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Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • suriajay12
    04-09 08:45 AM
    Nobody is saying you to push alone. You can start working collectively under IV's umbrella. So before you start cribbing here research/read what others have been doing. Become part of IV. Start contributing time and money to IV for your own GC.

    If you read my any previous posts and to repeat, there will be no issue to contribute from me or most of us here. We need an action item. Anyone with minimum common knowledge here sees there is no change in dates for the last 6 months, or even last few years. You seem to be a strong supporter of contributions, can you list one action item which we planned to take up in the last or in near future that addresses our concerns of backlogs. Now dont come back and tell me or send me a picture of July 07 campaign or your 12th grade or 10th grade marksheet. We need to be doing things of our interest EVERY single day. I do my job very good.. I know.. but I have to keep doing it everyday if I have to keep it. Similarly unless you put continuous efforts, you wont get continuous results.
    If you want a reply to your post from me again, come back with an action item that you see as planned.

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  • psp123
    05-19 06:19 PM
    Hi Pps123,
    Did you change the job? They sent the REF letter to you or your attorney? I raised SR on May 6th, and received an email on May13th saying that a RFE letter was sent out. Anxious to know what the RFE is.

    Yeah, I changed my job in 2009 March, filed AC 21 on 2010 Oct.
    Don't worry , everything will be fine

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  • coopheal
    10-19 05:28 PM
    Reading from this thread and few other, it is confirmed that in most cases, even if PD is current for a 485 filer, USCIS may not adjudicate those cases unless the processing time is reached. (There are few lucky applicants with PD 2005 and filed 485 after July 2nd and have already received their GC - but that is very few).

    And most centers, they are processing Dec 2006 485 applications - a backlog of 10 months.

    So, assuming that it may take same 10 months to process 485 filed in July - that is May 2008!!

    With this, what are the chances of DOS making PD current for all EB categories again next June? They will do this to use all the VISA numbers for FY2008.

    Or, if they don't want to repeat the confusions that happened in July 2007, to what dates will the PDs move (in June/July 2008)? Atleast to 2006?

    Go to and filter Application Status = Approved, sort by USCIS Received Date. You will see lot of approvals for people who had RD in 2007.

    So it seems like if your PD is current, USCIS would look at your case even if it was sent after their processing dates.

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  • vls
    05-15 04:13 PM
    Ours was around 30 days after receiving the I-485 receipt.


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  • user1205
    05-01 02:44 PM
    Yay! I'm current ... now all I need is A LOT OF LUCK!

    Good luck in this new month everybody :)

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  • nousername
    04-08 04:22 PM
    I am with you my friend.. This is truly frustrating. :mad:

    I need to go to some place where I can spit out my frustration. This is just not done. Completely unfair.


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  • roseball
    09-01 09:22 PM
    I am in India right now - Can i take the card production ordered page and get back in?

    You should ONLY use AP to re-enter. Do not re-enter on H1. In the secondary inspection, the IO will know that your GC has been approved. Congratulations !!!

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  • spicy_guy
    07-13 05:58 PM

    Its not a bad idea to put in efforts for citizenship. See it this way. We are already waiting for GC for years and will have to wait another 5 years for citizenship.

    If all these useless wait is counted towards citizenship, then the wait at least yields some results. Right?

    I am not saying we should not focus on GC. But if all these years of wait are really used, that would help EVERYONE. The ones who got their GC and the ones who don't have GC yet.

    So no fret over this matter.

    I think what GCPerm is trying to do is good for all, if we succeed.


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  • smuggymba
    05-07 01:22 PM
    once ur PERM is approved and ur new company is good, everything shud be smooth except for the wait.

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  • abhijitp
    07-11 07:38 PM
    I talked to a staff member at senator Barbara's office, and the staff member said, Faxes and emails are responded and replied by staff reps. Only written (typed) letters go to Senator's attention. She also advised me that if this is something you need the senators attention on, do not send fax or email, send a letter with postage paid.
    I explained to her the visa -flip flop, and she said most likely the senator will read and send an inquiry, The senator is very good at responding to letters from constituents.
    That is exactly why we need to send them letters, please look at the format and add some personal details, gives it a little personal touch.

