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Saturday, July 2, 2011

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images Soifon Bleach Anime Wallpaper Anime Wallpaper Images. Avenue NEON Wallpaper middot; Anime
  • Avenue NEON Wallpaper middot; Anime

  • sath2000
    07-17 04:46 PM
    I posted the same information on FREE answers to questions from an Immigration Lawyer.

    Here is my issue regarding the PD.

    My Employer applied for labor through RIR under EB2 March6th 2004 which was then transffered to Philadelphia Backlog Center. Our Attorney suggested that we Apply through PERM process and Retain PD from the old case. Converted to PERM and applied on 09/26/2006 which was approved on 12/29/2006 but the letter said that they are not retaining PD from the old application as address is changed. Our employer moved 1 street accross in between these to application in Feb 2006. only street address changed everything including phone number remained same. My attorney said that he talked to the labor department in Chicago telling them that phone number didn't change. They said they will consider it and asked him to send a letter. It has been over 15 months he send the first letter. He said last month he also received a call from chicago office saying that they will take a look at the files.

    In the meantime applied for I-140 and I-485 concurrently in July/Aug 2007. I-140 got approved on 05/28/2008 and got RFE for I-485 on 06/13/2008. responded to RFE and now case process resumed.

    At this point I am trying to see if anyone have this kinda of issue and got resolved or there is away to get this resolved.

    thank you

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  • ImmiUser
    12-01 04:58 PM
    so does it means I can have only one GC (I485) processing at a time ? I can't have two GC(I-485) processing in parallel , one dependent I-485 which was filed through my husband's and another one filed under my own GC processing ? Actually, as I already have I-485 filed under EB3 and was planning to file another one under EB2 and though I will take the one whichever gets approved first. Also, this way there will be a backup plan as well. But seems like that is not feasible..huh (

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  • Anime Wallpaper anime

  • FredG
    April 8th, 2004, 07:07 AM
    I'll have a go at cloning out the twigs later, it looks a bit difficult but it could be fun trying.Cloning sometimes leaves weird patterns. I've had luck putting a loose selection around the cloned area with a big feathered edge, then applying a gaussian blur. It helps "clean up" my new background. The trick is to have a seemless blend between the cloned and the original untouched areas.

    2011 wallpaper Free Anime Wallpaper Anime Wallpaper Images. Bleach Anime Wallpaper #10
  • Bleach Anime Wallpaper #10

  • cchaitu
    03-18 12:10 PM
    I also had two LUD's after I submitted the AR-11 form. It took two days more after I submitted the AR-11 form


    I also got LUD once I have submitted AR 11 but I only has LUD on my I765, I131 not on I485, But I did received confirmation from USCIS that my address got changed for pending App (i.e. 485)..Should I be worried...since I didnt get any LUD on 485....Please help


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  • types of anime wallpapers

  • fromnaija
    01-25 05:38 PM
    First off, there is nothing like EAD status. What you are right now is AOS-pending. It does not matter that you are a dependent on your spouse's or parent's adjustment of status application. You may work as long as your EAD is valid. You may also decide not to work if you so desire. As long as your AOS application is in process you are under what is termed authorized stay, so your stay is legal.

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  • anime wallpaper: Anime Bleach

  • billu
    05-25 08:01 AM
    i enetered US on h4 visa in sept. 2007. got h1b and started working on h1 in october 2008. was laid off in nov 2009 and my husband promptly filed my h4 and got approval in march this year. now another employer has filed for my h1b visa. do I need to wait for h1b approval notice since I am on h4 visa or can I start working as soon as the company receives the receipt notice?thanks for your answers.


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  • Candy Dreams anime Wallpaper

  • gc_kaavaali
    07-23 10:28 AM
    My 485, 140, previous EAD, AP had LUD yesterday and today too.

    2010 Anime Wallpaper anime Anime Wallpaper Images. Soifon Bleach Anime Wallpaper
  • Soifon Bleach Anime Wallpaper

  • jayleno
    11-25 11:58 AM
    As far as I know since you have already been counted towards the cap once because of H1b approval for Company A(nonymous), you can get another non excempt H1b again in the next 6 years.
    Dont you feel that you may be abusing the H1b by doing this? Anyways, like its always suggested, talk to an attorney.

    I have a approved H1b from company A. Company A also shared a copy of approval. I was never counted under H1b cap before this approval. If I now decide not to join company A and assuming company A will not cancel H1b, can I use this H1b to join another company B later using H1b transfer…???? I am presently on cap except H1b and need a cap subject H1b in order to move to any private firm. So approval from company A matters a lot to me.

    Has anyone done this…????

    Thanks in advance...


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  • Nin1 Anime wallpapers

  • satishku_2000
    07-12 01:52 PM
    They might accept the application but send in an RFE with a request to pay the difference ;)

    Wish USCIS accepts applications after 27th and ask for the fee difference .. Win Win for all if the fee was the concern for USCIS .. hehe:D :D

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  • 485Mbe4001
    03-01 07:15 PM
    We had some plans till december, then we ran out of members:p . There are only 2 members now.

    Count me in for, SoCal chapter....do we have any plans to meet our congressmen or senators..


