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Sunday, July 3, 2011

1770 Map Of New York City

images New York City, New York 1770 Map Of New York City. The 1770 House Bed amp; Breakfast
  • The 1770 House Bed amp; Breakfast

  • psp123
    05-19 06:19 PM
    Hi Pps123,
    Did you change the job? They sent the REF letter to you or your attorney? I raised SR on May 6th, and received an email on May13th saying that a RFE letter was sent out. Anxious to know what the RFE is.

    Yeah, I changed my job in 2009 March, filed AC 21 on 2010 Oct.
    Don't worry , everything will be fine

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  • Museum in New York city,

  • Legal
    07-11 06:37 PM
    I have mixed opinion about that. Say, hypothetically she attends rally, then everyone is going to think that she is biased towards legal immigrants.
    It would be better if people looks at her as a non biased person, her word is more powerful that way.

    Its just my opinion.

    Projecting her as our champion is a BAD STRATEGY at this point. It's not like she is emotionally very upset about our situation. As a Congresswoman and the chair of Immig subcmt she is investigating irregularities and wrongdoings at the federal govt. She also probably thinks immigrants have been treated unfairly.

    We shouldn't make her the target of anti-immigrationists; could hurt her, and hurt us.

    1770 Map Of New York City. of the City of New Yorkquot;
  • of the City of New Yorkquot;

  • SGP
    04-12 02:39 PM
    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$GOOD AFTERNOON GC$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Deadline = April 30th, 2011
    Goal = 5000 votes on survey (see I-485 filing w/o current PD thread) and momentum to continue with this campaign.The survey is a platform to gather and push for launching action items. Based on response by 04/30/2011 - IV will decide whether to even proceed with initiative or not.
    Actions - 1) Vote on survey.
    2)Email ivcoordinator@gmail.com with PD, ph#,email & subject "I485 filing impacted�,
    3)Print/Circulate Fliers and spread FB, wiki link (see "support thread")

    This is a supporting thread to the "Want to File I-485 without Current Priority Date? Gather here" thread started by pappu.

    As suggested by pappu/starsun, this supporting thread provides impacted members with additional information and tools to help the initiative.

    Visit Immigration Voice Wiki (http://immigrationvoice.org/wiki/index.php/Employment_Based_Green_Card#Process_.28EB1.2C_EB2. 2C_and_EB3.29) - for overview of Employment Based - Green Card process
    Visit I485 Filing w/o current PD Wiki (http://immigrationvoice.org/wiki/index.php/Current_Grass-Roots_Initiative_-_I-485_Filing_without_Current_Priority_Date) - for overview of this initiative

    As pappu stated in the first post of the above referenced thread - some of the ongoing efforts include finding how many IV members would get benefit from such a provision and get basic details such as username/Priority Date of impacted members. Future action items might include drafting documents and letters to support this provision. There maybe actions such as sending emails etc. However we would not be able to open a public action item unless we can have thousands of our members willing to participate in a grassroots action item. This survey intends to understand the needs of our membership for this provision and collect grassroots information.

    The fact is we have a dedicated group of volunteers (and we need more) who have been trying their best to spread the message about this initiative so that a strong grass-roots support can be created leading up to launch of the public action items. So far we have around 1100 people who have responded. Based on quick calculations carried out using PERM data, it is estimated that there are at least 60K-70K EB applicants waiting to file I-485/EAD/AP (this is a very conservative estimate..the actual number could be much more). Grass-roots initiatives require time and patience and we request maximum number of impacted folks to participate actively.
    What can you do to participate?
    1) Vote on the poll/survey created by Pappu.


    Then please send an email to ivcoordinator@gmail.com (starsun) with subject - "I485 filing without current PD - Impacted Member". Include your a) IV username b) Email address c) Phone #, d) State of Residence e) Priority Date - so that grassroot efforts can be coordinated

    2) Print out below Flier and circulate at all asian/indian malls/groceries/theaters. Forward the flier to your friends/co-workers and ask them to do the same.

    I485 Filing Initiative Flier (http://immigrationvoice.org/wiki/images/a/a8/Flier_I485_latest2.pdf)

    3) Volunteers have created a facebook community and an Immigration Voice WIKI page to spread the message about this initiative. Please circulate these links among your friends/co-workers who will be helped.

    Please "Share" and "Link" and "send to friend" the facebook community via your Facebook account. Also include these two links when you post on the IV forum.

