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Friday, July 1, 2011

Greeting Cards For Marriage Anniversary

images Anniversary Greeting Card Greeting Cards For Marriage Anniversary. WEDDING ANNIVERSARY

  • Hfour
    07-07 03:26 AM
    Hope this info helps.

    Hi ameryki, this is probably what she was referring to in QUESTION #2.


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  • txh1b
    04-17 09:44 AM
    Just get another medical done. Carry the 693 to avoid getting all the vaccinations again.

    Easiest way out as the medicals expire anyway in12-18 months.

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  • vinnysuru
    03-18 03:32 PM
    Assuming a 40 hr/week position, a person works 2080 hours per year. The Annual Salary for a $46/hr position is $95680/year.

    Also, if you only have annual salary for the new position, you could convert to hourly by dividing by 2080.

    But I wouldn't even worry about all this. Just send in the annual salary figure (just for your own satisfaction make sure it is more than $46 per hour) and USCIS will figure out the rest.

    Hope that helps.

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  • akred
    07-19 04:33 PM
    EAD does not confer any status to live in the US. Your status continues to be AOS. When the EB2 I140 is approved, the lawyer will either interfile it with the pending I485, or the USCIS will auto-approve your case if the EB2 priority date is current.


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  • bushman06
    11-10 08:43 AM
    It does not look good. Has been oral arguments for some time now.

    Update - �国三类职业移民法律信托基金 (http://www.eb3chinese.org/8.html)

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  • grimdeath
    04-17 09:35 AM
    Means you two have and 86% chance of makin' bacon.

    In his dreams :lol:


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  • waitin_toolong
    02-22 10:36 AM
    Not only Marriage. Even father, mother close relative has 3 year wait

    not true.

    And it is 3 years for spouses starts after 2 years of conditional residence

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  • wandmaker
    12-26 10:42 AM
    What document should I be sending to say that I am in I-485 adjustment status.

    Along with other documents, include a copy of I485 Receipt Notice and EAD card.


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  • prasadn
    02-04 05:10 PM
    I have mis-placed my EAD. Normally I can just apply for another EAD. But, I will be travelling to India in Mid March on Advance Parole and I'm not sure if I'll get the EAD by then.

    My question is, will they ask for EAD upon re-entry.

    I am thinking of applying for EAD after coming back. Is there any special processing for applying for a lost EAD ?

    Any advice is appreciated.

    Use the same application procedure as though applying for a new EAD, but make sure you check the box where it says "replacement of lost EAD". Also, write a cover letter explaining that you need a replacement EAD. I had to go thru this just a couple of months ago and USCIS reissued the EAD within a month.

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  • STAmisha
    08-27 06:17 PM
    I had paid consulatation with their office and the attorney told me that


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  • glen
    04-17 09:33 AM
    It's time for USCIS to implement the regulation. I suggest we as IV members or individuals, sent fax or mail to USCIS Director. Hopefully things will change and if not we do not loose.

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  • jasmin45
    08-09 02:52 PM
    Those people who are all stuck in Labor certification.

    1. What are the options going forward if our labors are not certified?.
    2. What are the chances that BEC people are not able to meet their deadline (sep 30) in clearing LC?
    3. Is there a justice and truth in life? Or everything depends only on time and luck?.
    4. What if some of us get laid off.........our path ends?.
    5. Is there something GOOD waiting for all of us?.

    Waiting .......waiting...........waiting................wa iting sucks!.

    Dude! Several threads exist for BEC issues, why don't you post your question on one of those. It will be inconvenient for existing and new members who are looking for suggestions/ideas on issues to go over duplicate threads for same information. Please search the forum before you open a new thread.


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  • mihird
    09-06 05:59 PM
    I started my 10 hr./week part time job 2 years back (I was 4 years on my primary H1 by then). We filed a 2nd H1 and had no problems getting it approved - we got a 2 year approval aligned with the primary H1s 6 year expiry..

    My both, the primary H1 and the 2nd H1 are up for renewal in Jan 07 & April 07 respectively and I am also up on the 6 years on my H1 by then.

    I have an approved I-140 from my primary H1.

    I have a question which I hope someone can help me answer. Will the 2nd H1 also qualify for the 3 year extensions, just like the primary H1 based on the I-140 approval on the primary H1?

    I am guessing yes (it sounds logical to me), but am not sure...can anyone confirm?

