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Friday, July 1, 2011

the golden temple wallpaper

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  • furiouspride
    09-09 11:06 PM

    Today at 9:03 PM I got the following magic letter

    On September 9, 2010, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS. Please follow any instructions on the notice. If you move before you receive the notice, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.

    Came to US in 1999

    Applied for EB3 labor in July 2004
    Applied 485 in July 2nd 2007
    Waiting for EB3 dates for India

    Mean time wife applied for EB2 NIW Self petition in March 2006 and got approved
    Again she applied for new labor in Nov 2009 and applied for I-140 in May 2010 in EB2
    Her new EB2 I-140 got approved in Aug 4th 2010 and USCIS ported the March 2006 priority date automatically

    Yesterday she opened SR and today got the approval magic letter

    Special thanks to immigration voice and all the immigration voice members

    Thanks and good luck.
    if you do not mind, could you please share the domain your spouse works in? fed?

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  • lazycis
    09-27 05:58 PM
    Thanks, this is good information.
    Do you know if WOM can be filed only when the PD is current. After reading this article i feel so.

    PD has no effect on filing a civil action as visa bulleting is changing every month. My friend in Oregon got I-485 approval after filing Wom even though his PD is not current on the latest visa bulletin.

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  • purgan
    07-13 03:53 PM
    Loo Doggs is a xenophobe and nativist to the core...

    He doesn't like Illegal immigrants "because they broke the law"

    He says he likes Legal immigration, but then he curses every avenue for legal immigration under curent law.
    1. He calls the diversity visa lottery the "great american giveaway" and has called for its abolition.
    2. He calls family immigration "chain migration"
    3. Finally, he calls employment-based immigrants as "stealing american jobs"

    C'mon dude, its time to give up the pretense that you like immigrants!!

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  • suriajay12
    03-09 06:57 PM
    5 years in US legally and paid taxes: get a Greencard.
    10 years ,,,..,, Citizenship.

    I do not get a benefit in this directy, but the queue will be reduced

    Lets go for it .. LETS DO SOMETHING... what are we waiting for...???????


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  • garybanz
    01-09 09:57 AM
    Tell them little more about ur degrees, achievements, personality and physical appearance too. May be they get impressed and recommend to their father...;)

    Well, if you end up too impressive then you may no longer need EB green cards ;)

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  • Jerrome
    09-24 05:53 PM
    They are referring to the Perm Labor data for year 2009.

    I think one common mistake that is being made everywhere on this board since the USCIS data got out is to make assumptions on demand. We are only being shown data which shows pending applications from USCIS. If USCIS releases data of how much demand by priority date they were getting then its a different thing. When you say , are you basing that on this data released by USCIS or on something else. Because if you are then you are probably wrong. This data only tells you pending data as of Aug 2009 by priority dates. It could well be the case that USCIS got a lot of volume from Sep 2007 to Aug 2008 and processed them all and hence pending is less now. Hope you understand. The only way you can do it with some degree of success with current public data is by looking at PERM Filing data.


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  • gc_on_demand
    09-09 02:41 PM

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  • whitecollarslave
    03-26 01:04 PM
    Yes, I am aware about this but in my case I do not have any written or tape recorded evidence. In other guy's case at least he have written proof (Capital One) and that can be the base. Now many companies are doing this so it is ofcourse my assumption that they can do this under "Hire and fire" authority.. And main problem is that, when you are out for a job, you do not stop thinking to takle particular one "no", you want to just move haead and fix your job first.. That is practical reality:)

    I appreciate your point of view and bringing forth the practical reality in this situation. However, your attitude and tone, which seems to suggest that this is a lost cause and a helpless situation, is somewhat discouraging.

    Nobody is suggesting that you drop your job search, drop everything, and file a law suit. What do you do? You go and find a job elsewhere, of course. You are right, the reality is that employers may ask you questions about your visa/immigration status. But there is a better way to handle such situations. Mark had posted some great tips on that. Even after all that, you may end up in a situation such as yours - where you mentioned that 5 employers told you that they will not hire somebody on EAD. You can remain quiet about it and go about your life, or you can do something about it. Its up to you.

    Think about the visa delays, retrogression, etc. You could have stayed quiet and let the lawmakers, employers and the government deal with it or you could have done something about it. There is nothing "illegal" that the government is doing by making you wait years for a green card. But you did not sit quiet about it, did you? You joined the cause of IV, you wrote letters to the President, right?

    Employers have the right to make a policy or a hiring decision that they want a person with certain skill set or experience, etc. They can find a tons of reasons not to interview or hire somebody. But race, gender, immigration status, etc. CANNOT be one of the reasons or criteria. This is my understanding of the law. I believe it is written in simple English that an employer CANNOT discriminate or make hiring decisions based on immigration status unless mandated by the job requirement (such as security clearance).

    You are blindly assuming that whatever the employers are doing is within legal bounds, without questioning, even when the documents (see I-9 form, or DOL's web site for example) clearly state that such practices are illegal. (I am not a lawyer, this is my understanding of the law.) All I am saying is that if I were in this situation (denied on EAD), I would write to the heads of HR, ask a lawyer if this constitutes discrimination, call the OSC hot line, ask in the forums for employment law, contact ACLU or other civil rights groups. Heck, I am not affected by this (yet), and I still did some of the above because I have the urge to find out if this is indeed discrimination as viewed by the law and if so, do something about it. You don't need written evidence for any of these.


