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Monday, July 4, 2011

Blue Mountain Wallpaper

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  • naushit
    09-01 01:03 PM
    Congratulations to all who got their approvals in Sept.

    I really need your advise , it seems my case is frozen and no one is looking at it.

    My priority date is Aug , 2003 ,
    And RD = Jun 17 2007
    and ND = Jun 18 2098

    My dates were within processing dates for 3 months in 2007, 9 months in 2008 and 3+ months in 2009 but still no one is adjudicating my case.

    I tried following

    - Enquiry thru Aila
    - Service request their toll free number.
    - Enquiry thru office of local senator
    - Enquiry thru Ombudusman's office.
    - Enquiry using info pass

    All of these enquiries just send very standard formatted response suggesting we are working on your case get back in 6 months.

    Any suggestions?

    Please advise.


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  • jthomas
    04-15 07:21 PM
    Great initiative and kudos to NolaIndian for making it happen!

    I walked 12 miles yesterday. Today i feel the pain when i walk. Anyways, you can count me in for that part. I am not sure if i can commit myself to the SF event... I need some more time to make up my mind.

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  • priderock
    04-10 02:42 PM
    The only and simple way to stop H1B abuse is to allow only max 10% non-immigrant (H1, L1, TN etc) employee in a company. Rest 90% have to be Green Card or Citizen. These desi consulting, Indian big companies must be hving at leaset 90 % employees on non-immigrant status.

    Simple and universal rule that will solve all the H1B problems

    Why not make it a requirement that all 100% should be citizens ? Because it does not suite you ?

    What about the first company you worked for (got H1 from) ? You already forgot about it ?

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  • santb1975
    04-07 03:54 PM
    If you want to pick an event close to you and get a few MI IV'ans participate that would be great. We will be happy to make you guys part of Team IV and send you T-Shirts to wear at these events.

    IV Professional Network is a great idea. Count me in.

    Would've joined Team IV too. But distance is a factor stopping me. I can't participate in any of the marathons listed. My moral support is with you guys.


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  • GCAmigo
    02-01 09:20 PM

    Nothing has been passed. Please do not get your hopes up. Please be very careful before posting such messages. The IV team is working behind the scenes.
    nothing wrong in hoping..

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  • illusions
    03-17 12:22 PM
    My PD is JUN 2006. I think more will vote as tiem passes by. BTW how can you add info to that google doc ?


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  • EB2_Jun03_dude
    04-09 09:11 AM
    Definitely all of us are stuck in this retrogression. But it won't hurt to put this as a lower priority item on IV's agenda.

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  • chanduv23
    04-08 11:07 AM
    I actually agree with what you said except for the statement above. And the reason I disagree is this: the ground reality is that immigration laws do not always do what is best for the market. US immigration policy is going to be more sympathetic to those who got degrees from here. They already have a quota for US degrees. They do listen to IEEE, and if they only cared for market, they would stop the family-based system totally. Whether it is true or not is debatable, but the belief amongst politicians is that those who get graduate degrees from here are amongst the best.

    Yes - the IEEE influence helps the US educated and thats why US MS graduates have those cap restrictions. But if they actually have a value for US educated, then they wont have any cap for US educated and limit US educated to only 20K visas.

    From what I can gather is, if there is a immigration reform that is coming, it will be based on a stricter enforcements of h1b and at the same time have a points based GC system where US educated will have more points. That said, for non US educated also, tons of work experience will add and equalize.

    But as you say, if they cared they would stop family based system totally, so we are not talking logic here :)


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  • subba
    06-17 07:47 AM
    Assuming CIR is dead, is there anything we can look forward to (other than the monthly Visa bulletins for the eternally optimistic) now?

    What are the chances SKIL or something similar making progress as a separate bill (or part of some other bill)?

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  • buddyinsd
    08-04 01:40 PM
    I knw how it feels. BTW after how many days of raising an SR did u get this email? I'm thinking of raising an SR as well...

    90 days is a lonnng time. I donno how it works if ur case dozn't get picked up in the next 50 odd days and the dates go back in Oct. Good luck anywayz...I'm sure thgs will work out.