    I agree. My experience thus far: I emailed 200 reporters and received no response. I am going to try the letters idea, because I too think what Amitjoey says is right-- letters make an impact.

    Write a letter, run a grammar/spell check, then print, SIGN, and send it to senators who support us. I wrote the following. But please personalize, because that would send the message that this is an issue of importance to you-- the writer.


    Senator Name, Address


    Subject: Thousands of properly filed EB Green Card applications likely to be rejected/ returned

    References/ Enclosures:
    � Interim Visa Bulletin by U S Department of State
    � USCIS announcement to stop accepting Adjustment Of Status applications

    Dear ____:

    I have been living in ___, USA for the last ___ months/ years. By profession, I am a ____, and I work for ___, a company based in ___.

    I am writing to bring to your attention the unprecedented decision made by US Department of State (DOS) on July 2, 2007 with its interim �visa bulletin�. With this bulletin, DOS determined that all the immigrant visa numbers allocated for the current financial year had been expended, and thus there would be no further authorizations of new Green Cards this year. In response, USCIS announced that it would return all Adjustment of Status applications it received, beginning July 2, 2007. Please note that the USCIS had already RECEIVED applications on the morning of July 2, 2007, even before DOS published this interim visa bulletin.

    In my opinion it is an unfortunate decision in that it virtually renders null and void, thousands of properly filed Employment Based Green Card- Adjustment of Status applications.

    An important thing to note here, is that in the Visa Bulletin published by DOS only 18 days ago (June 13, 2007) all Employment Based categories had been made �current� since almost 60000 immigrant visa numbers had been unused till that time.
    This begs the question: how did USCIS manage to approve about 60000 green cards in less than 3 weeks, when it took the previous 8 months to approve the same number of green cards?

    The Visa Bulletin published by DOS in June 2007, had brought good news to thousands of high-skilled temporary workers (doctors, engineers, IT professionals) in the USA, because the floodgates that had been closed for over 2 years had been re-opened.
    This bulletin had implied that we could finally apply for "Adjustment of Status"- the final stage of the 3 step Employment based Green card process. This would solve a number of quality of life issues for people like me, as they would allow our spouses to take up part or full time jobs, they would bring in an element of stability allowing me to plan the purchase of a new home, and it would give me the freedom of relocating to another part of the USA for any unforeseen reason, without worrying about the portability of my existing job.

    Therefore, my family and I worked really hard, and tried to religiously comply with all procedures laid out and submitted our application to reach the USCIS on the morning of July 2, 2007.

    Besides running around to gather the paperwork to help file in time, I had to spend a significant amount of money on:
    1) Urgent medical examinations and vaccinations by USCIS approved surgeon: $700. (Note: These were not covered by my medical insurance.)
    2) New passport photographs; these needed to be less than a month old... so these had to be newly taken photographs
    3) Notarization/ Courier charges: Approximately $100 (Some amount expended in foreign currency)

    All of the money spent, as well as the time and efforts were rendered useless by the new bulletin on July 2, 2007, which I repeat, was published AFTER the window opened for new applications on the morning of July 2, 2007.

    My point is, and I believe anyone with common sense would agree, it is only fair to expect a notice period before a reversal such as this one. Preferably... weeks of notice if not days! I am sure no US Citizen would accept anything less for a notice in such an important matter!

    I would implore you to look into this matter as soon as you can, and request the USCIS to accept Adjustment of Status applications filed through July 2007.

    Thank you.




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  • ghost
    01-07 12:50 PM
    He is from CA...not sure where this came from...looks like political posturing but good to know someone trying to address EB backlogs...I'm sure that IV leadership is aware of this development - thanks for sharing!

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  • waitingnwaiting
    05-09 11:16 AM
    Definitely agree with herd mentality and haste, but can't blame them also. What if the dates go back again next month. So its a catch-22.

    good luck to everyone.

