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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cuvee Des Trolls

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  • paskal
    12-18 05:31 PM
    fellow members,

    the two campaigns are on in earnest
    please add a member
    and please donate $20 (more would be even better)
    by Dec 31st

    and we will surely have a happier new year :cool:

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  • Michael chertoff
    05-03 01:42 PM
    No approval yet.

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  • GCNirvana007
    09-02 09:49 AM
    I beg to differ from your point of view that approvals are on PD. If you take a good look at the PDs of approved cases posted here, you will there are many post July 04 (mostly in Oct and Dec 04) and we all know there are many before that.

    They are clearly going by ND. I have seen 1/2 case approved that had ND after 8/30/07

    They dont prioritize inside the current time window. In otherwords, they dont necessarily go Jan, Feb, Mar etc. They just do it if its inside Jan 2005.

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  • breddy2000
    01-15 01:53 PM
    Assume MMs(Market Makers) know everyone of you, your positions and every of your trades, in real time.

    It it their advantages to have this data. And it is so easy nowadays to have a simple program analyzing these data in real time to profile trades in terms of who they are (inst/retailer, between themselves or not), block size distribution, duration of trades (how long the buy/sell mode last), etc.

    Most of daytraders do not have these information. That's why most of the daytraders lose money in trading


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  • Becks
    01-25 04:17 PM
    I agree. Based on my 10+ years experience in the IT industry I saw only Indian IT folks strive to deliver the task as agreed. Be it by working later hours, weekends, holidays. They dont get paid for all their hardwork. It it not done for job security purpose just as commitment. I see my own team members sacrificing lot of personal obligations for the work and show their dedication. Not all Indians enjoy.

    where do you make your observations man????????? your observation are totally incorrect. I have seen so many indians who are putting so many extra hours without any extra pay.. we dont follow clock buddy.....go and look some other places where indian works...

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  • Pallavi79
    01-27 01:54 AM
    I think our focus should be on the how improving the bottom line for our company , i think we should focus on cutting cost and improving productivity in our companies we work in this economy rather than discussing this useless housing stuff or stocks.</Quote>

    Do you want to save when ceo's saves like this.


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  • paskal
    06-27 06:53 PM
    The good thing is eliminating the country quota is always lumped with doubling the total quota and/or recapturing previous years waste, so hopefully the affect evens itself out.. Eliminating the coutry qouta by itself is a disaster.

    the elimination of country quotas alone only redistributes pain...where our goal is to end everyone's pain. we asked for all the measures on our agenda and we support the whole package together. we want a better immigration system for everyone.

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  • little_willy
    01-19 01:47 PM
    May be a gentle reminder about contributions in other topics would help.
    How sad it is that we don't get support from our own.

    May be once anyone's queries get answered about any topic, a friendly reminder like "If you are satisfied with the response, please contribute to IV to help our cause". I hope the members don't make us stoop to this level.


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  • EndlessWait
    06-14 03:37 PM
    I'm telling you, most likely even if it retrogresses. PD will go back uptil 2004-2005. Most cases are filed after 2005 March.

    Hang in there for those stuck in BEC.

    god speed.

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  • gcretroiv
    02-02 01:32 PM
    I guess it is time to pack and go back, after seeing all these developments


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  • BharatPremi
    10-14 10:55 PM
    Has somebody ever wondered if EB limit is 140000 why the heck USCIS is allowed to accept millions of applications at the first place?

    Can we sue USCIS for that?

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  • hebbar77
    04-08 08:02 PM
    I was not aware of these things(EB1 gc for false managers). Smart people all around. In fact sometimes USCIS does checks on approved cases and those do get it by falsifying stuff will go to jail for a LONG time, long enough to get citizenship here in US!!

    We should all report any illegal activity. Keep in mind that we all will be affected by it by USCIS reviewing everyones case too thoroughly... Bcos we all are Aliens!!(short ears, no hair... like in a sci-fi movie)

    Earlier mis-use used to be porting labor... contractor -h1... (as per what I read on forums).. Now GC's? by EB1!! huh!
    All those who falsely got visas on higher EBx categories would prevent spill over to next EBx category, delaying legit candidate waiting with legitimate documents and background.

    Now we all know why we are waiting for our green karrrrrd.


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  • gc4me
    04-09 10:08 AM
    Pappu, please close this thread.
    First of all, the topic of this thread is a total waste of time.
    We hardly have enough support, funding, time etc. to fight GC related issue, and here people wasting time on discussing Citizenship! I am politely asking these people if any of you have contributed any of your time/money/effort to IV, Did you? Simply hypocrisy.

    And top of that people in this thread are using extreme foul language.
    Please close this thread.

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  • natrajs
    09-01 11:24 AM
    Alright guys, I cannot tell you how excited I am to report that i got a call this morning from my attorney and my online case status also states that Card Production was ordered for my case!!!

