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Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • Ann Ruben
    04-16 09:15 AM
    Unfortunately the rules of the PERM process are pretty rigid. It is unlikely that you would succeed in getting the denial reversed and the appeal process could take a year or more. Unless you are beyond your 5th year of H-1 status, your best course is to start the process again.

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  • Laasya05
    12-29 08:38 PM
    Sorry I may sound lame but what is the new rule regarding H4 to H1B?

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  • Sunny175
    10-14 05:06 PM
    My Green card is in the processing and I-140 was approved in Dec 2007. The priority date is in Jun 2007 and EB2 category. Applied for renewal of EAD and AP recently.

    I am on H1b and it is due for renewal in 3 months. I will be on H1b for 4 1/2 yrs by that time.
    I hope h1b will be issued for 3 yrs since pending 485 for more than a year.
    I think renewing is helpful just in case if there is any issue with 485.

    1. Is it worth to renew H1b?
    2. How much will it cost to renew H1b?
    3. Since the h1b is issued for 3 yrs based on pending 485. If any issue with 485 will it impact H1b?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • vhd999
    10-07 10:19 AM
    Sorry, if this question is asked before. I could not find the answer even after a thorough search.

    My EB3 � India, I-485 application is pending and I am planning to explore options of porting to EB2.

    I am currently working with another employer (B) different from the GC sponsoring company (A) using AC-21 rule.

    My current employer (B) is planning to apply for labor in EB2 category.

    The job requirements satisfy EB2 eligibility and I have the skills/qualifications for the EB2 category before I joined the current employer (B) (in fact even before joining the employer A).

    Two questions:
    1). Do you see any problem with the above scenario?
    2). If you are not a lawyer, can you please suggest a good immigration lawyer that is very good at dealing with porting.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • shined129
    07-08 08:58 AM
    Yes paid through ssn and paid taxes

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  • swamy
    06-08 11:09 PM
    i know what you're talking about - this obsession w/pre-adjudication is ridiculous!i for one support dismantling the current vb based 485 filing lottery system that utterly makes no sense whatsover! let people file 485 as and when 140 is approved and get rid of this cynical vb based filing -


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  • x1050us
    06-15 09:36 PM
    That explains. Thanks for the reply

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  • SK2007
    10-04 04:33 PM
    my mothe in law is visiting us. she came to the Us last Aug 2006 as a B2 (tourist visa). we extented her visa once which iwas valid for Aug 8, 2007. then we applied for the extention again. yesterday we received the letter saying USCIS is not going to extend the visa anymore. the application had been rejected. but they didn't mentioned any date in the letter about when she have to go back.

    what is safe for her? does she have any deadline to go back? is it 15 days or a month....

    someone please let me know...thanks ahead

    Generally, they give only one extension. Technically, I think she is already overstaying? The bigger problem will be coming back next time. Did you try calling them?


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  • Bpositive
    02-03 01:00 AM
    After security clearance what?

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  • senocular
    10-28 09:59 AM
    Woops sorry, I'll resize in a min.
    Nah it says "Stop wasting your time".. didn't think anyone would bother ;)

    No, it says "Stop Wasting Your ". Count the binary sequences.
    1, 2, 3 ... 18.
    ("Stop Wasting Your Time").substr(0,18) == "Stop Wasting Your "


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  • vallabhu
    04-09 11:45 AM
    Hi rbashir,
    Did you apply for H1 extension and can you update us with the result.

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  • kirupa
    06-10 06:30 PM
    Sorry for the delay unchew. Added all 4 of your stamps up :)


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  • swetha00
    09-12 02:43 PM
    Hi all!
    Thanks a lot for the information...

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  • roseball
    08-04 01:09 PM
    Hello I am leaving for India in two days and have still not received my H1B approval. The receipt date is May 19th 2009. It is being processed at the CA center, is there anything I can to do get it soon.

    It was a regular processing one, not the Premium processing one.

    Help please!!!!

    I am not sure what kind of help you are expecting from members. It seems you already are aware of Premium Processing (PP) service. If you had travel plans, you should have filed H1 under PP and not under regular processing. Anyways, you can upgrade your pending H1 to PP now by filing a form I-907 along with a copy of H1 receipt notice. But I dont think you will get your approval in the next 2 days. It usually takes atleast a week to 10 days to get it, that if its approved with no RFEs.


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  • VivekAhuja
    06-16 07:29 PM
    No one can guarantee you what you will be asked for. Take everything that you normally need. Legally company MUST give you pay stubs in some form (electronic or paper) if they have paid you. What is the reason for not generating pay stubs if you have worked there after I-797 approval notice or even just after filing? Visa stamp on passport is not required.

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  • sargon
    09-22 10:22 AM
    Soft LUD on pending I-485 on 9/19/08.

    The Audacity of hope...


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  • karthiknv143
    04-23 07:08 PM
    I was laid off by my employer( Big staffing company) and i am in the 2 weeks notice period . I am looking for any company( desi one - reasonable) who can sponsor my H1B and also start the GC process immediately .They should be able to work with most of the vendor ( corp-corp)

    I am in my end of 6 th year and my employer is willing to give the approved 1 140 ( Eb2- Feb 2006 PD ) .

    what are my best options right now .I am looking for some advise about good company with decent track record ?

    I had pretty bad experience earlier with a chicago based desi company and then moved this big staffing firm . I am not looking for great marketing as i can manage myself.


    can u PM me ?

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  • Dalai Lama
    01-17 12:49 PM
    I applied for H1B extension, the receipt I-797 I received is showing my Case Number starting with WAC---xx�xx-xxxxx.

    When last time I applied it used to start with EAC-xxx.
    I am little confused, if anybody knows why it is like that. Please help me

    Thanks in Advance.

    Dalai lama from Tibbet

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  • up_guy
    04-09 11:52 AM
    Adding one more question

    Can employee pay 140 premium processing fees ?

    This is my understanding PERM has no fees to department of labour. Is that right ?
    Can employee may attorney fees for PERM ?
    Can employee pay I-140 fees for USCIS ?
    Can employee pay I-140 fees to attorney ?
    I assume that employee can surely pay for USCIS-485 fees and attorney fees for this. ?

    01-09 08:40 AM
    I am getting different options from what you see. type in "infopass" in google and select the first site that you get. Here are the options i get after typing the zip code and selecting the service center

    1)You need Service on a case that has already been filed
    2) You are a new Permanent Resident and have not yet received your Permanent Resident Card
    3) You want to file an application in person
    4) You need information or other services
    5) You need a form.

    We selected (4) to schedule an appointment

    08-01 09:22 PM

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