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Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • jasonalbany
    05-01 09:00 PM
    Any group action, please join me in.

    I was audited in October, 2007. After I responded the audit letter in November, there is really no progress at all. Let me know if I can do something.

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  • Saralayar
    04-08 11:30 PM
    Watch your language pal.FYI I am highly educated,and that is reflected in my thoughts and my words,not to mention my motive to discredit ideas that will not fly.Also,you need to work on your language construction skills and English, and then may be you can come up with ideas benefit a community such as IV.
    I don't think you are highly educated and having refined thought. You don't know how to behave in a forum. For your information I hold the highest degree offered by any university (Ph.D). I hope you know what is Ph.D. Please get out of this thread. We do not need thoughtless creatures. Do not reply to this and be away from this forum.

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  • nojoke
    01-25 04:45 PM
    Yes, that is what the trend look like. There is probably another 5-10% fall in the works. Perhaps even more. I agree with you on that.

    However, the million dollar question is how do you know the prices have actually bottomed one? Won't you go ahead and buy if its affordable, instead of wasting precious years which shorten the career span and deferring your decision? Its almost like deciding when to have your first child...well..almost. There is never really a good time, is there?

    By affordable, I mean its around 'x' times your (dual) income, you have your green card and you are prepared to live in the US for next 5 years at least (even if there is any family emergency, you don't have any compulsion to sell off your assets and move to India for good). Now, 'x' may mean different for different people but generally people seem to agree x = 3. And I also agree with you that it might happen that american housing is always affordable. Yes, it might but for most middle class in SFO Bay area, when x was 7-10, it wasn't affordable at all!

    I completely oppose folks like Slumdog doing something terribly rash (no gc, no prospect of gc within a year, single income with a baby, baby having some health issues and to top it all the burden of a heavy mortgage on the shoulders, god, I think his situation is simply awful...) but the way I read it is that these indeterminate immigration waits are making people throw caution to the winds.

    And I don't agree with folks who feel that buying your house is like renting it out simply because it is mortgaged. There is big difference, eventually its get all paid off and you start actually owning it. Secondly, for a lot of people that they can sell it during their retirement and use the sale proceeds to cover the retirement life. There is very good chance real estate would have appreciated over long term. Of course, you are just interested in 'flipping' you are asking for big trouble.

    If you think renting is not 'quality of life' and you see it is affordable and prepared to lose money go ahead and buy. On the other hand, if you don't mind renting and don't feel like losing your hard earned money wait for the downturn to be over.
    The rate of fall is so much that it is better to lose on the rent than buy and lose over the next years depreciation.

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  • pbojja
    05-15 03:50 PM
    I called most of the offices , its easy some of the offices already know about the call so they will finish it for you ..

    Go IV Go


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  • nat23
    10-05 04:34 PM
    THE DARKEST HOUR OF THE NIGHT IS BEFORE DAWN.....but we will have to fight till the Dawn....

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  • EB2_Jun03_dude
    04-09 09:11 AM
    Definitely all of us are stuck in this retrogression. But it won't hurt to put this as a lower priority item on IV's agenda.


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  • StuckInTheMuck
    07-28 10:30 AM
    In my case (see a few posts up), it took 70 days from e-filing date, and 36 days from FP date, to get to the "card production ordered" stage. So I would think your time line is about the same so far.

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  • pappu
    01-31 05:58 PM
    r2i ing end of Feb 2011. But, will contribute financially though.

    Any reasons for R2i?

    Is it your EB3 wait?
    With a Jan 03 PD it is sad to see someone giving up after a 7 year wait and coming so close to getting current.


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  • coolmanasip
    06-29 04:25 PM
    what happens if the application is already posted???......My lawyer posted our application today by the overnight delivery.......

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  • bushman06
    06-15 03:57 PM
    My passport is going to expire on 13th Sept, 2011. Any idea if I can renew my passport now, or do I have to wait till september,2010?

    Thanks in advance.

    Better to renew right away. You can renew up to 6 months before expire date.


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  • sam_hoosier
    01-18 01:53 PM
    Signed up for $ 20/month.

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  • jaocanada
    05-04 04:21 PM
    I had observed this last summer also that most of the CPO emails are received at night. In my opinion, it is probably due to the fact that they run these external communications as batch jobs at night, which is usually the case in any high volume corporate type IT systems.
    So guys, relax and check you emails at night :-)


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  • achiever2001
    01-20 11:16 AM
    From the heading of the topic, i thought it was somebody venting out frustration and so did not visit it, till my wife told me about it today.

    Best of luck

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  • go2roomshare
    06-20 05:21 PM


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  • eb3_nepa
    01-22 09:30 PM
    Got the PERM labor by 13 months. Applied on Dec 2005 got it now. Mine is EB2

    I know EB2 is much slower than EB3 from what I have heard. Hence i was wondering how many ppl on EB3 have done their PERM recently?

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  • baburob2
    02-02 09:31 AM
    The interesting thing to note here is

    MAN! I didn�t come to this country for all this knowledge.



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  • lutherpraveen
    01-18 06:43 PM
    I just don't understand why people who suffer so much from the whole waiting would not contribute. If one day, IV core members decide to close this organization and go on with their lives, I would like to know how those people who have not contributed feel.

    I agree.
    I too was guilty of not helping IV to help me.
    It was only today that it dawned on me that if IV is closed because of lack of funds, there would be no one on my side, working on my cause.
    I wish everyone who have not contributed so far, would have the same realization as me.

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  • Lasantha
    04-11 12:37 AM
    Thanks machan!!

    Congratulations Lasantha, happy for you.


    Priority Date-03/27/06 - EB3 ROW
    I-140 approved 11/14/2006
    I-485 RD 07/23/2007

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  • amitjoey
    03-30 04:19 PM
    I want to thank all of the ones who actively participated in the "add the member campaign" some of you who actively participated are: rajesh_kamisetty,permgc,mjdup,anurakt,ashok,pmpfor gc,janakp,neelu,gckaintezar,rsayed,pcs,paskal,maca cca.
    Thanks to you, we are 10,000 strong. Ofcourse Pappu and the core team.

    07-19 09:11 PM
    In the past 2 days 3 labors from PBEC were approved from my Company. The PDs for them are 2004.

    07-16 01:08 PM
    I am with you Sanhari. I will do the same..

    I am writing to the local congressmen, to request USCIS to apply the spillover visas to EB cases with older priority date first (irrespective of it's category or country). I hope this will help, if lot of these local congressmen/women contact USCIS to handle this spillover in a fair manner, allocating to older priority date cases first irrespective of category or country. All EB3 folks please take some time and do the same writing to your congressmen about this issue.

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