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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cat In Heaven

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  • eb2waiter
    05-04 08:47 PM
    what date is it likely to take effect (become a law)?

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  • sve0390
    08-03 06:07 PM

    My NIW/I-140 application has been pending for a year. During this time, I have more qualifications added to my resume. Is there a mechanism to send my updated resume or should I just let it be?


    They asked me to send additional evidence in support of my NIW petition. I'd say just wait for them to ask you anything that they require to justify NIW.

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  • vhd999
    10-15 12:36 PM
    Good question.
    I am busy in meetings today and this weekend. But I will have some time on Monday. Please remind me on Monday to ask him your question. Thank you. :D


    Can you stop everything you are doing and ask him this question?

    This is not acceptable. ;)

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  • PBECVictim
    07-16 03:34 PM
    When did you apply for AP renewal? Did you e-file? Don't worry about RFE on Advance Parole renewal. It could be photo or previous AP approval copy or I-485 receipt missing or incorrect fee. Wait until you get RFE. Please let us know, if it is trivial.


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  • lostinbeta
    10-20 09:45 PM
    Lots of radial blur :beam:

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  • raysaikat
    05-21 12:02 AM
    I am on my 2nd phase of H1B visa which is valid until 2012.
    I want to quit my job and go back to my home country.
    How long after I quit my job do I get to stay here to wrap up and ship my stuff??
    Does that jeopardize my status? I plan to be here for about 30 days after quitting my job. WOuld that be ok? or is it overstaying?

    If I ever need to apply for a tourist visa in future will this jeopardize my chances of getting a visa then?

    Thank you!

    You have no grace period for staying after your H1-B status becomes invalid (which I believe would happen when you quit your job).


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    01-15 08:14 AM
    It took 8 months for the paper work,running ads etc.
    It was filed on Nov 9th and my HR got approval on Jan 5th.

    EB3 and EB2 from same Company.

    Do you have 3 years bachelors Or 4 years Bachelors + MS? I have 3 years bachelors and 8 years of experience with same employer and 15+ years experience in same field. Am I eligible to port from Eb3 to Eb2? How much is cost invloved approx?

    Appreciate any response.

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  • pappu
    03-28 03:08 PM
    Core is working on a seperate campaign with a strategy specifically for us. Please stay tuned. At this time, we urge everyone to seek appointments from their lawmakers as per our newsletter.


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  • sethurama
    10-18 01:33 PM
    Hi rpatel,

    My 140 was approved few months back. My lawyer specifed consular processing without my knowledge.

    How do i change it to AOS?. I heard that when my PD is current NVC will sent forms. Do I need to specify AOS in that form?. Who will get those forms?. Attorney or applicant.

    Please respond

    Thanks a lot

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  • zeus2000
    04-21 07:22 PM
    I haven't received any responses yet, and could still use help on the matter. Please, I want to hear your thoughts!


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  • imh1b
    05-19 09:42 AM
    Can we attend this or it is only for Staff people in Congress?

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  • ssksubash
    02-16 11:54 AM

    I recently booked an appointment for visiting visa for my parents through vfs, during the process , I first entered my Dad's details and then his ds 156, then It asked if I wanted to add additional family members, then I entered my Mom's details and her ds 156 . After that it asked for my Mom's ds 157 and never showed my Dad's ds 157.

    So the final list of documents it generated was :

    Dad's ds 156, Mom's ds 156,157 , interview letter.

    Is this correct, does my dad need ds 157 and interview letter or is 1 ds 157 and interview letter enough ?

    Thank you for your time.


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  • eb3_nepa
    05-27 11:53 AM
    I am in a similar situation but since my receipt number is a Texas number I will write Texas Service Center. No point confusing the USCIS.

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  • Ann Ruben
    08-05 02:34 PM
    Based on the information you have provided, I do not think there is any cause for you to be worried about being deported.

    However, as an applicant for Naturalization, you have the burden to prove "good moral character". Usually, "good moral character" is assumed. But when there is a past criminal conviction, even a minor one such as yours, USCIS may deny the Naturalization application if there is no affirmative evidence of "reform" and current "good moral character".

    So, in addition to disclosing the NY conviction, you should be prepared to submit documents showing that you are and for the past 4 years have been a person of "good moral character". Such documentation could include sworn statements from community or religious leader, employers, co-workers, and others.

    If at all possible, you should find an experienced attorney to help you prepare these documents and accompany you to the Naturalization interview.


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  • satyab7
    04-06 09:30 PM
    Very good effort. Keep it up guys.


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  • McLuvin
    04-16 03:38 PM
    IV, you guys are doing it.....

    I know for sure that Shusterman is one of the reputed Lawyer's... Its good to see people like him spending some time in this forum.

    Also, if this is Mr.Shusterman himself participating in this forum or a member of his team participating. Can you throw some light into EB Immigration in the current CIR. What is that the EB folks can expect?



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  • gc_chahiye
    09-19 05:21 PM
    if i use EAD for a part time job, does the H1B visa status become invalid?

    yes. look up the archives, this has come up quite a few times. Some people say going from EAD to H1 is a one-way street and coming back requires new H1 subject to cap. Many others (including my attorney) say that you can come back on new H1 (or even existing H1 petition if its not expired) without being subject to quota/cap. Reactivating the H1 does require a trip out and back into the US.

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  • ronhira
    07-29 11:04 PM
    Carnegie Mellon University
    > 51 out of 80 total engineering Ph.D.s were awarded to foreign nationals (64%)

    Cornell University
    > 76 out of 144 total engineering Ph.D.s were awarded to foreign nationals (53%)

    Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)
    > 193 out of 363 total engineering Ph.D.s were awarded to foreign nationals (53%)

    University of Florida
    > 119 out of 180 total engineering Ph.D.s were awarded to foreign nationals (66%)

    University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
    > 142 out of 255 total engineering Ph.D.s were awarded to foreign nationals (56%)

    Purdue University
    > 153 out of 218 total engineering Ph.D.s were awarded to foreign nationals (70%)

    Stanford University
    > 128 out of 247 total engineering Ph.D.s were awarded to foreign nationals (52%)

    Texas A&M University
    > 146 out of 184 total engineering Ph.D.s were awarded to foreign nationals (79%)

    numbers don't lie....... the latest is that indian students are going to other places in the world.... and indian students no longer consider US as the top destinations.....

    No. of Indian students going to US falls, rises for UK - India - The Times of India (http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/No-of-Indian-students-going-to-US-falls-rises-for-UK/articleshow/6234927.cms)

    y should anyone be surprised with these numbers?

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  • navdeep.mahajan
    03-08 04:13 PM
    I am living in US and am currently on AOS (Adjustment of Status), my mom is staying with me on tourist visa but her visa expires in middle of June this year. Last year my father expired and my mother is incapable of taking care of herself alone (she is suffering from pysio frania which basically means she fears strangers and repeats stuff) so i would like to apply for Visa extension for her. Can anyone suggest what points i should take care of while applying for Visa extension for her? or is there any visa under which i can have stay with me in US as dependent??

    05-21 03:42 PM
    Check with your attorney , But I 'm quiet sure that to to port the date your first 140 need to be approved. Since it is denied (although it is lawyer's mistake) you are out of luck.

    03-02 12:54 PM
    anad you open another thread ....

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