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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Assurance Of Salvation

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  • Assurance Of Salvation

  • gauravster
    05-01 09:25 PM
    My perm application is still stuck in the Atlanta Processing Center.

    Applied: 28 Jun 2007
    Audit replied: 12 Oct 2007

    Have got no reply from them despite a query to DOL a few days back.


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  • tempgc
    06-29 04:39 PM
    There a just posted news on AILA website with the link "Update on July Visa Availability" can some one get this news through their attorney ?

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  • Assurance of Salvation.

  • istrategist
    05-03 02:56 PM
    So on 4/23 they sent it back to TSC, and today, May 3, I got an update saying that it is now transferred to a USCIS office.
    Any ideas why?

    my EAD app was delivered to tx on 3/29, and I got a text on 4/6 saying it was accepted and routed to VSC. A few days later, I got the notice in the mail.

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  • chanduv23
    02-17 03:44 PM
    I will attend this event.

    Awesome. Please bring your friends and colleagues. Please spread the word.


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  • assurance of salvation

  • gc_on_demand
    06-11 08:58 AM

    July bulletin is OUT and NO more significant movement. Donot hope for future bulletin . Please call Lawmakers ASAP. Unless we take action USCIS is not going to do anything. Situation can be worse once we head towards election season. Still we have 1-2 months to get things done or we will be waiting for years to get green card OR EAD ( For some folks ).

    It is just 10-15 minutes need to spend to call. Let them know WHO WE ARE AND WHAT ARE OUR ISSUES .

    I request all of you to call , if you have called then ask your friends and family members to call.

    Now its time to act. If we dont take action CHC will not allow to move ahead our 3 bills.

    CALL NOW .... and Spread this message to everyone.

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  • God#39;s Assurance Of Salvation

  • dilbert_cal
    05-15 12:36 AM
    Thanks ksircar for replying to this thread. littly_willy - now you can spend the night deciding what to do :-) - do get some sleep too and pray the best for you.


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  • logiclife
    04-10 08:04 PM
    Changed it.

    Also, you had typed 'wives I 94'.

    How many wives do you have? :D :D :D

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  • vin13
    04-09 09:02 AM
    If you read my any previous posts and to repeat, there will be no issue to contribute from me or most of us here. We need an action item. Anyone with minimum common knowledge here sees there is no change in dates for the last 6 months, or even last few years. You seem to be a strong supporter of contributions, can you list one action item which we planned to take up in the last or in near future that addresses our concerns of backlogs. Now dont come back and tell me or send me a picture of July 07 campaign or your 12th grade or 10th grade marksheet. We need to be doing things of our interest EVERY single day. I do my job very good.. I know.. but I have to keep doing it everyday if I have to keep it. Similarly unless you put continuous efforts, you wont get continuous results.
    If you want a reply to your post from me again, come back with an action item that you see as planned.

    I agree with you.


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  • mihird
    06-29 02:18 PM
    The USCIS and DOS are not answerable to anyone man...they will just streamroll u!!!

    I think, the judicial system in the US is as independent as in India...there is no body under the sun in the US that is not answerable to the judical system..

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  • gcForV
    07-23 04:35 PM
    My Co worker a Canadian citizen was applying for GC under EB2.
    Our company's lawyer screwed up and applied his labor under EB4.
    This is big big big problem as his TN visa from canada cannot be renewed as its given on a non-immigration intent and he cannot apply for green card this next month as he has to restart the whole process(labor) again.
    Can he apply for PERM using the old advertisement?
    What are his options?
    Any help would be much appreciated.


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  • assurance of salvation

  • pappu
    04-07 08:23 PM
    Please avoid posting any name of any consulting company on our forum either advertising their services or websites to find such companies. This is not a job board or area to list employers if you are unhappy with them. We have been deleting posts by members naming companies or websites to find consulting jobs. We have also had some anti immigrants on our site, fishing for such employers and to quote your posts and IV name in their lawmaker meetings and media materials. If you come across any such post, inform us.Thanks for understanding.

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  • Ramba
    05-16 12:26 PM
    Trying to bump this up to get attention of experinced folks

    your lawyer is right. When you file 485, your employer should give a employment offer letter that states that you have a job offer as per the terms and conditions of labor certification. That includes the geographical location of the job offer.