    Facebook - IV I485 filing w/o current PD initiative community (http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Immigration-Voice-Grass-roots-Campaigns/150562351660693?v=info)

    (Just FYI that you might have to be logged in for the above link to direct to the facebook community. Alternately, search for "Immigration Voice Grass-roots Campaigns" to find the community after logging in. Search "Immigration Voice" to go to the IV's main facebook page)

    Immigration Wiki -
    I485 Filing Initiative - IV Wiki (http://immigrationvoice.org/wiki/index.php/Current_Grass-Roots_Initiative_-_I-485_Filing_without_Current_Priority_Date)

    PM these members for additional info:
    nmdial ; geevikram ; vbkris77 ; ashwin_27 ; snathan
    Dedicated members can also join the leaders group: http://groups.google.com/group/485-filing-iv-initiative

    2011 Museum in New York city, 1770 Map Of New York City. the New York City Transit
  • the New York City Transit

  • virginia_desi
    05-15 10:48 AM
    I would suggest you file asap on June 1st at least by June 15th. Dates are going to retrogess - this is what my lawyer told me.

    You can file anytime between June 1, 2007 and June 29, 2007 (June 30 is a Saturday) assuming the dates retrogress in the July visa bulletin. I will be surprised that the dates will retrogress in a month simply because all the people filling for 485 will not be necessarily counted towards 2007 quota.
    The trick is to know the number of people who are already in 485 and simply waiting for adjudication.


    1770 Map Of New York City. of Art, New York City)
  • of Art, New York City)

  • CSPAmom
    08-14 01:31 PM
    I've heard one successful case who's CSPA age was 3 days over, but eventually his lawyer helped him got the visa. I'm hoping I can get some feedback or information on more similar cases. If anyone has ever heard about a similar situation (petition filed before Sep. 11, 2001, aged-out by CSPA, but benefited from Patriot Act 45-days extension), please let me know. Thanks!

    1770 Map Of New York City. Notice from The New-York
  • Notice from The New-York

  • gkattalu
    08-06 07:39 AM
    My application was mailed in July, 2007.

    I'm also a Feb 06 applicant.

    Lets have a race and c who gets it first...jus kiddin...:)

    When did u mail ur application?


    1770 Map Of New York City. Colonial map of North Carolina
  • Colonial map of North Carolina

  • amitjoey
    05-30 02:38 PM
    We need to raise awareness, add more members.

    2010 of the City of New Yorkquot; 1770 Map Of New York City. New York City, New York
  • New York City, New York

  • sgupta33
    09-20 03:17 PM
    I just wanted to say that the rally, all the pre-rally prep, and meeting with lawmakers was such an intense and exhilarating experience! I feel so priviledged to have met some of the core IV people - I felt like a groupie meeting superstars! They are truly inspiring... There were so many other wonderful people I had the chance to meet who now make my wait more meaningful. It was such fun getting to know all of you and sharing the experience. I have wonderful memories of the entire event...


    1770 Map Of New York City. Day 76 - Town of 1770/Agnes
  • Day 76 - Town of 1770/Agnes

  • sGC
    08-03 01:02 PM
    I see that most of you who are getting approved are 2007 filers. Any 2008 filers got approved?

    Also what is the number to call to Open a SR? Is it to soon to call since my PD is current only since yesterday. Folks who called to open a SR please let us know.

    Thank you.

    hair the New York City Transit 1770 Map Of New York City. Map this Hotel
  • Map this Hotel

  • idreamofgc
    05-23 10:28 AM
    Atlanta Center is worse than Chicago. But there are few who are stuck at Chicago as well.

    Can we draft a letter that is NPC independent:D


    1770 Map Of New York City. the Map of New York City
  • the Map of New York City

  • lost_stranger
    05-19 07:10 AM
    News from Oh Law:
    05/18/2008: Frustrated Hispanic Caucus Exploded on the Door Step of Congress

    Report indicates that they've held a press conference on the steps of a House office building to denounce their leadership's willingness to cater to immigration critics by holding hearings on enforcement measures proposed by endangered Democratic moderates. Rep. Joe Baca, chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, was steamed. Latinos had become a political "punching bag" this year, the California Democrat complained recently, attacked by "the misinformed" and "the misguided." They've threatened to block progress on immigration proposals backed by business interests and pushed by key Democrats, such as special visas for high-tech workers or agricultural help, unless leaders also move forward with comprehensive immigration legislation. Lawmakers in the 20-member Hispanic Caucus know they are not going to get their political wish this year: another shot at comprehensive immigration legislation, something that died in the Senate last year. But they are frustrated that their party has not been aggressive at pushing back against the heated rhetoric of the Right. If alienated Latinos stay home from the polls in November, it could cost Democrats dearly in closely contested local elections in Texas, Arizona and other states. And if Hispanics conclude that their party is no different on immigration than Republican presidential candidate John McCain � a longtime supporter of comprehensive reform� it could tip the balance to the GOP in presidential contests in swing states such as New Mexico, Nevada and Colorado.

