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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Egans Soler Theory

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  • fromnaija
    05-16 01:32 PM
    However, should the dates be retrogressed before you file, you will not be able to file until your PD becomes current again.

    There is no time limit. You can file it as long as your PD makes the cut off time

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  • GC_Optimist
    01-18 08:57 AM
    Good Luck to all of us.

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  • clove
    05-02 07:00 PM
    I am in a similar situation. After failing to get a definite answer on the exact time taken by the process of changing status to H4 while in the US, I have decided to take a trip to India to get this stamped instead. I was told that change of status to H4 needs to be approved before starting school, simply showing proof of having applied for COS is insufficient. But if you apply for change of status to F1,then approval is not required before starting school. However I would suggest you confirm this from your lawyer/school.

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  • WaitingBoy
    05-27 04:25 PM
    Hi Usirit
    How do you know that your case has been moved to Atlanta and is not in Chicago?
    Did you get a letter or something.


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  • pak
    07-21 04:32 PM
    E-filed 07/15
    Support Doc sent -07/18
    Receipt Date 07/16
    Waiting for FP date

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  • neelu
    12-26 06:13 PM
    I just learned about this initiative today and immediately joined. I think it is a great way to pursue our goals and this iniative for each member to invite atleast one or more others to join the community is a step in the right direction. Keep up the good work Neelu! It's my turn to bring awareness of this effort to some of my other friends who are in the same quagmire.

    Welcome Ajithu!
    We will look forward to seeing your friends join IV.


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  • gomirage
    06-20 06:12 PM
    Now that CIR is officially dead for this year, what alternative is there ?


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  • sanju
    04-08 08:18 AM
    Check the above link too...

    "The numbers speak for themselves. Accenture expects to reach 35,000 by the end of this financial year, a 52 per cent increase over last year. IBM already has 53,000 people in India, a 23 per cent increase over the previous year. By the end of the current financial year, Tata Consultancy Services plans to add 30,000 employees, taking its total headcount to 113,500. US-based Capgemini plans to employ 40,000 professionals by 2010."

    Thanks gc_check,

    Let�s ask the same group of members if IBM, Accenture and Cap Gemini could be labeled as "Indian Companies"? May be Ron Hira will have an answer to this question.


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  • hebbar77
    04-08 08:36 PM
    Waiting is all we have been doing for so many years. I have been living separately from my wife for last 3 years. When I reached out to Pappu on IV, he refused to do anything for me. I am ready to come forward and talk to media but nobody is here to listen.

    I am seriously considering some media awakening event these days, it might be suicide or whatever it takes but this DOS stupidity has to stop. Its affecting so many people's life. I agree GC is not a right that we can demand from US government but they can't treat us like this after investing so many productive years for this Economy.

    I am also thinking of organizing an event around where I live which would me media spotlight. Legal immigrants like us esepcially EB folks need to be in news by doing something special(organizing a food drive for homeless, offering thrash cleaning in some place around .. etc,summary is volunteer in groups)
    BTW no one thinks we are investing time here. We are paid for what we do, the matter ends there.

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  • NolaIndian32
    04-07 08:39 PM
    The San Francisco 5K event is Aug 17, 2008 and as an added bonus, the registration fee for this event is included in your Team IV Membership Fee (if you sign up before July 15, 2008)!!

    Please help support IV's fundraising project, and get the added bonus of leading a healthier lifestyle.


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  • ItIsNotFunny
    05-15 09:35 AM
    Hi All,

    After a long wait i have my priority date became current. But my employer is saying to wait for some more time before he can file for I485.What can i do in this scenario? He is saying the dates are going to remian the same for next couple of months.Please suggest.


    If you have I-140 approved copy with you, you can file by yourself.

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  • Macaca
    06-14 06:12 AM
    Please post your LC (and other EB GC) opinions in Employment Based (EB) Skilled Immigration Applicants (http://boards.msn.com/MSNBCboards/thread.aspx?threadid=314286)


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  • songlan
    05-17 02:57 PM
    Yes, do I-485 yourself, if you see your case is straightforward (not H1B transfer, ...). It is totall doable . We need an attorney for Lc. The I-485 form is much simpler, and, you are independent. Just download the form from USCIS website then follow the instructions. I regret of spending $2K for my attorney. I actually completed the form and they just send it. I recall to see one website they provide the service to check the filled legal forms.

