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Friday, July 1, 2011

143 I Love You

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  • ganguteli
    03-21 11:59 PM
    WOW!!.. Very quick response.. good. You are trying to do a good job.

    You missed two points:
    Can you please update your profile.
    And you said "As some of you know...." . Were you trying in these lines before too. Can you direct me to any one of your forums more than 2 months old where we can see what you did before.

    Trust me, in the past we knew of some guys who tried to distract the forum attention with proposals of doing somethings in the lines as you have said. Their goal is to distract and divert attention.
    Not that we do not trust you, but we expect you have atleast your profile updated.
    What do you do, when you come across someone who says I can get you a big job done for you, as I have contacts.. Not blindly trust, right.. We also check he his credentials. I am to some extent doing that, to be frank, not that everyone has profiles here with real information.
    I told about you to my friends, and they asked me "Why do we trust him, dont you think he may be a Canadian who is trying to distract these innocent Indians and hence make sure they remain in backlogs"....

    You and your fake friends.
    I remember your posts where you claimed that your friends are ready to contribute huge amounts of money to IV.
    Where have they gone now when a funding drive was started?

    You cannot even contribute a mere $25 and talk about contributing thousands?
    Please avoid trying to make tall claims and promises you cannot keep. It makes a man lose his credibility. A man is known and is respected by the word he keeps.

    This Totoro guy is at least doing something and going to meet a lawmaker office? Have you ever had the courage to visit a lawmaker. I only saw posts where you were asking people to send spam emails annonymously to lawmaker offices.

    If you are asking him to enterreal profile information, May I ask you if your profile is real? Does it have your real name, phone address, main email, employer name etc in it? Moderators can verfy it? If not then you are also are like most other annonymous users on the internet.

    Let us get real and recognize those who are trying to do something genguine. This guy has already emailed IV about himself so why are you trying to distract people.

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  • sandy_anand
    05-03 05:01 PM
    Some porter gave me red on this post.

    MC, just ignore those trolls. There are a few on the forums. Giving reds is their way of expressing their frustration that they don't have their green card yet. People like that just cannot be happy for others and are always miserable. Cheers! :D

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  • JazzByTheBay
    07-11 06:50 PM
    Though I love the recent forum posts being displayed alongside the content on the home page, I think it's also a drag on the resources and takes down the main site at times because of issues with the Forums/DB.

    We're all (mostly) techies.... we should be able to fix this and deliver higher SLAs for our web site...

    Available to contribute and volunteer if required for this, as the core already knows. :)


    One suggestion I have, which is followed by lot of websites with PHP Bulletin boards with high traffic is to use a separate server for boards pointing to something like forums.immigrationvoice.org and keep the main site www.immigrationvoice.org (http://www.immigrationvoice.org) on a separate not so powerful server.

    Atleast it ensures that the main site doesn't go down, when forum usage is very high.

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  • royus77
    06-29 04:29 PM
    what happens if the application is already posted???......My lawyer posted our application today by the overnight delivery.......

    I am also in the same boat ...If they put up a notification ( assume on Monday ) will they accept the petitions which came on monday ...any idea how they handled the "Otherworker" before 6 june date ?


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  • waitingGC
    02-02 02:52 PM
    Here are few sentences from Senator kennedy's concession speach at 1980 Democratic convention in New York

    [B]For all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die.[B]

    You can hear the speech at http://www.historyplace.com/speeches/tedkennedy.htm

    So guys dont get depressed, As long as people like senator kennedy / Mccain are in senate I have hope.

    God bless America.

    Yes, the dream shall never die. We all know that we will get our GCs eventually. But sooner will be so different from later. There will be no point if we get our GCs 10 year later. How many 10 years do we still have? Can we imagine our lives without this GCs for another 10 years? Not even 5 years!

    I start to feel that my US dream is so stupid.

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  • illinois_alum
    08-06 10:07 AM
    I keep seeing the term 'LUD' and 'soft LUD'. What are they? Where do you notice them?

    Soft LUD - Only the date for the Last Update Date changes but the actual status and the message do not change.

    Hard LUD - Not only the date changes, but both the status and message change as well.


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  • satyasaich
    06-07 02:15 PM
    Hi all

    Conference committee and its proceedings are always closed-door things. Remember there is alittle one can do. also considering the gravity of the situation, i'd say just wait. i know that's not the best scenario but it is what it is
    i don't think the committee not yet formed, in the first place and there is no time line / rule that guides about conference committe proceedings

    I have the same question. What's the latest about CIR/House? Is IV Core team working on something? No words from IV core team about CIR..!