    The CHC has a single point agenda and that is amnesty for illegals. They feel that if they have the issues for legal immigrants tied along with this, they can try to obtain this amnesty in the guise of "comprehensively reforming the entire US immigration system". They are single minded and will not waver because of repeated communication from us legal immigrants. We are not a consideration for them and they will do their best to torpedo our bill. I think a better plan would be to target all the other legislators and let them know how we feel and how important this bill is for us future citizens. This is just my opinion and is not intended to demoralise anyone or hamper this campaign.

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  • Shop in New York City

  • arav_m
    09-02 12:04 AM
    Got the mail today that Card Production Ordered... PD 12/2004. Good luck to all who are waiting...


    house A 1776 map of New York City 1770 Map Of New York City. 018rus: Beautiful 1770 Russian
  • 018rus: Beautiful 1770 Russian

  • maddipati1
    02-01 08:58 PM
    u mean the old Passport ? Yes, my old one was issued in India (vizag).

    renewal applied by mail to CG SFO, got the new one to my mailing address in US, on the fifth day.

    the 10 days estimate they are giving might be including the buffer time for contingencies and
    contacting vizag might be the worst case scenario they are telling, but most probably not needed.

    i later learned that, u can renew ur PP in India in 3 days, with Tatkal.

    tattoo Notice from The New-York 1770 Map Of New York City. living in New York City.
  • living in New York City.

  • Macaca
    01-18 01:09 PM
    We need about 000 members signing up for the monthly contributions in a month. I am sure we can do that. We have 8000 members and it should be easy. Till now we have only 100 signups

    Simple arithmetic shows that 1000 * 20 = 500 * 40 = 400 * 50 = 200 * 100 = 100 * 200.

    Pleeeeeeeeease think very carefully about the need of the moment.


    pictures Colonial map of North Carolina 1770 Map Of New York City. of Art, New York City)
  • of Art, New York City)

  • ujjwal_p
    05-17 12:06 AM
    i assume this is for everyone, including citizens. you may want to make the legal part bold in the phrase "legal immigration". immigration automatically raises everyone's eyebrow but you need to emphasize that the fight here is for "legal" immigration. that is a key differentiator especially when nobody knows what the heck EB, priority date etc is.

    Use the following as a template to send all your contacts via email!!!!

    *not a chain mail. a genuine request to be part of a democratic US bill-making movement* call YOUR Senator and at least one from the list below *

    i am writing to you with a rather 'unusual request'. thousands of high skilled legal immigrants (especially from India and China) are stuck for between 5 to 10 years in the 'Green Card' queue with no 'end in sight' due to a broken system. previous attempts by groups like Compete America (www.competeamerica.org (http://www.competeamerica.org)) and Immigration Voice (www.immigrationvoice.org (http://www.immigrationvoice.org)) have been rebuffed by powerful lobbies and special interests.

    if you are able to help, know that thousands will thank you. if you are uncomfortable, i will fully understand and seek your forgiveness for this intrusion.

    if you know someone that will benefit from legal immigration reform (e.g. graduate students, etc.), do pass this message along. again, this is NOT a fake chain mail. check out www.immigrationvoice.org (http://www.immigrationvoice.org) to see how those forgotten in the immigration queue are trying their best to make their voices heard.

    at a minimum, take a few minutes to see these colorful posters that highlight the issues at stake!

    more on the issues

    if you can do more, please call your Senator and at least one from the list below with the scripted message:

    currently, Rep. Zoe Lofgren from California, has introduced a couple of bills that can provide temporary relief to thousands of tax paying high skilled workers.
    HR 5921 Introduced to eliminate per country limits
    H.R. 5882 introduced to restore approximately 218,000 unused EB visa numbers.
    HR 6039 introduced to exempt STEM degree applicants from numerical limits

    In addition, the Murray amendment was accepted in Senate Appropriations Committee by voice vote today.

    "OK, enough of that mumbo jumbo" I hear you say :), "what can I do?"

    Tell them that you would like to talk to some one who handles immigration/legal matters, If forwarded to voice mail, leave a VM. If the VM is full, you can get back to the main line by pressing 0 and then leave a message with them.

    The message you have to deliver when calling these offices is

    I would like Representative "Representative Name" to co sponsor bills HR 5882, HR 5921 & HR 6039 sponsored by Zoe Lofgren. All three bills have wide bipartisan support in the house and will help reduce the back logs associated with USCIS. These bills are a great first step towards immigration reform.


    Only if the staff member bring up the issue of CIR, in that case say that -

    In the past we have been supporting Comprehensive approach and still continue to support comprehensive approach and we look for our our main issues to be addressed whenever comprehensive bill is passed. However, this is is just an interim fix to begin or start the immigration reform process.

