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Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • BharatPremi
    10-13 12:09 PM
    That was informative.
    The wild cards are still the LC substitutions and EB2 to EB3 conversions. Even if a lot of people had to go back to India, is there any estimate on how many of these LC approvals were later sold by the bodyshoppers? Depending on the extent of LC substitution frauds (from what I hear it was rampant) all the calculations and estimates could get completely thrown off. I agree that we should wait for another 2-3 months for the dust to settle. Even the USCIS/DOS should have a good idea of how many cases there are and that will help them control the flow better and that should reflect in the visa bulletins.

    Oh Ya, in 2003-4, tons of "Virual Shops" were doing good business and that was covering coast to coast. And that's the problem, you can't tag the numbers to the effect of misdeeds, events bad or good. There was lot of talk aboout Indians going back but you would not find a single legitimate statistical article. but that does not mean we should not count the effect of that event. This mess is so severe, we just can not reasonabley predict based on available statistical data because so many events happened for which nobody has proper statistical data and so you can't tag its counter effects. I give you just recent example of this forum. Here one member Yadabada was just debating based on very logical set and he took the pain to go through all past damn bulletins showing me 2003 bulletins. I draw his attention that "India" was completing missing from the bulletins as "OverSubscribed" categories for most of the year 2003. Why? Now when you start analyzing this in 2007 and if you miss this important observation you start making your prediction base in diverted direction. Even in year 2003 nobody gave it a importance (AILA or whatever). USCIS has as apolicy put India,China,Mexico and Phillipines as "Oversubscribed" categories. Now if you think logically either particular country should have "Current" or some retrogressed date. But how do you interpret a bulletin if USCIS (Allaudin's Chirag) just make one country completely disappeared from the bulletin. Lateral interpretation could be "That country is no more "Oversubscribed" so why the hell it should not be "Current" if not "oversubscribed". USCIS plays this trick time to time. If you see bulletins from 1995, some time you will find China disappeared soem time India disappeared.

    The reality is that people started taking bulletins seriously from 2005 only. till 2004 most of us were not giving a damn to those and that is why 2001-2004 lot is paying the price as well.If the cry what we have seen during July 2007, might have been seen during 2003, I guess, probably things may have been little better.

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  • sanan
    05-16 03:36 PM
    Do we need to file that too for my wife , who is currently here on H4?

    Link http://www.uscis.gov/files/form/i-485supa.pdf (PDF) $1000 :O

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  • Eternal_Hope
    04-08 02:47 PM
    No forward movement in EB2 (I or C).

    EB3 is "Unavailable" for all countries of chargebility.

    Where did the visas go this? Who got them that they are already out of them??

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  • vagish
    04-10 09:30 AM
    this whole thread is a nonsense, it belevies that people are not aware of the tricks placed by desi consulting companies. how come people do not take jobs
    in foutune 500 companies if they are so good at their skills, why do people go to
    desi consulting companies for training, after MS degree every body is asking for
    the list of consulting companies( why do they do that ).

    there are people who ask is it valid to be without payslips on H1B ( how much
    more ignorent can u be ) , bottom line they could not find the project and they want to blame the desi company for not paying them ( trash ).

    wake up people.



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  • GCwaitforever
    06-12 10:18 AM
    The worst injustice USCIS committed was setting up Backlog Elimination Centers and letting an incompetent contractor handle the cases slowly. Elaine Chao must be fired for incompetence and indifference just like Brown was fired for Katrina bungling.

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  • abhijitp
    03-16 01:15 PM
    Help yourself!
    Attend or help someone attend the Advocacy Day!


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  • actaccord
    02-14 08:45 AM
    to go...contribute early for better planning...

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  • Munna Bhai
    05-08 10:29 AM
    I just confirmed with my attorney, they're filing with the Atlanta office.

    Atlanta is very slow


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  • gonecrazyonh4
    08-03 02:36 PM
    i will call them up and post my experience here.

    I am looking for the same information. From October 1st I would be moving from H4 to H1B status. When can I apply for my SSN ? What is the procedure and supporting documents needed.

    Please help out if you have the info.

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  • vsc
    08-03 05:33 PM
    here is a thread from our archives
    I-485 Approval and Wife Still on H-4 [Archive] - Immigration Voice (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/archive/index.php/t-10649.html)

    I believe that as soon as you file under section 245k, your spouse will be eligible for EAD, AP.

    Also, I have heard that 245k is straightforward and will be granted quickly- meaning your spouse will be granted gc in a couple months.


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  • arc
    05-04 06:59 PM
    I did an e-file of my EAD & AP on 14th April send the supporting docs that reached on 19th got second update as following on 04/20 no change since then anybody else had same experience.

    Request for Evidence
    On April 19, 2010, we received your response to our request for evidence. This case is being processed at our NEBRASKA SERVICE CENTER location.

    Me too... efiled AP/EAD to NSC sent supporting docs a week later... I have the same message "we received your response to our request for evidence" I beleive its because I sent the supporting docs which was a response... still waiting applied apr 9th...

