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Sunday, July 3, 2011

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images 11 March 2009, 11.01 | Posted 1 11 11 Billboard. Number 1 On Billboard.
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  • Nil
    04-06 07:51 PM
    Very true - anyone who goes ahead in the queue is actually easing it up for the latter. This is Never about belittling a fellow sufferer.
    If PhDs get a quota relief, will be good for all of us, although i personally will not qualify.
    US Bachelors/Masters holders in a STEM field for example, will similarly ease up the system.
    Hopefully all others will see it that way.

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  • arunmohan
    05-25 02:48 PM
    CPO on 5/14
    Card not yet received.

    Same here. CPO on 5/14 but Card not yet received.

    1 11 11 Billboard. Written by mdinfo on May-11-11
  • Written by mdinfo on May-11-11

  • sac-r-ten
    11-05 03:05 PM
    how about Washington DC consulate?

    I am hoping they are more prompt. It has been 5 working days since I sent mine....

    I did mine in 2006, got back in 2.5 weeks.

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  • sk123
    09-02 07:17 PM
    I am in same boat. Was your case transferred to EAC and then came back to TSC?

    I think its one time transfer to TSC.


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  • srikondoji
    09-19 12:06 PM
    I and manish flew monday morning sept 17th on a short notice to attend 11:30AM appointment and then again at 3:30 PM with nagaraj.
    We had 2 more appointments on 18th with NH senators.
    All the meetings were great and one them exceeded 30 minute schedule to 50 minutes.

    It was great to meet all the members like aman, jay, paskal, kanika, meenal, nagaraj, pappu, gopal etc.

    Paskal: Where is my beer?
    Gopal: "Don't shoot the messenger" in the situation room.
    jay: Speech pointing fingure to capitol hill behind him. "We are here on offence".
    Mike: Step1 to step 5 entertainment

    These are some, but not all, of the memorable things in DC.

    I really had to mention pappu seperately.
    He is a dedicated person to this cause and needs special mention. I really enjoyed his company in the bus on our return journey to NH. We shooted all possible questions and got convincing answers.

    Thanks again for the wonderful experience.
    It was a true vacation.:eek::eek:

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  • DDash
    05-19 12:31 PM
    Just called all of them and all of the staff were really nice.


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  • GC_MAR_2003
    05-15 12:46 PM

    At last, our priority dates are current.

    Now, we have to go and submit Medical Examination Results.
    My Wife is pregnant and I was told by my friends that it is not a good idea to get her immunized (vaccines) now. She might probably have taken most of them back in INDIA.

    Is there a way we can apply for I-485 and get EID's without her immunization record? (I will have mine). I am sure there are others who are in the same boat.

    Please advice.

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  • snathan
    05-27 11:06 AM
    As the template is ready, I urge everyone to move and write the letter. But I am waiting for MMS reply as he has collected the details. So far I am not getting any response on this. Sooner you move, its better for you.


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  • indian111
    08-17 03:45 PM
    Thanks shantak for the reply.
    I will keep you guys updated .

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  • sands
    08-06 09:57 AM
    I applied mine on May 12 for renewal and did FP on May 31. still waiting. Though like everyone I would love to see the 485 approval instead!


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  • spatial
    01-19 04:01 PM
    Need your help in getting more Chinese members. Please spread the word.
    I'll do the best as I can to spread the message.

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  • amitjoey
    01-18 08:22 PM
    Are we just a bunch of stingy people wanting everything for free!!????
    Highskilled people for free stuff? The answer should be NO!

    OUT OF THE 300,000 people stuck due to retrogression, only 8500 OR SO are IV members. Out of which not even a 1000 want to commit for minimum of $20/ month. Right now we only have some 120 people committed. That is really a shame!!. Then we find a few (5 or less people) asking what is IV doing with the funds?. What funds?


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  • gcny2006
    06-15 11:34 PM

    Movement on immigration stalled
    Thursday, June 15, 2006, 10:56 AM

    by Jason Vance

    House Speaker Dennis Hastert is backing away from statements made earlier this week suggesting a plan to hold hearings on the Senate�s version of the immigration reform bill.

    According to Congressional Quarterly, Hastert says he'll look at that issue, but the first priority is spreading the leadership's message about the Iraq war. Hastert has said he wants to take a long look at the Senate's legislation before naming House conferees.

    There are some big differences the conference committee will have to reconcile. The Senate's bill provides a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants already in the country, and includes a guest-worker program. Neither is included in the House version, which focuses on tightening border security.

