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Monday, July 4, 2011

Cool Ideas For Painting A Bedroom

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  • bazuka6
    06-12 09:21 PM
    Hi All,

    I have a question. I am working for a company on a H1-b visa status. And i applied for GC using a different company as future employment and i got my EAD and AP.

    What is my stand here? Can i use the EAD and work a completely different company? or do i need to transfer my H1 to the company which did my GC?

    Does AC21 apply here? (Because i haven't worked for the company at all who sponsored my GC)


    Go to EAD . Work partimefor future employer and keep working partime for current employer. Once you go to EAD there is no fulltime and partime..Everything is employment

    You will prove that you have worked for GC sponsor . After a few months, use AC21 and move back to current employer .

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  • ya3
    04-17 02:18 AM

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  • ajju
    07-25 04:51 PM
    Agree with Jonty on checking at http://infopass.uscis.gov...

    I needed to confirm my address change.. called uscis and I was told they can't see any personal info... basically read me my status on website and a long boring standard message.. saying you are within the normal processing dates and blah blah... Bottom line I was suggested to take infopass.. so I took.. Its my first infopass appt ever and it was very easy... shown me 2 dates avaialable for Aug (nothing in July).. So I pick one and then was asked to pick a time...

    I selected as a follow up on pending case...

    Hopefully they'll process my AOS before that :-)

    EB2-I June 2004... PD current, RD current per both NSC/TSC...
    Case filed at NSC and transferred to TSC (July 23, 2008)
    Keeping my fingers crossed per 50-50 probability theory :-)

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  • gregspirited
    08-19 05:38 PM
    Hello Guys,
    I have been working with my current employer for last 3 years as Software engineer and filed for PERM last October (18th Oct 2007). My six year H1-B limit expires in January 2010.
    Now I'm getting an opportunity to move into Technical Program Management internally (within the same company).
    I have couple of questions based on the above scenario

    1. Is it safe to take the new opportunity since I have to start over my PERM process (given the backlog in Atlanta center) and also given the amount of time left in my H1-B (approx 15 months left)?

    2. If I file a new PERM application now, can I use the experience that I gained in this company as part of the app OR should I use only my previous employer's experience (which was 3-4 years ago and has little relation with what I might do in program management) for the PERM app?

    Your replies are greatly appreicated and thanks for your time


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  • freddyCR
    January 4th, 2005, 10:41 AM
    Camera : Fujifilm S7000
    Original Slightly cropped
    Comments appreciated


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  • chanduv23
    09-17 02:26 PM


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  • dale
    04-17 02:05 AM
    i dont get all this negativity. like sure you may think it's crap but wouldn't it be a happier world if we said what we liked about stuff - not what we hate. (ie find something you really like (like windows or linux if you're so against mac) and put that on a stamp).

    spread the love people. :afro: :love:

    as design wise goes kirupa is right when he says the text suffers. it's really rough and big. i reckon make it small and in a corner somewhere.


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  • tampacoolie
    07-08 06:26 PM
    We need diagnosis code and billed amount for each of these codes. Does any one know what is the diagnosis code for preventive care visit? How do we get the billed amt for these codes ? Any nurses can help us here.


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  • dskhabra
    09-22 08:57 AM
    My H-1B petition is currently under processing in Vermont sevice center.

    The receipt status shows it was recieved on May 8th and currently pending.

    The processing dates on the USCIS website show May 31st as the current date.

    Any reason why I still didnt receive a decision from USICS for my H-1B Petition? Does this mean anything? Or can i still keep the hope that I may receive a decision from USCIS?

    They usually try to approve most of the new H1B before 9/30. You might get it approved in this week.

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  • gcformeornot
    01-20 01:19 PM
    filing. Only old employer or his lawyer can get information.
    I have seen people using FOIA to get 140 info... but it takes longer time....


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  • eb3retro
    07-10 09:31 AM
    Hello All,
    I have couple of questions regarding Travel Document or Advance Parole.

    My EAD has already been filed by my Lawyer but she is charging too much for filing Advance Parole or Travel Document,so here goes my questions.

    - Is there a way to file for Travel Document myself, without involving the lawyer and if yes how can i do that

    - Do I need to wait for my EAD Receipt being sent to me before filing for Travel Document.

    i did this exactly, where my lawyer filed my ead, but i filed my ap myself. all u need is i-485 receipt copy.

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  • greenlight
    08-27 08:54 PM
    Here is the thread for people who filed AOS between July 17 and Aug. 17. You might find people in your situation.


    I just got my receipt notice today.

    Get involved with collective movement and the DC rally on Sept. 18. I can't attend, but am contributing $ toward someone else attending the rally.