    If dates went back and someone did not get Green card it is because they called every day and spammed the system. Or someone else called every day and now everyone else has to wait because of someone's foolishness. Now they all need to wait for next year. Nothing wrong in it. At least people will learn a lesson of collective responsibility instead of acting selfishly.


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  • eb3_nepa
    01-22 03:46 PM
    Is this in the Philly area

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  • vparam
    06-07 04:38 PM
    vparam..are u a sensationalist..or do you normally freak out like this?
    there is nothing to sensationalise or freaking out . if you see the subsequent post and reading all relevant materials , you will understand that few are trying to keep CIR alive while many want it to be killed. Since i keep scourging to see if any new is available about the conference and have not seen the house clerk reporting the reciept of the CIR, i was just asking a question to find out if anyone had any news reading sobers post on blue slip, is some news......


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  • andycool
    06-02 02:39 PM
    Anyone else experienced this? Primary applicant not getting fingerprint notice after EAD e-file?

    Did anyone get efiled EAD approval without fingerprints?

    I E filed EAD for my wife on April 1@TSC ... Never received FP.. On may 12 Received Ref for
    not sending Photos :( , I sent photos now waiting ...

    I E filed my EAD on April 26 , got FP on May 12 and Approval on 26 :confused:

    I think lot of people didnt get FP's and you may get a REF for pics .


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  • aarennar
    11-26 12:53 PM
    My experience says it doesn't matter too much. Just attach a letter explaining that and send the fees. If you are in rush pay the highest fees or else send the lowest fees. If there is anything missing they will send the application back (at their own cost) and ask you to provide more info/fees.

    Thanks - I guess that's good advice.

    Btw, do I need to send the original passport with the application?


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  • ambals03
    01-11 11:38 AM
    Yes agreed. But, now we have a bill, what can we do to give momentum to it ?

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  • rustum
    03-10 11:14 PM
    I did a year ago, gave my US address. They entered the US address in passport. So now you loose your indian address as a proof :)

    Regarding H1-B, if your passport is stamped with Visa, I don't think notarized H1-B copy is required. Since the passport has a valid visa.

    vrbest and Saro,
    Thanks for the information. In online application, there is a column for address to be printed in passport. There is a column for other address. I am planning to give India permanent address in the first column. Hopefully they will put that into the passport. Passport is the only address proof for me in India.

    My L1 visa is expired on October, 2008. My company moved me to H1 and i am yet to go for stamping on H1.

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  • aristotle
    02-01 07:42 PM
    So my confusion is why SA.187 is hanging from HR.2? Is it senate amendment to a house bill?

    S for senate
    HR for House Resolution
    SA for Senate Amendment to a Senate bill
    --- don't know Amendment for a HR

    10-07 12:41 PM
    I just called them now. I was lucky enough to talk to the operator. She said I should be getting it in a week. I guess they have a back log. She couldn't tell me anything else. BTW my application was received on Sep 11th. Money order was cashed on Sep 23rd. Still in process not shipped yet. I called 713-626-2148 and pressed 1 then 9 and when it asked for voice mail or operator I pressed 0 for operator. I kept pressing 0 until someone answered.

    Munna Bhai
    08-24 01:02 PM

    I am the Susan from www.expatsvoice.org and just so you know my husband passed away last year

    He was the petitioner for my son who was to follow to join. We only heard son had aged out in Oct 2005 and was getting a court case ready in early 2006.

    Sadly my husband became unwell in March 06, diagnosed terminal on 4th May and died 13th May 2006

    Someone posted, there maybe only a few cases but the cost is huge from an emotional standpoint

    If I win my court case this may result in others having benefit who were previously denied lets hope so and stand together on this.

    The grief and deprression I have suffered is unbearable due to errors, delays and husbands death

    The memo in cspa clearly says that the CSPA should be interpred expansively, to me that means common sense and compassion.

    Until we get an amendment to CSPA I feel there will be so many more cases of hardship and termoil to come to notice

    Very sad to know your situation, good that you still fighting..don't give up..we are with you.

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