    The NAFB News Service contributed to this article.

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  • nomi
    02-02 04:21 PM
    02/02/2007: What Did Senator Kerry Immigration Reform Bill Mean to EB Immigrants?

    In highsight, the failure of the Kerry Amendment to H.R.2 to pass the Senate could be considered a relief to the EB immigrants. Review of the immigration reform bill in the H.R. will establish that the bill proposed for the employment-based immigration system practically nothing other than increasing the annual quota to 290,000. None of the provisons in the SKIL bill was reflected in the bill, including exemption of the spouses and children from from the numerical limitations, exemption of certain EB groups from the annual numerical limits, opportunity for filing I-485/765/131 for the I-140 beneficiary during the visa number retrogression, etc. etc. etc.! Had this been enacted, it would have affected the upcoming CIR bill or special legislation for Employment-Based immigration system reform. This reporter was shocked to learn that this bill provided practically no relief for the employment-based imigrants other than farm workers and the children eligible for DREAM Act bill. The bill was extremely imbalanced legislation in a way from the perspectives of the "Comprehensive" Immigration Reform.
    We will see whether the Senate leaders will indeed complete and introduce the CIR proposal next month.


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  • H1B-GC
    08-04 08:03 PM
    I did not mean to make fun out of you. what I meant was that you and your spouse. I guess it did not come out that way. Sorry about that.

    Thanks for the details.

    Peace Bud. Good luck on your approval. you had waited enough. Be persistent.

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  • franklin
    06-14 07:59 PM

    Let's not assume that visas wasted by USCIS would have been allocated to India or China. This would not have happened as these countries can not get more visa numbers than the numerical cap of 7% of the world-wide EB quota.

    I'm sorry, anyone who thinks that the Priority Dates were shifted so visas would not be wasted are deluded.

    Come on - the visas were going to go to waste because there was not enough manpower at UCSIS to process the applications. In what way WHATSOEVER, has this changed because there are more applications?!


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  • indyanguy
    01-28 07:54 PM
    Indian Guy, the link is

    But, I am not sure if Chintu is here to host it.,

    It takes me to the homepage :(

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  • snathan
    03-25 06:54 PM
    I think most on here know that IV's central goal is to clear the backlog
    However there are many underlying specifics to get to this goal
    and i think that's what the members on here want to hear about.
    for example
    Re-capture of unused visa numbers
    removing country specific limits
    Automatically granting visa numbers to those who have waited 5 years or more
    Increasing the total number of EB visa numbers
    Allowing non-current people to file I-485 and get EAD

    As you can see there are many different causes and many different solutions
    What is IV advocating...which cause?...which solution?

    StarSun, Pappu please don't take things personally. Not all members can go to DC or visit their state representatives. I am sure IV has many other needs. If we can identify and openly publish a list of things that are needed then we can certainly increase volunteers and participation

    Btw...how do you join the state chapter?
    The answers to many of the questions asked may be obvious for you since you are heavily involved with IV...but they are not obvious to a lot.

    I do understand not everyone can travel to DC....but whats stopping to meet your state represenatives in their local office...?

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  • StuckInTheMuck
    07-30 10:56 AM
    I called them and they say now it was a hurricane issue. Texas was not working for few days.
    Ahh - now we know. If it is not GOD, it must be Dolly :)

    04-26 08:11 PM

    I sent in my OPT application on 26th of March, and it was delivered there on the 29th of March. I still haven't received a receipt and the check hasn't been cashed yet, even though it has been 4 weeks now.

    Please do update me change of status. I am also facing problem with 29th March delivery.


    07-17 10:52 PM
    You can just take the 5-10 lines from the report which shows wasted visa numbers from the past years and send it to all lawmakers from all states asking for visa number recapture legislation

    I think its just one small paragraph the lawmakers have to insert - They can attach it to any major upcoming bill - This does not create additional numbers or change the existing laws in a big way.

    it is not that simple..... lawmakers have been told multiple times of the long waits in eb3..... this information in the report by uscis ombudsman is not a new revelation...... this may be new to some in our group but the guys in congress know it all along.....

    most in congress want to fix this backlog..... this issue is just stuck between the supporters of cir and those who oppose all immigrants.... we will have to pick a side..... there r only two teams here, anti immigrants or pro CIR and we have to bat for one side...... we do not have the numbers to claim a new team..... if we r not in the team supporting cir then we r against our own green card application..... that is just the way it is.....

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