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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

X-Men Comic: Generation Hope #9 will address Gay Teen Suicide

X-Men writer Kieron Gillen and artist Jamie McKelvie, will be collaborating on a story about gay teen suicides in, Generation Hope #9 (A X-Men Comic).

Kieron talks about the story on iFanboy:
It was directly inspired by the conversation around the very public gay suicide stories. It doesn't get much more sensitive."

"When the stories [about gay teen suicide] started to break, the first place I heard about it was actually from Fraction. We'd just passed the baton, and he said "If I was still writing the X-Men...". I read the news and could only agree.

It's not the type of story that fits in any other major superhero book. It's simply not what those books are about. But the X-Men? X-Men is a book about mutants, used as a metaphor about prejudice. And of the X-Men books, Generation Hope is fundamentally about new mutants trying to survive dealing with the fact they're mutants. With the metaphor in place, you can not just do a story about it - I dare say you should tell a story about it. In a real way, it's the sort of story Generation Hope exists to tell. If we can't tell this story and tell it as well as we can, the book may as well not exist."
The issue will be out on July 20th

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