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Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • bayarea07
    09-12 09:04 PM
    Hello all,
    Will it make sense to put the posters for this campaigns in local grocery stores and mandirs over the weekend, so as to create more awareness.

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  • FrankZulu
    06-25 11:52 PM
    PERM EB2 India
    PD:Feb 2006
    I-140 Approved

    BEC EB2 from same company
    PD: Dec 2004
    Just approved today

    I am applying I-485 on July 2nd based on approved I-140 PD Feb 2006
    as I don't want to take chance with refiling I-140 for PD Dec 2004.

    In future can I apply I-140 for labor with PD Dec 2004 & on approval can I switch the
    PD for my pending I-485 if dates are current for that PD?

    Gurus below is an article on Murthy's site Posted in Jul 2000 which is related to the question I had above.

    According to the year 2000 INS memorandum about procedures for substituting a new I-140 (employment-based petition) approval in a pending employment-based adjustment case

    "The rules are generally straightforward in the employment-based context. The regulations clearly states that if a person is the beneficiary of multiple I-140 approvals, s/he is entitled to the earliest priority date."

    Anybody please advice if this is still true and based on that
    for pending I-485 can PD be transfered in the same category(EB2) once my second I-140 with better priority date is approved?

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  • alanoconnor
    09-28 11:05 PM
    Are you from India/China ? I will be surprised if you are from one of those and name check cleared this fast.

    From Ireland

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  • ivar
    09-03 11:09 PM
    All these (and many more) are Betamax companies. Here is a wiki article about Betamax. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betamax_(VoIP_company)).

    I personally use ActionVOIP (another Betamax company). No real big complaints so far - except for the weird feeling something that they are occasionally stealing minutes from me. It's still cheaper than trio of Teliance/Trueroots/Airtel (as evidenced by my consistently lower spending per month). Even after getting vonage - I intend to keep my account in ActionVOIP with a small amount in it just for emergencies or when away from home.

    However, in case you are planning to use any of these Betamax outfits - please keep in mind that Betamax is borderline shady. There are complaints galore about them misusing credit cards and using shady fly-by-night companies to evade responsibilities. So never ever give them your credit card number - always use paypal.

    Vonage has already an approval from app store for iphone app which is in beta version and would be available very soon to public. I am not sure what features it will have, we need to wait for release.

    Vonage Obtains Application Approval for iTunes App Store (http://news.prnewswire.com/DisplayReleaseContent.aspx?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/09-01-2009/0005086657&EDATE=)


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  • chanduv23
    03-24 10:47 AM
    Your response would depend on how badly you want this job.

    Most times the hiring staff doesn't know the law and are too lazy. Anything out of the ordinary, they just reject.

    If you want the job, you don't want to appear like a trouble maker. So, you could just write back politely that you were surprised by the disqualification since the Department of Homeland Security (do not write USCIS) had issued the EAD and enquire if they know that DHS guides employers against discrimination towards EAD holders. You can mention or attach form I-9.

    Alternatively if you want to hold their feet to the fire, you can contact a lawyer. Hiring a lawyer should get their attention. Let the lawyer contact them. And also let DHS know about this employer. Write to them.

    In any case, we cannot let employers come up with their own laws after we have gone through so much to get to the EAD stage. The law is the law and we are following it.

    Do we have direct online link to this information?

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  • Gilmout
    08-22 09:48 AM
    Anyone have any ideas on what EB3 Rest of World will be in the October Visa Bulletin. My Priority date is OCT 2005 EB3 Rest of World. Do you think I have a long wait?


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  • ndialani
    10-26 02:13 PM
    I couldn't believe. Got CPO and Welcoming New Resident emails for me and my son after 10 years.
    All Glory and Praise to my Lord Jesus Christ.
    Got the Text message on my mobile on Thursday Oct 22, at 7:45 pm. But didn't see it until 23rd morning at 9:00 am. Went to church on Thursday morning, and Friday morning, and prayed ardently. Came out of the church, and just opened my cell phone, and saw the text message from uscis saying "Your case # is updated. check 'My case status' on USCIS Home Page (http://www.uscis.gov)... ".
    Got the email also on Thursday evening, but saw only on Friday morning.
    Mine is at TSC, spouse's moved to local USCIS a few months back, for an interview.
    Went to local uscis at 3:35, but it was closed. Hope my spouse's case also approved soon by the end of this week.

    Thanks a bunch to IV, will continue to give my support to IV.

    Cali: I called that # and spoke to the rep..

    Congrats! Fatjoe!!!
    What was your SR Response from CRIS?

