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Monday, July 4, 2011

Donde Esta Javier

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  • yabadaba
    10-12 02:33 PM
    gc chahiye.. both polls were excellent.. can you redo them and see if we can get a larger sample size?

    I wonder how many of the PD earlier than 2003, I-485 filed and 2004 PD, I-485 filed and 2005 PD, I-485 filed must have gotten gcs in the july fiasco.

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  • abhisam
    04-20 10:18 AM
    I filed on March 26th in TSC (paper filing). Got receipt dated April 7th. Still waiting. I cannot continue the job as my H1B expired. Anybody knows what should I do to get it expedited. I guess people at USCIS are very unpredictable and work according to the mood. I did not anticipate this as earlier I filed EAD for my wife and son and I got it in three weeks.

    There is a fax number you can send a letter to expedite your EAD case. You need to mention that you are not able to work and will face extreme financial hardship if you do not recieve your EAD in time. we had sent a fax for our renewal last time and it worked.

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  • jamesingham
    05-16 11:50 AM
    Do you need to be married at the time of applying I-140 to get GC in the same application ?

    My question is when is the latest that one can get married so as to get his/her spouse a GC on the same application.

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  • xela
    04-09 07:58 AM
    I had called them last week and was told the ususal spiel about my processing time not being current. But the lady also slipped with some piece of info that I did not have before: The processing dates are updated every 2 weeks....we do not see that online. While I am not sure that is true, I still figured hey let's call again and see. So yesterday the guy on the phone told me that I am outside their processing times and that he will put in a service request to make sure they will take care of my application....and my RD is July 2nd.....so their might be some truth about them internally updating processing times.....maybe


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  • little_willy
    05-17 08:04 AM
    Can you also post what decision you have made regarding changing employers or if you are waiting till next month for PD availability?

    In the same situation as you are in.

    Decided to move on to the new employer. Let's see what happens.

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  • BharatPremi
    10-15 03:36 PM
    Thanks for your prompt reply! I think CP filers would be around 5%. Atleast in my organization, in July, 70 people filed 485 and I am the only CP applicant!

    So you will be on H1 till conclusion. Best Luck.


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  • svrk
    10-21 09:32 PM
    I filed my I-140 in July 07, I-485 in August with PD of June 07(EB3 India). Perhaps there may be many more like me with very recent PDs. Given that it is going to be a very long wait for getting GC, what should be a good approach for me? Use EAD after I-140 is approved (AC21 would be in place by that time) to make the most of the waiting time or play it extremely safe and stay with the current employer till GC is received? :confused:

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  • chintu25
    01-13 10:15 PM
    Please use proper language 'money helper'
    You think you can make people who are not even aware of 'day trading' the greatest financial experts, by your 'blogs'.....................nts and if they have enough knowledge, surely they won't come here to read your crap. Anyway those who become educated reading things here are destined to lose.

    Arnt u a piece of work mr redgreen

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    Welcome to real world and real trades.

    Relax and listen before forming an opinion.

    No one will judge you here. We are all here to earn .

    Crap u say hmm

    Did any one invite you here

    quote ..........if they have enough knowledge, surely they won't come here to read your crap..........

    Yor are HERE reading it obviously hmm makes me wonder if you like crap

    QUOTE .......Anyway those who become educated reading things here are destined to lose

    Did lord Krishna or Prophet Mohammed made you see our destiny

    Dude Ask them when the Priority dates will become current ;)

    Ok now back to the basics

    I have noticed that a lot of stocks that are worthless are pumped and picked by phony sites ....You might even be recieving spam emails asking you to watch certain trades.

    Put them on a separate watch list since most of them usually spike for a bit and settle down ...What a DT does intelligently is to watch the spike and "Short" it when it starts sliding back again

    This needs a lot of patience to learn and experience...so I suggest you not to trade in them for now and watch the plays.

    Day Trading is like riding a bicycle , I believe , When you dont know how to ride it , even a straight road looks like a uphill task but as you learn and have more control over yourself....You start riding and with experience also know how to avoid the pot holes but most importantly how to get out and balance your self if you ever do land on it.

    And then there are the ones who do Stunt tricks like Wheelies and back riding .......Thats what attracts novice to riding but you cant do that the first day Can You ???


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  • angelfire76
    04-08 03:01 PM
    EB1 spillover may never come for some time in the future. The Indian IT companies are applying under EB1 for their PMs and Senior PMs (req: BS in any discipline + 6-7 yrs exp), labeling them as multi-national executives. They are also making the employee pay for the 140 and 485 so that the financial impact is reduced a lot by a potential rejection of the 140.