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  • chintu25
    01-13 02:37 PM
    >>Please do check the blogs and leave comments too.

    Can you let me know the URL for your blogs.


    I am blogging right here on IV blogs . Check IV blogs and you will see my posts there.

    I will try and post watches here on the blogs too.

    Here is the link



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  • WaitingBoy
    05-22 06:13 PM
    No Dude I am also stuck with you at Chicago center

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  • nomi
    04-12 11:23 AM
    My wife is in India for the last year to get new H1-B (6 years completed)
    She has a valid dependant visa till May 2008

    Based on new rule, she applied to reclaim 3 years of H4 for H1-B.
    H1-B is approved, she is going to Chennai, India for stamping.

    If for some reason H1 is denied, can she come back as dependant?

    Yes ..she can use H4 if H1 is denied. Make sure consulate don`t cancel the H4 visa and the time of H1 B visa interview.


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  • guyfromsg
    11-13 10:01 PM
    Saw this letter to editor in Khabar. Hope this helps

    Good Work, Houston Consulate!

    Recently I�ve read letters from Khabar readers complaining about the service and performance at the Indian Consulate in Houston, Texas. So, when I found out that the Consulate had cancelled (on a whim, it appeared!) publicly announced visa camps in the Atlanta area, I feared the worst. Canceling publicly announced visa camps and not even informing the Indian media in the area or the very organizations that help administer them seemed like the height of disregard by the Consulate for their clients.

    The next day I learnt that the Consulate had outsourced the visa processing service to a professional company. Not knowing what to make of it, I was still nervous as I had less than a month to go (I was counting on the visa camp that got cancelled). Thankfully, my experience turned 180 degrees when I began my application process from the link provided on the Consulate�s website for their visa services contractor.

    After filling out the form online, the system gave me an ID #. I sent my form and documents by overnight delivery and kept my UPS tracking number handy?just in case! To my surprise, the very next day I received an email acknowledging receipt of the application and an assurance that it�d be processed right away. I was still not convinced that it could be going so smoothly, so the next day I went to the link they sent me to track the progress of my application, and sure enough there were fresh updates on it informing me the status of the application. Exactly a week from the day I mailed the application, I received another email saying my passport/visa had been dispatched back to me, along with the shipping company�s tracking number.

    I was thrilled with the speed and professionalism of the whole process and would like to compliment the Consulate in taking this most effective step of partnering with a quality visa service provider.
    Satisfied Applicant
    Suwanee, Ga.

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  • GCWaiter03
    05-15 02:28 PM
    What is this picture I.D.? My wife is on H4 the only I.D. she has is passport ( NO DL). What else can we submit for photo id?

    You can use passport as picture ID where ever you needed.


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  • hope_4_best
    05-16 07:03 PM
    Hi Guys,
    Place A has mentioned as the place of birth in my passport and place B has been mentioned as the place of birth in my Birth certificate. Distance between place A and 5 or approximately 3 miles and both the places comes under one Taluk/Mandal.

    I would like to know is this going to be a problem in I485/AOS status, if so can you please suggest some way to overcome this problem?

    Thanks very much.

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  • gcFiler08
    01-12 01:47 PM
    So are we ready to create a group of 20-30 people who will schedule appts with their lawmakers and discuss overall IV provisions along with support for this specific bill?? Hundreds of such bills are introduced every year in Congress (this specific bill has been introduced several times in the past)..so we need to truly understand whether there is any appetite for lawmakers to vote for it..instead of re-assuring ourselves that this bill will somehow help us.

    My lawmaker appt is on Feb 3rd. We need a structured approach with a proper group whose members follow up with each other and keep updates from lawmaker meetings. Not random posts on this thread, once in a while, that "I sent spam mails to all my senators..(mails that they will never read)". Lawmakers receive hundreds of emails everyday.
    we need to create a grassroots rapport with lawmakers.

    Appepite for lawmakers to vote can only be known when this bill moves forward. This time with Republican in majority I think it has better chances than earlier.

    This bill has been referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary and which will refer it to Immigration subcommittee . I dont know the steps involved after that. However we can contact these committee members (112th congress committee members yet to be selected) and keep this bill in the forefront and not lost with hundreds of ther bills.

    I guess we should be ready to make a Team of 10-15 people and keep our efforts directed.