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  • ashres11
    09-21 01:08 PM
    Let me tell you I am as anxious and frustrated as you all "July 2 filers, no action yet" are. But I am thinking about it a bit calmly, rather than thinking of doing something so that I feel that I have done something (i.e. complain, write to congressman, etc.). Expressing my anger by saying they should have done this or that, does not change the situation. I believe USCIS is working, as expected, with the capability/attitude of a government worker, treating our filings (which are so important to us) just another government office paper work. Best is just to wait for another 10 days, and if nothing is heard by then, take action as per procedures.

    Either India/USA or other part of world. All are same.


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  • Sri_1975
    08-20 11:56 AM
    Nice. Whats next.:mad:

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  • ksam75
    06-29 06:17 PM
    I can't believe this is happening to me. My priority date became current as of June1. My attorney has sent my wife's petition to Chicago instead of NSC. He got the petition returned this afternoon. I got my I485 approved on June 25. My wife is currently out of status. If the rumor is true, I'll be totally screwed. After 10 years in this country, a dumb mistake pretty much ruined my life.


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  • sgsg
    01-30 05:56 AM
    It is WAC and was approved in Mar 2007. My earlier two H1 petitions were from EAC. I have two H1 transfers in my H1 history.
    I guess the cases with transfer and extensions are getting delayed.

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  • vkrishn
    08-13 01:20 PM
    did they contact you after this email? or any LUD on your case?

    Nope. Nothing Yet. Its atleast better than the script response that i get from NSC.


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  • rajeshalex
    10-13 06:45 PM
    u wont get 20% discount and referral at same time. I talked to the CS. So she told me go with the referral first, complete the referral month and then prepay for the one year starting from that date.

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  • sheela
    09-28 07:00 PM
    I doubt the USCIS has any rules regarding processing queue. Some people are waiting 10+ years, others receive approvals in 2 months.

    My understanding on this is - after I-485 uscis works on RD and if your FP/NC is cleared PD is looked at for preference in each category but uscis won't wait guy stuck in nc for 10 yr to make way for your gc. If you are lucky you may get it sooner than you expect


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  • kumar1
    11-22 02:35 PM
    sledge_hammer - You call me fool, I think you are a #1 "you know what"! And, I am not even going to reply...so write whatever you want to write.

    When you buy a home you sign a contract saying you will pay the loan amount at the end of the loan term with interest. There was a commitment made. And you are saying people who walk away without fulfilling their obligation are smart? Fool!

    And who do you think is footing the bill for bailing out those banks? its you and me! You are not only dishonest and unethical, you must be really dumb if you think you are not going to be paying for the mistakes of people like punjabi when they "walk away" from their homes. Idiot!

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  • drahuls
    01-15 12:48 AM
    I also had my H1B visa interview on 4th Jan at Mumbai, but as of now i have not received any email about the process completion. Has anyone received email ?. Please inform.

    Thank you.


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  • chanduv23
    11-17 11:44 AM
    To all those lazy folks out there - economy is constantly deflating and you must understand that you may not be spared. This action item is simple and it takes just 10 minutes. If you can't even do this to help yourself - then you face the consequences

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  • GotGC??
    05-17 11:25 AM
    Everything coming out of USCIS is a "I-797 Notice of Approval" :) and AP is no exception.

    I am far from getting one myself but have seen colleague's approvals - this is printed on the same form like the H1 approval. Whether you subsequently need a stamp on the passport I don't know.

    Hey Guys,
    Can you please tell me in what form you get your advance parole (AP)? Is it like a Visa stamp on your passport or is it a temperory card like the EAD?

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  • ujjvalkoul
    06-25 06:14 PM
    Yes, everyone is helping with some advice and help in this crucial time is indespensible. Kindly continue to support the community that allows us the opportunity to share our view and thoughts in a common place....
    Thx to IV.

    04-24 06:29 PM
    "Provide safeguards for visa holders so they know their rights under the law. This would include wage rates and access to benefits."

    What benefits are they talking about here?? As far as I am concerned, H1B visa holders have to no benefits... we pay SS taxes, federal taxes, Medicaid, state etc. As soon as we loose our jobs we are told we have a couple of days to leave the country - even when we have been here for years. What an inhumane way to treat a tax payer.

    he hee... you are dreaming too much. If you are not paid properly the DOL will help you get your wage. Nothing else.

    09-25 12:33 AM
    I guess only a minority of people get stuck in name check ( unlike immigration portal forums , the FBI namecheck discussion thread doesn't move much) or may be that majority still in the 'waiting for receipt notice/FP' mode.

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