    After 8 long years.....i finally have been approved for permanent residency. After 7 years, i will finally, with peace of mind, go back to India to visit my family. Thanks to IV, everyone's help on these forums for helping me keep my sanity over the past 2 years....

    After 15 years in the US, I will finally have my green card in hand soon.


    Congrats , Thanks for your contribution to IV community, Best Wishes


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  • gsc999
    06-06 07:40 PM
    Any updates?

    Check out this url

    However, Reid accused the GOP of standing in the way of immigration reform, noting that on Monday, Republicans blocked "the Senate's own bipartisan comprehensive reform plan from moving forward in Congress."

    "After years of Bush Republican incompetence, our borders are unsecured, and our immigration system is broken. The Senate took a major step toward fixing our immigration system. Now, the president must convince his party to enact the comprehensive immigration reform our nation deserves," Reid said in a statement.

    http://www.cnsnews.com/news/viewstory.asp?Page=%5CNation%5Carchive%5C200606%5C NAT20060606b.html

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  • gsc999
    04-09 05:48 PM
    I am happy to report that Team IV Memberships have started rolling in from a few non-IVians who support us legal immigrants!! This is very encouraging.

    Great, we need support for American citizens. This helps


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  • chunky
    09-22 02:17 PM
    Does anyone know tatkal fee for CGI Houston.
    I am sending my passport by mail.
    On one page it is written $90 but on remaining it is $150.

    i see some posts with $90.
    Does anyone know if there is fee increase of $90 is still valid

    With IKE striking in Texas , cgihouston dot org says "we will be able to provide only essential/emergency consular services until normalcy is restored."

    I need to send my passport for renewal, i was thinking if i should wait for some time or send it right away

    What you guys suggest ? Anyone else on the same boat ?


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  • adGurkha
    09-14 03:19 PM
    Here are the list of Vaccinations that I was told to get. I had most of them already, some as a child and some when I came to school here.

    Influenza Type B
    Tetanus and Diphtheria Toxoids
    Hepatitis B

    Most of these can be done in couple of days but the Hepatitis B takes about six months. There are 3 shots which needs to be spread out to six months. If you need this one, then this is the time to do it.

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  • qasleuth
    04-09 11:54 PM
    actually you are insane. just because you have contributed money does not make you sane !!
    and you should be the first one to ask for action items (since I guess you have really donated 2400 dollars) ..or are you planning to donate 5000 dollars more without asking anything in return ? (yr money ..but as the saying goes ..a fool and his money soon part ways) ..well this is my last post ..bye and good luck !!

    You are just incredible....a lot of talk in many threads but no real action....just suggesting, lets start an action item, run that campaign etc etc. When asked specific questions you ignore and now in protest, you want to quit ?

    You asked a question and I answered in this thread, you conveniently ignored and yet keep calling for action, making statements of intent with no real action.

    here is what I said in the below thread:

    Here is the process that folks here have been told to follow in the past: come up with a basic plan (should not be a statement of intent but a proper sequential plan with steps), start a thread, contact core by sending them an email. Gather support in the thread while the core discusses and comes back with feedback. Whatever support in terms of logistics, money, advice, contacts etc are then provided by IV core who will work with a 'sub-team' for the proposal.


    Just keep saying, lets start an action item blah blah....come up with a plan, not glorious statements of intent. Is that what you do at work ? Come up with pompous statements and expect others to work ? Let me guess, you are a CEO and just involve yourself in strategic thinking and do not want to muddy yourself with details ? is that right ? I do not see strategy either. If you are still logging in and reading this, atleast do a better job in your personal/professional life. Good luck.

    06-04 02:27 PM
    Due to the delays in obtaining EAD from Nebraska Service Center; I am planning to do the following things-

    1. On the 78th. day (since currently NSC is taking 11 weeks= 77 days, to process EAD cards) call USCIS customer support 1-800 number and tell them that my case is outside the processing timeframe.
    However, if I do this, my case gets locked up. That is any call the customer service representative takes and opens a service request; another service request cannot be opened earlier than 30 days.

    2. Even still if my application is not approved, then I plan to walk into the USCIS office on the 91st day and request an interim card.

    My question is since, I opened a Service Request on the 78th. day, can the local office representative open another service request to request an interim card on the 91st. day, since 30 days did not pass from opening my service request.

    Gurus, please comment.

    E-Filed on 04/15 . Wifes EAD Card received on 06/01. Mine still says initial review so Initiated a service request but looks like it would not have much impact as case is still under normal processing times.
    Getting concerned now since my current EAD expires on 90th day.

    04-08 04:22 PM
    It is explicitly mentioned that quota is over for "year".

    I always thought that DOS issues the visas to USCIS and that this is done quarterly. If this is the case, how can USCIS say that all visas are used up for this fiscal year when we are only in the 3rd quarter? Would they not be obligated to wait for new visa numbers in the 4th quarter? How can USCIS allocate more visas than they actually have. This is strange!

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