike?

    03-22 01:02 PM

    12-30 02:02 AM
    Visa is required when you have to travel outside US and reenter again.You can get as many extensions as possible by the law.visa stamp is not a problem for your next extension.

    Thanks! This is good news. We have been working 24/7 and forgot all about this. I got mine but my wife did not travel at all and never needed the visa. I was worried that it might cause problems.

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