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  • jaocanada
    05-17 09:22 AM
    I did not take infopass appointment. I called the Customer Service on May 6th and opened a service request and today I got a request for evidence from USCIS. I am able to see this online but did not receive any letter. I think we should receive the letter by the end of the week...very frustrating...

    Don't worry too much.. It could be as simple as having to re-submit a particular form once again because the tick marks were not legible! This has happened.

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  • Totoro
    03-31 04:40 PM
    If I can ask a few dumb questions:) (I might have overlooked this but these details, but this thread is huge now). When is the hearing? Who is conducting is? Is IV core involved?

    How can other members here help apart from posting to this thread and $ contributions?


    It was not a hearing, just a meeting with some of the people I worked with over the past year on the stimulus issue.

    Anyway, I went to the meeting and presented the issues raised by people here and emphasized that the first priority is recapture. Of course I raised the other issues as well, presenting the argument that America will lose its competitive edge if its highly skilled immigrants return to their home countries or other more welcoming countries like Canada, the UK, and Australia.

    One person at the meeting was skeptical that many people have been waiting more than 10 years, saying that she has never come across anyone waiting more than 6 years and that these must be special cases where the people were doing something wrong. Anyway, I presented the stories people sent me, but when I raised the issue of granting a fast track to people waiting for more than 10 years, she said that there must be a good reason for it. They need to look at each person on a case by case basis and that a fast track would not be the proper way to resolve these issues. There was a lot of resistance from this person on several issues with the only wholehearted agreement on the issue of getting visas stamped in the US.

    In short, I didn't get a sense that much would come of the meeting, but at least I had a chance to present the issues and I was given an assurance that they would be looked into further and discussed at some upcoming meetings. Finally, I said that the best way for them to understand the issues faced by immigrants is to be in contact with immigrants. I also suggested they join the IV discussions to get first hand accounts.

    One recommendation they had was than anyone who has been waiting for an unreasonable time for their applications to be processed should contact their congressman/congresswoman with information about their specific cases.


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  • pappu
    05-11 10:20 AM
    If a person joins IV to declare his GC; it can be assumed that he knows IV exists and it's goals but never bothered to show up earlier till the magical email.

    Correct. There maybe many such people. And we see it as our failure too. Because as a community we have not raised enough awareness about us. Some people maybe seeing us just a forum and lot more outreach work is needed by our active members. Each one of us should contact our friends and tell them about IV. New members on IV should get answers to their questions as well as information about related advocacy work done by IV politely urging them to help out. Other websites and forums should also help raise awareness about what we do so that the community understand that what we do is for the benefit of the community and it is a community effort.

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  • girijas
    04-17 06:49 PM
    I don't find any place I can register. It only allows me to subscribe to the feed and create my own blog. But I am unable to get this blog in my dashboard list.

    Has anyone checked out our Blog yet?


    You will need to register with the site for a user id and password.

    As much as possible I will also post a Tip of the Day on my blog postings (which will have links to recommended training sites)



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  • amitjoey
    06-13 01:46 PM
    As of now the total number of members in IV are 13,959. I think we can get it to 14,000 by the end of the day.. we just need 41 members.

    Yes, I was just thinking about that.

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  • jainnidhi26
    03-04 08:31 AM
    I have registered for Advocacy Days in DC.
    I will come from SC. Can I get any help on accomodation/carpool? I will book my own tickets.

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  • Assurance of Salvation

  • susie
    05-07 01:36 AM

    see this memo


    could benefit many and also sign and support

    04-11 02:17 PM
    I have a question here. Since TSC processing time is 04/30/2007 and NSC is 06/08/2007. Does that mean even EB-1 will have to wait until the processing time to their RD ?
    eg, If you are EB-1 just file your 485 this month, but the processign center time not get to 04/2008 for another 2 years, then even you are EB-1 which is always current(for right now), you still not able to get your GC in two years ?

    03-31 12:03 PM
    Your long wait at the ticket line is over, now sit back, relax and enjoy the game :D
    BTW, does anybody here know is there a percentile or graphical ROW RD distribution out there? Please post the link here. Would love to see how many 485 applications for ROW between June to August 2007.

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to rop by and say I received my welcome email today.
    Been here since 2001, but my company wouldn't let me file labor until December 2004.

    Good luck all, and keep the faith.


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