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  • abqguy
    05-17 11:32 AM
    I expressed my support by calling all the listed offices. Took me 10 minutes, as they were receiving several calls from IV members and already familiar with the bill numbers that I was gonna mention. Thanks IV for leading this effort. Great job!

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  • cooldude0807
    01-14 05:04 PM
    What are your plays for tomorrow?


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  • nyte_crawler
    09-25 11:19 AM
    Reading your long winded message, I have to question your rationale with respect to your argument and the sneakiness of the message. Your first post with a new id is to plead for re-capture and not work for re-intrepretation of spill over. I have seen this before. Period.

    Hi friends,

    Let me introduce myself as an EB3 applicant waiting for about 5 years in the line!

    Not many will probably be pleased with what I would like state. This calls for some dispassionate introspection.

    First of all, let us realize that Green Card is not a right. The rules of the game were clear when we applied and all of us were conscious of what was in store. We all applied with the hope (repeat hope) of settling in the USA. The July 2007 fiasco helped many, including myself, to file 485. The US government went out of its way to accommodate us, rolled back their decision and allowed us to file 485 at that time. We must be eternally thankful for that. There is no need for INS to fear us. We all know how many years it takes to receive a reply from any government office, back home.

    To avoid wastage of visas, the INS has formulated some rules and many Indian citizens have been benefitted and will continue to benefit. The nos. have also been made transparent now. The problem with us is that we want more and more and more...Wastage of visas is not of relevance to the INS, it is of relevance to us. It is not fair to question the method of distribution or the rules behind the game. The truth is, we do not have any right to even comment, leave alone question the INS. Let us be clear about that.

    It is not not correct to assume that INS rules of distribution have been made arbitrarily. Are we the only intelligent people in the world? Is it that no one has thinking capability? Come on friends, let us be patient and happy for the consideration shown by INS. May be there have been lapses in the past. But which country or which organization / individual has been absolutely infallible? So let us stop blaming and critizing INS.This is a negative approach.

    Many Indians seem to get irritated when INS wants to enforce the rules. Nothing will ever happen to people who follow the rules in USA. I do not want to write in a public forum about all the tricks many do, to enter and stay here. Let us all listen to our inner voice.

    The real solution would be to plead for a visa recapture. That would be a positive approach. This EB3 / EB2 argument will vertically split the forum. If we EB3 people want to push our agenda, the EB2 folks have a right to counter it and appeal to INS. Afterall, today's world is one of cold and ruthless competition. So, let us not pursue this path.

    There are many EB2 candidates who have come to the US way back in 2001, but could file their Labor petitions only in 2006 or 2007 becasue they were forced to do bonded labour by the desi companies. In other words, everyone has had their share of the problems.


    EB3 friends, be confident. Everything will work out well!

    Best wishes

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  • mxh72c
    07-14 10:31 PM
    Mr East India is so EB2 intelligent that he does not hesitate to give a lecture to the dull EB3 guys. Here is a lecture to you from a lowly EB3 worker. He pompously states that it is the job requirements that classifies the job as EB2. But completely glosses over the facts that most of EB2 job certified as such, really do not require a mandatory Masters degree. This is where the slick lawyers come into play by tailoring the job as EB2. Most of the American colleagues of the so called EB2 advanced skill "inventor" do not have a Masters degree doing the same job. Also, most of the Masters required job ads are found especially in our nurturer of highly skilled programming "job shops".

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  • waitnwatch
    02-01 07:20 PM
    all this seems to have passed on 01/24/07??

    you are right!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and we actually didnot have a clue:confused:

    01-16 11:32 AM
    Me too will join around 9:30 PM EST

    07-14 11:37 AM
    We took both of them to the doctor and the doctors treatment some how is working for only one... even if u change the doctor same thing..

    Be it EB2 India or EB3 India or EB2 China or any other category. All of us are suffering. Some of us more than others.

    But... as much as you like it their will not be a EB3-I only bill or admin fix.

    Only thing which will fix the issue is EB reforms (more visa, elimination of country limits, STEM expemtions etc) which IV is fighting for.

    IV is not your partent. All of us combined make IV. If you are affected more then show by acting accordingly.
    Lobby now, meet your representatives now so that come March next year when CIR may be discussed our provisions are not only included but also have a solid backing.
    If we do not do our share or work now, we will be disappointed when CIR or any other immi bill come up.

    Show your commitment by contributing to IV. Meet law makers.

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