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Friday, July 1, 2011

2AM are the coolest guys according to ‘Men’s Health’

as posted by allkpop.com

2AM has been chosen as the coolest guys by ‘Men’s Health”!
‘Men’s Health’ gives the Cool Guy Award to their hottest cover models each year, and 2AM has become the first idol group to win this title.

The ‘Cool Guy Contest‘ ceremony was held at the Central City Millenium Hall in Kangnam, and 2AM’s producer, Bang Shi Hyuk, served as a judge, which drew more attention to their meeting.

Fans who heard the news said, “Congratulations to the true bagel men, 2AM” and “The emotional idols 2AM are now taking on the cool guy title“.

2AM’s Jo Kwon tweeted a photo of each 2AM member’s previous ‘Men’s Health’ magazine cover, saying,

“2AM’s working out has paid off~~ We’re receiving ‘Men’s Health’s’ Cool Guy Award~^_^*“
Source: OSEN via Nate & Jo Kwon’s Twitter(@2AMkwon)

2PM members reveal old diet and move into new dorm
On the most recent episode of SBS TV’s One Night of TV Entertainment, the members of 2PM revealed how hard they worked during their 1st album activities to obtain their ideal bodies.

Apparently, the boys were very limited for their diet, and there were weeks when they were only allowed to eat chicken breast, apples, and sweet potatoes in order to keep their sharp, beastly image.

However, 2PM doesn’t have it all that bad. The boys also shared that they’ve now moved into a bigger dorm. Junho stated, “We recently moved dorms, and all the members were able to get a room they were happy with. Normally, we lived with two or three members in one room, but now we each get our own individual rooms so we get to do whatever we want.”

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