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  • Macaca
    10-28 09:41 PM
    Lou Dobbs Makes Spitzer Nightly Pinata (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/10/28/AR2007102800694.html) By LARRY McSHANE | The Associated Press, October 28, 2007

    NEW YORK -- Lou Dobbs is sorry about calling Gov. Eliot Spitzer an idiot.

    Sincerely. As for ripping the New York Democrat as arrogant, spineless and "a spoiled rich kid brat," the host of CNN's "Lou Dobbs Tonight" stands by those nationally broadcast broadsides.


    Dobbs has made Spitzer an almost daily target over his recent plan to ease restrictions on illegal immigrants seeking New York state driver's licenses, mixing vitriol with sarcasm while endlessly lambasting the governor's decision.

    The lifelong Republican has taken on politicians of every stripe, as when he blasted the Bush administration over port security. But his nightly diatribe against Spitzer is notable for its intensity, and for elevating a state proposal onto the national stage.

    "What he's doing is an outrageous, arrogant abuse of power," Dobbs said in an interview before a recent show. "He's pandering to a constituency aligned directly against the interests of U.S. and New York state citizens."

    Dobbs's ire boiled over Tuesday night when he ripped Spitzer as an idiot _ and then offered an on-air mea culpa.

    "I'm the idiot," Dobbs said. "Governor, I apologize for calling you one. Your policies are idiotic. But I have to apologize for calling you an idiot."

    Dobbs shouldn't hold his breath waiting for a bouquet of roses (the state flower) and a thank-you note from Spitzer.

    "Mr. Dobbs has clearly demonstrated that he is not interested in a real debate on New York's driver's license policy change," said Jennifer Givner, a Spitzer spokeswoman. "He has repeatedly refused to offer balanced coverage of the issue."

    Dobbs has turned the first-term governor into a verbal pinata over his September announcement that illegal immigrants with valid foreign passports could obtain a driver's license.

    Spitzer has said the plan, set to go into effect this December, would make New York safer by bringing its 1 million illegal immigrants "out of the shadows."

    On Saturday, Spitzer cut a deal with the Bush administration that would still allow the state to issue licenses to illegal immigrants _ although the agreement required that their licenses would be clearly marked to indicate they are not valid federal ID.

    While advocates on either side of the flap said Spitzer had backed down, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff was still upset by the state's decision to license illegals.

    The Spitzer decision reversed a 2002 order by former Gov. George Pataki issued after the 9/11 attacks, and placed Spitzer directly in Dobbs' cable crosshairs. But Dobbs, while perhaps the highest-profile critics of the plan, is not alone: a state poll showed 72 percent of New Yorkers opposed Spitzer on this issue, and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has also expressed skepticism.

    Spitzer, in a speech last week, noted that "despite the hysteria this policy has created in some circles, it is simply a return to the policy we had for most of our state's history."

    Dobbs is hardly swayed by the history lesson, complaining the relaxed license requirement could produce voter fraud and raise security issues. Spitzer has ignored repeated invitations to appear on the program, Dobbs said; the show has turned down guests supporting Spitzer, including former national counterterrorism adviser Richard A. Clarke, according to Givner.

    Dobbs, who has made immigration one of his show's centerpiece issues, was criticized this week in a New York Times editorial for his Spitzer bashing.

    "Mr. Dobbs has trained his biggest guns on Mr. Spitzer, branding him with puerile epithets like `spoiled rich-kid brat' and depicting his policy as some sort of sanctuary program for the 9/11 hijackers," the Times wrote. "Someday there may be a calm debate, in Albany and nationally, about immigrant drivers.

    "With Mr. Dobbs at the megaphone, for now there is only histrionics and outrage."

    Dobbs isn't expecting any apology from the Times. And he has few kind words for the newspaper.

    "The New York Times is the house organ for Gov. Spitzer," Dobbs said. "They're wrong on this issue, as they are on many others."

    Dobbs draws a nightly audience of roughly 800,000, making him second in CNN viewers to Larry King's nightly program. He has no intention of lightening up on Spitzer.

    "Why should I?" Dobbs asked. "He's wrong. This issue is of vital importance to the state of New York and the nation. My job as an advocacy journalist is to confront directly abuses of power and wrongheaded politics."

    And sure enough, 24 hours after his "idiot" apology, Dobbs was again taking shots at Spitzer.

    "This governor is irresponsible," Dobbs told his audience. "It's clear arrogance. ... He has declared himself to be what people hoped he would not be _ and that is an arrogant tool of special interests."

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  • nc14
    09-10 12:01 PM
    Let me give you a green buddy and see if it changes something for you.

    Folks please call it all counts.

    .................................................. .
    $470 + made calls to all congressmen/women on the HR5882 list.

    Go IV Go.....

    Some one gave me a red for calling.