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  • Anime Wallpapers » Ito Noizi

  • immidude
    06-08 04:36 PM
    I am July filer got 485 RFE
    seems like my prev attorney made a mistake and answered yes to "Have you ever before applied for permanent resident status in the U.S"
    - well this is going to cost me

    My question(s)
    i changed job(and company) do i need to send AC21 along with RFE response.
    and also can i send my medical records along with RFE (medical records i submitted are incomplete and says chickenpox vaccination needed now i am vaccinated and got the records of it).
    if yes do i still need USCIS doctor to submit these medical records.

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  • Anime Wallpapers 1.jpg

  • kode
    10-13 11:05 AM
    ok.. do you mean editing an imported object in flash as if you were workin' in swift? if so.. you can't

    as I said.. you can relatively edit the swf in flash.. let's say that flash doesn't know that the object it's in 3D.. for flash that's just another shape makin' your movie bigger.

    importing your movie in swft format you'll have a little more control over it.. because the swift 3D flash importer separates highlights, shadows, objects, etc. to its own layer.

    just in case you don't know how to import any file go to: File � Import

    hope that helps :)


    house Wing anime-wallpaper Anime Wallpaper Images. Naruto Anime Wallpaper #20
  • Naruto Anime Wallpaper #20

  • paskal
    08-16 01:36 PM

    tattoo anime wallpaper: Anime Bleach Anime Wallpaper Images. hd anime wallpaper. hd anime
  • hd anime wallpaper. hd anime

  • vikki76
    02-27 05:48 PM
    Indian banks usually issue a check/banker's check in name of educational institute.You don't need to pay any tax on it.Then that check is deposit to Univ's/Institute's registrar/bursar office.
    You will have to pay indian bank certain interest in quarterly/monthly basis.


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  • akhilmahajan
    09-13 07:33 AM
    Here is an inspirational song by Mavis Staples to motivate the rally goers. The song and the video are moving. But, some might find the video graphic so, please use discretion.


    Good luck on the 18th.

    P.S: I can't go as I have a date with the court.

    100 lawmakers meetings, several lawmakers speaking at IV events, thousands will march: Immigration Voice has arranged for over 100 meetings with lawmakers to request reform of green card program. These meetings will be between IV members and lawmakers.

    In addition to that, several lawmakers are scheduled to speak at rally and related events on 17th and 18th. Thousands of members will march in DC on 18th. This is a cannot-miss event. Bring your cameras and take pictures you can show the naysayers what they will miss.

    what else you guys need to express yourself. This is the best platform you can even think off. Everything is being served to you, you just need to make full use of this oppurtunity. If you still think more should be done, please let us know.

    Help us to help yourself

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  • Anime Wallpaper 1680×1050

  • suavesandeep
    10-02 02:00 PM

    We did the same for both me and my spouse. I think we applied on Sept 5. I got mine within a week. Its been more than a month and we have not received my wife's SSN. We did call SSA on Sep 22 and they said everything was fine and we should receive it soon, If we do not receive by the end of the month go again to the local office. Have not received it yet, So plan to go to the SSN local office again tomorrow. My guess is it could have got lost in the transit.

    Hope this helps.


    makeup Nin1 Anime wallpapers Anime Wallpaper Images. Wing anime-wallpaper
  • Wing anime-wallpaper

  • kirupa
    11-09 01:34 AM
    All of the other values display correctly, right?

    If you are using VS, can you set a breakpoint at DetailsPanel.ItemsSource = stories and see if all of the values are also present?

    girlfriend hd anime wallpaper. hd anime Anime Wallpaper Images. Anime wallpaper named
  • Anime wallpaper named

  • validIV
    03-06 10:31 AM
    Its been a long time since Ive been on F-1 and I'm sure some of the rules have changed.

    F-1 from my understanding can be extended beyond 2 years, usually 4 years was the norm. Some F-1s were even open ended, there was no limit stated on the F-1 visa itself. In my case I did OPT on my 4th year.

    Are you graduating or intending to continue your education? I think it would be hard for you to come back to the US after your F-1 expires if you only have OPT and have no plans or did not file to extend your F-1, or graduate. You may be turned back at a POE.

    I suggest you talk to a lawyer or your school about renewing your F-1. Usually schools that take international students have an Foreign Students department that can help give you advice or even file the change for you.

    hairstyles Anime Wallpapers » Ito Noizi Anime Wallpaper Images. cool anime wallpapers. cool
  • cool anime wallpapers. cool

  • roseball
    07-20 06:08 PM
    First of all you would need a visa to visit UK.

    I don't think Malaysian nationals residing legally in US and travelling to UK need a visitor visa...But I am not sure if UK visa law considers pending I-485 (AOS) a valid status....If you still maintain a valid H1 status but plan to re-enter on AP, you should be ok in my view...

    07-10 10:18 AM
    I filed my AP on April 29th,2008. I had one LUD on July 8th , the status was case pending and another one today,today status changed to


    Current Status: Document mailed to applicant.

    On July 10, 2008 we mailed the document to the address we have on file. You should receive the new document within 30 days. If you do not, or if you move before you get it, call customer service.

    Any idea what does this mean? Is it approved or something else.

    04-22 01:17 PM
    It means you are on your way to Greenland very soon!
    Good luck
    no it doesnt....check on ..there are so many people getting consecutive luds...but then they dont get approvals. in the end it means that its a new lud. someone accessed your case and the lud was either because some accessed it or it was a system generated lud.

    i hope that eb2-june03-dude gets his green soon...but the lud doesnt mean anything

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