    This is as much BS as labor sub. I think everybody here knows how tough it is to get EB1 classification for researchers. But what scrutiny is there for these "multi-national executives" ? All they have to do is spend some time in India or any other country as a PM or SPM, come to the US on H1B and promptly apply under EB1. :mad:

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  • kalyan
    06-14 10:23 AM

    I agree there is lot of injustice to applicants stuck in pre perm system. But with elimination of LC substitution and a timeline of 45 days between LC and 140,

    tons of pre perm applications after approved will go nuts becoz the candidates have already left the employers .

    I am sure that dates will remain current in August also. I believe INS will give EAD and will let all wait for GC therefore needs to go to Parole. Once you are in AP, that means, you all are golden eggs laying ducks to INS everyyear.

    One +ve plus for is , DESI companies are gone and we can change jobs but its premium price for lot of guys for years to pay .

    Good. My LC is not even started. I am holding my breathe and congratulations to all my brothers and sisters who can file 485.

    Good Luck


    Donde Esta Javier. Javier Perez
  • Javier Perez

  • needhelp!
    04-15 01:39 PM
    guys.. 30 minutes is a LOT.. I think I walked a little more than a mile. Feels good, but I think I'm getting a ear/head ache because of all that blood pounding in there.

    I'll "run mouse" for the rest of the day :)

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  • mjdup
    12-14 08:00 AM
    I had a friend who tried to register but the website wouldn't because he has yet to file his LC, can someone confirm this? otherwise I will personally help my friend if he is making any mistake.

    He is forwarding to his Chinese friends to spread the word..



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  • BharatPremi
    09-24 02:28 PM
    When I see EB3-China data in USCIS's work sheet I am getting shocked. How come EB3-China has a such a low pending number particularly comparing with Eb3-India?

    That is the first point for me to generate doubts about the accuracy of the data.

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  • akhilmahajan
    08-03 11:12 AM
    Congrats folks for getting your EAD cards finally.
    As we are still waiting for our approvals, please keep on guiding and helping us in whichever way you can.

    I hope we can also share the good news about our EAD cards soon.
    Its now 66 days and waiting....................


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  • somegchuh
    06-14 01:57 PM
    I can't tell you how p***d I was when I read someone suggesting ppl to "enjoy the moment". For someone who has been waiting 3-4 years for labor to clear and sees ppl getting in front of the line to get the EAD/AP, its just insane. And to tell that person to be not a "spoilsport" is just rubbing salt in their wounds!

    To my friends who are still stuck in PBEC, please have faith. You will hopefully be able to file 485 even after Sept when the dates retrogress again. My gut feeling is that dates will retrogress back to 2004 again. 2005 is when PERM started and that's where the bulk of applicants will come from right now. PERM filers will get the advantage of AC21 that you didn't have for all these years but plight of ppl stuck in BEC's has never been on anyone's agenda. So not much you can do.

    Totally agree! I was appalled by some peoples suggestion to those still stuck in BEC to "enjoy the moment" on behalf of others and "not to be a spoilsport". It is really very unfair, but you know what, like arihant says, it'll be like, "See you at IV in September" (when the October VB comes out) to continue.

    Only difference is, you'd have "filed" 485 and if lucky you'd have gotten a receipt, because you might as well kiss your AP & EAD goodbye because there is no way they can process this ton load of apps any time soon.

    I hope USCIS finally sees the injustice that has be meted out to the all the folks - whether in BEC or not - and process the application in a FIFO basis.

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  • Hopeful123
    04-18 04:06 PM
    Has anybody tried the new online system? How good is it? Does it give you tracking number, etc? Mor importantly, has it made the process any faster? Thx.


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  • dohko
    04-08 10:53 AM
    I guess a good solution could be. Have a cap for Non-US Masters H1B
    and unlimited numbers for US Masters.
    This way IEEE gets their way in getting US grads to stay here.

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  • Indo-Canadian
    08-31 12:34 PM
    I am a newbee on this site and looking for expert advice...
    What are the chances of getting PERM audited should we apply first week of Sep-2008? Does my Canadian Citizenship of any help once PERM is approved? (Touch wood!)

    Thanking you all experts in advance for your reply.

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  • stillhopefull
    03-24 01:39 PM
    Thank you for the positive outlook! It makes me feel a lot better. I am surprised that Vermont is so far behind TX and NE!

    Indeed, Good Luck to all of us!

    02-01 07:04 PM
    Links from thomas.gov

    i hope it is right too but i would wait to hear from our experts.

    CORE is this a figment of my imagination??????????????

    04-11 11:33 AM
    How many votes do we have now ?
    As a member, you can get the latest count in http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/forum14-members-forum/1599353-want-to-file-485-when-pd-is-not-current-gather-here.html

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