    My 485 petition is with NSC. I opened an SR last month and got a rather uninformative response today. It does not tell me if my petition has been pre-approved or has even cleared the background check.

    The status of this service request is: Your file is currently with the adjudications department, waiting on the availability of an officer to be assigned your pending case. Please allow at least another 90 days to hear something further on your application.


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  • susie
    10-10 11:34 PM
    and attach this



    The Need for a Compassionate Visa

    A compassionate visa is immediately required for reasons of humanity and dignity. Currently, because of the technicalities of US immigration laws many families torn apart are also subject to more degrading treatment at times of severe illness. Any provision should allow for the following:

    * US residents, including those who are landlocked, to leave the USA for any necessary period for compassionate reasons;
    * Non-US residents to enter the USA for any necessary period for compassionate reasons on a nonimmigrant basis;
    * Evidence of immigrant intent should not prevent a person receiving a compassionate visa (such as an existing immigrant petition), unless an applicant makes it absolutely clear their intention is to immigrate and not to enter the USA on a temporary basis;
    * To prevent abuse of such a visa, documentary evidence should be required as appropriate to ensure the application is made in good faith; and
    * Compassionate visa processing should be dealt with the USCIS for US residents and in the consular office for non-US residents on an expedited basis if the imminent death of a close relative or funeral arrangements for a deceased relative is at issue.

    INA, section 203(h) (as inserted by the Child States Protection Act, section 3) (8 U.S.C.1153(h))

    Current Provision in INA, section 203(h)

    (1) IN GENERAL- For purposes of subsections (a)(2)(A) and (d), a determination of whether an alien satisfies the age requirement in the matter preceding subparagraph (A) of section 101(b)(1) shall be made using--

    (A) the age of the alien on the date on which an immigrant visa number becomes available for such alien (or, in the case of subsection (d), the date on which an immigrant visa number became available for the alien's parent), but only if the alien has sought to acquire the status of an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence within one year of such availability; reduced by
    (B) the number of days in the period during which the applicable petition described in paragraph (2) was pending.

    (2) PETITIONS DESCRIBED- The petition described in this paragraph is--

    (A) with respect to a relationship described in subsection (a)(2)(A), a petition filed under section 204 for classification of an alien child under subsection (a)(2)(A); or
    (B) with respect to an alien child who is a derivative beneficiary under subsection (d), a petition filed under section 204 for classification of the alien's parent under subsection (a), (b), or (c).

    (3) RETENTION OF PRIORITY DATE- If the age of an alien is determined under paragraph (1) to be 21 years of age or older for the purposes of subsections (a)(4) and (d), the alien's petition shall automatically be converted to the appropriate category and the alien shall retain the original priority date issued upon receipt of the original petition.''


    The references to �(a)(2)(A)� refers to principal beneficiaries and �(d)� refers to derivative beneficiaries. Subsection (1) provides a calculation to be considered a child under the family-based preference categories in light of USCIS processing delays. Subsection (2) describes the types of petition covered, ensuring beneficiaries, whether principal or derivative, are treated as a child under 21. Subsection (3) is another useful provision so that if the calculation of a beneficiary renders them over 21, they can retain the priority date of the original petition.


    The language of this provision has rendered the provision open to ambiguity. Specifically, subsection (3) states the �alien�s petition shall be automatically be converted to the appropriate category and the alien shall retain the original priority date issued upon receipt of the original petition.� The problem is in relation to a derivative beneficiary (which is covered by this subsection) and is twofold. First, by its nature of being a derivative, a derivative beneficiary does not have an original application to speak of. Only the parent has a petition, which has caused the ambiguity. A Board of Immigration (BIA) decision did provide a common sense interpretation (Garcia, Maria T, File A79-001-587, June 16, 2006), but this is not binding on the USCIS and we know first hand that the USCIS has not consistently interpreted the provision in accordance with the BIA decision. Second, although the above mentioned BIA decision clarifies the provision also applies to F4 derivative beneficiaries, these petitions do not automatically convert. An F4 derivative beneficiary who ages still must wait for their Parent to file a new I-130 form, which is inconsistent with the language of the provision.

