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Monday, July 4, 2011

Anime Couples Coloring Pages

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  • 485Mbe4001
    04-09 07:47 PM
    I think that it was a trial balloon. I have seen this pattern for most of the major issues this administration is planning to tackle. Take TARP for example...for a month one would just hear leaks about proposed solutions. Media would pick it up and give a reaction, the next leak would be an updated version based on the feedback. Such articles help keep the issue in the forefront, help gauge the reaction (both positive and negative) and provide a simple exit to backtrack incase of major opposition. :rolleyes:

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  • coloring pages spongebob.

  • optimizer
    03-22 12:18 PM
    Thanks Sac-r-ten for your reply.
    If the labor and advt process is really only 6-8 months, then I might get lucky.

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  • coloring pages of hearts and

  • Alice141
    03-26 02:52 AM
    Hi All,

    I would like to ask if it is possible, and how long does it take if so, for
    my parents who live in India to visit me in the UK, then we all apply
    for tourist visas for my brother's marriage in the US.

    I have indefinite leave to remain in the UK but am not a citizen yet.

    The earlies times for appointment for an interview for my parents
    in India is 4 months! whereas my brother will be getting married in 3...

    Is it possible for them to get the tourist visa for US from here in the UK?
    How long would that take if applicable?

    Thanks all very much,

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  • gc4me
    04-18 09:45 PM
    Looks like lot many ROW eb3 PD between AUG03-AUG04, 42% so far.
    Good news is not many ROW eb3 for AUG03. Date will going to move definately.


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  • makeup hair chibi anime

  • phillyag
    07-17 07:12 PM
    I will be filing my 485 due to the current changes.
    I am getting married in December 2007.

    1. I am goin to file for my spouse at that time. Is it necessary that the dates should be current in order to file this amendement?

    2. I understand that one can file amendment before or within 180 days of acceptance of 485. is this correct ?

    3. Is there anyway to know that I am nearing my acceptance of 485?

    Your comments are appreciated.

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  • nat23
    12-11 09:48 AM
    I have an appointment for H1B visa stamp @ the toronto consulate next week. This will be my second stamp (first one expired early this year).

    I received a phone call from the consulate asking for my H1B receipt/notice dates and receipt number, etc...She told me that there is new rule where USCIS has to verify the I-797 petition even though you carry an original approval notice. With this rule in effect...she told me the passport wait time is miminum of 4 days.

    I already booked my tickets 2 weeks ago. I'm confused. Has anyone else received a call or have recently obtain H1B stamp in toronto?

    I was hoping to come back in few days and now it's going to cost me $$$$$. I wish NVARS told me this when I signed up for the appointment.


    This is the new rule and went into effect from last week of Nov. It is not only for the Consulate in Toronto but all US Consular posts in Canada atleast.


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  • andy garcia
    03-28 08:12 PM
    Fiscal year 2007 -- Does this mean all the visas issued from nov-07 till date or nov-06 to oct-07 ?

    Fiscal Year 2007 means Oct 1, 2006 to Sep 30, 2007

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  • Siddhartht
    10-03 02:15 AM
    Thanks krish for the response . few more questions

    >>i got my L1 stamped at Chennai . can i apply for my would be wife l2 visa at Delhi consulate ??

    >> My company is not doing any documentation for my wife L2 . can i do all myself ?


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  • sc3
    11-20 01:01 PM
    But I work in the same company and same dept..isn't AC21 only used if you quit GC sponsoring company

    Sorry, you can't use AC21 to get that promotion. AC21 portability requires similar jobs.

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  • ssdtm
    11-30 04:38 PM
    - My friend has not been paid by his current employer. So no pay-stubs what so ever
    That can be an issue in H1 transfer because he may be asked to prove that he has maintained valid status ( as there is no such things as bench on H1). This is a only a potential issue, not a showstopper as I know of transfers done without paystub.

    - He had signed a contract for 2 years and some ridiculous amount of money towards damages in case he leaves
    This is merely a threatening exercise by the employer to keep him from leaving. It does not have any legal bearings. I have done it myself in past.

    What are his options now? What if the employer sends H1B cancellation before he gets to file a new petition through the new company? Can anyone please help?

    The moment your H1 application is received by USCIS, you are safe. Even otherwise, USCIS generally takes a while to revoke the H1 after recieivng the application.

    But if USCIS revokes H1 before the transfer request is recieved, then you are out of status and your new application will be denied.

    But let me ask you one thing, if your friend is not being paid, why in this world he needs to even tell his employer about his plans to switch. Ask him to act smart.


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  • loudobbs
    08-28 04:56 PM
    I am planning on using AC21 to switch employers. since it says that the new job should be in the same job classification, how do I know what classification my labor was approved in? I have a copy of the approval notice and under occupation it says consultant and it has the following code after it:
    189167030. anybody knows what this code means or how I can find out my jobe code?

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  • sad anime couples pictures.