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  • GCard_Dream
    01-18 11:35 AM
    We have 2 threads talking about the same topic.. contribution .. While it's good to see both threads getting lot of hits, I suggest that we merge both of these threads so that we all get on the same page. Half the members are responding in one thread while other half are on the other thread and I think it's kind of distracting.

    Mods, if you agree please merge the threads.


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  • legaleagle
    07-01 09:11 AM
    I made a mistake. My I140 was filed on 26 Dec 06 and was approved in Sept 07. Daughter's birth in 17 July 1985

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  • waitnwatch
    02-01 06:58 PM
    I apologize for this mistake to everyone .....I changed the header to reflect my error.


    I may be completely wrong but this is what I see on thomas.loc.gov

    Appended to the Minimum wage bill was SA187 which amends SA112 sponsored by John Kerry and consponsored by Sununu, Snowe, Landrieu and Lieberman.

    Senate Amendment SA 187 seems to have passed with unanimous consent. This is what it apparently contains among a lot of other stuff... Please correct me if I am wrong.




    (b) Employment-Based Immigrants.--Section 201(d) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1151(d)) is amended to read as follows:

    ``(d) Worldwide Level of Employment-Based Immigrants.--The worldwide level of employment-based immigrants under this subsection for a fiscal year is equal to the sum of--

    ``(1) 290,000;

    ``(2) the difference between the maximum number of visas authorized to be issued under this subsection during the previous fiscal year and the number of visas issued during the previous fiscal year; and

    ``(3) the difference between--

    ``(A) the maximum number of visas authorized to be issued under this subsection during fiscal years 2001 through 2005 and the number of visa numbers issued under this subsection during those years; and

    ``(B) the number of visas described in subparagraph (A) that were issued after fiscal year 2005.''.


    Section 202(a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1152(a)) is amended--

    (1) in paragraph (2)--

    (A) by striking ``, (4), and (5)'' and inserting ``and (4)''; and

    (B) by striking ``7 percent (in the case of a single foreign state) or 2 percent'' and inserting ``10 percent (in the case of a single foreign state) or 5 percent''; and

    (2) by striking paragraph (5).


    (b) Preference Allocation for Employment-Based Immigrants.--Section 203(b) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1153(b)) is amended--

    (1) in paragraph (1), by striking ``28.6 percent'' and inserting ``20 percent'';

    (2) in paragraph (2)(A), by striking ``28.6 percent'' and inserting ``20 percent'';

    (3) in paragraph (3)(A)--

    (A) by striking ``28.6 percent'' and inserting ``35 percent''; and

    (B) by striking clause (iii);

    (4) by striking paragraph (4);

    (5) by redesignating paragraph (5) as paragraph (4);

    (6) in paragraph (4)(A), as redesignated, by striking ``7.1 percent'' and inserting ``5 percent'';

    (7) by inserting after paragraph (4), as redesignated, the following:



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  • dhame
    05-18 12:35 PM
    Can anyone tell me where can I find these non profit organizations? Is there any list or so available?

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  • Hassan11
    04-10 09:31 AM
    The HR Manager at my company wants to send a letter inquiring about the status of my 485 application. My PD is current as of April VB and my RD is within the published Processing time. My application is at NSC.

    my question is: what address do they need to send the letter to?? or is there another way to do it??


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  • nashim
    10-14 11:50 AM
    I going to send passport renewal application to Consulate General of India � New York,

    Can some one please let me know.

    1) Can I submit 2 inch by 2 inch photo? I am unable to get 3.5 x 3.5 cm photo
    2) Do I need to send original passport?

    05-11 09:57 PM
    Approved today in the most RESPECTED way for both Primary and Derivative.
    --No Porting
    --EB2- with qualified credentials: BS Engg;MS USA;
    --No substitution

    Called USCIS CS and verified information; and CS opened SR

    Has been a long wait. Came in 1999 for MS, straight out of college from home country.

    01-11 04:07 PM
    I read all your posts. I am sure you are just an anti-immigration guy. why do you pretend being Chinese and pretend being EB1? just try to devide our EB community? Shame on you! You even don't have courage to show us who you really are.

    America is country of Immigrants. Diversity visa allows everyone come. Prevents USA become small India, Mexico or China. Think from people who wrote USA law mind. We too narrow and think about only MY Greencard.

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