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Friday, July 1, 2011

golden temple inside view

images house Amritsar - Golden Temple golden temple inside view. pictures golden temple inside.
  • pictures golden temple inside.

  • shreekhand
    09-03 04:42 PM
    They will definitely answer that...for my case they did that twice, once from the West Coast IIO phone center (Immigration Information officer i.e level 2 after getting transferred from contractor level one) and the second time directly from a NSC officer.

    They will not answer that. If you have filed via AR-11, you can assume it goes into their system instantly. I was in the same situation. I change my address in November, docs delivered in Dec came at the new address.

    wallpaper pictures golden temple inside. golden temple inside view. golden temple amritsar inside
  • golden temple amritsar inside

  • satyachowdary
    08-12 03:38 PM
    I e-filed for EAD and AP on 06/01/08. My AP got approved yesterday but no activity on EAD. I'm using EAD and my current EAD expires on 09/27/08. I'm planning to take an Infopass appointment in the last week of Aug.

    PD : Dec,2004, EB3
    485 Applied - Aug, 2,07.

    golden temple inside view. hair What is Golden Temple?
  • hair What is Golden Temple?

  • gcsngh
    09-19 08:33 PM
    Wish we could have been part of the Team, we were away to Canada to get our visas renewed, can any one share the kind of impact we made in DC in terms of awareness and any positive reponse from the lawmakers.


    2011 golden temple amritsar inside golden temple inside view. The Golden Temple (inside)
  • The Golden Temple (inside)

  • pappu
    09-01 12:27 PM
    My wife's 485 status changed online as "Card production Ordered".

    My GC was approved last year august and waiting for her approval over a year.

    I see a pattern of approval for people who got recent soft LUDs. Nola was another person who got SOFT LUD.


    Please keep updating the IV tracker this month if you got approval. Please also encourage others to do the same.

    We are going to see the trend of the approvals and if next month the dates go back or approvals look irregular, we will contact USCIS.


    golden temple inside view. Interior view of the Tibetan
  • Interior view of the Tibetan

  • mohanty999
    09-01 12:08 PM
    Congrats to all those who have received their approvals. Do you get a "Card Production Ordered" email or "Welcome" email or both?

    golden temple inside view. 2010 Golden Temple
  • 2010 Golden Temple

  • Suva
    01-23 11:11 AM
    Excellent post. I totally agree with you Slumdog.
    I am following your writtings in all other forum posts and love them.


    golden temple inside view. Golden Temple Amritsar in
  • Golden Temple Amritsar in

  • StarSun
    02-07 10:22 AM
    Event for advocacy days in Washington DC for Apr 4 and 5 is on IV Facebook. Please forward it to your friends.

    2010 hair What is Golden Temple? golden temple inside view. house Amritsar - Golden Temple
  • house Amritsar - Golden Temple

  • roseball
    04-08 02:44 PM
    The cut-off dates for the Employment Third and Third preference �Other Worker� categories were held and then retrogressed in an effort to bring demand within the average monthly usage targets and the overall annual numerical limits. Despite these efforts, the amount of demand received from Citizenship and Immigration Services Offices for adjustment of status cases with priority dates that were significantly earlier than the established cut-off dates remained extremely high. As a result, these annual limits have been reached and both categories have become �Unavailable.�

    Visa availability in these categories will resume in October, the first month of the new fiscal year.

    Looks like EB-3 will remain "U" till Oct 1st, 2009. The only good thing about this whole thing is that USCIS some how found and got hold of all those old cases with old PDs and are processing them now. So hopefully, the movement starting Oct 1st, if any, will only be a forward movement.


    golden temple inside view. A golden temple inside the
  • A golden temple inside the

  • reddymjm
    05-16 11:01 AM
    I called, the clerk took the message and said will convery.

    hair The Golden Temple (inside) golden temple inside view. Inside Golden Temple.
  • Inside Golden Temple.

  • anilkumar0902
    08-05 03:21 PM
    is your case pending with ?


    golden temple inside view. Inside the Golden Temple
  • Inside the Golden Temple

  • MeraNaamJoker
    08-04 10:44 AM
    No approvals today or what?

    I had to search to find this thread.

    What is going on?

    hot Interior view of the Tibetan golden temple inside view. Bylakuppe: Inside the Golden
  • Bylakuppe: Inside the Golden

  • snathan
    05-17 09:11 AM
    There are 13 guys voted "NO". May I know why. These guys already got approval or what? If so, Please remember this voting is only for people are struck in Perm process.


    house tattoo hd golden temple golden temple inside view. Chandelier and gold work on
  • Chandelier and gold work on

  • psam
    05-19 10:23 AM
    Called all of them early morning 10am eastern time
    which is 7am pacific for me. No hold anywhere. All calls were
    done in ten minutes.