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  • Engineer1111
    05-19 04:45 AM
    My PERM was filed and I got the following email from my lawyers

    " Labor Certification by ABC ABC, Inc. on your behalf has been submitted via the Department of Labor�s (DOL) Permanent Online System as of the above date (April 1) . The application will be adjudicated by a National PERM Processing Center. As the DOL does not currently have a processing schedule for PERM applications, we are unable to predict how long processing will take. In the past, PERM applications have been adjudicated anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Unfortunately, there is currently no way for beneficiaries to check the status of the application. We will contact you as soon as we hear anything specific regarding your case. "

    1. Is there any place where you can check the status ? Since I do not have any reference number, and from the text of the email, I doubt that.

    2. I checked some forums and found that the average processing time is 60 days. Which processing center should I be looking for ? (I work at Oracle in SFO)

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  • geve
    03-02 11:22 PM
    Can we file H4 to H1 under premium process?


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  • BMS1
    09-07 09:13 PM
    Yes I have seen that before (though I do not remember if it was Williston). At that time, Fedex told me that they have a some sort of bulk pickup arrangement (probably they may not be able to run the scanner after that pickup). But there were no problem due to that for me and my packet was delivered in time.

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  • ivar
    02-11 12:07 PM
    You can do it, we can help. --Home Depot

    Good one. :-)


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  • mchundi
    08-23 12:16 AM
    I recently visited India(this july) with a new U.S passport and un endorsed PIO card( I did not know endorsement was required). Though i did not have to show the old passport, i carried with me anyway. No issues anywhere.

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  • rayoflight
    05-05 03:39 PM
    Hi Folks:

    Thank You for your interest. I just reserved the conference room at Tysons Pimmit Library 7584 Leesburg Pike Falls Church, VA 22043 - (703) 790-8088 on 5/9/2009 from 3PM-5PM.

    I expressed interest to lead the MD chapter but definitely looking for support to build our chapter.

    Agenda for the meeting:

    nixstor would be updating us on the following issues.

    (1) State Department's Forecast on the Visa Bulletin for the remainder of
    the year

    (2) Immigration legislation progress on the hill & WH so far

    (3) Miken Institute Global conference on Housing and Immigration.

    (4) DC/MD/VA chapter


    P.S Ask for the conference room at the library.

    For those who are in MD and wondering why the Tysons location

    (1) Unlike the Montgomery County Library facilities, Fairfax County library meeting rooms are free.

    (2) Tyson's Pimmit is conveniently located off of 495.

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  • sparuthi
    08-21 05:58 PM
    So guys just off the phone with a very decent IO at NSC . talked to her 30 mins, yes you are right 30 mins..which is unheard off..

    the questions that I asked were very simple

    Q1. Hello Maam, i would like to know the status of my I485
    A1. This is not the place to ask for status

    Q2: But, Maam, I wanted to know where my case stands as people with PDs and RDs later than mine (mine is March 2006 and July 26 2007) are being adjudicated
    A2: Well, we cannot disclose anybody else's case, but each case is different, so we dont know

    Q3: Okay, but can u tell me if my namecheck has been cleared (although i checked a week back and another IO told me it was cleared)
    A3: No, for privacy purposes we cannot disclose this info

    Q4: Okay then can you tell me why there was a LUD on my approved I40 on 7/13. (guess there were lots of us who had this)
    A4: Yes, I can tell you that, what is your Receipt number

    Q5. Here is my recpt number
    A5: Okay it looks like your I140 was filed at Texas and they sent the file over to us. we consolidated that with your I485

    Q6: Does that mean that my case is being worked upon
    A6: No it does not mean that. This step is one of many many steps that are required for 485 processing. so this will not tell you anything

    Q7: Is my case assigned to a IO
    A7: No we cannot give this info, and even if you have this info, it is useless info as the center is going towards Backlog.

    Q8: Then what is the meaning of processing dates as issued by USCIS
    A8: They dont mean much,. they are just a gestimation of where things stand, and as off now the centers are facing backlog. there is lot of restructuring going on within the centers. The place to check is on the website., any change will be reflected there and it is upto date.

    This was the gist of my call with the IO today.. w

    What is the bottom line?

    Sit tight and things will move only when USCIS wants.. nothing will happen otherwise..

    so guys good luck to all of us.....


    07-17 07:57 PM
    Hi folks,

    Could someone please point me to a Marriage Certificate Translation service9s)?

    It's in Marathi and has photos, legal fee stamps and seals on it and I would like to retain the look as much as possible.

    I kinda searched this website, but the search engine doesn't take you to a specific post in a thread. Instead it just brings up all threads that contain a post with the search keyword. After navigating through a few pages with no luck, I gave up and hence the (potentially redundant) question!

    With another opportunity for Adjustment of Status around the corner, I want to get this asap.


    Swati Solanki
    10-12 08:34 PM
    No news yet!:(

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