    Senator Robert Menendez
    202 224 4744

    Ruben Hinojosa
    phone: 202-225-2531

    Charles Gonzalez
    Phone: (202)225-3236

    Hilda Solis
    202 225 5464

    Ciro Rodriguez
    202 225 4511

    Lucille Roybal-Allard
    202 225 1766

    Raul Grijalva
    ph (202) 225-2435

    Dennis Cardoza
    (202) 225-6131

    Jim Costa

    SIMPLY PUT -- please consider taking a few minutes to call at least one of the above lawmakers' offices with the above 'scripted' message. I am not a script-driven person, but the dynamics of law making dictates that simple messages about support for a Bill go a long way towards helping lawmakers form their opinion. This is DEMOCRACY and CIVICS in action :).

    Will you take a few moments to do your bit to help thousands of hard working professionals and their families? In 1 day, Rep Cueller from Texas has signed on as a co-sponsor after receiving numerous calls.

    Steve Ballmer, Safra Catz, Craig Barrett, Carly Fiorina, Scott McNealy, Charles Vest and others all came together for... what?http://www.competeamerica.org/hill/letter_congress/index.html

    we get tons of spam a day. lets take a few moments to help those that join us in contributing to the US economy through their hard work, taxes and social security contribution. of course, they spend hard earned $$$'s on wall st and main st. lets help them help us all.

    dresses Shop in New York City 1770 Map Of New York City. Alien Loves Predator: New York
  • Alien Loves Predator: New York

  • pappu
    01-18 11:17 AM
    We need about 1000 members signing up for the monthly contributions in a month. I am sure we can do that. We have 8000 members and it should be easy. Till now we have only 100 signups


    makeup Day 76 - Town of 1770/Agnes 1770 Map Of New York City. A 1776 map of New York City
  • A 1776 map of New York City

  • pappu
    01-16 01:13 PM
    Hi Ramki,

    I think this question is better answered in a discussion environment ....

    Let us all fix a time to meet on Immigration voice chat some time this week night or weekend to discuss ideas.

    We can meet tomm at 9.30 EST for an hour or so ?

    Please confirm availability those who can

    Great Idea. Thanks

    girlfriend living in New York City. 1770 Map Of New York City. Early view of New York City
  • Early view of New York City

  • rubinop
    04-08 01:35 PM
    I think not only that this is a nice idea, but also that it is a very smart idea.
    Everybody knows that there are MANY, MANY immigrants in this Country, and if the GC holders could vote potentially immediately after getting the GC (if it is already 10 years that they are legally in USA) it would be a very strong point, under election, to push a reform of the current law.
    I have been a legal immigrant (F1 and H1-B) for the last 9 years, and still waiting for my Labor Certification approval. This means I will become a US citizen after what? 20 years I am legally in this Country? Approximately, yes!

    hairstyles the Map of New York City 1770 Map Of New York City. THIS MAP OF THE CITY AND

  • paskal
    07-17 09:45 PM
    have made these points many times before, but once again, in recognition of your legitimate angst.

    first the bottom line. a golden opportunity presented itself- we did not ask for it, the visa bulletin was made current out of the blue. we have grabbed that opportunity but that does not mean that this was the core goal of iv as an organization- those goals remain, our campaign continues, this little fire we have lit must grow to the point where all retrogression can be resolved. we have NOT forgotten that our friends in BEC are still stuck in the most unjust process.

    next: please stop repeating this line that everything will be unavailable for years and people will cut the line. understand this: in oct the dates cannot be U. because there will be new numbers. therefore they will come up with a date- a retrogressed date allowing BEC people to file as soon as their LC is approved. just because a 06-07 applicant has a 485 in the system does not mean a Gc is imminent. GC can ONLY be alloted if the dates are current. The dates will be current for you long long long before anyone that's applied lately. If the dates remain U, USCIS cannot allot a single GC- and that cannot happen.

    please be patient with those who are celebrating their stroke of luck. life is not fair and USCIS is weird anyway with it's FIFO. the ombudsman says they pick "low hanging fruit". we have much to fight for yet.

    let's not fight among ourselves.


    10-05 10:33 PM
    My appln with March 2001 cleared BEC in June, so are tons of such applications in my company that cleared BEC with EB2 pD (atleast 600-800 - our company ). Many were stuck from 2001, as my company did not apply for GC bet 2001 Aug - 2004 Oct.

    can you please tell me the source of these stats? Per the DOL stats, from March 2005 to March 2007 only 130K total cases were approved:
    Your stats are almost twice that number!

    05-02 11:34 AM
    As of now we are gathering people in one place to estimate how many people are there.

    There is a Poll on the first page of this thread which is a way for us to estimate the number of people who will support any action that we take to make our voice heard.

    Please post this in your original message and if you could try to make it stand out (if you could).

    I also posted comments on 20+ pending users @ (will continue the good deed). I posted the exact same message that you posted on user comments. I hope you don't mind

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