    Another problem is if the new proposed points system is implemented, any person who ages out will no longer have a direct basis for immigration. Instead they would have to qualify under a points system, which is not guaranteed. This new system would make the above provisions redundant.

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  • sunofeast_gc
    01-16 12:59 AM
    If you want to invest in bank or financial sector then I think instead of buying BAC , you can buy financial ETF like XLF so your investment return won’t depends on the future of a single bank.


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  • arc
    05-29 01:38 AM
    Its been my status from April 20...??? anyone in my boat???

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  • spatial
    01-19 02:49 PM
    I am assuming that IV has resent the message to all members. However, I still got nothing in my mailbox:

    "Welcome, Spatial!
    You have 0 unread messages:"


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  • vrbest
    03-10 11:07 AM
    You can send 2 x 2 photo.. they will cut and make it like a 3.5cm x 3.5cm Or you can use epassportphoto dot com to get yourself a 3.5cm x 3.5cm passport photos for less.

    I have to mail my application to cgi houston for my passport renewal. can anyone answer the following:

    are they strict regarding the photo size of 3.5cm by 3.5cm?I have few old passport size photos of 2 by 2 inches and am thinking of using them.

    Which address (India or US) should I mention in the application form?

    Do I have to notarize my H1B approval notice and other documents that I mail to them?
    thanks in advance.

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  • shantak
    07-21 05:06 PM
    eFiled May 23rd
    FP: June 17th
    NO LUD After FP
    Still waiting ...
    Current EAD Expires: Sep 19th... Currently working on EAD


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  • santb1975
    04-16 08:03 PM
    I remember doing that when I was in the east coast :D. I used to go out even in single digit temperatures

    What a contrast! You guys on the west coast are running in 100 degrees. My schedule forces me to run at 5.00 am...........in 3 layers of clothing @ 40 degrees.

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  • perm2gc
    07-17 06:54 PM
    Friends. you have today witnessed what our collective strength can do and it is time that we spread a word about immigration voice and encourage your friends and families to join as a gratitude to IV .Please don't forget that the root cause of the problems still exist and we have to achieve it.

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  • pd_recapturing
    08-07 04:03 PM
    I opened the SR yesterday. I still have 40 or so days but the Rep said they take atleast 10 days to decide and if you want to open that should be fine.

    I hope this helps.
    I talked to SR and he said that unless I have crossed 90 days , he can not open SR for 765 application. How did you convince him to open the SR for you ?

    07-28 05:39 PM
    I know I said "FP report" in my previous post, but he actually said "received fingerprint on July 24th". I asked him again and he repeated the same thing.

    It didn't make sense to me because they only took the right index print, photo, and signature as part of regular Code 3 biometrics, and this they should have transmitted electronically through CLAIMS the same day, i.e. June 19th. Going by what he said, they took the FP on June 19th, and TSC received it on July 24th...so it apparently took them more than a month to transmit the information :mad:

    "the FP report was received on July 24th (which probably explains the July 25th LUD)".

    can you explain the above some line more ? did USCIS receive the FP report on july 24 ? if yes and if everything is o.k. ..then you should be all set ..am I right ?? or do they have to do something more with the FP report --- I hope there is no namecheck here too

    03-04 04:33 PM
    My priroty date is August-2006 in EB-3. Last year i asked my employer to file in EB2 PERM petion and he has agreed for it. They applied my PERM application in August 1st 2010 in EB-2. I have been communicating the petition status with my attorney since my petion has been filed with DOL. When i contacted my attorney's office to check the petion status, they said my PERM applicant is in-processing status all the time. Finally, i requested my attorney saying write a wirtten letter to the Department of Labor in last week. He called me yesterday and said your application has been approved the DOL in August 2010. But his office never recived any hard copy or email. When they checked the PERM status, they never saw the petion was in approved status. Today when the checked the petition satus, they can see the application has been approved in Auguest and it is now exipired.

    Please let me know what options i have.

    Can i re-appeal with the DOL? I am not sure wherether my company has filed or not. Can i file a lawsuite on DOL or my current employeer?

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