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  • gc_on_demand
    04-01 10:23 AM
    Friends even I believe that looks like we will hit the Jul - Aug 2007 mark this year for EB2 things seem to be adding up well.

    If we got 12K from EB1 and EB5 for the first 6 months then we should expect another 12K and even EB2 ROW usage is significantly down.

    @vdlrao I agree with your analysis on the May bulletin seems to be spot on.

    I think we going to get 8k from EB5 , 12k + from EB1 and what u think for EB2 ROW ? last year EB2 Total = 53 k - EB2 IC (25k) = 27-28k EB2 while they supposed to get 35-36k.means spill from EB2 row was 8k-10k. EB1 gave 1-2 k.

    if we get same from EB2 row and Eb5 then total spill will be 8 (EB2 row ) + 8 (Eb5 ) + 2 (Eb1) + 12 (Eb1 ) = 30k. Demand upto July 2007 is 32k - 33k... so more chances of June 2007. if we get more from EB1 and Eb2 row then chnaces for july aug 2007 are more and more...

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  • Hunter
    05-10 10:43 PM
    Corruption in India called as Corruption and illegal there, but here you fools call it as lobbying. You know what When I started reading this thread I have some sympathy, but I will celebrate it now.
    You know what having sex with mother and sisters, and with animals is not development (Don’t believe go and look at your mother, Son). You are in Stone Age fool. :mad:

    Are you sure you are not confusing with Indian epics that discuss how Lord Brahma had sex with his own daughter? :D :D

    Unfortunately, you are showing your culture here with responses like this by clearly proving that you are incapable of provding a proper response. You are not making any case here, actually you are undermining it. This clearly shows the contempt that you have for the people of the country where you are desparately trying to immigrate to.

    If things were so rosy in India compared to US, you wouldn't be posting in this forum, will you?

    As a matter of fact, people like you, irrespective of the qualifications, should never be allowed to immigrate to anywhere. You should remain in India or should I say "arsha-bharatha"?


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  • bayarea07
    09-12 06:38 PM
    This is our last Chance, otherwise be ready to wait untill 2020 to get your Rights.
    Please CALL !!!
    Please CALL and create awareness among frends and family be sending link for this forum so that they can call Judiciary Commitee.


    We have learned that in all probability House Judiciary committee will finishing marking up HR5882 in the next committee meeting. The bill is likely to be brought to the House floor the following week. We have been told that if our bill(s) pass the House, Senate will include the language of the bill(s) in another Senate bill that has majority support. We must admit that the time is shot but its still possible.

    We request everyone that starting monday, please call all the members of Judiciary committee. Thanks to the members who have already made phone calls to the lawmaker's office. We request you to please call again to show your support starting Monday.


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  • bajrangbali
    06-10 10:23 PM
    You are doing the right thing. Fraud should be stopped. On top of that, it is directly affecting you and you have even more compelling reasons to take action against it. Good luck and keep us posted.
    Posting the follow-up process you went through would help most other members who have been giving you overwhelming greens :rolleyes: take some action as well...


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  • crksd
    10-16 05:23 PM
    :) Well, I was on F-1 before that for 2.5 years, so it wasn't that quick either. But then again, I'm not complaining.

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  • yabadaba
    07-11 01:38 PM


    makeup hairstyles golden temple the golden temple wallpaper. the golden temple wallpaper.
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  • mallikonnet
    07-09 10:37 PM
    I totally support the blood donation idea. I am pretty sure, a blood donation drive would be front page news on American Red Cross web site also. It should send out a message that the GC is so important to us.

    The actual collection of blood hopefully will be fully carried out by the American Red Cross.





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  • go_guy123
    06-10 03:51 PM
    Thanks guys .... for coming behind me .. Shane Warne or Purple Haze won't satisfy you guys .. Y dont we discuss how Kanimozhi's discontent couldn't play spoil sport for the new govt and how Azhagiri got cornered with chemicals and fertilizers (these 2 are not any interntaional fame for an american 'tunnel rat' to know abt them).

    Above all I am here to get some information to bring a company which violates rules to authorities, nothing more nothing less and not here to do any name calling of mud slinging.

    l1fraud. L1s cannot be hosted at client site when the client site manager has supervision on him/her.

    ICE has a historically poor track record on enforcing H1b/L1 rules. Only lately there has been on enforcement on the H1B rules. All that one can do is complain to USCIS / ICE
    etc but they don't do anything then you may have to talk to you senator/congressman etc. Sometimes senator/congressman are also non cooperative.

    Let alone L1, even B1 visa is used like a short term work permit by many IT companies including American IT companies

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  • shankar_thanu
    07-11 09:07 AM
    Looks like someone already added one of the stories to digg


    please digg this story and any other relevant one...

    11-14 12:12 PM
    Mails sent.

    09-28 08:38 AM
    Also, does anyone remember where the I-485 was mailed? NSC or TSC? From what I remember it was based on what state you lived in when I-485 was filed.

    It was NSC for New York residents... Can someone confirm that please.

    Yes, it was based on the State you lived. One other thing, you may want to check with Customer Service, since when are you have been actually considered a PR. If they have considered you as a PR since 2008, it is good for you, you will be able to apply for Citizenship sooner

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