    Response from most of them was "I will pass the message".
    Some took my phone number, name and current location.
    Exceptions were

    From office of 'Hilda Solis', staff said that congressman is already
    supporting those bills.

    Office of "Ciro Rodriguez" said that they respond to issues from
    their constituents and encouraged me to call my representative.

    Office of "Lucille Roybal-Allard" said "pass and message" and asked
    if I have contacted my representative.

    tattoo 2010 Golden Temple golden temple inside view. inside. golden temple
  • inside. golden temple

  • buddyinsd
    08-05 04:43 PM
    ...Wow EB folks r bombarding the USCIS servers rt now and its down currently...Its been up N down for a while now


    pictures Golden Temple Amritsar in golden temple inside view. Golden Temple, Amritsar
  • Golden Temple, Amritsar

  • pappu
    01-12 11:04 AM
    Could you post useful information on this subject. We have similar threads on 401k and starting companies. If there is wealth of information on the thread, we will make it a sticky and IV spotlight topic so that it helps members interested to learn about stocks

    dresses Bylakuppe: Inside the Golden golden temple inside view. 2010 The Golden Temple (Night)
  • 2010 The Golden Temple (Night)

  • yabadaba
    10-12 11:47 AM
    "Year 2003 - EB2 faced little retrogression briefly for 4-5 months and
    second trend of RIR denials and second trend of forcing EB3- NON RIR
    filing. EB3 faced brief retrogression for 2 months. "

    Bharat Premi please clarify


    makeup A golden temple inside the golden temple inside view. tattoo hd golden temple
  • tattoo hd golden temple

  • raju123
    02-01 07:28 PM
    It was introduced on 1/24/07 and passed today

    all this seems to have passed on 01/24/07??

    girlfriend inside. golden temple golden temple inside view. Golden Temple at Namdroling
  • Golden Temple at Namdroling

  • snathan
    03-26 07:26 PM
    i don't get it you are saying that members don't have to search...and yet someone has to keep it up on the home page...which is it? yes a sticky thread would have saved work and not required someone to keep it up. Why wasn't it done in the first place. When a service is supposed to be offered every week...it should be offered every week...or else there should be an announcement that is will not be offered this particular week and that it will continue next on said week.

    No reason to be frustrated when people are asking simple questions...another idea would be to put the answers to the most frequently asked questions on the FAQ page...which does not work right now....so that you don't have to repeat the answers.
    Its an easy solution i think.

    Giving a long lecture of frustration is not the best way to attract people to an organisation.
    Think about it...do u go buy clothes from a store that voices their frustrations about the prices of raw material...of do u go buy it because they were nice to you...had great customer service...nice selection of goods...and fair prices.

    I am sorry but working for hours on end alone, voicing frustration at lack of participation, treating members like they are morons for not being able to find supposedly simple things is a really terrible way to attract more people to an organisation. The cause may be noble...but who will wanna join some organisation where people just complain about how miserable things are.

    Please pause for a moment and think about what i am saying. This is exactly why you have less participation and less donation. IV needs to transform into a vibrant fun place to be while still upholding the noble cause.

    You are talking as if people are doing favour for others. You are here because you are stuck in immigration limbo as I am. I am not doing any favour for any one but myself. Is it very hard for you to understand. I am sure the brightest and highly educated can understand they are the losers if they are not participating.

    hairstyles Inside the Golden Temple golden temple inside view. hot pictures Golden Temple
  • hot pictures Golden Temple

  • pappu
    02-02 03:26 PM
    Donated $500 today per my promise. Paypal ID #2863392354669581P

    Apologies for posting this update on the wrong thread couldn't find the right one.
    Thank you very much!! We confirm the reciept. We feel proud to have members like you who will give their best in order to strengthen this organization.

    08-04 05:00 PM
    I raised a SR yesterday and here is the email i go today

    "The status of this service request is:

    Based on your request we researched the status of this case. We are actively processing this case. However, we have to perform additional review on this case and this has caused a longer processing time. If you do not receive a decision or other notice of action from us within 6 months of this letter, please contact customer service at the number provided "

    Has anybody received something similar? Seems canned and asking to wait for another 6 months holy cow?What is the next step Info Pass?
    What is your service center? I raised a service request yesterday with NSC and I will be going to an InfoPass tommorrow at the CLeveland office.

    01-24 09:10 AM
    any body please respond to my above question :confused:

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