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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wonder Girls to work with Nick Cannon for their upcoming American movie

The five girls will star in the upcoming movie, “Wonder Girls At The Apollo“. Though the Wonder Girls made a cameo appearance in director Shim Hyung Rae’s “The Last Godfather“, they’ll be taking up a more substantial role this time around.

It turns out that the producer for the film is none other than American superstar, Nick Cannon, who picked up the Wonder Girls to battle it out with School Gyrls, a girl group under Nick Cannon’s entertainment agency. The two girl groups will determine who’s the best through a classic singing and dance battle.

JYP Entertainment’s J.Y. Park commented, “The Wonder Girls and Nick Cannon are scheduled to film a movie together… And of course, we are planning to have the Wonder Girls and School Gyrls release a joint album.”

J.Y. Park and Nick Cannon reportedly met when the former was planning the Wonder Girls’ advancement into the U.S. market. After a couple of exchanges, they decided to collaborate on this exciting new film.
Source: Money Today Star News via Nate News

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