  • nkappiah
    07-19 09:51 PM
    I got married recently. Both my husband and I have similar priority dates as labour was filed separately for each of us by our respective companies. Is there any downside to adding each other to our applications and dual filing for greencard?

    Is there any downside to having two applications in each name? Should we do this?



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  • neeidd
    03-01 03:32 PM
    Hello Gurus,

    I am planning to apply for EAD and AP. Debating myself if I have to go with e-filing or paper based. Some one told me, paper based DOES NOTrequired biometrics where as E-filing DOES need biometrics? Could you please shed some light on this?

    Could some one please tell me which one is better and faster (E-filing vs Paper based)?

    Thanks in advance

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  • DSLStart
    08-23 10:03 AM
    That memo became an subject of sunday morning talk shows on Fox, CNN etc and now even USCIS has rescinded from it.

    I have filed my I-485 before my marriage and I need to be on H1-B VISA to maintain my spouse's H4 Status.

    Couple of weeks back there was a leaked USCIS memo mentioning "The agency could also consider extending employment authorization to the dependent spouses of certain skilled workers. For example, USCIS sould allow employment authorization for H-4 dependent spouses of H-1B principals where the principals are also applied for lawful permanent residence and have extended their non-immigrant status under the provisions of AC21"

    Memo USCIS (http://www2.nationalreview.com/memo_UCIS_072910.html)

    Please let me know if there are any updates.



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  • hariswaminathan
    10-04 01:02 PM
    I have been on h1 for 7 yrs in the US and i am leaving back to my home country (India) as it is expiring this month. I plan to come back and start working for my current company next yr.
    Now can they Process my new H1 in April next yr(6 months from now) or they have to wait till OCT 2007 to process my new h1. I am afraid the next yr quota will be over if they have to wait till OCT.

    Here is what you could do:

    1. Get a good immigration attorney
    2. Recoup all the lost time on H1-B for time spent abroad in the last 7 years. Most attorneys can recover at least 4-6 months of time - this will alllow you to stay in the US for another 4-6 months
    3. Use the time to find a substitute labor (either with present or new company) and file for I-140. Use premium processing for I-140.
    4. Your Labor sub and I-140 should clear within the timeframe that you remain in the US - and then you can renew your H1-B for 3 year increments.

    The reason i give the above solution is that - your New H1-B will only be valid after Oct 2007 - you can apply for it in April 2007 but you cannot use it until Oct. If you are really keen to stay in India for that long then obviously its ok, but you need to be sure your company will still remember you in Oct 2007 - otherwise i would suggest the alternative approach above to remain in the US.

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  • sw33t
    10-10 04:55 PM

    Bump if you are going to dial-in.


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  • amitpan007
    10-10 11:35 AM
    I did it about 10 days before scheduled date in July. Went around 2 PM. The guy at front desk was reluctant but let me in due to my case being genuine pregnancy after discussing with supervisor.

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  • [uber]
    04-09 03:47 AM
    and yes i separated it...

    i got this idea from the ipod chicken sandwhich thread

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  • neeidd
    08-05 12:20 PM
    We will not see any approvals unless we act togther and campaign for our cause. Please join us. More details at
    The thread you linked for I-140 delays. I am asking about I-485 approvals :)

    02-22 11:05 AM
    Ok. That makes sense. I will contact the HQ and try to find out the solution. Calling the local SS office doesn't help as the first thing their automated system asks for is SS# for you to move on!

    Blog Feeds
    05-12 09:50 AM
    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) today announced a final rule that adopts, without change, an interim rule to improve the integrity of the Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9) process. USCIS received approximately 75 public comments in response to the interim rule, which has been in effect since April 3, 2009.

    The main changes made by the interim rule and adopted by the final rule include: prohibiting employers from accepting expired documents; revising the list of acceptable documents by removing outdated documents and making technical amendments; and adding documentation applicable to certain citizens of the Federated States of Micronesia and the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

    Employers must complete Form I-9 for all newly hired employees to verify their identity and authorization to work in the United States. The list of acceptable documents that employees may present to verify their identity and employment authorization is divided into three sections: List A documents, which show identity and employment authorization; List B documents, which show identity only; and List C documents, which show employment authorization only.

    The final rule will be published in the Federal Register tomorrow and will be available at www.uscis.gov (http://www.uscis.gov). The final rule is effective on May 16, 2011. Employers may continue to use the current version of the Form I-9 (Rev. 08/07/2009) or the previous version (Rev. 02/02/2009). The Handbook for Employers, Instructions for Completing the Form I-9 (M-274) was updated on Jan. 5, 2011, and is available for review at www.uscis.gov/files/form/m-274.pdf (http://www.uscis.gov/files/form/m-274.pdf).

    Let us know if we can help in your I-9, E-verify or Public Access Files compliance.

    More... (http://www.visalawyerblog.com/2011/05/uscis_issues_final_rule_on_emp.html)

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