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  • nybear1
    07-20 09:23 AM
    I am in a similar situation and was rejected due to the same reasons.

    Has the original poster received any update on their E-file yet?


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  • sandeeps92049
    08-07 12:44 AM

    I have H1 that is valid till 2011 but when I entered using H1 ( I had EAD and AP also), the visa officer gave i-94 only till Jun 3rd 2009. I did not notice this error at that time. I realized this when my attorney pointed out this while applying for my new AP. The attorney suggested that I should go out of the country and re enter on EAD/AP and start working on EAD. What are my options ?

    1) My EAD is valid till 2010
    2) My current H1 is valid till 2011
    3) My current AP is Valid till August 28 2009
    4) My I-94 expired on June 3rd 2009.
    5) My H1 visa stamp expired on May 2009

    Should I go to Canada or Mexico and re-enter US with EAD/AP before my AP expires to start working on EAD and avoid any "out of status" issues ?

    Does Canada Mexico ask for valid VISA and I-94 to get a visitor visa ?
    Should I go to India(my home country) and re-enter US before my AP expires to keep my status ?

    Appreciate a quick response as my AP is about to expire.

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  • roseball
    07-27 12:01 AM
    hey guys,

    i send in my i-140/i485 along with those for my wife. as luck will have it, I forgot to include her sealed i-693. i am planning to send it tomorrow with a cover letter. is that okay? is there anything else I can do?

    I will appreciate any help.



    Only send it after you get a receipt notice....Else, I am sure it will get lost....USCIS has said in its latest FAQs that it will not reject the 485 packet if it doesnt inlcude the medicals....So wait till you get a receipt notice and send it with a copy of the receipt...


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  • gparr
    January 4th, 2005, 11:29 AM
    Not much happening in this shot. Seems like it needs a bike leaning against the wall, a bench, a red pot, something to give a focal point. Either that or a shaft of sunlight down the street. I'm bothered by the leaning wall on the right. Makes me feel like it's going to fall down on me. Two potential shots I see in the scene are the door and grillwork next to it, if you can get the right light on them, and the hanging plant. Tough to shoot narrow streets like this when there's strong sunlight above but the streets are all in shadow. Did you try other angles/perspectives when shooting this? If so, they might be worth looking at.

    Played with the image a bit in Photoshop to see what I could get out of it. Not sure I did much but I'm no expert, particularly with curves. Maybe someone else can do better. A black-and-white version also might be good.

    Keep shooting and posting.


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  • eb2_immigrant
    09-08 02:11 PM
    There are LUD's twice on my wife's and my 485 in last 4 days first was on Friday 9/5 and the second was this morning 9/8.
    RFE on my wife AP (131) was issued 2 weeks back, we haven�t received the RFE yet, Expecting it in a day or two, last week my wife called USCIS to find out what the RFE was, USICS customer rep opened a service request on her AP since it was more than 10 days RFE email and we haven�t got the RFE mail.

    What could be the RFE for her AP, other than photo? Any clues?
    Are the GC numbers available for EB-2 India for new approvals?

    I am guessing the RFE is holding up our 485 approval, I know I being optimistic here, but who is not when it comes to GC. I will update my post after I see the RFE.

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  • senk1s
    10-04 04:33 PM
    i've read that the interim EAD is discontinued until further notice.
    you may schedule an infopass appointment and they'll expedite the original app (When its pending for >90 days)

    I know a friend of mine who got EAD about 3 weeks ago(Jul 2 filer)

    10-26 10:14 AM
    Hi all, My passport is going to expire next month (November 28th). I can drive easily upto DC consulate .. wanted to know if there is anything specific I need to do. The website (Embassy of India - Washington DC (official website) United States of America - Application for a New Passport or Reissue of Passport (10) years (http://www.indianembassy.org/index.php?option=com_content&id=167)) does not mention anything about "walk in to consulate" information.
    1. Do I need to call and book appointment ? If yes, is there a minimum waiting time to get an appointment, like how many days before ...
    2. Will I get the renewed passport the same day ?

    Any other points/instructions that you think are important please let me know.

    Thanks in advance for your help. :)

    05-01 09:08 AM
    If Illiegals can protest and can have large rallies across the nation then whats the problem with the legals? Why can't we put our point forward through these kind of peaceful but strong measures.:confused:

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