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  • willigetgc?
    07-15 01:46 PM
    While IV has not lobbied for any particular EB category but I think that is what they should be doing. Isn't one of IV's goals is to end retrogression ... so shouldn't EB3 be at least lobbied for since they are in such a mess ... I don't believe it sometimes that we are still in 2001.. that is 10 years back.

    In a couple of years EB2 will be more or less current. So that means a guy who came two years back will file in EB2 and get his GC and I who has been working here for 12 years would still be waiting in line.

    Some people say EB1 are brighter than EB2 and EB2 are brighter than EB3 . I find that funny because no one Eb1 or EB2 or EB3 is brighter than anyone unless someone has an extraordinary PHd or is a scientist . Its the lawyers who are brighter and how co-operative your company is.

    Besides when we filed in EB3 categories there was no retrogression and hence no one cared or else we also would have filed in Eb2 and got our GC.

    I think time has come for IV to lobby for help to EB3 people specifically since EB2 is almost done .

    I was in DC for the advocacy days, and as many of the attendees have written, there was not a single line that indicated of IV's preference for EB2. In fact, us members were told how futile the argument was - because no law is ever passed for one category alone. If the country cap elimination bill is passed (which IV heavily lobbying for) - EB2 and EB3 I benefit. If recapture bill is passed then too, EB2 and EB3 I will benefit. No law is ever made for one category. Sure, will EB2 benefit more? probably, because of the spillover rules. The lawmaker offices we went and met with, know less about the whole GC process. They know of retrogression - but do they know of EB2 and EB3 - not really. I would ask everyone who talks about EB2 and EB3 to actually go meet with their lawmakers office locally - and find out for themselves.


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  • pappu
    09-30 08:39 AM
    I decided to join you as a monthly Donor today.

    It looks like your organization is the only one doing anything concrete to help legal immigrants. I had trouble finding support on other immigration sites.

    This is request to other members and forum browsers, guests to also support their effort.

    The recession has been tough, but if I had to choose, my immigration is more important to me than cable TV.

    Thank you. Welcome to IV.

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  • mbartosik
    03-14 12:02 PM
    I interfiled to EB2 but do not trust that they have applied that, service request goes unanswered. So they may be processing as EB3.

    Dec 2002.


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  • Becks
    05-13 05:23 PM
    Mine is similar to yours. Paper filed and receipt date 4/2/2010. LUDs on 4/8/2010 and 4/13/2010 (exactly 1month till today). Still waiting.

    E-filed EAD and AP Renewal on 2nd April.. Sent documents after a week.. Received couple of LUD's and the last one on EAD application is on 04/22/10 and the application is still in Initial review. In case of AP the LUD is 04/07/10.

    Not sure if someone else is in the same boat??? Should I try calling USCIS??

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  • prolegalimmi
    10-15 01:13 PM
    There will be so many stuck in namecheck....nobody can be sure that their fortunes will follow even a single one of these predictions...since anyone can land in the blackhole...I WISH WISH WISH we cld do something abt the name check mess!!

    From what I hear, Name check is a random sample check, still unfortunate for those who have to go through it, but not all applicants will go through the name check.


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  • Goodintentions
    03-01 06:10 PM
    Dear All,

    While we are really thankful to all the Pundits who spend their valuable time and energy to work on the number game, we should all realize one basic fact which will affect all of us :

    Both EB2 and EB3 will very soon (may be 1 or 2 years) get totally jammed. This is not very difficult to realize this bitter truth.

    This can be attributed to :

    1. Very high porting India / ROW (which is legal and I have nothing against it. No offense please)
    2. Increased ROW filing under EB2 category
    3. Increased EB1 filing by Indian IT companies (Programmers and many with basic degrees who would only qualify for EB3 or at the most EB2)

    It is hence a matter of time, when lightning will strike both EB2 and EB3. It is high time that all of us understand this basic mathematics and start working together. Contributing and attending the advocacy is a step in the right direction.


    During one of my recent visits to the Congressman's office I was told that INS is now aware of the fraudulent EB1 filing by Indian IT companies. This process is being scrutinized more carefully, now. Infact, I was told that several letters have been received in the Congressman's office about this. The Congressman's office have also contacted the INS and spoken them about this. The Immigration aide also told me that to impose stricter scrutiny and punitive action, people like us, must flood the offices of the law makers' office with thousands of letters, exposing this fraud. Nothing has a better impact than signed letters sent by post (not Email). I once again plead with all members to meet law makers and send several thousand letters on this. Spending 45 mins on a letter (typing, printing, posting etc) may save 5 years of wait! Please think it over!!!

    GOD bless the EB Community!

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  • sam_hoosier
    01-18 01:53 PM
    Signed up for $ 20/month.

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  • Legal
    06-29 04:38 PM
    Is it possible to organize such a huge collaborative effort?


    I think it is possible...who knows ! everyone is over worked with frayed nerves.

    06-27 08:16 PM
    The bottomline is that for every 10 immigrants, there will be 5 or more from India and China.

    What is your point?

    01-05 08:30 PM
    Guys we had 115 new members today.It was great to see so many new members on the same day.It is all due to the hard work of many members.If we continue ,we will make our 10,000 mark

    Thank You

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